New Theme: Matala

Today we’re excited to launch Matala, our newest theme. You might recognize this one — it was once the primary theme for, Matt Mullenweg’s blog. Last year, Matala was released to the Themes Directory, and now we’re thrilled to bring it to

Screenshot of the Matala Theme

The Matala Theme

Originally designed by Nicolò Volpato, Matala’s bright colors and dynamic shapes are suggestive of designs seen in Talavera, a pottery tradition common in Puebla, Mexico. Grungy textures, hand-scribbled icons, and whimsically tilting text in the main navigation menu join the colors and shapes to give your blog a bright, playful look.

You can use Matala’s fun design as is, or create a look of your own with a custom background image and custom header image.

Matala comes with three widget-ready areas: the right-hand sidebar and two columns at the bottom of your post content column. In addition,  there is a full-width page for single-image pages, an option to display a small “Random Photos” gallery on single-image pages, and support for six post formats — aside, status, quote, video, image and gallery.

Learn more about Matala’s features on the Theme Showcase.

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Michelle Langston

  • Jul 12, 2011 @ 12:00 am
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  1. loulou

    like like like! ♥

  2. Mary

    I LOVE it!

  3. dhitzunako

    If only there are more themes with transparent text background option so it merges with the background. I’ll wait ’til the time comes…

    • Michelle Langston

      You can change the color of the header text in Appearance > Header, and it will blend in with the background. You can also upload a transparent PNG or GIF as your custom header image.

  4. karencookiejar

    Love the background.

  5. myfairladyb

    Cool theme, but I think I’ll stick with Chateau :)

  6. trusylf

    I looove it! Just replaced my old theme. And I can even change the color! Sweet! Thank you! =)

  7. Eric

    What a colourful theme!

  8. Margie

    I like the scrapbook look of this theme. I think I will have to try it out and give the Choco theme a bit of a rest.

  9. Stephanie

    Hooray for colourful themes!

  10. wordcoaster

    Finally–another whimsical theme! Hope to see a few more of these in the future (It’s always nice to have options):) For now Koi is still the best fit for my blog, but I wanted to congratulate you on the awesome new theme.

  11. Chorwin

    Cool, theme keep pushing out new theme every week, this is a plus for users!!
    By the way, just hope that team put more focus to photography blogger – it really a BIG market. So far there is not much choices of free theme for photos sharing / photography related…

  12. luucky

    I like it!♥

  13. metaglossia

    Changes on the old theme make a world of a difference. But what I need is a flexible three-column theme.
    So, keep more themes coming, please. Cheers!

  14. stephenlgraysun

    Love it feels warm, thanks :-) for the warm fuzzy

  15. thisblindman

    Another new theme. Great. Keep ‘em coming.

  16. Jean

    A very happy background there! Wish provided us some wallpaper choices to go with certain themes…like yours.

  17. tenbrokenbullets

    I love the colors!
    Thank you for bringing this to the table!

  18. T.A. Grey

    A beautiful theme. I love it!

  19. adimase

    I love this template.

  20. Ljubomir Gatdula

    That’s one cool theme :)

  21. psjessie

    It’s gorgeous !

  22. timethief

    I like it. It’s a fun theme that’s colorful and it has some nice features too like the 6 post formats. I especially like the full-width page for single-image pages, and an option to display a small “Random Photos” gallery on single pages.

  23. Slik

    Sweet I have been waiting for this theme since Matt mentioned about adding this theme to the theme directory.

  24. Nifty

    Just love it :) It’s a wonderful theme for a personal blog. I wish I could use it only for the diary section.

  25. mrasherkade

    LOVE it! So hippy and retro…MORE scrappy, whimsical, grungy textures, hand-scribbled icons, PLEASE!!!!!!!

  26. Aziz Ampanwala

    Beautiful to say the least ..

  27. Belsim

    Oh, wonderful! Really! Thanks!

  28. nflsportfans

    Like it, thank you!

  29. Jennifer Avventura

    Great new colourful theme.

  30. The Silent Spectator

    oh wow! omg its so pretty!!!!

  31. Chorwin

    We’re listening. We have many more themes — including themes centered around photo-sharing and photography — on our radar.

    Cool and looking forward for that!!!!

  32. adventurewriter

    That’s one sweet theme, and it’s free? Hard to believe. I’m guessing the post format incorporations are like Mystique? Are there any other themes with similar capabilities?

  33. lotusfoxhuang

    I do love it. Thanks.

  34. MsGenealogist

    Very pretty! Thanks for making it available.

  35. jill

    Love it

  36. Annie Greenwood

    That’s lovely!

  37. Jennifer

    Love the idea of the random image widget at the bottom of the attachment page. Would also love to see the addition of a random single image widget for our sidebar! It’s one of the most often questions I get asked on my Gallery FAQ.

    • Michelle Langston

      Hi there. Thank you for the suggestion. If we decide to add a random image widget in the future as an enhancement to the theme, we will be sure to let you know.

  38. Intelligent Challenge

    Really funky – not right for my blog, but maybe for a future project. Great work, keep them coming. You know we all love new themes!

  39. Angel



    This is suitable for young people :)
    Thank you

  41. db

    Background is more prominent than foreground. Specially the big circle.

    • Michelle Langston

      Yes, the background is one of the major emphases in this theme. You can emphasize the foreground by either setting a background color or uploading a low-key custom background image. :)

  42. Mikalee Byerman

    Wow. I mean, really… WOW!

    I’m a big believer in matching a theme to the tone of a blog — so considering I blog about the crazy aftermath of my crazy divorce (in a somewhat snarky, sometimes cynical way), I’m thinking this may not be the best match. At least not now.

    Thanks for this new, very FRESH option. I *heart* choices!

  43. paolacanepa

    Sooo wonderful, I’m using your theme rigth now. Nice work !

  44. tom

    I love this! Thanks!

  45. 7des7iny

    This has a very refreshing feel to it :)

  46. zulkifliumari

    I like it, so much.

  47. Cocoy


  48. jcwusthoff

    Love the creativity and colors. Stands out!



  50. lyzsalyzsa

    I *heart* this theme! Finally a theme that catches my heart ;D

  51. pmutumba

    Matala here in Uganda means lights!

  52. lazorg

    Looks great.

  53. bwohack

    How sweet to see this old friend of mine again. Thanx Matt for keeping your promise to share your old theme with the community.

  54. Charlousie

    Wuha! That looks nice! I like it! All the beauty colors! :)
    Pretty! :)

  55. agus gustiaman

    its nice and beautiful


    Very artistic! At first, I thought it was inspired by Matala in the Greek island of Crete and Hippies’ activities and designs. Still, captivating and pleasantly fresh with nice features too.

  57. Blogger

    It’s too colourfull :-(

  58. Recis

    Nice one!

    Having a large customizable header/background like this gives room for a lot of visual possibilities. This couldn’t have arrived at a better time! I’m about to make a poetry blog and I just might use this theme.

    Keep them coming, Theme Team!

  59. muslimawam

    beautiful of color themes…. nice work

  60. odeegulmatico

    already switched to this theme… i have mine on a minimalist white. :) i wish i could retain the grunge-type edges even if i change background / header. still, great theme! :D

  61. naresh kumar

    Wow. It’s cool. Nice job.

  62. Luiz Carlos Salgueiro

    Very beautiful. Congratulations!

  63. Olga Gold

    Like it!

  64. morgue870176

    Yep looks good to me

  65. badonechappal

    we need more group themes :( ones that have author images right up-front with pictures and more details about each author perhaps to the right! The only one I have seen now is P2 and it is just like twitter! no fun :(

  66. Shafali

    Love the look and feel…especially as the header and the background images can be changed. I bet that the artistic-types are going to go crazy about it. It will need a lot of work for me to use this theme (I already use a background image – but it’s too formal and won’t go with the casual and fun nature of this theme.) Will post a comment here, if I do. Thanks WordPress, for keeping us on our toes :)

  67. typeagypsy

    Thank you! I love this theme! The colors really grab you. I’m curious to see how my readers like the new look.

  68. tingeltangel

    nice :)

  69. sunnywithslightbreeze

    The colors are just stunning! Love it.

  70. Sopheak.P

    This is one of the amazing themes so far. Lots of thank to!

  71. Ann


    Any themes on the horizon that center around telescopes…and…astronomy?

    • Michelle Langston

      Howdy. We have many new themes on the horizon. Thank you for your suggestions, will definitely take them into account. :) Many of our themes allow you to upload a custom background and custom header image. This helps you to customize the theme so that it focuses on your interests. :)

  72. Ginger

    I am so happy! I’ve been admiring this for a while and thought the .orgers were so lucky to be able to use it! Yay! Thank you!!

  73. wackyman

    Very nice!

  74. My Camera, My Friend

    Very colorful. I think it would work well for someone who doesn’t have many images and wants to spice up their blog.

  75. Brigitte

    I wanted to switch but when I tested the custom background feature the tattered paper elements went away too, which is a shame, and since the menu was see-though it made it sort of unreadable. I was close to switching though. Keep ‘em coming! I’m 90% thrilled with my Fruit Shake theme but there is such a colossal amount of white space under photos that it makes thumbnail galleries just look silly XP

    • Michelle Langston

      When you add a custom background to Matala, the theme’s own background images will be disabled to allow your custom background to shine. With the Custom Design upgrade, you can use CSS to tweak the menu’s design to make it more readable with your custom background.

  76. .米迦.

    The best theme I’ve seen! Thanks for that….

  77. indie69

    This one is gorgeous! Also just wanted to say thanks for all the new themes. Love the frequency and quality.

  78. apostlejack7

    Well done.

  79. Anne Lessing

    So many beautiful themes lately…I’m using Fruit Shake right now, but when I get tired of that, this will be one of my top choices to change to. Thanks so much for this ornate, colorful theme!

  80. Lorna

    Looks great :D I’m using the new fruit shake theme you brought out last week, love it! :D

  81. lechatjardinier

    Oooooh, niiiice!

  82. amberchou

    This is so pretty :))

  83. Nerdygirl98

    Love it! This is something i would imagine on a travel blog, or something like that. A definite choice for when i need to change mine.

  84. Birdwhisperer

    That’s fantastic! So pretty! =)

  85. Aarloï

    Nice , but what is the maximum displayed width for images ?

  86. skincarebymalinr

    Supergorgeous theme! I just changed mine to Chateu and got all my Widgets fixed, but I’m going for this one next time. Changing theme is like changing furniture or curtains :)

  87. The Teenage Taste

    So pretty and intricate! I love it! A theme with sass!

  88. Taryn

    So pretty! I think I’ll try this out for my reading list blog. :)

  89. Drew Lane Composer

    Would really love some musical or theatre toned/styles templates! Just a thought … or request … ;)

  90. Bobbie Rae

    So colorful! I am a veteran theme hopper but I utterly LOVE this one! Don’t feel the need for changing backgrounds nor for a custom header. Now I am middle-aged, I am more attracted to bright colors than when I was younger – sounds backward, doesn’t it? This is absolutely lovely. Thank you. I can live with this theme for a long time :).

  91. stevefakeballmer

    The header is simply tooooo much!

  92. tilly

    Just switched and am happily fiddling with the design. Loving it so far for the different posting options which I’m interested to try, and for the fact that I can still post pretty LARGE pictures. Like others, I do wish I could keep some of the grungy edges and fiddle with link colors perhaps, but I’m happy enough with it so far. Thanks! :)

  93. Danielle

    Incredibly pretty and vibrant, really tempting me to explore a change of look for my blog.

  94. palmtreelifestyle

    Nice, now I need to find a reason to to start another blog lol.

  95. reubix1

    Love the theme, but it’s not for me, too girly for my blog.

  96. thetravelingreader

    Dang! And I just changed my theme recently. So don’t want to change again in a long time but WordPress is making that impossible for me. :P hehe
    Thanks for this new theme, anyways! ;)

  97. rev4ldo

    i like it.

  98. mylibrarycardworeout

    I have to thank you for this theme. I have been waiting for this type of theme for almost 2 years now. I absolutely love it. I hope you make more that are like it. :)

  99. Henric

    I’m using your theme right now! Wow…very colorful! “It’s only…Matala…but I like it” ;-)

    Dear greetings vom Germany!

  100. schloertenaehtwas

    This is a wild thing!


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