New Theme: Lifestyle

Got lots of magazine-style content and need a stylish frame? Today we are introducing Lifestyle, a new colorful magazine theme that comes with ten content-friendly, soft color schemes.

Lifestyle Theme

As a premium theme, customization is at the core of Lifestyle. Choose from multiple layouts and menus, breadcrumbs, header image, or custom background. This theme is a great fit if you publish magazine or news style content. You can showcase multiple categories on the homepage and use featured images to make your site look stunning.

Developed by StudioPress, Lifestyle is available for the lifetime of your blog for $75. Read more about the theme features or preview it live on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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  • Jul 13, 2011 @ 3:04 pm
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  1. shoutabyss

    That’s really pretty. Nicely done!

  2. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Very nice theme!

  3. Sopheak.P

    I love it so much, but the thing is it’s expensive for me. Probably in the future I’ll try it :-(eventually-

  4. metaglossia

    This theme is really, really lovely….

  5. Pearlie

    Very nice.. Like the colour, it is very pleasing..

  6. Anne Lessing

    Gorgeous! Not for my type of content, but I love it all the same…and I would definitely pay the 75 dollars!

  7. Krissz

    It’s very good! I like it!

  8. Phornthip Phechpanaprai

    Really feel it free…


    Nice and clean!

  10. archimaniac67

    Really nice theme… but it doesn’t suit at the Premium level. :P

  11. Eric

    The blue colour reminds me of the beach! Good times and good theme.

  12. dianluffi

    Yes cool :D

  13. John Hayden

    Many of the themes introduced this year are outstanding, and Lifestyle is no exception. Right this moment I’m thinking I’ve got to use Lifestyle. I guess I’m becoming quite fickle about themes — I always think the newest one looks like the best ever.

    But I make changes slowly and thoughtfully. For the moment, I’m sticking with Twenty-Ten for my main blog, although I’m also itching to try the newer model, Twenty-Eleven. I took a small step forward recently, paying the reasonable fee to use Custom Fonts. The new fonts give the look of the blog a nice partial makeover. I have more projects in mind for the future, and the wealth of themes to choose from will continue to help me a lot.

  14. skjahirul

    Very lovely theme

  15. Sudeep Acharya

    Cool theme!

  16. Margie

    I like the idea of Premium Themes for people who want something special that not too many other people have.

  17. aRuL

    So fresh :)

  18. Spendawg

    Hey, that looks sweet. I can’t use it because that’s not the type of blog I use but that is a great theme.

  19. Andrew

    Looks good.

  20. Mikalee Byerman

    Now this is a cool, practical theme — love it! (Not a HUGE fan of the price tag, but I get it…)

    Thanks for the option…

  21. Nerdygirl98

    Really nice and clean, would love it for mine but I do enjoy whatever is free.

  22. Kim Teamer

    Oh my! Love it!!!

  23. professorpatch

    Nice, clean theme. Might be worth the money if I had that style of blog but sadly I don’t.

  24. Mary

    So fresh and pretty!

  25. Brandon

    This is good! If it was free, I would get it!


    So nice… I like it all

  27. exceladventures

    Very nice – clean design – too pricey for my pocket

  28. jessiethought

    Um, it’s okay. I don’t particularly like it, but for some blogs it’ll be good.


    I like it. It is cool..

  30. Angel

    This is very beautiful, I really love it!

  31. ofhlinda

    I like having new choices but absolutely none of them suite my taste! Everything is so corporate. Looking for them to come up with grunge style themes, edgy, new. Not the same old standard stuff.

  32. Charlousie

    I like blue. Sun, summer and love! ;)
    It’s a good theme for the hot months! :D

  33. My Camera, My Friend

    Very clean and nice colors.

  34. Lou Tafisk

    This looks incredibly functional. If I had the money to spend on a theme, this one would be an obvious contender.

    I do wish there were more themes with the header style like what this one has. I prefer having the name and tagline of my blog integrated with my header picture. (A lot of themes put the title and tagline above the header picture.) But I can’t complain; free is free and there are some great options that are free.

  35. Raise Expectations

    Nice theme, I like it. Too bad it costs so much….

  36. adventurewriter

    Brilliant – very clean and organized.

  37. Belsim

    Wow! Naughty :P

  38. bakebooks

    I wish it didn’t cost money :( – I’m never sure if I’d want to change later.

    Also – what if I purchased a theme, but then switched/bought my own domain name later (right now I ‘m still with ‘wordpress’ in the URL) – can I still keep the theme??

  39. The Teenage Taste

    VERY nice theme.
    If only it was free… ;-)

  40. cosmonavigator

    Summer theme.

  41. ep2002

    IMO, nice, but way too much. I usually pay between $25-45. Also I thought when you change the color it changes the header, navs, etc., but it doesn’t, only the background image. :)

  42. Սանահին Թորոս

    So beautiful! Why don’t you make such themes for free? :)

  43. Wez

    Love your work–the capacity to feature categories separately is very cool. Not for me though.

  44. Tamarindo Villas

    This theme is a great starting point when deploying a feature-rich theme which is easy to customize and is also well-optimized right off the bat.

    Very versatile, good looking and easy to work with make this and the Genesis framework in general a pleasure to work with.

  45. flsaga

    Nice :-) Good job^^ bien joué :-)

  46. tenbrokenbullets

    Very…. very… nice…
    Very…. very… expensive…

  47. stevefakeballmer

    Love it!

  48. Nifty

    It’s not free :( When I land my first commission…perhaps.

  49. Pranab

    I wish you guys would give us a free magazine styled template like this one… :(

  50. NQ

    It’s very Cool. I like it… :D
    But it’s not free… :(

  51. kensbackhome

    I like the fonts on this one. Very easy to read. Great job.

    Will you give me $25 off for every nice thing I just said about it? ;-)


    One of the best thenes from WP!
    Good Job

  53. Jennifer Avventura

    Oh, this one’s pretty.

  54. rusman01

    Oh… very fantastic, sure I like it.

  55. Tobias Mann

    I have to say it isn’t a great theme, and this is made worse by it being a premium theme. I don’t think it will sell well.

  56. Dismas

    It’s a bad theme… Even it’s free…

  57. Kemi

    Wow, I really like this. It’s a shame I’ve recently spent $75 getting a premium… Got to get my money’s worth before changing :-(.

  58. elnicovengeance

    Why this theme is premium and not for free?

  59. Blogger

    It’s good! I like blue!

  60. AITO Electronic Co., Limited

    If free, it will be much more nice!

  61. ζÔ§Η

    I loved Chateau, and then the theme that you posted yesterday won me over, and then I thought that surely you couldn’t impress me with three consecutive themes. But you have. Well done.

    If it was free, though…

  62. josh-in-reel-life

    Very stylish, but $75 seems a little steep. Although given that it has the capacity to function as functioning website beyond just that of a blog roll, it’s probably worth it.

  63. omel07

    The theme has a very calm and serene feel to it. :)

  64. delyuro

    Absolutely stunning. Beautiful… Once I know ‘how’ to use it I will most definitely try it.

  65. jcwusthoff

    Comfortable eye candy.

  66. nasrulbintang

    Beautiful theme. I like it. My dream.

  67. Intelligent Challenge

    Nice, but not $75 nice!

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  69. 7des7iny

    Nice lifestyle theme indeed :)

  70. 06hortikultura

    Wow… this theme is nice… I like.

  71. J

    Really pretty one, that is.

  72. greengeekgirl

    Not my favorite theme–it’s a shame, there’s so much potential in WordPress but I don’t like any of the themes very well.

  73. VAWT Turbine

    Great. Very good.

  74. eugene

    Love it!

  75. Nguyễn Văn Phùng

    Very nice! I like.

  76. Hazel

    The theme is pretty cool, but NOT FOR $75!…

  77. k3nz0snd

    Very nice theme.

  78. Mahfooz

    Nice theme, l ike it.

  79. svenoblivion

    Very clean and well organised. I like it. No money for starving artists, though!

  80. I Choose Happy Now

    Awesome theme. I am still new to blogging. When I become more seasoned I will definitely look at this theme!

  81. alcoholicbrewmaster

    Looks slick and sleek…a job well done! Cheers

  82. asad94

    Oh, really nice theme!!

  83. prophetesscherlyn


  84. PixelGrin

    Simple. Clean. New :)

  85. edgefromwwe

    I love it! thats moved to 2nd on my favourite theme list! number 1 is Mystique! Anyway I love it

  86. mellyizza

    Love it :)

  87. Iñigo

    I love it…

  88. The Gateway Blog

    This is one theme I am seriously going to consider buying. Very clean and just what I have been looking for.

  89. wallpapersinbox

    Very cool theme. I like it! :)

  90. roller44

    Nice and clean.

  91. abdoell

    Yes, I like. It’s you good lifestyle, thanks.

  92. toank13sp2

    Very nice, looks as pro web.

  93. CD

    Nice… I like the colors.

  94. sirkevin19x

    Very nIce and clean.

  95. Creative

    It’s wonderful

  96. thyom

    Wow, I like it!

  97. corzgalore

    I actually saw this yesterday when I was browsing themes.
    It’s definitely different.

  98. St. Yahman

    It’s so clear… Nice for we the modest.

  99. jerrysparke2

    Very nice :)

  100. sanityisknocking

    Nice theme!


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