Post Comments Using Twitter and Facebook

Starting today, visitors to your blog can use their Facebook or Twitter account to leave comments. This saves everyone a few steps and gives visitors control over which identity they use.  It’s a win for everyone.

As an important touch, we let you stay logged in to multiple services. This means you can stay logged in to Facebook for convenience, but still leave a comment through Twitter or your account. Just click whichever identity you’d like to use, and the selected one will be associated with your comment when it is published. You’re in control of your identity, as you should be.

Depending on your theme, you may notice the comment area looks different than before to make room for these new features. We also intelligently choose to use a light or dark visual style for the comment box, depending on the theme you are currently using.

And since you know your readers well, you can now change the text above the comment box to be whatever you like. We recommend using the default we are applying to new blogs, “What are you thinking?”, as questions often encourage more comments, but you can change it to whatever you like by going to your dashboard, then Settings → Discussion.

We know you like comments and this will help you get even more. Stay tuned for better Twitter and Facebook integration features, coming soon.

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Scott Berkun


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  1. Trevor

    Excellent. I like this move.

  2. Tornike

    Great feature. Thanks a lot.

  3. David W. Boles

    Absolutely brilliant! THANK YOU!

    Will we still have local copies of comments posted via Twitter and Facebook on our blogs? Or will those comments be stored on those services?

    Any changes in the way Anonymous/new comments are moderated from these outside authentication services?

    Do commenter Gravatars/Icons/Etc. from the other services display on our blogs?

    • mdawaffe

      Everything is stored locally, the only thing going on (so far!) is that visitors can authenticate with Twitter or Facebook to avoid having to fill in their details manually. These comments are treated as “authenticated” like comments left by users logged in to, but otherwise are treated exactly the same. And yes, the Twitter or Facebook avatar will be used for these comments.

  4. Charlousie

    Woaaaaah! That ist COOL! I LOVE this feature, because it is very nice und helpful. WordPress makes the greatest things work! :)
    Thank you a lot!
    I like “flying” with WordPress ;) :) :D

  5. Word Lily

    Great news.

  6. Nickie Wang

    This is great. Thanks WP team for making this possible.

  7. Tiger Cyn

    Would highly suggest reordering so that the “Post Comment” is the first key stroke after hitting the tab key. As it stands now, not using the mouse, you must hit the tab key six times. Otherwise looks nice and clean.

  8. Влади Неколов

    Gorgeous update! Well done, guys :)))

  9. David W. Boles

    Follow-Up Query:

    Can you now add blog authors using Twitter and Facebook credentials?

  10. Sporting Themes

    Very handy feature this.

  11. Alee

    Oh, I like this change. I still somewhat miss the old box, but this one is good. Besides the functionality, it just looks more “jazzy”. :)

  12. Charlousie

    Hmm. But I tried to change my commentfield. But there is no option for that, what is described in the article… Does the theme “Mystique” have this option, or not? :/

    • mdawaffe

      The setting is in your blog’s admin → Settings → Discussion. Near the bottom of the page you’ll see a “Comment Form: Prompt” setting.

      If you need further assistance, please contact support.

  13. Pascal

    and for self-hosted blogs?

  14. Cassandra Finney Crawford

    How does this apply to sites running the WordPress software on their own? Will we see new plugins to help with this?

  15. heather joy

    This is an awesome move on WordPress’s part. This is a great new feature!

  16. E.M. Keeler

    Cute/clever to use Tyler Durden as a reference point for multiple identities…

  17. ALIVE aLwaYs

    This is absolutely fab.
    It was kind of surprising, I was like What, what has happened?
    It looks good too, very attractive change.
    Cheers :-)

  18. Равшанчик

    Finally! thank you guys!

  19. varometro

    Is it possible to disable this and restore the theme’s original comment form?

  20. Iosazaur

    Just perfect! Just wat I needed for my new contest! Kudos WordPress Team!

  21. kravlady

    Thank you so much! This is PERFECT!!

  22. Cyndy Otty

    Wonderful addition. Thanks, as always, for being awesome!

  23. Roxfull

    Thanks!! It helps a lot!

  24. Belsim

    Good, good, good :) These steps will make our lives easier and easier. Good job!

  25. BBTopHat

    Already using it! It’s very handy!

  26. Preston Bus Station

    Bye bye Disqus!

  27. Sven Seebeck

    This is truly another great addition. Happy that I moved back from .org to here.

  28. Sathya

    that is insanely cooooool

  29. chatwivme

    I like it a lot thanks

  30. Sylwia

    Awesome! I hope to see it in the newest Jetpack update, too!

  31. nathan2055

    This feature is awesome, and it will surely boost my comments!

  32. beyondanomie

    Useful update; nice one.

  33. Mike

    Will you add any other networks soon? Maybe Google….?

  34. CRFRDH

    holy cow…I really thought i did something wrong…but this is just awesome…Thanks you guys,. some’ing like that I was trying to tie to the site… :)

  35. aaronwolf

    You mean a win for Facebook and Twitter. It’s not a win for everyone, it’s a loss for WordPress in the struggle for relevance. If WordPress were the go-to platform, then people would be asking why they can’t post to Facebook using their WordPress accounts, but we don’t see that happening. This is just caving in to everything being controlled by Facebook et al, but it makes sense because the battle is already basically lost — we might as well make the most of it.

  36. thatchrisguy

    I was going to request this integration this afternoon. Are y’all using a mind reader plugin? Awesomeness!!!! Thanks! :-)

  37. timethief

    This is a very useful feature. Thansk do much for providing it.

  38. Ipstenu

    And the first thing I do is set it up so my Twitter and FaceBook accounts are linked.

    Why? I don’t need this, but other people, who want to prove they’re REAL people without having to register to a site that doesn’t NEED registration, will love this. Hell of a lot better than OpenID.

  39. poshbirdgabi

    I love this update. It is exactly what I needed – thanks!

  40. mrpatrickblog

    All I gotta say is WOW! Great new feature wordpress!

  41. draguscn

    Finaly, .. this is awesome .. thank you guys ..

  42. CRFRDH

    got one more thing….for example…I have my website page in Facebook, but when I tried to link the FB one, it only allows me to connect thru my personal FB…same as the “Publish” pluggin to give it automated to FB….it will only go to my personal and not my page….would that be nice to send it either to your page or personal FB whichever you decide…?

    • mdawaffe

      The new comment system does not publish anything (yet!) back to Facebook; it’s only used for authentication.

  43. noirebynature

    Very nice! Thank you.

  44. Schokokäse

    Is it possible to switch to the classic comment form? Because espacially the data kraken Facebook I don’t like and I don’t want any linked function to it.

    • mdawaffe

      Not at this time, but thanks for the suggestion.

      We understand your privacy concerns. Note that the Facebook authentication mechanism does not load until you click the Facebook “Log In” button.

  45. Dakota

    Thanks for this great tool!!! It’s fantastic!!

    I was wondering though – would you guys consider enabling a feature on WordPress… Where people can enable this or disable this in comments?

    I hope no one is offended by my comment. I think it’s a great tool. I was just wondering though – for those of us who don’t want Twitter or Facebook appearing in our comment boxes, are we able to choose?
    :-) Thanks again for always being a great service.


  46. Joost de Valk

    Like it a lot, good work guys. Any chance of this making it back in to

  47. yanyoung

    Thanks. This was very informative. I’m sure it will be useful to my readers too.

  48. spaceofmyown

    Sounds great! Agree with “aaronwolf”….let´s make the best of a situation that is ruled by FB!!

  49. Nicola Greco

    Cool! will you release an official plugin for this?

  50. genobz

    Super Duper Like!!!

  51. Hetal

    Would love if this could post back to the services used by the visitor to login. What is the future of Intense Debate now?

  52. Zooey

    Actually, I don’t care for this new feature. I prefer to decide for myself how I will allow commenting on the Zoo.

    If a troll logs in using facebook or twitter, will I be able to get rid of them?

  53. Tom Baker

    Encouraging comments is always a good thing. Interaction between blogger and reader is great.

  54. Milo

    Wow, pretty major upgrade! Well done.

  55. Andreas Schou

    Great feature that makes all the sense.

  56. palmerbennett

    Shut the front door! First Twenty Eleven and now this! I can’t wait to play with all these changes (actually, I can cause my blog doesn’t pay the bills yet). It’s so on this weekend!

  57. Aileen

    This is perfect! :)

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  59. Crystal

    This will work great for my blog visitors. I know that most don’t comment because they think they can’t.

  60. Steffen030

    Wonderful. It was time.
    Thank you.

  61. tobolskwildnet

    good evening,
    Important update.
    I find the idea to locally keep the comments written concerning twitter or facebook like wordpress, excellent! And the idea of interworking to be authenticated, is super! cheer, you advance the system, and I greet you in a friendly way.

  62. archaeme

    Seems like every blogging service is adopting this sort of commenting system. Still good though! :)

  63. Liane Pinel

    Brilliant! Now make it so that I can choose multiple identities at the same time and it will be perfect! :)

    • Beau Lebens

      If you associate your Twitter and Facebook accounts with your Gravatar, then that will be linked if you post a comment using your account (since that is actually the same thing as Gravatar). People can find those details through your Hovercard.

  64. rayzormusic

    Propzzz. Nice & easy comment box!!!

  65. tobolskwildnet

    good evening,
    I find the idea to locally keep the comments written concerning twitter or facebook like wordpress, excellent! And the idea of interworking to be authenticated, is super! cheer, you advance the system, and I greet you in a friendly way

  66. Evita Martina

    Loooooove this! Thanks! :-)
    Looking forward to upcoming Twitter and Facebook intergrations.

  67. illuminavi

    Awesome new feature!

  68. 2b2bnot

    This is GREAT for All AROUND. Thank you mucc!

  69. Zachary De Pian

    Looks great. We are holding our breath untill this feature and twenty eleven are released to the self-hosted blogs.

  70. Baphomet

    This was not a change for the better. Actually, it got worse. Not only do we suddenly find a twitter button and a facebook button which we cannot hide with Adblock (yes, there still are sane and reasonable people in the internet who don’t use neither twitter nor facebook), no, the actual comment field and the username/e-mail field changed places. And that, dear wordpress staff, will cause confusion among those who frequent both self-hosted blogs and blogs on So you better unify this.

  71. Randy Stewart

    Has this been enabled across all of

  72. Tarkan Fenerci

    ooops! using my twitter to thank you for this new addition :)

  73. testgw123

    Are facebook comments stored in the MYSQL DB?

    So if facebook ever disables comments, the comments that were made… will still be around?

    Also, can the google bot etc, read the comments?

    • Beau Lebens

      All comments are stored within the normal WordPress comments table as internal, “normal” comments, just with additional metadata to keep track that they were posted using a Facebook or Twitter identity. This means all your normal moderation tools etc work, and that it doesn’t matter if Facebook or Twitter are offline, they are “first class” comments.

  74. Janis Meredith

    is this for Because I do not see the options or changes on my blog.

    • Beau Lebens

      No, currently this is only a feature. There are no plans for this to be a core feature, but we may release it under Jetpack at some point in the future.

  75. Chris Buckley

    Terrific. Now just include a LinkedIn option for specifically business-relevant content, and you’ll have a triple-play!
    [In the meantime, if you link your Twitter profile to LinkedIn, any tweets including the #in hashtag will be included in your LinkedIn status updates, fyi.]

  76. Colleen

    Thank you for this awesome feature!

  77. sheriluci

    Sounds like a positive new change ! Time will tell !

  78. Pamela Shepherd

    I am truly enjoying the process of WordPress and it’s Blogging ability. Great job WordPress!

  79. AA

    I am really surprised. No Google, Yahoo or Hotmail? These are the services more in use than Twitter or WordPress itself.

  80. Dzulqarnain

    Really cool.
    Thank you very much

  81. Jerome Collomb

    Holy cow that feature is amazing.

  82. rawmultimedia

    totally amazing…I have so been waiting for this…this feature might really increase comments to my blog which no one really comments on. smh lol. Great addition, thanks WordPress. Coming from YouTube, the driving force of sharing content is Twitter and Facebook. Those are the most powerful sharing domains. So people from there if your content is already awesome would most like sing in and say hello. kudos

  83. Todd Beal

    I’m not sure what happened to my first comment, so this is a repost.

    Great addition, except for one thing. The comment text remains in the comment box after comment submission. This makes it too easy to inadvertently repost some left over fragments of a previous comment.

    • mdawaffe

      Your first comment (and this one :)) was a bug report, which we try to keep in support or the forums so we can fix them better faster stronger. We moved your comment to our support system; you should have gotten an email.

      Thanks for letting us know about the problem! Your (excellent) feedback will be better heard in those channels.

  84. RVingFT

    I LIKE this feature …saves me time – multi-tasking – THAT’s what it is all about ! Thanks Guys at WordPress. You rock !

  85. technikhil

    This is great – now one of the main reasons to use a custom commenting plugin like disqus goes away :-) I hope you plan to extend it so OAuth providers like Google and Yahoo get included…

  86. balung1952

    Very nice! … Great feature. Thanks a lot.

  87. Pennie Hudson

    This is excellent!

  88. Jess Palotas

    SWEET!! Amazing! Thank you. I’ve been waiting on this for a while!

  89. Weuler

    Interesting … humm , let me test ! :]

  90. Shannon

    Nice! Thanks for this! I’ve had lots of people going back to FB to comment for some reason. maybe now they will stay!

  91. Delaney Diamond

    Awesome! You guys are rocking and rolling. So many improvements. Keep them coming!

  92. miss andy

    Amazing! And very pretty! :)

  93. Cold Salsero

    Finally, it’s about time!

  94. SaniAgung

    ohhh.. how much i love wordpressdotcom XD

  95. Eric

    Yay for more social media integration!

  96. 2Charles

    I am glad this feature is out. Way to go WordPress. Now the question is what wil happen to Discus? For those who are already using it!

  97. Wez

    …though the [Submit Comment] button is harder to see when WP, Twitter & FB buttons are competing for attention at the other side of the screen.

  98. fabricioluiz

    Now what’s the next step?

    (I’m actually just wanting to test and see if my new avatar appears in this comment). :)

  99. Wei Tsay

    This is fantastic. Looks like I joined WordPress at a great time.

  100. Fadhly Mhd

    Wow…nice feature….i love this…


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