New Theme: React

Today, we’re happy to launch React, a simple and elegant theme designed especially for business websites. In fact, React is for anyone who would like a clean design to showcase their work and inspire visitors to — well — react. If this describes you, React is yours for the lifetime of your blog for only $68.

The React Theme

The React Theme

Designed by The Theme Foundry, React packs an impressive array of features. In the theme options panel, you can turn the sidebar on or off, depending on your preferences. You can also choose to display a recent projects footer, a latest news footer, and a widgets footer. Add a personal touch with your own logo, a custom background, your choice from one of 7 primary fonts, and links to your Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr profiles. Finally (but certainly not least), load your site on a mobile device or tablet and enjoy the view — React’s responsive layout adapts beautifully to smaller screen sizes.

Read more about React’s features on the Theme Showcase or preview it live on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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Michelle Langston

  • Jul 27, 2011 @ 2:04 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Jaka Zulham

    Great design :)

  2. Lorna

    It’s beautiful! I love it :D

  3. Carlos A. Junior

    Great work :)

  4. The Teenage Taste

    Nice new theme! Now if only it was free… ;-)

  5. Angel

    It’s cool, this theme.

  6. Waqas Ali

    This is such a clean and beautiful theme, but I’m happy with my elegant Piano Black. ;)

  7. Eric

    Very cool theme. I like arrangement of previous posts on the bottom.

  8. cosmonavigator

    Indeed, lots of features.

  9. Hetal

    Very nice theme…

  10. My Camera, My Friend

    Nice, but a bit too plain and too much of a corporate feel for my blog.

  11. timethief

    Another attractive and innovative theme with useful features comes down the Theme Stream. My thanks to the Theme Team for being responsive to user requests for “portfolio” themes, and presenting us with a theme that has such great features. Your work is appreciated.

  12. Stephanie

    This is a great design. I wish this theme existed a year ago when I was researching website options for my freelance writing business.

  13. yakirillov

    I like these funny pics!

  14. jamogck

    I’ve been looking for something like this. I love the recent projects feature.

  15. MariantheDuke

    I like how clean it looks, but like another blogger stated…has too much of a corporate feel.

  16. kensbackhome

    It is very plain, but I can see where the point of all that plainness is to draw your attention to the eye candy.

    As you say, it is best suited for showcasing your products, art or photography.

  17. akshatrathi294

    Nice theme. Had this been introduced before I would not have spent six times that amount on getting my site built.

  18. Sosha

    Me likes because pics are given importance. Thank you!

  19. yousef59

    Nice design.

  20. Raise Expectations

    Very business-like, clean, and simple, which makes it great for businesses who want to start a website for very little money.

  21. Charlousie

    Nice! I like it! But my recent theme is still the best theme ever!!! :D

  22. corzgalore

    Seems kinda plain, but I imagine it would be very good for someone who wants to do their own customization on their blog theme.

  23. Chad Marano

    Very sharp looking. I am anxious to start playing around with this theme

  24. Dr.Abu Hana

    Wow. WP is always the best.

  25. Dev

    Make it free!!

  26. antaldamian

    Not so pleased :|

  27. humblewalker

    Nice, but alas…I’ve got no $.

  28. peregrine

    The thing about paid themes is that I would never do it because I am not one to stick with the same theme for years and years, no matter what some people might think about switching around. Since that is my case, I would not pay for a theme.

    This is not to detract from any new paid themes. They all look fine to me, though in fact, none look so superior that they are in a “pay” category superior to the other free themes.

  29. Lara

    A beautiful theme, very simple and elegant. A tad expensive though.


    I’m always loving clean themes :)

  31. Bubbli

    Nice clean theme!! YAY! Now… if ony it were free… :’D

  32. Spendawg

    Geez, you guys are producing themes by the minute! I LOVE IT! :)

  33. Aileen

    Nice theme! but I’ll be using Fruit shake for a while. Any new free themes coming out? :)

  34. rflash

    Wow, great design.

  35. Achmad Fauzi

    Wow, it’s nice for company profile or sales letter … :)

  36. masbadar

    It suitable for vectorized illustrations blogging..
    simple, clean and nice…

  37. Nifty

    I like it, and I might cough up the Dollars for it in future (need to make those Dollars first.) I like it for two reasons: 1. The portfolio bit and 2. The fact that it changes to fit the device. And I love this post because you used the images of iMac, iPad, and iPhone to make your point :)

  38. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Cool and clean, but I’ll stick to my present theme :)

  39. Sharon

    Now this I Like! Looks like a perfect portfolio application in a sea of themes that are not as flexible for that purpose. I may migrate a blog over if this theme is as great as it appears to be.

  40. anchormortgagecorporation

    It looks nice and simple.

  41. tenbrokenbullets

    I’m having a hard time with this one. It feels too simple & it costs money. I really don’t want WordPress to become a paid theme site. Sorry.

  42. thisblindman

    Great theme.

  43. Sopheak.P

    Great… I hope I can try that one day! :D

  44. kazumasoju

    This one is just beautiful, I love this :D

  45. Intelligent Challenge

    Very nice, but price too high for me.

  46. nonnoi

    Nice theme, but i think the theme a little bit pricey.

  47. John Hayden

    React is definitely “premium.” I’ve been thinking about a Website for a political campaign, and React might be just right for that application. It’s “clean” without being “plain.” I especially like the choice of text fonts. As used in the “See it in action” demo, React works like a Web page, highlighting a few introductory items, but cleanly, without confusion. The blog becomes a separate link to the main Web page, and the Portfolio can be another major link.

    By comparison, Delicious Magazine is very good, but now looks too “busy” for my purposes. I do love the pull quote options in Delicious, however. I thought Twenty-Eleven was quite advanced when it was introduced not so long ago, but it pales in comparison to React and Delicious. I still think Twenty-Ten and Twenty-Eleven are the most sophisticated and versatile of the free themes.

  48. brigittahardi

    wow..i like it….!! great job !

  49. Sundae Town

    So Cute xD

  50. Blogger

    This is a cool theme!

  51. Jayant Raj

    The theme is very nice and elegant. I just wished if there could be a theme like this for free…

  52. eeryweerywoe

    Please make it free!

  53. joeprikitiew

    Great, great, great! I love it.

  54. hudnett1

    Thanks for sharing :)

  55. jessiethought

    It’s elegant, and a theme I very much like! i would use this if I had a business. Which, sadly, at the moment I do not.

  56. bloodsong

    It is a lovely, clean, elegant, modern, magazine-style theme. I don’t mean to jump in and sound negative, but I’ve noticed some people get recognition for theme suggestions in the comments here. The clean/modern/etc stuff is lovely, and very nice. I’m still looking for themes that have more of an archaic, fantasy, medieval look. Themes suitable for writing fantasy and role-playing related stuff. Things that look more like vellum and parchment and old books than glossy magazine stock.

    So props to your work. But maybe somewhere along the line….. you know? Something different? ;) Thanks for reading!

  57. Editor

    Yes, it does have a professional look. Still trying to get to grips with my own site, I presume that we can add our own pictures to this site? The projects folder is an excellent idea. An opportunity to showcase your latest work. Well done!

  58. Non dimenticare me

    I have no money! Yeah, nice theme but right now, when I’m out of money, I wish it were free. Waiting for many new free themes (such as React) as soon as possible!

  59. cpb

    I can’t hate WordPress for the premium themes. I gladly forked over a few bucks for Linen, and I love it. React looks nifty, too. Long live WordPress!

  60. Daisy Rose

    Well, i like it. nice job!

  61. akashjha

    Well it’s great but i think the one which i use on my site is much better. This is a great theme.

  62. SD

    This theme is really cool! Maybe I’ll try it for my other blog.

  63. SD

    Wait… this is not free?? :(

  64. Iñigo

    Simply wow.

  65. veservices

    It’s cool! ^^

  66. useurthought

    Very nice theme. :)

  67. jewelsdesignscreativecorner

    Very Nice!

  68. mhiggins1976

    Love the theme!

  69. yippiie

    Great work. Nice.

  70. watchtopgearseason17

    Wow! This theme just looks breathtaking. I could never thought anyone could make such a clean and elegant theme.

  71. doovinator

    I love the gages! Clean, simple, elegant, with a touch of Mr.Wizard-type science, great choice!

  72. Winged wizard

    Looking great!

  73. AC-WF-IM-0

    It’s great! :)

  74. ABM

    Nice work! I like the heading.

  75. Matthew Paladino

    Lovely design!

  76. svenoblivion

    Very good for a business. I love it! No money for themes, though. :( Great work, WP; keep it up!

  77. Moco Scribe

    Love it!

  78. Moco Scribe

    What I love about the paid themes are the extra features, sliders, more widgets, even google analytics on some! more of this please!

  79. Jkm5

    Yo, I may just use it!

  80. nanycrafts

    Pretty nice design, it looks simple but powerful, unfortunately my budget is so tight, but I will keep checking your themes!

  81. Megan

    I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like this theme A LOT….. BUT, won’t be using it since it’s a premium theme. A bit disappointed in that; hope something similar comes out in a free theme soon because I especially like the previous post footer feature for a new blog that I am working on.

  82. JACK

    I like it.

  83. Dr M.Mamdouh

    Good one :)

  84. engizzzmo

    Good but it’s not free :'(

  85. cupcake2eater

    It’s not a bad theme but i like the one that I’m currently using more

  86. Ahya

    Excellent theme – until I saw the PREMIUM word below it.:)

  87. dr.lois


  88. lionsxu

    This is a cool theme!


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