Batters Up: Major League Baseball Now on

Attention baseball fans, today we’re launching a triple-header of new themes just for you.

We’ve partnered with to bring its Fan, Modern, and Retro blog themes to The designs range from minimal (“Modern”) to loud (“Fan”), and there’s even a throwback to old MLB Club logos and styles for a bit of nostalgia (“Retro”, of course).

But that’s not all: you can also customize each of the MLB themes with your favorite team’s colors and logo. So whether you prefer O’s to A’s, pinstripes over blues, or Red Sox instead of White, we’ve got a theme for you.

We would also like to welcome the blogging community, and thank them for waiting patiently in the bullpen while we prepped their new home here at MLB bloggers: if you have any questions, please review our FAQ about the transition to, read our support guides, or feel free to get in touch.

So go ahead and join folks like Tommy Lasorda, Ozzie Guillen, Keith Olbermann, and thousands of other blogs of summer, by heading over to Appearance → Themes  → Friends of  in your dashboard to activate an MLB theme, and  Appearance → Theme Options to pick your favorite team.

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Paul Maiorana


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  1. Agung Rangga

    great news…
    Good job… ;)

  2. Charlousie

    Ha, this is very FUN! ( If you’re loving baseball! ) I wish a lot of fun for those, which will use it! ;) *hrhrhrh* Awesome.

  3. Mike Elliott

    Wow, Awesome stuff. You guys are amazing. You impress me every time you bring out a new theme.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Margie

    These themes will be a lot of fun for Baseball fans. Will WordPress be partnering with other Friends to develop more special interest themes?

  5. cosmonavigator

    will there be more like this with other sports?

  6. Alive aLwaYs

    COOL :-)

  7. Don Tran

    cool nice, do you also have football themes?:D these are very nice tnx

  8. Ljubomir Gatdula

    This is really cool, WP! :)

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  10. Modern Funk

    You guys rock…constantly coming up with new ideas and genius solutions. :)

  11. Tausiyah In Tilawatun Islamiyah

    hmm..looks so nice..Wordpress show the surplus again, but I don’t like baseball..likely football will better than it..

  12. thisnestisbest

    Very nice! How about something for the NHL, too? ;)

  13. Sopheak.P

    Really Cool! Sport lovers thanks.

  14. irratebass

    Very cool!

  15. Sopheak.P

    I want football themes, may you launch some, please!

  16. alexedesirs

    Realy good. I love it WordPress. thanks.

  17. burqueboy

    “Any consideration being given for team customizations for Minor League teams?” asks the guy with a Gravatar image of a guy wearing an Albuquerque Isotopes hat.

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  19. readlover

    Great! Beautiful theme guys!

  20. victorworang

    It’s time to conquer the MLB official site!? :P


    Now that is cool. I really like the Fan design.

  22. Eric

    Bring tennis and the NHL to WordPress too!

  23. Mary

    That’s pretty cool.

  24. thepeoplesmovies

    great news if your american

    football would be nice i dont mean american football, but football which americans call soccer but to the rest of the world its football

  25. Max Strauss

    That’s awesome, it’s nothing like my NFL interviews site

  26. Jennifer

    “It’s like deja vu all over again!” ;-)

    Welcome to the new MLB bloggers and thank you for helping roll over to 20 million users. That’s a home run in my book.

  27. Anne Lessing

    I’m not a baseball fan, but if I was, I’d be freaking out over this…LOL. Great job, WordPress! These themes look fun and inviting.

  28. jessiethought

    It sounds really cool! Fan seems too loud for me, but Retro and Modern look really good. Great job!

  29. jessiethought

    Oh, and I agree with Eric. A tennis theme would be cool!

  30. Sports Card Blog

    Very nice. I’m liking this!

  31. mlbmemories

    This is GREAT news for Major League Baseball (MLB) fans everywhere! A friend recently turned me on to WordPress for my own baseball site, and I have loved the beautiful simplicity of using it for sharing my MLB passion. This is smart for MLB, and great for baseball loving WordPress users!

  32. Ebonstorm

    While I am no longer a rabid fan of MLB, I did take a look at the work done by your artists and liked what I saw there very much. I had the twinge of nostalgia I had for baseball when I was a kid. If we could do then what we could do now with technology, I would have stayed such a sports fanboy. Keep up the great work, guys.


  33. Christy aka Mamarazzi

    GO CARDS!!!!!

  34. danielschuster1

    sounds great… need one for NBA though

  35. bwohack

    It’s a real pity that baseball is not a priority for me. Such a fun theme to use. Will you one day cater to figure skating also? That’s what I do.

  36. Troy

    Very awesome idea, WP. Thanks.

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  38. chorwin

    Cool, very innovative feature. Can we also have such a fan theme for soccer as well… (just kidding!)

  39. printsaver97

    Very cool Themes

  40. traviscc

    That looks really nice.

  41. NixNivis

    I’m sorry, but as a European, I fail to see the appeal of, or the need for, a bunch of themes that aimed solely at US bloggers and readers.


    Cool !
    This is suitable for young people :)
    Thank you

  43. scottcarberry

    Ironic that you launch this layout, the day that MLB Hall of Famer, Harmon Killebrew passed away. It is his silhouette that was used for the Major League Baseball logo.

  44. garlicfriesandbaseball

    MLB won’t let us use their logo because it’s right protected, but as a member of WordPress it’s okay. Who knew? That’s good news. Thanks WordPress.

  45. Andi

    how about English Premier League? we’re asian don’t know much about MLB :)

  46. cold4hands

    looks cool,. nice job,.

  47. fashionmile


  48. mscunited0950

    That’s cool! I don’t like baseball that much, but it is still cool. If you could do that with football or soccer, that would be great!

  49. that girl again

    I went to the theme showcase and it says that using these things requires agreeing to a page of unintelligible legalese separate from wordpress’s own terms and conditions? I’m thinking ‘no’.

  50. corzgalore

    Wow, that’s exciting.

  51. John Todaro

    WP has gone “three for three” today.
    Good job thinking outside the … box.


    I’m loving this a lot!

  53. El Santo

    Awwwwww yeah. I’m not a baseball fan, but I appreciate the MLB’s endorsement. If you guys end up with NHL or NFL themed sites by the way, I am so there.

  54. MLBNewman

    Glad to see everyone digs our new Major League Baseball themes and welcome! Please join us on the community blog anytime and get to know other MLB fans. Thanks, Paul and everyone at for helping to make this happen!


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  56. Zack

    ahh. a sports theme. i really like this. will you be making an NBA theme, soon?

  57. Tiara Kusumawardhani

    I didn’t know much about MLB.. but it’s cool, and I’m waiting for NBA theme.. :)

  58. dongan

    football (soccer) themes please :-)
    great job wordpress, you are awesome ;-)

  59. Todd Beal

    I’m not particularly into baseball, but thanks a lot for the sake of those who are. Way to go!

  60. Yasir Imran

    That’s a great theme, good job.

  61. marketingexpert2

    I’m not a baseball fan but but it looks cool.

  62. Himadri Dimri

    Lovely!! :)

  63. hudnett1

    MLB will be heating up more after the NBA Finals – Thanks for keeping us updated!

  64. chappy81

    Let’s go Oakland! Clap clap, clap clap clap!

  65. Nut Bucket Films

    I want a skateboarding theme.

  66. vicvega66

    As I’m a Brit these don’t appeal to me at all. Can I put a request in for a theme with: a large header image so I can display my pictures nicely, at the moment I can only see a third of it. Totally customisable background, variable sized center columns plus change the colour and constrains large images and doesn’t bork them completely but still displays them and a variable side-bar width. (not asking much huh?) I use Modularity lite at the moment. WP is fantastic for posting large multi-chaptered docs *shakes fist at LiveJournal* and a breeze to use, how great was it to post a 28 chapter doc with links in 15 mins, so great! it’s just the blog that I just can’t get to look pretty enough, Blogger is customisable to death but a pig-dog to post anything large *shakes fist at Blogger*


  67. Bearsy

    How about a real game – like cricket? :grin:

  68. Kelsey

    oh man i don’t even usually get excited about new themes and stuff but this is sweet!!!

  69. Kale

    Batter up!

  70. Intelligent Challenge

    Very cool. Give the UK some love, let’s have some football (soccer!) themes

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  72. Todd Fitchette

    Can we just get it over with and start football season already?

  73. erczirr

    Go Braves!!

  74. Moco Scribe

    Great news good job wordpress

  75. nelson RN


  76. Samantha

    how kool is that!

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  78. Presidents Race Fan

    Well done. I have an established custom theme, but this tempts me to switch…

  79. TigerSPAZ

    they did this cause they integrated mlb’s blogging site, mlblogs, with wordpress. So they moved all the mlblogs here. Example- my blog, Tiger Life, was a mlblog. Now it’s here.

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  81. Doug Kale, Editorial Director

    Smart move and a great idea WordPress! Bravo!

  82. dietwithmiller

    The suprises never end!!
    Thanks wordpress for providing a great blogging system, and quality entertainment as well.

  83. Phanatic Addict

    I’m really enjoying WordPress since we came from MLBlogs. Thanks to the WP community for being so cool and checking out my Phillies Blog!

  84. Ady Mat

    This was sporty and exciting enough to motivate many big wig with new ideas of unique collaborations.

  85. techarmor

    more of this. how about one for apple fans. keep up the great work.

  86. D.A.

    Good – now give us a live twitter and editable calendar widget.

  87. markpattersonlaw

    WordPress- You make me proud to be an American.

  88. miraslow


  89. rosmenstation

    Thanks to wordpress. This the awesome blogging system ever. I really love my own blog.


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