New Theme: Delicious Magazine

If you’ve wanted a magazine theme for your blog but haven’t found just the right one today’s new theme might just do it for you. It’s called Delicious Magazine and it’s the latest in a series of terrific magazine themes from WooThemes.

The Delicious Magazine Theme

If you love using images to draw your visitors into your writing, you’ll love Delicious Magazine. Right away you can see how it uses Featured Images to build an elegant area for highlighting groups of select posts on your home page. And just like the other premium magazine themes available on it’s packed with features that let anyone easily customize the design.

Delicious Magazine is available for the lifetime of your blog for $45. Read more about the Delicious Magazine features or preview it live on your blog from Appearance → Themes. It might be the magazine theme you’ve been waiting for!

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Ian Stewart

  • Jun 16, 2011 @ 6:11 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Armaghan-e-Rehman Mansoor

    Love it! Nicely balanced layout and colours.

  2. MGS

    A very nice and clean theme!

  3. ana pauper

    This looks really tasty. :D It’s time to switch from ballerinas to food. or just combine them. ;)

  4. justscruples

    Very nice!

  5. Margie

    This looks like a very versatile theme that would work well with photos, but still have a minimalistic look to it. Very professional, with easy to read fonts.

  6. Eric

    Very nice for food blogs! I really like it. Considering changing mine. :)

  7. Intelligent Challenge

    Super hot!

  8. Jason Stoeser

    Another pretty theme!

  9. professorpatch

    Wow, it looks very clean and pretty. Not really the fit for my blog though, and I’m loving Mystique too much to change right now.

  10. foggyjungle

    WOW. Great, nice, clean, and useful. I like it. ❤

  11. nathan2055

    Interesting theme! I like how it uses images to convey posts.

  12. Ryan Rantz

    I like it this theme. Hopefully there will be some non premium magazine themes coming out soon. Beyond “The Morning After” there really isn’t any out there.

  13. JJ

    I will make certain some of my cooking friends see this one. I have not seen a better theme for the genre. Fantastic!

  14. Fadhly Mhd

    Wow…perfect!! :D

  15. kensbackhome

    I kinda like this theme. Even on a blog without lots of images (like mine) it still looks neat and classy.

  16. tenbrokenbullets

    This is frustrating. this would go perfect for my music blog… BUT I have got no extra money for this. and before you tell me there are a lot of free themes, none are as nice as this except vertigo (which is what I currently have AND free).

    • Ian Stewart

      I won’t tell you that there are a lot of free themes but I will tell you that there are more free themes coming. :) And more free themes after that. Lots more.

  17. topavidol

    Very nice, I like it and I’ll try.

  18. ryandake

    Wow, that’s really beautifully done. Kudos to the design team.

    It makes me want to have a blog just to use it. And it makes me want to eat. Sushi, yum.

  19. Mary

    Wow, that’s awesome. I really really like this one!

  20. 7des7iny

    Looks good for food or consumable topics :)

  21. Lee

    Nice! But $45? No thank you.

  22. elianmusica

    Interesting theme!

  23. Peter Hallett

    This is a great theme, truly delicious. Look forward to giving it a run on Utterance

  24. deepbellylaugh

    Very nice. And mouth watering photos to show it off! Great job.

  25. foodtable

    Looks beautiful and I will definitely check it out. :)

  26. Anne Lessing

    I wouldn’t use this for either of my blogs, but if I had a magazine-type blog, I would definitely pay for this…it’s colorful, yet clean and inviting. Nice job, WordPress.

  27. Sandra Pawula

    Very nice! This is one that appeals to me. But I’m quite delighted with my recent move to Twenty Eleven [tumblelog style] so I will probably be staying there. I love the “petite” quality.

  28. Alejandro Ramirez

    If I had more content to really utilize this design, I’d definitely get this.

  29. escalanteleiva

    Excellent work. Congratulations!

  30. thisblindman

    Nice-looking theme. It’s a shame it isn’t free, though. :)

  31. Love Kampuchea

    Love it.

  32. xiaohui

    It is pretty, thanks for keeping to your promise for 2011 to come up with more great themes!
    I wish they weren’t always premium themes though haha. Looking forward to more fantastic themes for all users :)

  33. amordagalea

    Presentation is superb the food looks yummy. Good theme.

  34. sparda28

    I love the clean look!

  35. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Looks really nice!

  36. yesmeoh

    Very Nice!! Love it.

  37. Belsim

    Big LIKE my friend!

  38. nhjncajj2011

    WOW. I like it.

  39. askJayaa

    Tempts me to start a food blog!!!!

  40. Mikalee Byerman

    Can’t wait to play with this one a little and see how it looks — thanks for the options!

  41. victorworang

    I like the slide. :)

  42. Ken

    When will more free themes come out?

  43. Kale

    That one really looks delicious.

  44. puchicatos

    Wanna try this one. Hope it’ll fit my writting style & passion^^

  45. Susan Burg

    This is great for a recipe blogger, isn’t it?

  46. nelson RN

    Wow. I love it!

  47. chorwin

    Full width layout of 960 pixels really sound like a good deal to pay $45 to own this theme….

  48. Bon Hâm Đơ

    I Like it :x Thank you so much ♥

  49. wackyman

    Nice! Looks very professional.

  50. Grace Walker

    Nice theme! Do you guys know there is an actual magazine called ‘Delicious”?

    • Ian Stewart

      I like to think that the Delicious Magazine theme name was chosen because of it’s inherently delectable visual qualities. :)

  51. InfosPourTous

    Wooooooooow very nice theme!

  52. The Teenage Taste

    Perfect theme for a food blog like mine! Thanks!

  53. raincoaster

    That is a very sweet looking theme.

  54. Quinnzite

    Such a cool layout, it’s integrated the featured photos and the individual posts brilliantly.

  55. webmistress

    Unique and eye catching, might give it a try soon to see how it looks

  56. Patricia Lee Dee

    Am I the only one struggling with a theme? I change it weekly. Can’t wait to change it to this one!

  57. mrasherkade

    Nice! PLEASE bring out more magazine themes that are free! I am a professional writer, so these themes would greatly enhance my work!

  58. Brandon

    Looks like a great theme! I have Bueno by WooThemes.

  59. Deb

    Will you ever have a real estate theme?

  60. jessiethought

    Perfect for a food blog! Great job!

  61. My Camera, My Friend

    Nice! Lots of features.

  62. Ad V~

    Very nice and clean! Does the company have any travelmagazine-styles available too? I’ll check, ‘coz this theme makes me curious!

  63. Kiran Bashir Ahmad

    Coraline really suits my blog for now though I am looking for a theme with a features section and more columns to the posts. This looks great for that. What a pity its not free as I do love using featured pictures whenever I can.


    Makes me hungry :)

  65. plantainperiodicals

    Love the theme. I’ve been thinking about adding a food section to my blog and this makes me want to do that even more. The visuals make it easy to talk about many things without it getting to messy and confusing.

  66. Stephanie

    Yay! Me likey!

  67. phytoplanktonic

    Wow, this is really awesome! I don’t know if I can afford it though. One day! Definitely one of my favourite themes I’ve seen on WordPress :D

  68. Choc-Mint

    Hmph. I was making a great food blog and was going to use it but realised that it wasn’t free. Your loss. :(

  69. TeeJott

    Very good. If I were not a poor artist I think I would get it right away… ;-)

  70. spkx842

    Wow, pretty theme!! I really love it.

  71. see the world in bright bold colours

    Love this!

  72. Niz

    Love it! :)

  73. NiHAWmA

    Wow! It’s really yummy. :lol:
    More power WordPress.

  74. azdon

    Wow, that’s a nice one – I wish I could afford it, but you have such nice free ones also!

  75. svenoblivion

    Mini tomatoes, basil, paprika, and cheese…making me hungry. I’m with TeeJott, too bad I am a starving artist.

  76. redcapestudio

    Thats a sweet theme. Very eye catching.

  77. BornToInspire Barbara Sherry Rose, PhD

    Thank God – FINALLY a GREAT Mag Theme – just in time to celebrate 10 Years online – THANK YOU!

  78. GAUTAM A D

    Great theme…i just wish this was a free one! :(

  79. fashiongraffiti

    This theme looks amazing. Nice job. :)

  80. prinsea

    That one is so cool!!! :D

  81. Aba El Haddi

    Nice! Makes me want to go get some sushi too. :-)

  82. camary1996

    Great for a chef…love the design!

  83. caschroader

    This is close to what I would like my blog to look like, but I second the comments that $45 is just too much. I do appreicate the need for WordPress to make a living. Honestly, I think most people will end up changing their theme over time, so a smaller, yearly amount makes sense. Maybe $10 per year?

  84. navedz

    Awesome theme… can we have a free counterpart of this one?? :D

  85. Gary Armstrong

    Very impressed. recently started blogging again after years, and theme design has really improved.

  86. The Gateway Blog

    Perfect! just what I am looking for.

  87. Sarah

    Lookin’ good!

  88. Randomizgirl!

    It’s the best theme deticated to “food” so far.. and I love it!

  89. duke sison

    I’m gonna try this theme! Header looks a lot better than usual headers, with some options on the right side.

  90. Timur Aykut YILDIRIM

    it looks great!! i’ll definitely try it :) :)

  91. Imaginarium of Pau

    Looks good! Great job WP!

  92. edgefromwwe

    Very cool theme! I cant wait to see more. :D

  93. Mr. Boab

    Great looking theme! :D

  94. Rosedale Gardens

    Very eye catching. I think a yearly charge would be better for those of us who like to change a lot.

  95. player909

    Really fantastic theme and the information about using Featured Images!


    Wow nice job. It looks good

  97. sticky

    I love it!

  98. Julie in Jeans

    Nice looking theme. There is really no reason it couldn’t be used for something other than cooking. It would make a nice travel theme or even real estate, as a couple other bloggers mentioned (Gotta think outside the box sometimes). I use my blog for photography and am currently using Duotone. I like it, but it only features a single image. Too bad I can’t afford this right now.

  99. Oh Cheers

    Pretty cool. Looks like it would benefit from some nicely-taken pics for the links (and act as a nice showcase for them). :)

  100. beeracundunia

    This magazine makes me hungry.


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