New Theme: Esquire

The number of beautiful themes that let you publish with visually distinct Post Formats grows by one today with Mathew Buchanan’s elegant and bold, Esquire. I think you’re really going to like it.

The screenshot above doesn’t really do justice to Esquire. You really need to check out the Esquire demo blog to get a good sense of how the design works in action. So, check it out. :) If you want to know more about blogging with Esquire we’ve made a page that describes all the Post Formats in more detail on the Theme Showcase. You can read up on Esquire there, check out that live demo, or just activate it on your blog and start experimenting!

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Ian Stewart

  • Aug 3, 2011 @ 2:38 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Waqas Ali

    Oh my! The link & video post format is rad. And also love the first letter of post’s elegancy like magazine. Warm welcome to Esquire and again.

    And guys, this theme also has widget option in footer. ;)

  2. capulletfbi

    Full Color … I like this theme … good job. :)

  3. ABM

    Neato! You guys make the best themes.

  4. Nurul Ain Rawei

    What a cool layout.

  5. noconspiracyhere

    I like this theme. It’s fun and I really like the video feature.

  6. Nandini

    Wow, this one is so amazing. Thank you! :D

  7. Mattie J.

    A cool theme. Not sure I’m entirely fond of the yellow though, it sort of gives me a headache. I really like the magazine-style first letter element though.

  8. Dev

    A nice attention grabber theme (But it is a bit hard on the eyes). Nevertheless…an interesting addition.

  9. maehoney

    Its cool….I love it.:)

  10. John Hayden

    Unique and quirky! I love it. Especially like the readable text font and the big, bold quote format. Designwise, the gilt frame is a great concept, but this frame would not be appropriate for all photos. Is there a choice of frames? The video frame is outstanding! I dig drop caps, but would have gone with a more traditional drop cap, rather than the Cap in the colored circle, which does not connect the eye intuitively to the first word of the post. It looks great, but actually makes it hard for the uninitiated reader to figure out the first word of the post. Overall, one of the best themes ever!

    • Ian Stewart

      The gilt frame is only applied to photos posted with the Image Post Format. If you don’t want it to appear, posting in the Standard Post Format will do just that.

  11. Raise Expectations

    The layout and coloring are good. I like the orange bubble on the first word of the post. Another great theme.

  12. Bosstiger

    Oh my GOD! i have seen this theme on tumblr too! I’m so glad that has this theme available too :D I really like this theme. :D

  13. Matthew Paladino

    Nice work – I love the layout! :)

  14. doctorwhofan98

    Yay! A free theme! Most of them are ‘premium’ nowadays…

    It looks quite good, I’ll check it out. :-)

  15. Brenda Nepomuceno

    Another Tumblr layout. I love the frame but dislike the yellow – same reason why it put me off on Tumblr. If there were custom colours, I would really love it!

  16. Mahfooz

    Liking this, going to give it a try :D

  17. Kemi

    This is arguably the best theme ever! Colour, style, a little awkward and… Free – really great.

  18. thecovertchristian

    Nifty new theme. Grabs the attention like a TIGER.

  19. The Awkward List

    Liking it! I gotta try it out for myself!

  20. tenbrokenbullets

    Keep the colors coming =) I love this blog and the layout- it’s VERY unique compared to the rest you have on here.
    This would give my blog a crisp, clean look rather than the darker scheme I currently have. Thank you!
    And it doesn’t cost money it looks like- even better!

  21. Ahya

    Another great theme. But I am very happy with my theme now, because of its header feature. Nevertheless, good job team.
    Please always keep up the good work. :)

  22. Sandra Pawula

    Very unique and interesting features. I like the font. Clearly, some people love this theme. It’s not my style, but I appreciate all the new rollouts coming our way to fit different preferences.

  23. Taufik

    What a beautiful theme, thanks guys. :D

  24. ls zhao

    I love this theme, thanks.

  25. thechosentwoo

    I will this try out. Thanks. Layout looks great.

  26. songdongjin

    Looks clear but cool. :)

  27. Blogger

    I like it! This is my new favourite theme! :-)

  28. GSL430

    That’s really nice. I must try try this theme.

  29. nesnesnes

    This is gorgeous! Thanks, WordPress!

  30. obsidianfactory

    Very cool theme!

  31. Ro

    Love the layout- wish there was a custom background option though.

  32. rbs

    I like the yellow! I want MORE yellow themes! Yay yellow!

  33. AKartoon

    Very arty, think this looks great on artistic/fashion sort of sites. Nice. Peace.

  34. barrycyrus

    Finally! Esquire theme on WordPress! :D

  35. Crystal

    This was my first tumblr theme. Not the first time I’ve seen tumblr themes turn into wordpress themes.

    Still beautiful nonetheless.

  36. Chorwin

    More and more great theme keep release for users!! Cool!!

  37. Eric

    This is really beautiful and unique. The border around the YouTube video is a really nice touch.

  38. Lizzums

    Simple, clean, not too bad!

  39. Kale

    Wow, real nice. And, it’s for free!

  40. Hafsa K

    Got two words for it: Elegant and awesome!


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