New Theme: Manifest

When we think about the very basic fundamentals of blogging and expressing ideas we find the clear practice of writing. Today we are launching a new theme which tries to reflect precisely on that. Manifest is a wonderful theme for writers.

This is a theme that presents your creations in an elegant and powerfully clean way, offering your readers an intimate and direct experience with your thoughts.

The Manifest Theme

With content being the clear focus in Manifest, you can create different types of posts by choosing appropriate post formats. You can create image posts, link posts, asides, and Manifest will present them in the same neat, clutter free way it shows your regular text posts. You can even add a subtle header image to bring a personal touch to the design.

The Manifest Theme was designed by Jim Barraud. Go and learn more about it on the theme showcase, or activate it right away at Appearance → Themes. And once you are done, just start posting.

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  • Jul 14, 2011 @ 4:48 pm
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  1. kazumasoju

    Awesome theme :) Love it!

  2. Michelle


  3. Charlousie

    I like the diffirent opportunities of post styles like image post, link posts etc.
    That’s a very helpfull funcition. But for me, it’s too clear! ;)
    I love colours ans such things. In spite of that, a very nice theme!

  4. Gaurav Tiwari

    Awesome Fonts. Looks brilliant in theme preview. Can give this a try.

  5. Hetal

    You guys are a on a roll… A theme-a-day mode :)

  6. Adnanomatic

    i’m waiting for theme like this!

  7. veronica

    Neat and elegant, nice one!

  8. Blogger

    Good, but too white! :-)
    …but I like it!

  9. cosmonavigator

    Kinda like manifest yourself.

  10. ana pauper

    Nice theme for my ballerinas :D

  11. Eric

    Very minimalistic. Looks a lot like Tumblr.

  12. timethief

    I’ve been playing with this nice little tumbleblog style theme in my test blog. The custom menu and post formats are great features. I like Manifest very much and think I may use it on a new blog I intend to create for daily featured images and quotes. Thanks for adding it.

  13. Ankita Jain

    Nice Theme….

  14. bhmatchmaker

    Very nice. Simple and elegant.

  15. Nickie Wang

    Nice and tidy!

  16. The Teenage Taste

    Ooooh, I’m liking the look of this theme. I might switch!

  17. Tomcat

    Too many nice themes!

  18. aafke

    Lov’it, lov’it, lov’it. So clean, so fresh.

  19. Belsim

    Matiaaaassss!!! LIKE LIKE LIKE !!!!

  20. Leslie

    I love this! Very nice!!

  21. livingaloha

    It’s simple and beautiful! I might have to try it out…

  22. jamesmoore1

    I like this, it’s simply yet kind of sophisticated. I guess a more artistic person would say ‘minimalist’ :)

  23. Raise Expectations

    Very nice, clean and minimalistic (or “clear”). It might be too minimalistic for me, but overall its another great theme.

  24. rachel

    I do believe this is my dream theme “made manifest.” I just might now be ready to release my heretofore undying attachment to Chaotic Soul and come into the light. Thanks, WP!

  25. thisblindman

    This looks like a good theme. I might use it.

  26. LadyLindy

    You’re totally rockin’out lately! Love your themes :)

  27. Intelligent Challenge

    Mo’ themes – straight over to preview.

  28. hugmamma

    Love all the new themes…except that now I’m like a kid in a candy shop. :)

  29. yousef59

    Very nice!

  30. Ethan Chellan

    Beautiful and classic

  31. kensbackhome

    Wow. Stunningly simple.

    Easy on the eye like Fruit Shake, but without all the bananas…

  32. daredevilry

    It was as if you went inside my head and made the theme I wanted. Wow. I was just lamenting the lack of themes that use a serif font and here you are giving me one.

  33. Recis

    Hi Matias!

    Although this isn’t exactly the theme that I’ve been waiting for, I commend you for acknowledging writing as the core of blogging. We also appreciate this theme which focuses more on articles, the written word, and the very basics. Very clean and minimal, it’s definitely a sexy theme! Perfect for the poetry blog project that I plan to start! Keep them coming, Theme Team!


  34. My Camera, My Friend

    Very clean and sophisticated.

  35. professorpatch

    Wow.. 4 themes in a row. WordPress, you cannot be stopped.

  36. Brandon


  37. Polaris

    IMO, this is one of the great themes. I remember seeing this three years ago, loving it and writing a CSS skin for it. Kudos for offering it for free and for finally giving us a truly beautiful, truly minimalistic theme.

  38. konaexpress


  39. Adrienne

    Minimal; but classy. I like it.

  40. DGS

    Love it! I’ve been waiting for a theme like this for a long time! Thanks, WordPress! :-)

  41. tenbrokenbullets

    I love the cleanliness, but a little bland for me.
    Although, 4 NEW Themes in a row….
    That’s amazing in itself. THANK YOU!!


    Very nice theme, awesome. People who love to make the blog with images will definitely use it :)

  43. michael sean symonds

    I love this layout, clean, simple to use and with a few options to accentuate your post…. nice work!

  44. Soft-Libre

    IMHO the best/nice themes that came up in the latter days/month are the Premiums. Since we have them, free themes that came up are not good.

  45. Sandra Pawula

    I think I am in love! With the theme and the theme team. Gorgeous.

  46. NQ

    Hmmm…very nice!! :)

  47. 7des7iny

    This looks pretty exotic to me :)
    Love the central layout of it.

  48. southernmusings

    Finally. This is fantastic.

  49. psjessie

    It’s neat.
    I like it.

  50. Nerdygirl98

    It is really nice, but I like themes with more color. Still really awesome, but i would like to see some more with come soild colors.

  51. apostlejack7

    You did it well.

  52. Sopheak.P

    I think it is too white and it doesn’t have any features I want. And also I feel dizzy with the menu. :(

  53. deepbellylaugh

    Sweet! It looks a bit like the starting page of a book chapter. Great for writers and readers!

  54. Ljubomir Gatdula

    That’s one cool theme!

  55. Earl Migriño

    You guys are on a theme-ing spree! This is just in time for my b&w photo blog! Arigato gozaimasu!

  56. lechatjardinier

    So elegant and clean. I love it!

  57. Jennifer Avventura

    Wow, WP. You’re just pumping out the new themes. This new one is elegant…well done and thank you. :)

  58. Dilip Nair

    My all-time favorite! Been using it from the time it was created for WP dot org and couldn’t be any happier! :)

  59. J

    So, so clean. Nice.

  60. Taufik

    Great theme, I love it.

  61. Angel

    Very nice.

  62. bittersweet

    Clean and simple, just what I was looking for. :)

  63. ylbnoel

    Very nice! Clean and crisp, kudos!

  64. AL Lee

    Love it. Very clean. Thanks for sharing this!

  65. akshatrathi294

    Stealing from tumbr are we? I still prefer the modified TwentyTen theme:

  66. Chorwin

    More and more themes available to users!! Keep up the good job, developers, really no regret to pick as my blog platform, instead of blogspot, lol!!

  67. jessiethought

    This is a clean and fresh theme. It may be too simple for some, or drab without a picture in every post, but it is not-distracting.

  68. Charles Fernando

    “I commend you for acknowledging writing as the core of blogging.” my words exactly, but videologs, photoblogs and podcasting are kinda important too..

    I hope to see more themes upgraded, like pilcrow and coraline was a upgrade of old great themes… waiting for a upgrade on k2, dreaming cost nothing!

  69. phoxis

    Very clean and good theme. Although this does not soot the genre of my current blog, but is a candidate for a blog which i am thinking to make in future.

  70. Tausiyah In Tilawatun Islamiyah

    Looks simple but easy to use… love it…

  71. felixkusmanto

    Thanks for the theme

  72. Loba

    Absolutely beautiful and, might I add – finally!
    I’ve been waiting for and wishing something just like this.

  73. ◐ analogue perceptions


  74. shemrez

    It is so nice and clean… very powerful presentation…
    I just hope people realize that this is not just a copy of Tumblr – I’ve been waiting for a WordPress blog theme this sleek and eye-catching!!!!

  75. Kojiki

    Nice and clean theme but to much of white spaces. Should be an option for backgrounds color!
    Thanks for many good and crative themes at WP!

  76. dad247

    Very clean, very nice theme. Great job!

  77. calaurore9

    Love it, but having hard time putting in custom header photo.

  78. suitablefish

    Quiet. Simplicity. So simple it’s more powerful. I’ve been waiting for a theme like this and now I’ve found it. Thank you!


    I am going to try it

  80. Hazel

    It’s pretty, cool – but a little plain. I still like it, though. ;)

  81. corzgalore

    WOAH! I like that a lot. What a gorgeous picture.

  82. suitablefish

    I know I keep saying this, but as I tink around with Manifest it think it’s so elegant. Thanks, Matías.

  83. fernirosso

    Good, completly white!

  84. Gnstr

    I must be in a minority, but am I the only one who thinks WordPress themes (don’t get me wrong, I’m all in with WordPress) are not sufficiently removed from each other? It sometimes seems like very little effort is put in from one theme to the next.

  85. ✿ мŏ₫мάżiļ Ɗσ∂σ

    Wow, very nice.

  86. Kevin Neilson

    Ok, I’ve decided to use Manifest. Question, in the demo above, “About” and “Archives” are represented on a horizontal line, but on my blog (, they’re vertically organized. How do I change them? I much prefer the nice horizontal layout. It’s much more balanced that way. Please advise. Thanks! Again, a great theme, and I may very well stay with it and say bye to Contempt. Cheers, Kevin

  87. pltprincess

    Wonderful! If I had the words to do it justice, I would so change my theme. Love it.

  88. nelson RN

    i love this :)

  89. dr.Abu Hana | أبو هـنـاء ألفردان |

    Minimalistic. Love it!

  90. gamerschase

    Nice Theme dude! looks great!

  91. Milo

    Tumblr by another name, n’est-ce pas? That said, good for you. I have an account with tumblr (used for ‘scrapbook’ like posts) but their servers have been very unreliable over the last year or so (unlike, which is very reliable in comparison).

  92. Only Heart

    Thank you so much for offering this theme; I was actually considering moving away to another host with own domain just so I could install Manifest, and then you posted it. Now that’s timing!
    It’s truly beautiful, and I’m so glad you’ve included it on I really like typography themes, and would be excited to see more of them.

  93. James

    A very clean presentation.

  94. vietphilopoetry

    I like the picture- Looks gorgeous

  95. davidreidart

    Oh My! I like this one. Spacial.

  96. Lil-Dp little Don Pleasure

    Thats a good one, I love it. :-)

  97. svenoblivion

    Tumblr-esque. Simple. No distractions. Nice.

  98. Nature Beauty

    Nice theme…

  99. Tim Meiers

    I rearly like the clean style ;)

  100. kweide

    Excellent ! Stunning beauty!


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