World IPv6 Day

To show our support for IPv6, and as part of our IPv6 migration plan, we have enabled dual stack connectivity on our blog on this occasion of World IPv6 Day. If you view this site over IPv6, you will see a visual indicator confirming access from IPv6:

What’s IPv6?

For those of you who don’t know, IPv6 is the next-generation Internet protocol, which offers a large number of IP addresses, 296 (= 79228162514264337593543950336) times of what IPv4 has to offer. A typical IPv6 address looks like 2001:db8:cafe::1, compared to an IPv4 address IPv4 space is quickly becoming exhausted, necessitating the migration to IPv6. You can read more about IPv6 in its Wikipedia entry or in the free book, The Second Internet. You can use IPv6 tunnels if your ISP does not offer IPv6 connectivity yet. Using, you can verify IPv6 connectivity.

Behind the Scenes

This is powered by 2 load-balancers running nginx, and connectivity to IPv6 internet is through IPv6 6in4 tunnels provided by Hurricane Electric Tunnelbroker, as our datacenters have not enabled IPv6 yet.


This is not the end. Once we have native IPv6 connectivity, we are planning to roll out IPv6 connectivity for all sites on, and maybe all Automattic sites as well. Stay tuned for more IPv6 announcements…

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    Good job!

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  3. Charlousie

    Ohh Wow! Good to know. I didn’t know about such things, but I am informed now ;)
    Thank you and I am excited about what is still going to come!

  4. cameraman888

    Thank you for the information. It’s interesting that they actually are running out of numbers…

  5. Jennifer Avventura

    Well Happy Ipv6 day. Even though I have NO idea what you are talking about! Anything for a glass of vino!

  6. Tito Salgado

    Awesome! keep up the good work.

  7. Opinador Ciudadano

    I thinks I need to learn more about IPv6.

  8. enggaurav

    cool article………….

  9. Mary


  10. deliasway

    Just to let the ones know who find this too technical:

    Every time you go online , you get an IP (identification of computer for the internet).
    The standard system is IP4.
    Because they run out of addresses and therefore the internet will not work well anymore- they invented IP6.
    Lots and lots of new addresses will be available.
    But the providers also have to integrate it still.
    Well,.Its great to know we can stay online!

  11. Belsim

    LOL, numbers, my passion :) Very nice! Congrats!

  12. Tommy

    Interesting – will we, as internet users, have to do anything for the migration to IPv6 or is it all automated?

    • Ashish

      As a user, it’s good to educate yourself about basics of IPv6, like you know about IPv4, and migration is not going to be fully automated.

  13. Tobias Mann

    To bad my ISP doesn’t support it yet.

  14. skulz fontaine

    What? What does this mean? Please be patient with those of us just a wee shade techno-Neanderthalish. Are things going to change on my blog? Is this to make things MORE complicated? I mean, dang. IPv6 Day ‘o’ Infamy, what?
    You see, on a multi-interconnected level of confusion well, pretty confusing. What happened to IPv5? Well? Or better still, IPv4, 3, 2, and 1? What happened to them and why didn’t I get the memo?
    Oh I get it WordPress, I’m not up-to-speed on all that hi-techy crap and so you’ve just tossed me to the curb and left me there like so much antique rubbish to be summarily taken away. Well for shame on me…

  15. trailblazer1

    IN CA we keep running out out phone prefixes and zip codes – kinda of like that I guess. As long as it works, I don’t need to know more – thanks for the update.

  16. eruvierda

    My server still running on IPv4
    I don’t know when my admin would upgrade the system..

    even so

    we’ll support this campaign

  17. RandomizeME

    Speak English please! lol – I had no idea of what I just read, but sure, Happy IPv6 day!

  18. joymcdee

    Please repeat this message in plain English. We are not all nerds!

    • Sara Rosso

      @Joymcdee – it’s all good news, nothing to worry about. :) Just letting you know that is moving into the future, with many other big organizations like Google, in adopting a new Internet protocol standard.

  19. Eric

    Fantastic way to celebrate!

  20. swiitpea

    Congratulations and thank you! Glad to see you are keeping up with latest technology. Surely this is a good thing for all of us WP fans!


  21. chorwin

    Cool – wordpress moving – to new address!
    Change is a pain, but it enhance stuff… also – job security. :P

  22. WonderGoon

    I think my brain just melted. Thanks for the info, though. *chuckles*

  23. change inspired by the flame

    This is very cool!

  24. hritik2012

    I don’t know much about IPv6 but now i should learn about it :)

  25. harold

    honestly i don’t know it but it seems to be good!!!!

  26. chz8494

    everyone’s gonna have his own unique ipv6 address, definitely it’s cool, but it may lead to other problems such as making it much easier for FBI to find the owner’s location than IPv4, and then the virtual world on the internet seems no longer virtual any more.

  27. IDMaspoer

    To bad my ISP doesn’t support it yet.

  28. hipointgoober66

    awesome. glad to know

  29. Sopheak.P

    Nice!! Thanks! I`ll stay tuned for more IPv6 announcements…

  30. masbadar

    Like its predecessor, how long this ipv6 will be able to survive if it is multiplied with the rapid growth of Internet users and machines?

  31. gospelforlife

    All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show! :)

  32. Mushyrulez

    Say, did IPv1 have only 1 IP address? /heh

  33. judsgamereviews

    Your explanation of IPv6 leaves me none the wiser. Your explanations so far in these news blogs is full of technical language which excludes many users. It caters for the IT literate community – but I thought the point of Blogging was to give a voice to those who are less so, as well as those who are IT whizzes. This applies to your Home page as well, when describing what the various items are for – eg Tags, Widgets, Links etc. Not everyone has an It person sitting beside them defining what is meant by your definitions.

    I love using WordPress – I am extremely literate, but less IT literate. I am not a bright young thing, but a clever older thing! lol Compared with many of my contemporaries I am a computer whizz – but this techno-speak is baffling. I have worked out some of them myself, such as the Tags and Widgets, but there are many things in my Dashboard that I cannot make head or tails of, and am too anxious therefore to use.

    Could you please use layman’s terms, as well as the techno-speak, in your explanations. It would be appreciated.

    PS: Thankyou deliasway – your explanation helps considerably.

  34. Nirmal Kant Paswan

    Well really good info…& thanks for sharing

  35. binarysemantics

    Thanks for the information. I see it everyday when i configure IP in my laptop, but never use it. I use only IP4 to set my ip. Really great information

  36. ShimonZ

    sounds very interesting. I have not heard of this before.

  37. apollodorosh

    Yay for IPv6 :-D

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  39. foobarph

    what else can we say? rock on!

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  41. Sundae Town

    Super confusing but it’s cool!!

  42. mikevoyce

    Anything which makes blogging easier and draws blogs to wider attention is good. BUT the inexperienced need fuller explanations.

  43. Infinity Times India

    Good Job Man……

    U Rock!!

  44. Jackie Paulson Author

    Just leave it up to you to keep on inventing new things and great ideas for wordpress. Thanks, wow!

  45. Rob Jackson

    This is really useful information. Thanks for passing it on!

  46. Sidik Soleman

    Let rock.. IPv6, say good bye to IPv4. :D
    Finally we have reached future. :)

  47. 7des7iny

    Thanks for the test link. I’m diagnosed as only compatible with IPv4 :(

  48. Sajib

    What is exactly the benefit of having IPv6 capability in blog?

    • Ashish SHUKLA

      It’ll make blogs accessible over IPv6 internet as well.

  49. Gero

    Find some more calculations with the numbers of addresses here:

  50. Van Boody

    IPV6 is a new way better connection but it’s expensive

  51. My Camera, My Friend

    Cool. Thank you for explaining this. :)

  52. corzgalore

    I’m super excited about IPv6.

  53. Alexander W. Janssen

    Did you disable IPv6 right after v6-day again?
    Cause when I dig for me CNAME, I don’t get no AAAA record:

    $ dig +short AAAA
    $ dig +short


    • Ashish

      The AAAA records are gone for now, and they were only enabled for this blog. But, once we get native IPv6 Internet connectivity, we’ll roll out AAAA records for whole

  54. SoulGamer

    wow. did not know IPv4 was that much smaller in comparison to IPv6. Awesome to see future integration of ‘the second internet’

  55. clarygeronimo

    Wow! Thank you for giving us this amazing news! :)

  56. masTer Samidi O_O

    Great…but what about the country who still has a bad internet it a problem to implement ipv6?

    • Sara Rosso

      Enabling dual stack connectivity on will make it possible for both IPv6 and IPv4-connected readers to see your site.

  57. Mormon Soprano

    This is interesting. I didn’t even know the internet was getting “too full”…glad there’s a “fix”

  58. Gero

    @Sajib – it is not a question of having a benfit from it, it is a question of still having a reachable blog in some years or not! :)

  59. Gero

    @Tommy – You might find some input in my article “Are You Ready For IPv6?”. You can find it in my blog!

  60. netequalizer

    Please tell me when you will be able to eliminate the dual stack ? Any idea, until you eliminate the dual stack there is no relief on IPv4 addresses and this is just an exeperiment.

  61. lestat546

    Ohhh cool, thanks! :-D

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  63. rismaka

    Oh yeah. I’m notified too in top of navbar blog.

  64. nolebean12

    I believe the authors of this post made some of us feel at ease. Cell phones and all mobile devices might have been the big cause of this change but the overall reason is more money for the domain name companies. Yea them,!

  65. sparkyman215

    but now we have to learn how to use IPv6, which will include letters.

  66. Brandon

    I did not know anything about this before…?

  67. summer54

    To the Sheldons of this world who live in a different world to I, I have no idea what you are talking about of course I am dyslexic and so my world is different to yours. I click and hope I doubt if actually having a simpler way of explaining will ever come into my life. Never mind. I love life.

  68. xenonlit

    Congratulations on being among the first to pass through the door to the new internet .

    My technology and science related blogs aim to break dense concepts down and to explain them to myself and the others. Now, I am wondering if some of the glitches that have been happening at almost every major site have to do with this expansion.

    But today, I will just have some cheese and a bit of wine and move on.

  69. Modern Funk

    You guys are so talented! :)

  70. ipctips

    Thanks for sharing this information

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  73. wildlifewatcher

    Thank you for letting me know. I learn a lot from reading these WordPress messages to blog authors. I so appreciate the support that WordPress gives me as a blog writer!

  74. pravin chawhan

    Interesting, to hear

  75. jalumiba

    not fluent in the technical language at all, but sounds epic!

  76. WonderGoon

    Ran the test. Once goes to IPv6 only, I will lose my blog, since my ISP isn’t configured for it. :(

  77. Intelligent Challenge

    A slightly bemused “well done” from me *scratches head*

  78. the island traveler

    Cool, innovative, has lots of possibilities.

  79. زهرة السوسن

    Thanks a lot for the test link (:

  80. icreatorkid

    Thanks for the information. Who’d have thought they were running out this quickly.

  81. Yasir Imran

    How it can benefit a simple layman blogger like me?

  82. machinemommy

    I know only that IPv6 is the implemented Protocol in Netherlands, which is standard procdure. As Core Producer Globally I have a long standing difference of opinion with the authorities on the subject of threading from the Core which is an accepted breech into your PC by outsiders implementing your stuff for their own purpose. I thought you ought to know that Masters are preying on those who have the least idea that they are being watched,

  83. machinemommy

    What happened to IPv5?

  84. denytheenemy

    I believe people should really do there research on this subject before mindlessly going ahead with it. IPV6 has been 15 years in planning with the sole motivation of hijacking the internet and expanding obsoleteism. This is really scary stuff to be implementing, tons of hardware would literally become toxic garbage filling landfills, individuals will loose the ability to host their own sites without going through controlled hosting companies who will basically kill anything they deem inappropriate to be placed accessibly on the web(the web isn’t the internet). The internet2 was and will be a dismal failure and with all the current uprisings and people waking up to the globalist and corporate threats this is simply a last ditch attempt to shut the internet down. The technology isn’t sound and neither are its intentions. Please don’t go forward with this, its going to do more harm than good.

  85. sandiegohoteldeals

    I don’t know what you talking about but it is “B E A U T I F U L”

  86. louisrumball

    I dont understand, but i wish i did!

  87. lauriezirkle

    Are there any plans to keep the dual stack? Our campus is big on IPv6, although my home ISP doesn’t have it everywhere yet. It was encouraging to see just how many sites took part in IPv6 day. Some (including Facebook and Google) plan on leaving or re-implementing their dual stacks.

    • Ashish SHUKLA

      Well, as soon we get native IPv6 connectivity, we’ll enable dual stack again…

  88. doarandrei

    Really nice. Thanks for the info

  89. viora2010

    I haven’t had the time to read these messages, seems I’m missing out on important issues. I have no idea what IPv6 is but I will find out, I promise!

  90. The Daily Wit

    I’m just glad this day did not pass without my reading the words “dual stack connectivity.”

  91. Charles Bonaventure

    Will my WordPress require any assistance in the transition? I don’t want any blackouts for my readers.

  92. hotdogfish

    Thanks for the information. Just have one remark to make, I have been tested and I’m OK, but since June 8, my blog traffick has decreased by 30%. I would like to know if this happening elsewhere?

    • Sara Rosso

      @hotdogfish – this shouldn’t have any impact on your traffic. Feel free to contact Support if you are still having problems. Note that traffic often fluctuates depending on your readership and search engine indexing.

  93. navedz

    This is like taking wordpress a few steps forward… cool!!

  94. 8able

    Does this mean that IPv6 users will not be able to access IPv4 sites?

    • Ashish SHUKLA

      Yes, you’ll need IPv4 connectivity to be able to access sites hosted on IPv4.

  95. ƒιяєѕтaя912

    IPv6 Doesnt work for me yet, I’ll just wait for it to work… Someday….

  96. sparklight01

    damn, my ISP doesn’t suppor it

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  98. Andrew Rowley

    Noiiiiice! :D

  99. mayurhulsar

    checked the connection for this blog. My ISP and hence me still stuck at IPv4….

  100. bobwieters

    Who would have thought years ago that we would be where we are today. Guess it is like the hard drives when computers first began, when we had a 10MB hard drive we thought we would never need another – HA – were we fooled. Now the internet has grown to an extent that is also unreal and not thought of. But that is progress and we are in a progressive world! Thank you for keeping us up to date.


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