Post Comments Using Twitter and Facebook

Starting today, visitors to your blog can use their Facebook or Twitter account to leave comments. This saves everyone a few steps and gives visitors control over which identity they use.  It’s a win for everyone.

As an important touch, we let you stay logged in to multiple services. This means you can stay logged in to Facebook for convenience, but still leave a comment through Twitter or your account. Just click whichever identity you’d like to use, and the selected one will be associated with your comment when it is published. You’re in control of your identity, as you should be.

Depending on your theme, you may notice the comment area looks different than before to make room for these new features. We also intelligently choose to use a light or dark visual style for the comment box, depending on the theme you are currently using.

And since you know your readers well, you can now change the text above the comment box to be whatever you like. We recommend using the default we are applying to new blogs, “What are you thinking?”, as questions often encourage more comments, but you can change it to whatever you like by going to your dashboard, then Settings → Discussion.

We know you like comments and this will help you get even more. Stay tuned for better Twitter and Facebook integration features, coming soon.

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Scott Berkun


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  1. Midnight Orgasm

    What up. I really dread the day when WordPress will go along with this trend that we can see in other blogging platform like Blogspot and Livejournal. There would come a time when WordPress will no longer be the blogging tool we used to love because of this kind of “ease” that breaks the borders.

  2. pinaldave

    When someone comment using twitter – incorrect email address displays in the email field.

    • mdawaffe

      The Twitter API doesn’t provide the person’s email address, so we make one up :) You can just ignore it. The avatar and Twitter username are there, though, so you know how to contact the person if you need to.


    Actually, I have been long time waiting for this feature. Thank you :)

  4. *No/Deli*

    I agree that this should have been opt-in – not mandatory. Maybe someone doesn’t want Twitterbook commenters on their WP. Maybe somebody doesn’t like those ugly blue rectangles mussing up their theme. Whatever.

    Why shouldn’t we have complete control over such a feature? Especially paying users.

  5. ರವಿ

    This is cool! much needed. Is this only for comments? Or for the like button also? can someone click on ‘Like’ through their FB or TW account?

  6. sheila4hastenhome

    Cool! I was noticing the new comment box earlier today–I just thought it was something special for the blog I was on at the moment. Very nice. :)

  7. Mihran Papazian

    Missing Google, Yahoo and ultimately QQ connect and other fast growing Chinese services. But anyway great job WP !

  8. Dwadh DeeGee

    Nice feature. Is this a plugin??

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  10. thisblindman

    This is great. I’m glad I chose WordPress over the others. Thanks for this.

  11. BackCheck

    Is there something I need to do to add this feature?

    • mdawaffe

      Nope! It’s active on (nearly) all blogs now. I see it on your site. Visit any of your posts’ URLs, and you’ll see it too.

  12. Ugo Oliver Pounds

    Sweet…I like it!

  13. Pam Young

    Love this! Love the fact that you all are “on it” bringing the best.

  14. Crispin

    Love this feature a lot

  15. Jehu Paule Dagohoy

    It’s awesome that facebook and twitter are getting better integrations here at wordpress. You guys are awesome awesome people.

  16. Ali Reza

    Great! Wake up this morning and… dream come true!

  17. Chris Howell

    Is this enabled for VIP hosted sites?

  18. xoxo ❤ чаnñ

    what a great news!!!! love it so much!!

  19. frugalistmassive

    you lovely folks keep rolling out the good stuff. we have truly been spoiled in the last 12months or so. such good value features. thank . you.

  20. pltprincess

    Yay! Choice is always a good thing. Thanks for all the upgrades.

  21. asshu

    Hello !

    Can I Un-Check Twitter and email options? I mean to say that I don’t want to allow the user comments using Twitter and email Ids. I just want to allow FaceBook and WordPress authentication

    Can you please help me with this?

    Thanks !

    • mdawaffe

      You can turn off the “Guest” tab by going to your blog’s admin → Settings → Discussion and clicking the checkbox labeled “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”. The other tabs (WordPress, Twitter, Facebook) will always be there.

  22. dhenztm

    This has got to be one of the best new feature of WordPress! Thank you very much for this! :D

  23. Shubhan Chemburkar

    Great! Saves a lot of time…

  24. Aaron

    Great improvement!!! Keep it up. WordPress rocks :-)

  25. Cher

    Sweet Sweet! I just need some more readers, lol!

  26. 簡sir

    Well done!
    It should attract more visitor to leave comments.

  27. Sean Hamilton

    This is a good move in the right direction!

  28. Sean Hamilton

    Great idea!

  29. Estelle Kiora

    Social media integration win… Great stuff guys keep up the good work!

  30. Joe Clifford

    Brilliant, thanks for this. (I used my Twitter ID to post this comment!)

  31. Jenn Besonia

    This. is. the. coolest!
    This will make my WordPress-virgin friends to easily leave a comment on my posts. Thank you so much, WordPress!

  32. armandpolanski

    This is Really Great! Does it automatically install if I am using the free account for WordPress?

    • mdawaffe

      Yes :) The new comment form is active on (nearly) all sites. Look at any of your posts, and you’ll see it.

  33. Admin

    Thank you very much. (Çok teşekkür ederim)

  34. mariajs

    From reading the comments it is obvious plenty of WP users are pleased by the changes. Not being computer savvy and hooked into other sites – me not so much. I really think ‘if its not broke – don’t fix it’ and I’m really not comfortable with FB attached to any and everything – what is the putpose?? I preferred the previous comment box, but maybe there are kinks making the new comment box a problem when posting? My last comment is I’m sure everyone would have appreciated a forewarning before the new installation just showed up. TY

  35. joyceandnorm

    Woohoo! That’s awesome. Thanks!

  36. Make Time For Sports

    Thanks. Much appreciated. Much expected.

  37. ekmitra

    Wonderful addition. It is very useful. Go on making world better. I am using this feature for commenting. I always comment more than writing my blog posts. Can you do something to add my comments on my blog also?

  38. Erik

    Well done. Well done.

    Once again, you’ve outdone yourself.

    I’ve been “flying” with for over 3 years now and have absolutely no desire to explore going self-hosted.

    There is just soooooo many benefits of having do everything for you. You folks are simply amazing and make my blogging so incredibly easy.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. ;)

  39. aRuL

    great, too easy to comment now ;) thank you wordpress

  40. Ana

    Thanks for keeping it cool! :)

  41. Muanthang Tungnung

    I have been waiting for this. Thanks a lot!!! :)

  42. Grant

    seems good for people who know what they are doing, but poss just extra buttons to confuse for many people who are new to blogs or find the whole worldwide interweb a challenge! Great for kids bad for their grandparents.

    can you post a comment by just inputtung details and then Post Comment? What I’d really like is for comments on my FB page to go straight to the blog because many friends just comment on what they see on FB rather than clicking through to the blog. that can leave the blog looking a bit sparse or two different discussions going on. Thanks

    • Scott Berkun


      Commenting as guest is still available and the default option for new visitors.

      We have talked here about finding better ways to show activity from twitter and FB on your blog, but the example you offer would violate privacy, as comments from your friends on Facebook are semi-private, and taking them out of context and onto a public blog would be a big unpleasant surprise for many. But we understand the problem you describe and we’re exploring ideas. Thanks.

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  44. C'est moi Robyn

    I love you WordPress. I’m so glad I started blogging with you.

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  47. cbcburke9

    This should save a lot of time switching between sites, lovely.

  48. claudiomino

    I like this…very well…thanks you

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  50. claudiomino

    I like this.. very well…. thanks you…

  51. ntarbby

    It’s very nice to see this tool, thank you for this awesome feature!

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  53. Ori Levi


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  56. Dinesh Wagle

    I had always wanted this feature to be implemented at THANK YOU so very much. Now, when will you bring changes in the Facebook page/profile badge so that profile pics of fans can also be displayed along with the LIKE button on the blog sidebar itself.

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  58. Yasir Imran

    I just saw the upgraded comment box at my blog and it is really an awesome thing. Now without using any of the add-ons or CSS upgrades, I got a modernized comment box. great work.

  59. RandomizeME

    Do like this new feature very much! :) Helpful for those without any blogs/websites, but do have twitter/fb

  60. phoxis

    This is a good one.

  61. bwohack

    This sure is a step in the right direction although I do not consider the problem to be solved. Authentication is such a pain still.

  62. hollyjb

    Nice! I noticed this yesterday when I was changing my theme and fooling around trying to figure things out. I was confused at first and thought maybe it was something with the theme, but then I thought maybe the people at WordPress maybe just made a really cool change. ^_^

  63. MezzoMondo

    Do you think I should try? :-)



  65. Martin Jordan

    Great feature! I hope this comes soon for self-hosted WordPress blogs, too — would be truly amazing to see this feature implemented any time soon.

  66. Ricky

    Greate feature!!!

  67. garetheynon

    That’s cool. Nice to see WordPress is pressing on.

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  69. Sopheak.P

    Wow wow wow, awesome, amazing. You made me feel happy and i see you really support your users. I would never thought I came in the wrong place just to create a free and beautiful blog. I don’t think I need to move to somewhere else. I love you wordpress.Thanks! Well done!

  70. Fabrizio Pivari

    When can I find this feature inside wordpress software distribution?

    • Scott Berkun

      Fabrizio: This feature is on only. We do hope to eventually release it to .org via Jetpack, but have no immediate plans.

  71. Brandon

    This is awesome. Can’t wait for this to hit as a plugin

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  74. Alexander Debkalyuk

    Finally! Thanks!

  75. marleoni

    Love this tip – will apply asap! However, I am still having major issues conncecting my blog to my Facebook page with just one button. Any ideas? (BTW, connection to Twitter account, worked immediately, no hassles)

  76. apnawebradio

    hi,it,s realy useful for those who have not wordpress and twitter acounts.

  77. IDMaspoer

    Excellent. I like this move.

  78. Intelligent Challenge

    What a great idea – I’ve found leaving comments on blogger powered blogs really painful – this looks nice and simple/

  79. goosetea


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  81. Bosstiger

    wordpress is getting better and better, i have all my blogs in wordress and i am totaly satisfied.

  82. Jackie Paulson Author

    Thanks this is so much easier!

  83. Bosstiger

    wordpress is getting better and better :D

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  85. Chris Winter

    Great work guys!

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  87. Inna

    Wow this is so cool!

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  89. jojalamic


  90. nelson RN

    This is great! Thanks!

  91. Sandister

    This solves my only problem with :)

  92. Lily Stanley

    Good idea

  93. Patrick O'Brien

    … nice!

  94. victorworang

    These will help visitors to leave comments. But, i still need their email for our contact. Otherway, this feature makes our comment form looks more impressive. :)

  95. penelopesaray


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  99. Andrew Philip

    A great addition, almost as good as the new full screen composition box!

  100. andrewinlondon

    That is cool…


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