New Theme: Piano Black

Say hello to Piano Black, the newest theme to launch on This dark and elegant theme showcases your content with a design that feels sophisticated yet techy and modern.

Piano Black front-page detail.

Make it yours with a header image, background, and custom menu, and optional RSS and Search areas in the header. Piano Black also includes a full-width-template for dropping the sidebar on pages. See more information on the Theme Showcase.

Designed by mono-lab — and a long-time popular theme for self-hosted WordPress blogs — Piano Black is available now in your dashboard under Appearance → Themes.

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Lance Willett

  • Jul 20, 2011 @ 5:09 pm
  • Themes


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  1. kazumasoju

    Cool, I like the simplicity. :)

  2. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Looks really great, but I like my current theme more. :-D

  3. Sameer

    Excellent themes WordPress is coming out with of late. Is there a Piano White too?

  4. ALIVE aLwaYz

    Black is the new color. 8)

  5. benisuryadi

    Very elegant theme. The idea is great but black is not my favorite now.

  6. Waqas Ali

    Awesome! looks like is what my blog was waiting of. There is big competition between Theme and Coding team at automattic. Thank you guys, and yes please keep adding more. ;)

  7. timethief

    I like this theme. I like the custom background feature, custom header and custom menu. The elegance of being able to hide the sidebar on pages using the “Full-width, no sidebar” template means our content on pages using that template will span the entire width of the layout, and will be properly “showcased”, without the distraction presented by sidebar clutter. I notice that these “Full-width, no sidebar” templates are being provided on the more recent theme additions and want to thank Staff for providing them. The Theme Team rocks!

  8. El Santo

    Oooohhh… classy. I’m SURE I can hammer out a blog that matches this theme. (Yes, I am being inspired to blog by the themes alone. That’s how good they are.)

  9. Ugly Bug

    A good theme for photography. Thanks.

  10. Angel

    It looks great.

  11. dvblg

    Definite spate of great themes recently. Great stuff, guys!

  12. Denzil

    White text on black background! Very difficult to read, and tiring for the eyes!

  13. bakebooks

    Looks nice but I find lighter backgrounds more appealing.

  14. Eric

    Sleek like black piano keys… I get the theme name! :P

  15. Mary

    Trendy and cool! Like it.

  16. Raise Expectations

    Very nice, simple, and techy. I do like it, but it’s a little too dark for my blog. This could also look good in white piano and silver piano themes as well.

  17. Margie

    A very nice theme to use with photographs. The white type on dark background would be hard to read if there were large amounts of text.

  18. mrasherkade

    Oooooooooooooooooooh, yummy! This one I will check out later when I have time. ;)

  19. ana pauper

    Classy! For a swan lake ballerina. 8)

  20. natuurfreak

    I like it. It seems very good and attractive to me.

  21. alice pngen .....

    AWESOME theme, I like it. :)

  22. Blogger

    This theme is good, great job! But I like white themes. :-D

  23. My Camera, My Friend

    Nice. This is one I might actually change to.

  24. Aldo Silva

    Elegant theme, but I prefer to change the black background because is difficult to read, I have problem with my eyes.

  25. Intelligent Challenge

    I like it, I like it. Enough to abandon Freshy??

  26. myfairladyb

    Thank you! This will be perfect for my health blog. :)

  27. Erik

    This one is very nice!

  28. natbeobachter

    That’s a really fine theme for special blogs. But text should be not too long because white text on black background is not so well for eyes. I think it were better the text part were white.

  29. kensbackhome

    Ooo, now this one is tempting. Very classy. I especially like the piano key curve at the bottom of the page.

    I’ll be tinkering with this one…

  30. synesteten

    At last…a good black theme. *Thumbs up* and thank you.

    I always use inverted colours in Firefox, i can’t stand that awful glary white. A computer screen is not a paper, a computer screen is producing light while a paper reflecting light it, big difference. In the beginning all computers were about light text on dark background which makes more sense to me when light is focused on what “you shall read”. Pictures looks much better on a black background where the colors looks much clearer. That’s why i really like this theme. ;)

  31. MsGenealogist

    Love the ideas already proposed for lighter variations on this. It looks wonderful, but the black background does pose some problems for text-heavy blogs. I know no theme is right for all blogs, though – which is why it’s so good that you give us lots of choice. :)

  32. look4you

    Very nice and classy really something I will use in the future.

  33. wahyu85

    If Piano Black were a magazine style theme, I would definitely switch to it. Right now I’m using The Morning After. Both are great though; good work theme team. :)

  34. Alex Boiciuc

    This one is VERY, VERY, VERY cool! I love it!

  35. engheema

    Excellent, elegant and beautiful theme, already changed to it. I love the the curve at the bottom, and I would really like to see a flexible width version of it, so it helps long lines of code in my programming blog. Thanks for the theme!! :D

  36. Nerdygirl98

    Nice, but I like more colors in themes. Although, it’s really clean cut and stylish. Add some color to that and it’s perfect! :)

  37. The Teenage Taste

    This theme is nice, but I’d like more themes where I can customize the fonts and background colors.

  38. Eccentric Errant

    It’s a beautiful theme — clean and crisp. I might try this after I get bored with my current theme.

  39. giosafat

    This theme is amazing! In fact I’m using it already.

  40. vivekhattangadi

    Marvelous! Love this a lot.

  41. Nifty

    Thank you for this theme. It should work well with the theme of my blog (I write about Apple’s i-devices: iPhone, iPad,) In fact, I always thought that the current theme Fusion, suited it best – but with Piano Black, I might be able to achieve a look that’s closer to what I had in mind.

  42. shangdeszian

    It’s nice, truly elegant. But I’m on with more colors.

  43. Sandra Pawula

    Elegant! Love all the new themes you are rolling out. But black is not for me. I am supremely happy with Manifest. White rocks!


    Great work. This theme has many good features. Keep up the great work WP… go Piano Black go. ;)

  45. 7des7iny

    Very nice and sleek feel. :)

  46. Jenn

    This look like another theme here. I forgot its name.

  47. Brandon

    Very cool!

  48. Chorwin

    Spent quite sometime to find how do I turn on the full-width for the main post… arghhh… it not able to do that, it just support to turn on full-width for Page under edit page. Just wondering why the full-width not able to populate to post as well… too bad!

  49. khasyii

    Looks smooth.

  50. Charles Fernando

    This is great, I was looking for this theme at and now it’s here for me! My readers are gonna revolt! I’m changing themes as they come!

  51. foreeveralonee

    It’s great.

  52. mortalkombat423

    Awesome, I like it! It’s really cool.

  53. Martin Tjandra

    Piano black! Instantly becoming my favorite themes! :D
    Now which one of my blog to use that theme properly…

  54. thisblindman

    Another theme. Great work.

  55. Norabill Ranara Sulpico

    Yeah its nice… but I’ve suggested that instead of black make in gold or rather light color. Because in physics black is the absence of all color.

  56. troy

    Black is the new white!

  57. Robby Lim

    Nice, But maybe we can lighten the color a little bit. Piano Silver or Gray would be nice. Plus is you make an option for 3 columns. Left and right side bars? I’m currently using Garland Theme which is nice. I will be perfect if there’s a header option for it and the comment section is separated from the tags.

  58. peregrine

    These new themes are all so good! I am just settling into CHATEAU, but this new one is gorgeous. Very attractive. I will say right now that even though I love looking at it, though, I would not make a black blog simply because I myself have a hard time reading light text on black field. Still and all, this new template is so, so pretty.

    One thing to add to Timethief’s comment about the ability to keep or hide the sidebar: Although I agree that it is thoughtful and a good thing that you have made the option to make that sidebar disappear, I still nonetheless prefer to have that sidebar *always* there because I want the reader to have all that sidebar information right there to click on while he is reading the blog post. It is not as elegant and does not put as much of a solo spotlight on the post, true, but I want that sidebar info always in their eyeballs.

  59. shekharonline

    Wow. But Matala seems good for now. :)

  60. Wiyanto Tejo

    Well, I’m one of those people who doesn’t like simplicity. But the design is good.


    Fantastic. I like it.

  62. Charlousie

    Uwm. As in the name: too black! ;)

  63. Jennifer

    There’s so many new themes that I’m really having a difficult time choosing which theme to activate on my photo blog. :) Piano Black is really a lovely theme.

  64. KanjagKandu

    Love it!

  65. ictumwet

    Looks just lovely.

  66. saddness

    I can dig it!

  67. voroncas

    I’ve been really looking for such a simple black theme. :) This is exactly my type! I have already activated it. Cool.

  68. kattie1029

    Oh that’s really cool, I really like it a lot.

  69. Sean O'Connor

    Now active on my site. Love the colour and so clean looking.

  70. Jennifer Avventura

    Love all these themes you are rolling out. Nicely done WordPress.

  71. Hafsa K

    Elegant and interesting theme, but I love my current theme and I am gonna stick with it! :)

  72. melanietaylor

    Definitely elegant, but I don’t know if it is easy to read with a dark background, I would use it mainly for pictures, like a portfolio.

  73. Magnet for Foolishness

    This looks sleek and classy!


    My theme, Ouilipo, looks better. :]

  75. Jennifer Clayton

    Cool! I really like it. I like the black simplicity. It looks sleek and simple to use. :)

  76. aabhoj

    Elegant! Love all the new themes you are rolling out. But black is not for me. I am supremely happy with Manifest. White rocks!

  77. corzgalore

    DANGIT! I thought it actually had something to do with the piano. Oh well..
    It’s okay.

  78. douginator

    This theme is not only really cool looking but it works really well with hand-held devices as well.

  79. Rookie Photographer

    Cool theme, maybe I can try out for a photoblog.

  80. vladimirstamps

    Very stylish theme!

  81. SoL KurşuN

    Black is the favorite. :)

  82. John Todaro

    I like the use of the gradient which actually makes it a black and grey theme. Quite compelling.

  83. joelemmanuel

    Looks awesome!

  84. Morgan Holt

    Black is the new, er… black.

  85. Kooky Guy

    I like it, and I’m tempted to change my theme. However, I’m concerned that the font is too small for large amounts of text. It’s a good theme for photos.

  86. tenbrokenbullets

    This theme is absolutely PERFECT for my music blog.
    I’m updating the look very soon and I love the black and “sleekness” to it.
    The first thing I said when I saw it was…. “ooo… pretty.”

  87. Sopheak.P

    Wow! This theme is really clean, nice and optional for personal blog. I like it.

  88. Nabila Firdausi

    Now I’m really confused to pick up the new theme for my blog because recently WordPress has announced so many lovely themes!

  89. sibasby

    Nice theme! I like this style!

  90. LegosnEggos

    I’m with Sameer up there on wanting something along the lines of Piano White, but I think it should be Piano Ivory, slightly off-white. This theme is quite elegant.

  91. kealnt

    I changed to this one. I really like it!

  92. We're Jumpin'

    Looks really nice!

  93. dhenztm

    Sleek. Black is beautiful!

  94. Bosstiger

    A nice theme but… I prefer more light and cheerful themes for WordPress not so black, the best example is Twenty Eleven.

  95. Kemi

    I’m a fan of dark themes. This one’s awesome!

  96. haitianbusinesspart2

    Piano black seems very interesting.

  97. zooreka-Art

    Very nice. I prefer darker interfaces as I work with graphics and 3d a lot myself. Love the clean design of this theme. 5 stars!

  98. mindslam

    I like that one…dark like mine!

  99. jessiethought

    Looking good! (But I don’t like dark themes, particularly. Wouldn’t fit my blog, anyway.)

  100. svenoblivion

    This would be good for a blog posting film pictures of modern day objects and people.


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