Your Own Domain Address on Absolutely!

Here at Automattic we feel really lucky to be able to interact with so many users through our awesome Happiness Engineers in Support, meeting WordPress users and lovers at various global WordCamps, and even Matt runs into WordPress users when he’s on a plane (is there a better way to get Support? We think not. But let him sleep a little).

One of the most common questions we answer is, “Can I have my own domain on” The answer to that question is a resounding YES!

We are happy to give you a free website at (something like but if you want to also use your own domain, you can do that very easily.

You don’t need to create another site – you simply need the inexpensive Domain Mapping Upgrade. In layman’s terms, domain mapping just means pointing to your site, so when your friends visit they will see your super-cool site hosted at, and will remain the visible address.

That’s it!

  • Have a domain already, but want to put your site on a subdomain (like We can do that, too. Read How to Map a Subdomain.

After you map your domain, make sure you Update the Primary Domain to your shiny new personalized domain so when people visit your site, that’s the address that stays visible in the address bar. Instructions for doing that are in each of the above posts, or you can find it under Upgrades > Domains on that blog’s dashboard after you’ve completed the domain mapping process.

Oh, and we’re not jealous, either. If you ever decide to transfer the site off, you can take your domain with you, too. Check out How to Transfer a Domain and if you prefer one of our super talented Happiness Engineers to move your entire website for you to a self-hosted WordPress solution, check out Guided Transfer.

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Sara Rosso


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  1. Gaurav Tiwari

    Good. But I think, only US $ are allowed in upgrades. (?) Just a quick question:

    Is INR(indian rupee) also allowed?

    • Sara Rosso

      @Guarav – You’re correct, we only accept USD $, but you can pay with PayPal or a credit card which will do the currency conversion for you.

  2. doctorwhofan98

    Brilliant. :-)

  3. Tricia McDonald Ward

    I just started my website a couple of weeks ago and registered my new domain name through I’m impressed with how reasonable the cost is, and how many excellent features I get by having my site hosted here. The directions to go through the process of setting it up were very clear, too, which is very helpful to someone who doesn’t know a lot about the topic!

  4. Charlousie

    Great! I didn’t have enough skills or experiences for hosting a domain for my blog. But now I will make me clever and check this out! Maybe I will have my “own” domain soon. Would be very cool and I would have more possibilities in designing and just everything!!! :)
    Great thing! THANKS!!

  5. Darshan

    Hi Sara!

    Well, thanks for making us remember about the “Domain Mapping Upgrade!”

    – Darshan

  6. AA

    Is there a new information in here somewhere? Never seen repeat old information.

  7. ana pauper

    was this option available earlier? I remember that I pay-paled for a kewler webdom outfit months ago :)

    • Sara Rosso

      @ana it’s not a new feature, but it’s a great reminder for those looking for custom domain information all in one place.

  8. Mary

    I may consider it myself. :)

  9. Daniel Berhane

    Nice reminder.
    But my problem is we don’t have a credit card in my country – Ethiopia.
    So…is there an alternative I could use to pay?

  10. professorpatch

    I’ve always wanted a .com, and WordPress is my first opportunity. The cost is very reasonable, and once my new blog has proven itself to be a keeper (I’ve had many failed blogs before), I hope to register my own domain!

  11. maxmiaggi

    Yeah, even I will register for my own domain once the site traffic increases substantially.

  12. theurbanfarmerscompany

    Hi Sara! any word on when will accept .ca domains?

  13. Will Cookson

    I’ve used this facility twice so far. Once with a domain registered through you and once with a sub-domain mapping onto a domain I own. Both times it was a breeze. The first time I just followed the instructions and the second time did it for our church mag where I had to get our web host people to do the stuff. Both times no problems.

    Thanks for the facility – really good and easy to use.

  14. squidoospook

    Just precisely how much does it cost please people?

    • Sara Rosso

      @squidoospook – Prices are different for mapping an existing domain vs. registering a new domain + mapping – you can find all the details on each Support page linked above.

  15. Slithzerai

    You can even transfer the domain registration to another registrar, it’s great.

  16. Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

    I understand from people who have moved that they lost a lot of their google traffic. This has kept me from moving my older sites onto my own name for some time. Thanks for insights on this.

  17. Belsim

    Hi Sara, thanks for your post. WordPress has an elegant way to solve things :) Keep up the good work! ;)

  18. jameskershaw

    Am I able to map an .info domain to wordpress?
    Another question: Why are only certain themes available? I have CSS free template which is a wordpress creation but I can’t use it here.

  19. Eric

    Awesome way to make WordPress even better. Hopefully I will be getting my domain in the near future.

  20. Adrienne

    I will look into it – thank you, Sara!

  21. whistlingtrainfarm

    I am working on migrating my website to WordPress because I’m loving it, but I’m having a lot of trouble getting my email address to go to gmail. And, I’m afraid to cut the cord in case it doesn’t work and I don’t get my customers’ emails.

    Any hints to make it go easier, or reassure me that I won’t lose my customer emails to a black hole?

    Thank you!

  22. Ethan Chellan

    I had to make our school a website on The headmaster insist of having a site. Is this possible and do you get extra features if you pay for an domain upgrade? Thanks

    • Sara Rosso

      @Ethan – a domain mapping is possible. If you pay for the domain mapping upgrade, that is the extra feature! :)

  23. aaronmikki

    Can I change my existing to another as I am trying to increase the security of my blog?

  24. sarisaritots

    this will be great in the future for me!

    thanks much sara!

  25. Andrew Rowley

    Already on it ;D

  26. blogger151

    Hi there — We are interested in using WordPress for our newsroom at the University of West Florida. Our IT folks don’t want to host WordPress on our site, and so I am looking at the domain mapping upgrade. But how will that affect search engine optimization if it appears that all our news releases and stories are hosted on something like instead of Thanks. :)

    • Sara Rosso

      @blogger151 – if you get the domain mapping upgrade, your stories will not appear to be hosted at, but the address you chose – or, etc.

  27. 3dxplorer

    As you know, for already existing domain names, many registrars offer forwarding for free. Is there any advantage in mapping, instead of forwarding to

    • Sara Rosso

      @3dxplorer domain forwarding is not the same as domain mapping – with domain mapping you’re actually putting content on the domain which means the site is indexed under that domain instead of the domain it’s being forwarded to.

  28. Mark Petruska

    I actually have three domain names registered, and they all point to WordPress. One I purchased at GoDaddy, the other two, right here. It’s easy to do and gives your blog(s) a more professional feel!

  29. Art in Geelong

    One problem with is that it won’t work with Google Analytics. Unfortunately, the WordPress site stats are not as comprehensive as Google Analytics.It would be great if you could make addresses compatible with Analytics or alternatively improve the information in the WordPress site stats.

    • Sara Rosso

      @Art in Geelong – we think stats are pretty cool, but we are always working to add more features and improvements.

  30. jesseluna

    Hi Sara, if we register a new domain via, can we also set up our email for that domain name through I’ve had several clients ask me about that.
    Cheers, @Jesseluna

  31. chorwin

    I’m glad to hear provides services with users/customers in mind. I especially like the feature that allows us to transfer to other hosting, which provides flexibility.

  32. Seth Leonard

    I think it’s pretty ridiculous that you 1) don’t allow domain mapping without changing DNS (I like to manage my DNS myself at my registrar) and 2) that you don’t allow “www” as a subdomain. Offering either would make things so much easier and offer less risk is screwing up MX records, etc…

  33. 4littlefergusons

    Call me a blogging newbie (its true) but if I get my own domain, does this mean I lose the “help” I get by using your site? For example, I don’t know any of those “codes” or anything and rely heavy on gidgets and things you provide here.

    • Sara Rosso

      @4littlefergusons – In this case you’re mapping a domain to your site, so you get access to all the great Support you already have access to :) If you’re a newbie, you might want to check out our tips for newbies at

  34. Katherine Clare Owen

    Here’s a question. I did map my domain name to my wordpress blog. Now, I’m interested in getting another domain name that I would also like to map to the wordpress blog. How would I do that? Can WordPress accept more than one domain name to the same blog. I know it will be $12 a year per domain name. I just couldn’t figure out from the information is more than one could be mapped. Thanks.

    • Sara Rosso

      @Katherine – you can map more than one domain to a site, but only one will be the primary domain – the others will forward to the primary domain.

  35. edithlevyphotography

    I just launched my blog a couple of weeks ago and I upgrade to my own domain. It was simple and inexpensive. You Gus rock!

  36. Guillermo Bautista

    What about ads? Does that mean that we can still run ads?

  37. michael sean symonds

    … this is an amazing little feature that I did not know you offered! My only question is around recognition. Lets imagine I do create a new domain name through WordPress, or close down another website I no longer want and have that domain mapped to my blog at wordpress, because it only exists as a domain name that is now mapped to another place [blog] and not an actual page, will the domain name be recognized by search engines as easily and as much as it would, if it existed as a stand-a-lone site? [I hope this makes sense…

    keep on inovating!

  38. Adnanomatic

    I am satisfied with the service, I already bought the domain a year ago and there was never any significant problems.

  39. Gavirel

    I’m uncertain of why WP charges for this service when most domain registrars allow you to forward (send to and mask (keep in the address bar) for free.

    • Sara Rosso

      @Gavirel – domain forwarding and domain masking are not the same thing as mapping the domain directly to your site, but they can be alternatives if you’re not interested in the domain mapping upgrade.

  40. bimbocabidog

    I’m still working on getting my credit card to facilitate payments. The pricing is well affordable, but my main hindrance is how to make the payment, as a credit card is the only means and no others. Hope this can happen soon. Meanwhile, I currently have a local domain host and server for my website, but would be glad to connect to WP.

  41. Christophe H.

    Hi Sara,

    I am quite surprised that WP is still providing this as a paid feature since it is almost free on all other providers such as tumblr, posterous or blogger.
    BTW WP is really professional.

    • Sara Rosso

      @Christophe – we think it’s pretty inexpensive for a whole year of custom domain hosting (about 4 Frappucinos-worth) with the wonderful features of and access to our awesome Support team, too! :)

  42. maxthemonkey

    Hi Sara, great to see you here, last time it was @ GGD7 in our cowo… and yes, I do confirm what you say, I have 2 domains on! Keep up the good work, guys!

  43. Max Soutter

    This is great BUT – What if i have a AND a two different sites. How can i get my wordpress to point to the org?

  44. phoxis

    Already using the domain mapping feature. I am just waiting for the registrar transfer feature to . After reading the post title i thought that this is it. But I hope would also provide this facility very soon.
    This is a good post to draw attention to this small but excellent feature, as a lot of people do not know about this.

  45. apapadop

    Great job making it easy for people to get their own domain. Purchasing and having it show the content of cloudn’t have been easier.

    This did create a problem for me, though. As this is a security related blog I expect most people to only use the SSL-encrypted version of it:
    This results in a scary browser warning, because the browser is asked to establish an SSL connection with but is presented with a certificate for *

    Is there a way around this?

    • Sara Rosso

      @apapdop – Accessing the front end of the site through https doesn’t really add much security, especially since all code on is vetted by our team. :) All mapped domains accessed with https will give this same warning – your visitors can add an exception once and then it shouldn’t show up again. But SSL certificates can’t be installed for mapped domains at this time.

  46. lvl54spacemonkey

    Had a loose rule that I’d do this if my blog ever averages over 100 views a day for a few weeks. Almost got there last week. You guys know what to do.

  47. Sopheak.P

    I want to register a country top level domain .kh directly on I wish you can support this as soon as you can. Thanks!

  48. GPUToaster

    Hi Sara,

    Thats great actually. But one question for you. What about the limitations like “Running Scripts and Advertising”?


  49. TheSociopathsWife

    Do the search engines count for the site rather than WordPress if you direct your own domain to WordPress? My understanding is that if you have a website. site, the search engine counts go to WordPress and not your own site. Is that still the case if you ‘point’ to your WordPress site? Thanks!

  50. amsdeg54

    Sounds exciting. I don’t have an existing website but I just might create one here. Thanks for the information!

  51. JuliĆ£o

    And if I want to do the inverse, redirect a to my own new domain+server, how I do?

  52. dawnschuck

    Hi Sara, so helpful as always – even I can understand! Thanks so much.

  53. Katherine Clare Owen

    Here’s a question. I did map my domain name to my wordpress blog. Now, I’m interested in getting another domain name that I would also like to map to the wordpress blog. How would I do that? Can WordPress accept more than one domain name to the same blog? I know it will be $12 a year per domain name. I just couldn’t figure out from the information is more than one could be mapped. Thanks.

  54. apapadop

    @Sara Accessing anything over an encrypted connection has a lot of advantages if one happens to live under a surveillance regime (think Iran, UAE, Yemen, China, USA etc). SSL is not about “security”, it’s about not allowing intermediaries to see what one is doing on

    It shouldn’t be too hard to convince WP’s web servers to serve the right certificate for the virtual (“mapped”) domain they serve with every request. All you need to do is make it easy for people to buy extra certificates for their mapped domains. I look forward to seeing this functionality on

  55. Jill

    Hi Sara, if I did this, would people who subscribe to my blog have to update their Google Reader (or whatever they’re using) to the new domain name, or would my old one ( still work? I’ve thought about switching to my own domain, but I’m afraid of losing the few readers that I have! Thanks.

    • Sara Rosso

      @Jill – good question! But never fear, your old RSS feed will still work for anyone already subscribed to that address.

  56. David

    This sounds very good. Will this change or affect how traffic is able to be driven to my site (like pingbacks and search results)?

  57. stefkastankova

    Hello, Sarah!
    I already have my domain and mapping. I have to pay extra for hosting??

    • Sara Rosso

      @stefkastankova – If you paid for the Domain Mapping Upgrade for your site on, you should be all set. We don’t have a “hosting” charge.

  58. Philip Shock

    Hi Sara,

    I think I may know the answer but does this allow self hosting domain blogs to be used via hootsuite for example? I am not a techy so please bear with me! :)


  59. Andrew

    Do I need to pay money to have my own domain?
    And do I need to pay for that domain monthly?

    • Sara Rosso

      @Andrew – yes, to register a domain (with any registrar in the world) costs money. Most fees are annual, but we can’t speak for everyone. will register and map your domain for an annual fee.

  60. imahd

    We have been using domain mapping for our blog since 2009 and have been very pleased with this particular WordPress functionality. Referring people to the blog is easier and quicker due to our short URL ( vs. Also, the cost is very reasonable. Thanks again, WordPress!

  61. Great Owl Renovations Inc, Calgary

    I am a new user at worldpress and I hope that this site will help to promote my business.

  62. John Todaro

    thanks for the heads up

  63. Bosstiger

    hallo :D can i pay with Euro? or USD are only acceptable?
    this is why i love wordpress, it is getting better and better and lets you expand your creativity. :D

    • Sara Rosso

      @Bosstiger – if you use something like PayPal or your credit card, it will do the currency conversion for you. All our prices are in USD$.

  64. Ellen

    Thanks for the reminder, a great price!

  65. roudenkoff


  66. mommyslounge

    I got a from godaddy. If I use the forwarding feature, will accept it or ask for a domain mapping upgrade?

    • Sara Rosso

      @mommyslounge – Domain forwarding is not the same as mapping your domain to your .com address. If you have a domain forwarded, the visitor will always see (your site) as the final URL in their address bar, not your custom domain.

  67. waltzingmorethanmatilda

    I got my own domain name when I first signed up for WordPress and have never regretted the decision. It’s inexpensive and just looks neater, more memorable and more professional when you send people your web address.

    By paying just a few extra dollars, I was also able to make my domain information private so that it can’t be searched by others, which gave me peace of mind.

    I think I enjoyed blogging more right from the start (even in those difficult first few weeks of getting going), because it felt like “my blog”!

  68. Vasu

    I have upgraded my blog to a custom design. Thanks to the WordPress team for all the great tools, and upgraded you keep offering and communicating regularly. Cheers! Vasu

  69. giannakali

    if I put my domain as a subdomain on a long established wordpress blog will the links get messed up for people who’ve linked to them in the past? what about google searches?

    • Sara Rosso

      @giannakali – the old links will forward to the new address, so those links will still be valid, as well as any search result that still has the old links.

  70. lh70

    Hi, and thank you for this. I have just followed all the steps to import my personal domain name. Paid it all and change the primary domain BUT all are being redirected to my old blog instead of my brand new worldpress website?! Why?
    I thought the old would become with the website of
    Can you help?

    • Sara Rosso

      @Leonor – when I go to your site, it’s showing your custom domain, so it looks like things were set up correctly. Often it can take time to update the DNS. Please contact support if you’re still having problems.

  71. CraftyStaci

    I did this almost a year ago, and I love being able to give out an easy-to-remember website, but still keep my blog on WordPress. Thanks!

  72. cb75948

    I wish I understood how better. At 81 it’s hard the understand without step by step specific instructions.

    • Sara Rosso

      Luckily you have a support team and a great knowledge base around to help – if you have any specific questions make sure to contact us!

  73. Lover

    Can you run ad-space on a regular wordpress site ( and e-commerce?

    Or does it have to be a $ hosted site, like at wordpress?

  74. 5redherrings

    I have it and I love it. WordPress rules!

  75. fatimaebrahim

    WordPress is amazing, everyday you learn something worthwhile. They have taken technology to another level. Thank you

  76. richmondwriterscircle

    We have a domain that is hosted for a rather high price (it has all sorts of stuff that would be great for someone into web design etc but we just want it to work with the minimum of fuss) and WordPress is much easier to use and much better value. The problem is that if we use mapping we still have to pay the old host as well as WordPress which means we’d actually be paying more. How could we transfer the domain to WordPress, or save money somewhere, somehow?

    • Sara Rosso

      We don’t currently allow domain transfers. You may consider transferring the domain to a cheaper registrar and then mapping to

  77. One Very Annoyed Dude

    Hey Sara ,
    What do i have to do to transfer my blog to a blog ?
    And can you install the , ” You might also like this ” widget in a blog ?

  78. smro

    Thanks for your reminder!
    I have two… interesting questions, I think. So, wordpress don`t like w w w. Let`s say I have a domain: http / www / example com Some people will type with www, some of them not.
    1. They will be pointed to my blog: example / wordpress / com? With or without www ???
    2. How it will appear on the address bar:always with www, always without www or how it was typing ?

    Oops, sorry for my bad English, I hope you understand my questions, thanks.

    • Sara Rosso

      Your visitor will be forwarded to your site if they insert the www. The site will appear in the address bar without the www.

  79. stuology

    HELLLLP, I need a push in the right direction if possible. I’ve been working on making and hopefully perfecting half decent 1st blog for hours, but I just need answers to the odd query. My blog will be mainly comedy, with Modern Life musings with Science stuff about all things cosmological. How do I promote my blog to others?

  80. randywu66

    Hi Sara,

    I wish to have my own domain (in English) and will be registering it with WP. Once that is set up (after a few months), I would like to create a duplicate website in Japanese to cater for the Japanese market as much of the content is relevant for that market. Can I just proceed to create one in Japanese or do I have to register the domain name (same one) again in Japanese?

    I also have in mind to purchase one of the premium themes for the English website and does it mean that I have to purchase another similar theme for the Japanese website?

    Thank you,


    • Sara Rosso

      More than one domain can be mapped to a single site, but only one domain will be the primary domain (the domain that will remain visible in the address bar). Premium themes are purchased per site, so you’ll have to purchase a premium theme for each blog.

  81. Travis Estvold

    Hi Sara, I have a question. Sorry if it’s addressed elsewhere on the site but I’m too blind to find it…

    My WordPress site is currently hosted by Yahoo, but I found out the hard way when I tried to install a premium theme this weekend that they do not allow PHP5. If I purchase a new domain that WordPress will host, will it work with PHP5 themes??? (Are there any types of themes/languages that are prohibited in your hosted sites?)


    • Sara Rosso

      @Travis, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by a hosted site. If you’re self-hosting (like you are with Yahoo!) you can find information on for support.

      As for using a theme here on, you can find all 120+ free and premium themes you can use here:
      Note you’ll have to purchase a premium theme exclusively for use with your site, regardless if you paid for the same premium theme on a self-hosted site.

  82. pashupatin

    Nice creation, we can use it for our business!


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