New Theme: Blogum

Today we are introducing a clean and minimalist theme, Blogum.

The Blogum Theme

Designed by WPShower, Blogum has a grid-based layout and is designed in a modern style. This very clean style allows your reader to precisely focus on your content.

Blogum has a widget area in the right sidebar. It also includes a full-width template to hide the sidebar. You are able to customize even more with a header image, background, and custom menu.

Blogum also supports three post formats, Aside, Image, and Gallery. Read all about Blogum’s features on the Theme Showcase.

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Takashi Irie

  • Jul 28, 2011 @ 6:04 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Nickie Wang

    Nice and tidy!

  2. Charlousie

    I already got my favourite theme :D. Such themes are simple and offer a good overview, but I like more colours, more functions and things to change, how I am like them! ;)

  3. Waqas Ali

    Cool, welcome Blogum. You are so fresh and clean. I highly appreciate the Theme Team, you guys make it difficult to chose which theme to use. hehehe

  4. Non dimenticare me

    The beauty of simple! Perharps I should try this theme

  5. Intelligent Challenge

    Very nice. Cleanliness personified.

  6. Angel

    Again, this one also is great… Good work!

  7. Margie

    A very nice clean theme, though the type seems a bit small. I prefer more color, which is why I use Choco!

  8. Mary

    Sleek and clean, I like this.

  9. Raise Expectations

    Very clean and modern. Very cool.

  10. lightness prince

    nice one , tidy , calm and elegant
    you have a good taste
    i like it

  11. PiedType

    Probably going to try this. Love it over all, but that Heading Six feature really nails it. Looks like just what I’ve always wanted for pull quotes.

  12. anchormortgagecorporation

    Hmm, I like that the columns aren’t in a normal pattern

  13. Lorna

    Oh that is nice and tidy :)

  14. podwiatr

    Neat. I liked it from the very beginning. The option I lacked earlier was thet the photos I add are the same width each. This makes it even more tidy and well-organised. I’ll sure be using it for a looooooong time. Thanks for it. It’s exactly what I needed.

  15. humblewalker

    I like it, I might switch when I get bored with this layout.

  16. Lara

    Cool, a new theme each day. That’s a win!

  17. frandi

    Just the theme I have been waiting for, and I have tried many. Simple, clean lines, and best of all it didn’t delete all my post photos; I have many photos and to lose them in the changeover would have been a nightmare. Therefore, smooth transition for me and I love the modern-look cloud widgets!

  18. jakesprinter

    Perfect for a site owner

  19. Brandon

    Cool theme!

  20. tenbrokenbullets

    sweet! it’s free.
    that’s always a plus.

  21. Jayms Ampersand

    I love you, WordPress, but it took you guys long enough to publish some good minimalist themese. THANK YOU.

  22. timethief

    I’m a fan of minimalist themes and this one is very appealing. It also has some nice features as well that are very useful. I like the a nice styling feature for Heading Six. Thanks for introducing it.

    • Takashi Irie

      You are very welcome and thank you for your help in the forum!! I’m also a big fan of minimal theme and this is a neat and timeless one.

  23. Ljubomir Gatdula

    I like it but I think I’ll stick to my current theme. Thanks for coming up with new themes :)

  24. David (1MereMortal)

    Crisp and clean theme…very nice.

  25. Chad Marano

    Nice and clean. Keep up the great work!

  26. SD

    Simple and clean. But I prefer Chateau. :)

  27. Eric

    Beautiful layout. Good job!

  28. Michelle

    Thank you WordPress for all the minimalist themes.

  29. wallstutoring

    I personally like this theme. With a white background it is clean and simple. I think it is important that a site isn’t too cluttered and places emphasis on the content.

  30. thisblindman

    Nice theme.

  31. Nội thất gia đình - cửa nhựa upvc lõi thép - mành rèm văn phòng - tủ bếp - nội thất dth

    Very nice! I’ll use it.

  32. Ahya

    I always appreciate the team for releasing new themes. Keep up the good work. :)

  33. svenoblivion

    Clean and organised. Reminds me of laundry starch in a good way :)

  34. Chorwin

    wow – another free theme. Look like like to introduce free/paid theme alternately…

  35. jbkflex

    The theme is clean and very nice. I would like a background color in the header though :)

  36. Sopheak.P

    Thanks for this new theme. I like its name. :-)

  37. Jennifer

    Image-wise this is one very well-behaved theme!

  38. lazorg

    Well done :)

  39. ALIVE aLwaYz

    WPShower is very elegant, I love all of their themes, blogum included, simple for a not so troubling blogging experience.
    Cheers :-)

    • Takashi Irie

      I agree. Many themes from WPShower are under our rader and hopefully to be available on soon!

  40. Niki Fulton

    Love the look of this clean & simple but intelligent. I am on Coraline just now. Is it easy to switch? Should I take it off line to do so?

  41. Tiểu Mỳ

    simple and nice <3 I like it

  42. w200813056

    How interesting theme is.So cool!

  43. 2011fashionwatch

    Very nice !!

  44. ana pauper

    Like a superb stage for the coolest ballet :)

  45. imahp

    What a clean theme! Nice work…

  46. Aisha

    These days, there are a lot of better themas for almost every weeks and always change my theme and confused which one I should choose.. Can you stop creating new please? :P Thanks for amazing theme WordPress !

    • Takashi Irie

      Warning! More and more themes to come :D It’s a good problem to have :) I hope Blogum suits your blog. Thanks!

  47. paolacanepa

    Nice work ! Nice theme !

  48. joelemmanuel

    Nice theme!

  49. Paolo Sala

    This is the kind of theme that I like: clean, minimalistic and stylish.
    I like the tag feature!


    Good job!
    I am going to try it

  51. John Todaro

    Nice one, Takashi – the first theme I thought about switching to in a while. The font integrates nicely.
    Instead of a white background, I wonder how a light grey would look?

    • Takashi Irie

      Thanks, John. You can change the background color in Appearance → Background. Go ahead and try to see if Blogum suits you :)

  52. Ro

    Very nice! Every time WordPress comes out with a new theme, it’s like getting an early Christmas present. :)

  53. dd16591569

    Good .. worth trying

  54. southpaw84

    Minimalist, simple yet formal. Allows the reader to concentrate on every entry a blogger posts… :)

  55. The Teenage Taste

    Great new theme! I love how the font is bold! Easier for me to see! :-)

  56. DGS

    Absolutely love the possibility to use marginalia with . Any change this feature will be available in older themes? Like “Manifest”, for example?

  57. Matthew Paladino

    I like this theme – very simple and classic! :)

  58. konaexpress

    Nice and clean! Now, what to do with it? -John

  59. Sarah

    Nice work, once again! Great layout and easy to read posts. :)

  60. marthasentlep

    Nice Theme…. thanks..

  61. ozgunsozler

    Good job :D It’s pretty.

  62. Recis

    Thank you,

    Theme Team for introducing this new minimalist and clean theme! Might consider it in the future. Keep them coming!


  63. D.A.

    Admittedly, I’ve been very frustrated with the latest WP themes, however this one is just lovely. I’m not going to switch because I’m in love with my current layout, however much kudos to the designer here, and kudos to you, WP! I agree with several others above me in that I appreciate your minimalist themes… I feel that what would be uber helpful at this point is more customization for each individual existing theme…but I’m getting away from my compliment here – good job!

  64. watchtopgearseason17

    That does look very nice indeed.

  65. teckspace

    Nice Theme!!!

  66. barrycyrus

    Looks classy and clean! :)

  67. edgefromwwe

    Totally awesome!

  68. Rachael

    This theme looks great indeed. I am sure people will be able to use it to enhance the creativity in the blogs.

  69. theadventurousbitch

    This is nice. The uncluttered look of each page does make your text stand out more.

  70. ABM

    Nice! Everything looks really compact. Nice work.

  71. davidwellstam

    Nice I guess, but I think there are several quite similar “whiteandblack” themes out there already. Good with so many new themes though!

  72. Tianna

    I love this theme; I’m using it right now, and it’s already one of my favorites! :D

  73. almelle

    Nice, but I really wish you had a nice theme with drop-down category boxes at the top as well as a custom header — I seem to have to select one or the other!

  74. moneymakingjus

    Cool theme. I will switch to this theme on next month.

  75. satusatuen I love it

  76. LongDeadFox

    Love it! :0)

  77. Wpshower

    Thanks you guys!

  78. MsAidyl

    Very clean. I might try it!

  79. teckspace

    Clean, crisp, and nice theme!!!

  80. bhmatchmaker

    A nice addition to your line up.

  81. Aldo Silva

    Very nice but I like more colours and more functions. Your idea is welcome.

  82. maedbh

    Really clean, I may try it when I get home and have some time to play.

  83. itnewso

    Very nice and clean. I like it!!

  84. genksukasuka

    Nice! Good job!

  85. texelconstructions

    Crisp as a winter’s day.

  86. Bosstiger

    Another clean style WordPress theme, excellent, it is like Twenty Ten / Eleven, simple, clean and functional. :D

  87. thechosentwoo

    Nice and simple. Great.

  88. suzannebrandsen

    Really ready to change themes. This one could be It!

  89. f5andy

    The simpler, the better.

  90. Muhammad Afif Effendi

    Blogum??? Hemm, it’s nice to try!!!

  91. freegames46

    Nice theme.

  92. moshi_mop101

    Cool! I might choose this for my site. New WordPress theme, more to come!

  93. Kreativ Theme

    Really great theme, nice and simple … congrats on being showcased for

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  95. AKartoon

    Very fresh yet light. Nice one!

  96. arpan78

    Very good. I like it!

  97. shuhanlee

    Sorry I just realised the pages appear at the top instead… guess not! Thanks though for this briliant, clean site.


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