New Theme: Fruit Shake

Over five years ago, when was just getting started, we launched a theme that has become near and dear to many of us. A theme that even then stood out from all the others with its, well, its banana-smoothie-ness. It’s about time to shake up the Banana Smoothie, isn’t it? Maybe even give some other fruit a shake? We think so. Let’s take a look at its delicious successor, Fruit Shake.

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The goal of Fruit Shake was to capture Banana Smoothie’s essence and serve it up to everyone with a refreshed design — and even more fruity flavor. Hence, your choice of three fruit-flavored color schemes: Banana, Blueberry, and my favorite, Dragon Fruit. And just like, Banana Smoothie did, Fruit Shake comes with its own fruit shake recipe widget — courtesy of the incomparable Jane Wells — that lets you share your love of bananas, blueberries, and dragon fruit with your blog readers. Also, there may or may not be a secret, unlockable, fruit in Fruit Shake. Or not. I can’t say much more than that except, well, it might be a secret. If it even exists.

Of course, if you just like the basic colors of Fruit Shake you can also personalize the design with your own custom header and custom background image. You can even remove all the widgets from the sidebar in Appearance → Widgets and create a sleek tumblelog look for your blog. In other words, you don’t have to be obsessed with fruit to enjoy Fruit Shake. It doesn’t hurt though. :)

If you want to know more about the cool features in Fruit Shake we’ve made a page that outlines them all on the Theme Showcase. You can read up on Fruit Shake there and check out a live demo or just activate it on your blog and start experimenting! And if you have a self-hosted installation of WordPress you haven’t been left out of the fun. Fruit Shake will be making its way to the official WordPress Theme directory where you can download it and install it on your blog.

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Ian Stewart

  • Jul 5, 2011 @ 5:56 pm
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  1. Armaghan-e-Rehman Mansoor

    Clean and basic. Love it!

  2. cosmonavigator

    Fruity flavour and customizable too. Nice work.

  3. mickeymurphy

    Just beautiful, every one of them.

  4. Nickie Wang

    Love the concept. Good for foodie blogs.

  5. MoazzamShaikh

    The blueberry shake is beautiful.

  6. David Peralty

    To me it looks like a CSS modification of the Twenty Eleven theme. With some CSS wizardry, couldn’t I make Twenty Eleven look pretty close to this?

    • Ian Stewart

      You could get pretty close! The markup and features are a little different though. Plus, there’re no secret fruit flavors in Twenty Eleven. Not that there are any in Fruit Shake, of course. Maybe.

  7. Jennifer Avventura

    Awesome. My blogging buddy uses The Banana Smoothie theme. Good job, WordPress!

  8. Nick Momrik

    I didn’t even know Dragon Fruit was a real thing. This theme looks tasty!

  9. Mary

    Good job. So clean and simple.

  10. duckiimomo

    I like it:)

  11. Jocelyn

    Love it! But how would one go about unlocking the secret fruit that doesn’t exist?! Any hints?

    • Ian Stewart

      Well, if I was using a theme with a secret fruit (if such a theme existed) I’d probably just activate it, keep blogging every day like normal, and just generally poke around. Sometimes secrets just come out. Hypothetically, of course.

  12. Margie

    I like the look of this theme – enough color to be interesting, easily readable fonts, doesn’t squish my photos or chop them off. I might have to switch from Choco!

  13. tenbrokenbullets

    I’ll definitely have to check this out with my own.
    Thank you. Again.

  14. Jocelyn

    Thanks for the hypothetical help!

  15. Brilliant. Makes me want to write blogs again.

  16. dpress211

    Yeah!!! Banana shake!

  17. nyota0uhura

    Once again, I expected something that was more fun, richer and whimsical. Once again, it’s a purist’s summer fantasy. I love WP, I really, deeply do, but why can’t you guys make more baroque and lavish themes for those of us who don’t need all that zen attitude on our blog? Only Koi (which I’m using and loving) is like that and I really, really wish there were more themes in the same vein. Please consider this!

    • Ian Stewart

      Consider it considered. We’ll see what we can do about getting more themes as whimsical as Koi launched for you and everyone else.

  18. Aileen

    Very nice theme. I haven’t changed themes for a long time. I’m definitely giving this one a try. :)

  19. miscreants2011

    Looks interesting.

  20. Recis


    This is a very good theme addition for bloggers who write about food. Definitely fruity and enticing for readers to have a taste. It would definitely rock if only it had dropdown menus for better navigation.


    • Ian Stewart

      Fruit Shake has built-in dropdown menus that are hidden by default. To enable them just add a menu to the primary navigation area in Appearance → Menus. :)

  21. Brandon

    This sounds pretty awesome!

  22. wackyman

    Thanks for the new theme. Did not quite think it was my up of tea, but after seeing “Aileen” using it on her Blog, i’m starting to like it :) But i am happy with my theme at the moment :)

  23. Nicola Tsoi

    Ooo. Very nice, though I think this theme will make a lot of readers quite peckish.

  24. ayslyn'scorner

    Scrumptious and simple; love the colors!

  25. Anne Lessing

    I was thinking of changing from Mystique (too dark for my taste right now), and this might be just what I need! I’ll probably replace the fruit with a typewriter, though…or fried chicken. :D

  26. Kemi

    Ohhhh, loving this :)!

  27. preciousdesignphotos

    I like it! it’s bright and eye catching.

  28. My Camera, My Friend

    Lovely and very colorful. If I had a blog about food, I’d use it for sure. Looks like it would be nice for other things too.

  29. newsy1

    Very cool looking, makes me wish I had a foody blog but cooking is not my strong suit-although eating is.

  30. Russell Fernandez

    Great theme, refreshing and clean. Wouldn’t fit the style of my site but you cannot deny the simplistic attraction of the theme

  31. ismailimail

    Is there a chance of introducing new themes with small header area for those of us who may not wish to emphasize header images but still want them anyway? Thanks, please consider this aspect as well since lately all the new themes seems to carry large header images.

    • Ian Stewart

      Yep. You’ll be seeing more themes coming up with reduced headers, no headers on activation, and, of course, more themes with big headers too.

  32. nadiadavis

    Fresh and Zesty!

  33. Sopheak.P

    It`s very nice andI tried with it. This really shakes my blog so much.

  34. Crystal

    Yummy! ;) I’ll consider this one for the future.

  35. Eric

    Awesome theme update. I look forward to see other old themes get a make over.

  36. THE Caucasian Male

    Sexy theme! I love it.

  37. viji

    Excellent Theme.

  38. pinkunderbelly

    That dragon fruit is flat-out delectable. Love it. And am now inexplicably craving super white tuna sushi. Thanks a lot!

  39. mrasherkade

    Hmmm, seems a bit girly and colorful….but perhaps that was the intent….
    More free magazine themes please!

  40. The Teenage Taste

    Love the different color options!

  41. chatkath blog for business

    Nice, especially for fruit, food or kitchen-y blogs

  42. kensbackhome

    “Delicious Magazine”, followed by “Fruit Shake”. You guys are really making me hungry. ;-)

    That said, it’s nicely understated and easy on the eye. I’m not quite ready to change themes yet, but I’ll definitely consider this one when I do…

  43. Arushi Awasthi

    The theme looks very fresh. And the screen edible, is what i would say :D That of course means a real good work. Thumbs up! :)

  44. dhenztm

    Made me crave for a banana :D

  45. Ryan Hellyer

    Awesome theme! I was going to request you add support for menus in, but low and behold, they’re already in there :)

    I haven’t found the secret fruity goodness yet, but am eagerly awaiting stumbling across whatever that may be.

  46. thisblindman

    Looks good.

  47. corzgalore

    For some reason it made me giggle. It looks very fun though. I love the changing colours.

  48. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Cool theme, but I’ll stick to my current one :)

  49. Bosstiger

    Good work but i prefer Twenty Eleven.

  50. margaritarosique

    I like it very much. Thanks for your work.

  51. Dominik Kegel

    Very, very nice!!! But I miss a green-fruit theme!

  52. Literary Sara

    Perfect new theme for my new food blog!

  53. nerdygirl98

    Love it! I love the ones with more color.

  54. kaaley

    if only i had a fruit blog! :)

  55. Adrienne

    Cutel Not for me, but cute.

  56. Saint Jude's Roman Catholic Parish & Shrine

    Fantastic theme! My only suggestion would be to put the “Blog at Theme: Fruit Shake by Automattic.” part at the bottom of the page instead of in the widget area.

  57. Charlousie

    Ha! That’s FUN! :) But nothing for me. I LOVE my recent theme!!

  58. Feather Story

    The only problem here is that the bananas are unripe. :(

  59. Missey Twisted

    Am trying out the Dragon Fruit version for a bit. It’s really smooth.

  60. masbadar

    Mm, I don’t like it at all.

  61. The Indestructible マシンガン

    I like the banana shake better. :<

  62. howlsoul

    Interesting… but why not a theme based on ice – cream? ^^ I would love it! However good work!

  63. Musicadelbarrio

    Looks great! I like the colours too.

  64. severin

    Damn, I’m hungry now. Thanks. :)

  65. riyanbe

    Yeah, I must get it now.

  66. jessiethought

    It okay. It’s not as good as some others you’ve put out. But keep working! We all like it when yet another example of your (WP’s) dedication to blogging is shown. Okay, maybe I better not speak for others. ;) Just kidding.

  67. Yramjin

    Nice one! :)

  68. LauraBurns

    Thank you for making my blog juicy and refreshing.

  69. mekaddishkem

    Very beautiful theme.

  70. вєххɨ

    Thanks for this nich theme! I love it <3

  71. tohaveonemore


  72. Wei-Cheng Wong

    I like it!

  73. nerdyninja628

    Such a yummy theme! Mmmmmm…

  74. nantipon

    Very, very nice! But I miss a green-fruit theme!

  75. toniburduja

    Cool !!!!!

  76. carolyncholland

    I like the yellow…

  77. Addison

    I like this!!!

  78. Ruang Hati Blog

    Great job, cool!!

  79. the island traveler

    Looks delicious. Perfect for summer heat!

  80. writeinwater

    The banana theme is great!

  81. lessonstobelearned462

    This theme is making me hungry.

  82. Isabella

    Very cool. Love the pink!

  83. agroekonomija

    Interesting theme!

  84. 3 bidadari

    I like it !!!

  85. Adrienne Nicole

    Love the vibe. :)

  86. Rooha Tariq

    Clean and user friendly! Great!

  87. The Movie Brothers

    Keep up the excellent work!

  88. kyuni786

    Just activated it with the dragon fruit… my blog looks very girly in pink. Good job WordPress.

  89. Seth Wisely

    A good kind of fruity.

  90. karencookiejar

    I like how the fruit and layout matches. Yum

  91. Zack

    i’d never seen the bananna shake theme before. but i liked it okay, after clicking the link. i love this new one, though. : )

  92. foreveraloneface

    the theme looks ugly I hate to say, might want to improve on your Colour skills buddy.

  93. Polaris

    I really like the organization and the fonts, especially for the one-column version of this theme. Too bad, the header is compulsory.

  94. Kelly Whitman

    Looks great!

  95. stevefakeballmer

    I like this one.

  96. mklotz76

    I love the theme and would like to use it on However I didn’t find it in the theme selection there. Will it be available on .org at some point?

  97. Kate

    Really happy with it! love the pastel tones and design.


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