New Theme: Château

Today we are introducing an elegantly designed and typographically pleasing theme, Château.

The Château Theme

Designed by Ignacio Ricci, Château has been crafted with close attention to detail and typography. Its beautiful, minimalist look allows you to make your content the focal point of your blog.

Aside from a brilliant design, this theme offers many cool features that help you to personalize your blog. There are two color schemes, three layout options, custom accent color, Custom Header Image, Custom Background, six widget areas, and three post formats — Aside, Gallery, and Image. It’s loaded with options that make the theme flexible enough to fit a variety of sites.

Read all about Château’s features on the Theme Showcase.

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Takashi Irie

  • Jul 7, 2011 @ 6:00 pm
  • Themes


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  1. schloertenaehtwas

    This is one elegant theme! Love it!

  2. Caiti

    Wow this is really great, it really appeals to the typographic design nut in me.

  3. Nancy H.


  4. kensbackhome

    Very nice. I like it, but it’s a little too elegant for my blog. I can see it’s working for a poetry blog, though. Maybe I’ll start one so I can use this… ;-)

  5. Margie

    This is very elegant! I’m not sure if I’m elegant enough to use this theme! But it is tempting…

  6. Charlousie

    Nice Idea and I like the name, but it’s not mine. Too “grey” ;) and everything is so small…
    I need colours and something “special” :D

    • Takashi Irie

      You can customize the header image, accent color and background to make it colorful :)
      If that’s not enough, how about Custom Design upgrade? With the upgrade, you can customize it even more to get something “special” :)

  7. yousef59


  8. Eric

    Very clean and organized. The royal font and colour is also excellent.

  9. Lord Vader

    simple & nice

  10. Brandon

    Great stuff! Do you know if the font can be changed for the post titles?

    • Takashi Irie

      If you sign up for Custom Design upgrade, you are able to choose a font from the fantastic choice of fonts to change the post title.

  11. Elizabeth Gaucher

    Simply stunning! Well done, and thank you!

  12. MsGenealogist

    Lovely! I rarely feel tempted but this one has me thinking about a change.

  13. Dev

    Neat :-)

  14. cosmonavigator

    Chateau indeed!

  15. Mary

    That’s really really nice!!

  16. tenbrokenbullets

    I love the elegant style!
    Still not for me.
    I need something similar to Delicious Magazine and free, but I love the elegant font. =)

  17. Melissa

    Oh, I love this one so much! I was looking for something lighter, yet elegant. Very lovely.

  18. 2far2shout

    Very Classy. It will prove popular no doubt. Chapeau to Chateau!

  19. Brigitte

    This is beautiful, I might have to switch! Thank you for posting all the new, free themes, applause!

  20. picxinc


  21. timethief

    I like this elegant theme very much. It’s simple and clean and has great features too. Thank you. :)

  22. Raise Expectations

    Very nice, clean, organized, classy and customizable. Very cool!

  23. Abstractnoise

    That’s really very nice! Adopted it earlier this evening and procrastinating from shaping it as I type!

  24. Viviana

    I love this FREE THEME!! It’s the best! Thank you Word Press ♥!!

  25. Stranger

    Beautiful theme!
    Just 2 points which it would be better to change:

    1-Where are the previous link at the home page?
    2-Maybe if you add little images at the previous posts (like Inuit Types theme) the readibility would be better.

    I hope to make these changes!
    Thank u!

    • Takashi Irie

      Thanks for your opinion.

      The home page, at the moment, works as a special template but not as an archive page. This is why the home page doesn’t have previous / next posts link.

  26. Johnny Chown

    My first impression is this theme looks more or less like standard front page design, a banner,maybe it flash, left restangle for menu.items, right rectangle for contents. I dont see any elements associated with chateau beside the image.
    Its okay, i have to say so.

  27. cynthiacaridad

    Great theme! But how do I download it? I don’t see a download button….

  28. Joanne

    Hey I recognize that photo! The Petit Trianon at Chateau Versailles. I was just there. Looks great!

  29. peregrine

    This is a very tempting theme. It is elegant, lovely, and easy to take in all at once. I like those dates on the side of the posts. I like the italics. I like the fonts. I like the option of changing the feature color.

    I only wish the text field were wider. But wow, you did a gorgeous job.

    And thank you so much for offering it as a Free Theme!


  30. Selena

    This is the one I’ve been waiting for. Thank you!

  31. chocoVanilla

    Very classic, I love it :D

  32. Stranger

    Αnd something else :)

    I think that is better to add the choice to erase the title from the header if you want to use only your image.

    Ii’ s a great theme and if you could change it in some details, then it’ll be one from the most popular!

    • Takashi Irie

      I agree that’s a good idea. I’ll add it as post-launch enhancement to let user hide blog title and description with a custom header. Thanks!

    • Takashi Irie

      Hi Stranger,

      Just to let you know, Chateau now has an option to hide blog title.

      Happy blogging!

  33. elnicovengeance

    new theme again and this is very nice and simple..

  34. Sopheak.P

    Wow, so happy to hear this, now let me try first! Lots of thanks to!

  35. Beth, just being me

    i like it a lot! is there a way to preview it before activating?

  36. David (1MereMortal)

    Very nice!!! Will check it out more closely.

  37. pauldunford

    I don’t know that I’ll ever say anything classy enough to merit this theme…

  38. loulou

    love it! im using this theme now! ♥♥♥

  39. ayslyn'scorner

    Elegant; nice!

  40. Missey Twisted

    I like it because the picture is a bit eerie….I may switch it over. I am definitely not as elegant as this theme though.

  41. David H. Schleicher

    So I’ve been playing around with this theme and maybe I’m just blind – but when I click on one of my “pages” I don’t see anywhere to click to edit it like I do on the posts.

  42. Tracey Bond-Tolbert

    Just what a queen like me needs to make my lovely e-WordPress guests feel at e-home. – LOL! Tracey Bond-Tolbert

  43. rommel

    Nearly perfect! if not for the girly font of the headline….

  44. deepbellylaugh

    Classy! Very tempted to change…

  45. maryse's pieces

    Very Nice…but it won’t work for me. I need something, bright and exciting!!

  46. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Nice, but I’ll stick to my present theme :)

  47. JL

    I love this! It’s the best one (that is free) that has come out in a very long time, in my ten-cents worth. Thank you so much!!

  48. The Teenage Taste

    Love this theme! Thanks WordPress!

  49. Harmon

    It’s elegant and beautiful, plain and simple. the format is easy to search through. Nice work.

  50. zeckintelligent

    Wow…. Fantastic

  51. Recis

    I like it!

    The clean and minimalist approach of this theme is very inviting! I just wish the “concise” format could also be implemented in the front page, not just the archive pages. Here’s to hoping that the Theme Team would introduce more themes that present a combination of a “concise” front page presentation of blog posts & a clean and minimalistic layout–something within the vein of Inuit Types.

    Keep them coming,!

  52. pragmanocache

    yes. i like this.. elegant and clean..

  53. dhenztm

    Elegant. Clean. Love it!

  54. thisblindman

    Good to see we’re getting an influx of new themes.

  55. Mikalee Byerman

    Because my blog topic is pretty emotionally charged (my crazy divorce and its aftermath — and my readers’ crazy divorces as well…), I DIG the simple, elegant themes. Of course the current blood red color may indicate otherwise! But I may have to play with this one — thanks for the option. :)

  56. Chorwin

    Wow, Free Theme again. Thank for team hardwork to keep blogging experience continue improvement.

  57. raincoaster

    I like this theme better than any that have come down the pike in a very long time, and I’ve liked some of them very much. This is an awesome theme.

  58. praveenshandilya

    nice theme

  59. naresh kumar

    Very nice.

  60. Sandra Pawula

    Love this! So elegant! Great work, theme team. I’m so tempted.

    Now it’s the conflict between 2011 and Chateau. I love the single column layout that’s a reasonable width on 2011, not the full page size. I wish that was an option on Chateau too. I’m not too keen on the blog post font, but I can change that with my Custom Design upgrade and I’ll have to see how the photos present in this theme.

  61. wakablogger

    I like the minimalist format, but the “detail” option does not seem to work. When I select it, past posts still have the two-column, abbreviated format.

    • Takashi Irie

      The option for archive page style is literally for archive pages only. The front page acts like a special template that focuses the latest post and sticky post(s).

  62. Sandra Pawula

    You know I love this theme, but when I started to play with it I discovered one small problem > the tags on the side of the posts and the categories next to the title, makes this “minimalist” them look very messy. Similar deal with clean home. Is there a conspiracy to make the minimalist themes look messy? Just teasing. Hope I can change that with the custom upgrade.

    • Takashi Irie

      I wouldn’t say that’s messy in my opinion but you are able to hide the tags with CSS if you don’t want them appear at all.

  63. Emel

    Perfect. :-)

  64. anhkhoavo1210

    Thank you very much, it’s so beautiful!!!

  65. keikomushi

    This is such a gorgeous theme. Thanks for making it available to members, WordPress Theme Team!

  66. LadyLindy

    soooo elegant! Keep rockin’ :)

  67. Neelima

    Wow! Beautiful ..and I love the fonts! Thank you.

  68. Bon Hâm Đơ

    I like your new themes. It’s so beautyful.
    The font of the post title is so excellent.
    Thank you ♥

  69. mimiraubtier

    awesome, just adopted it!

  70. veganick

    Great work by Ignacio, looking forward to using it.

  71. RPG_ash

    Really nice, I’ll be adding this one. :]

  72. aishwariyajha

    Nice and elegant. :)

  73. frizztext

    Elegant, indeed.

  74. Blogger

    It’s very good! I like it! :-)

  75. wackyman

    Very nice! Royal almost. :)

  76. wilsontom012

    Love this type of themes, nice and simple.

  77. whatsaysyou

    Looks pretty neat. ;)

  78. Dr. Pam Young

    Elegant indeed! Were I up for a switch, I’d love to try this one. Thanks for all you do.

  79. Intelligent Challenge

    Not right for me, but pretty cool anyway.

  80. Leo

    Guys, I use HR tags in the posts sometimes. The horizontal line though doesn’t seem to display in this theme. Why is that?

    • Takashi Irie

      Thanks for bringing this to attention. Style for hr tags have been added now.

  81. Stephanie


  82. wonderwall97

    Looks very nice! (checks the preview button). :D

  83. noblelandlord

    Nice theme… I appreciate it!

  84. Jennifer Avventura

    Stunning and elegant.

  85. Li Li

    Thanks again WordPress for another great free theme. I’ve been messing around with it since the announcement yesterday and I have to say I am so pleased with the results. Those that are worried about it being “too elegant” or “too messy/cluttered” can definitely change things up with the custom design upgrade. :)

  86. Elliptix

    Wow, might have to use this.

  87. Val

    This one looks gorgeous!

  88. bwohack

    I like Chateau so much that I updated my blog to it. Before I have used “Duotone” for three years, which is a very interesting theme but somewhat clunky.

  89. Zoya

    Looks very neat but probably because of the color combination used…reminds me of a black and white journal.

  90. mrasherkade

    I love getting emails about new themes. It takes a lot to impress me, however this is nice. It reminds me a lot of 2011. I’m waiting for more magazine themes that have handwriting scripts and are more artistic in nature…free is always nice. ;)

  91. My Camera, My Friend

    Nice and clean. I’m considering trying an new one, and I may have to check this out.

  92. Troy

    Gonna have to give this one a go! Thanks, WordPress.

  93. Troy

    I’m loving this theme. The only thing I don’t like is how tags are constantly visible to the left (or right, depending) of posts. I wish there was a way to change that. Looks like they are in the way and distracting to a reader.

  94. jaymsampersand

    Finally; a free magazine theme that’s of quality. Thank you!

  95. irisoniris

    ARRRGH. After three years and five different blogs, this is the first theme that made me finally let go of Misty Look. Kudos and thank you so much for this awesome theme. My heart thanks you, and my blogs thank you!

  96. C'est moi Robyn

    wow, this is a beauty!

  97. doms

    I like it. I’m considering changing my blog template (yet again) using chateau.

    But can the sidebar be on the right for this template?

  98. J


    At one point there, when I read “elegantly designed and typographically pleasing theme”, I thought it wasn’t gonna be free.

    But I don’t see any prices around.

    Looks really nice. Thanks for offering it for free.

  99. Lady Marilyn Kay Dennis

    It looks very much like a diary. I’ll have to think of a way of using it.

  100. Cle

    Very beautiful.
    Should it have featured images it would be P E R F E C T…
    But I think I’m going to use it too!!! :D


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