Announcing Support for OAuth2 and New Developer Resources

We love developers and the applications they build to help extend in new and meaningful ways. To continue providing support for developers who build applications that integrate with, we’re announcing support for OAuth 2, as well as a new developer portal,

Starting today supports a new method of authentication which makes it extremely easy for third party applications to connect with blogs. This new method uses an open protocol, OAuth2, to allow secure API authorization in a simple and standard way. OAuth2 allows applications to access a blog without ever asking for personal details such as a password or username. Connections from applications can easily be managed within the dashboard and connections won’t break when a username or password is changed.

In addition to supporting the new authentication feature, we’re also launching If you’re interested in learning more about OAuth2 and other ways to integrate with, then this developer portal is for you. contains some handy documents and resources about how you can develop using technologies. The site also houses a channel where you can contact us directly regarding issues such as OAuth2 authentication, client access, and embedding new media types on

These documents are only the beginning –  we’ll be adding more resources and tools over time as the developer ecosystem grows.

Memolane is one example of the many possibilities for integration of third party applications with Memolane allows you to pull posts directly from your blog into a graphical time line with other elements of your online life. You can easily view, add to, and share this timeline online. As of today, you can also embed your personal Memolane on your blog using a new shortcode.

So, developers, what would you like to build with

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Justin Shreve


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  1. tattyteddylover2011

    Awsome update!!!

  2. Sopheak.P

    I’m very glad to hear this! And I really wish people such as user try to support this development. And make this live forever. ;-)

  3. jimwaterloo

    This is great, besides memolane, is there a list of other applications presently using this?

    • Justin Shreve

      Memolane is our launch partner for the new OAuth2 authentication — however we hope to launch more integrations very soon and increase developer interest with resources like the developer portal.

  4. Eric

    Great work! I hope more fun and interactive apps come along the way soon

  5. Charlousie

    Cool! And it is going better and better! :) WordPress is the best decision :D

  6. Andrew


  7. Chris Bec

    Thank you for the service WordPress! :-)

  8. Jennifer

    No doubt about it, this will make a few people I know very happy. Thanks again,!

  9. App Book

    lol this place is beginning to get quite fun


    wow… wordpress is the best. I love wordpress

  11. gürses temizlik

    thank you wordpress :)

  12. José Carlos

    yeeeahhh! rocks! Great update!!!

  13. Chorwin

    This is a good news! Look like it will be more interesting to blog on as more extension and application will be support in this way.
    I gonna take a try on this and see what kind of extension I could work on to make my blog better. :)

  14. jakesprinter

    Thanks for the support, for being better and better :)

  15. rouju

    Cool, this is why WordPress still going strong!!!!

  16. ShadowWing Tronix

    “OAuth2 allows applications to access a blog without ever asking for personal details such as a password or username.”

    I assume you mean “your” blog and not someone else’s.

  17. Wez

    I’m looking forward to seeing what the developers come up with.

  18. Pranab

    This is fantastic. I look forward to see what kind of 3rd party apps spawn now. Thanks for making blogging such a joyful experience…

  19. Kale


  20. thisblindman


  21. giftj777

    I appreciate wordpress and look forward to see what more great program you guys have to offer.

  22. Amit Singh

    Awsome Update, I was looking for long time. We can make more fun.Outh2.0 will make us happy. Thanks again

  23. masbadar

    Wow.. It is amazing when someday many applications plugged within We users will enjoy choosing what applications we need. Go wp developers! Do the best for wp users..

  24. Phil Groom

    Since you ask, I’d like to be able to implement WordPress commenting on non-WordPress websites. At the moment I’m using Disqus and experimenting with facebook, but would love to be able to use your comments system. Thanks in anticipation…


    Really cool!

  26. berlinlivecoach

    Very nice :)

  27. Intelligent Challenge

    Good work team WP. We love you!

  28. crisismaven

    I must say, you must have planned WordPress to be extensible in such a way right from the beginning. Now I’m looking at Memolane next … Thanks.

  29. agroekonomija

    Thank you for the service WordPress!

  30. SenseiPhone

    WordPress rocks!!!

  31. onlinestudyforu

    Awesome Update Thank you :)

  32. Rccg-crownofglory

    That great but was it going to be downloadable or available for others using WordPress script on other server

    • Justin Shreve

      The OAuth2 authentication is currently available on all blogs. We are investigating integration with self-hosted WordPress installations.

  33. Renato Klisman

    Very Good!

  34. addarr

    Better and better, thnx is best

  35. mbahjenglot3

    Thank you :P :P

  36. davidarchie

    Cool WordPress hehe

  37. SPREE

    Way to go wordpress, we appreciate this platform.

  38. stevefakeballmer

    Good idea!

  39. Andrew

    Awesome update. Thanks wordpress

  40. rusdikurhiji

    Thank you

  41. Darshan

    I just wonder why Google does not treat this post as a spam, having 3 links to the same domain ..!!

    Just kiddin.. Awesome tool, Justin..!

  42. wowdressuk

    WordPress is the best. I love you~~~WordPress

  43. It's My Thoughts

    this is great and it just gets better and better… im impressed!

  44. AlabamieMamie

    Thanks WordPress for this new feature and the new Facebook Like Box Widget!!! It’s AWESOME!!

  45. lenkaak

    Your blogging services is exciting!


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