New Theme: Next Saturday

I’m pleased to announce our newest theme — Next Saturday. That is, the theme called “Next Saturday” launches today (not next weekend). With its rich, bright colors, three-dimensional blocks, and subtle shadows, Ian Mintz’s Next Saturday brings a touch of childlike innocence to your blog.

The Next Saturday Theme

The Next Saturday Theme

Next Saturday was designed especially with Post Formats in mind. The theme supports seven post formats — quote, aside, image, gallery, chat, audio, and video. Many of these post formats receive special styling so that they “pop” out from the rest of your content. To read all about Next Saturday’s features, stop by the Theme Showcase.

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Michelle Langston

  • Aug 4, 2011 @ 9:24 pm
  • Themes


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  1. noirciplume

    WP you are on a roll here…

  2. kazumasoju

    This is so colorful, I love the “boldness” :D

  3. Raise Expectations

    Very colorful. I like it’s 3Dness and the option of the formats.

  4. Alan King

    I am digging the color scheme and layout! Pretty funky!

  5. moneymakingjus

    I like it.

  6. wordcoaster

    Is there any way to change the color scheme? I like the layout, but it seems to be too chocolatey for anything but a food blog–just looking at it makes me hungry :)

  7. myloadedgun

    Nice color selection ;)

  8. pltprincess

    I love the simple whimsy of this one. Thanks for yet another option.

  9. NQ

    Very Nice!!

  10. timethief

    It’s good to see that theme stream flowing and I like waiting to see what’s coming next. It’s a colorful and light hearted style of theme that I think many bloggers will like. The post formats are an appealing and useful feature too.

  11. Gaurav Tiwari

    Excuse me! It is a very ordinary theme. I don’t like it anymore. The fonts and colors are frustrating me.

  12. Tom Abbott

    it feels very friendly.

  13. yusrinrazikun

    Very colorful. I like it.

  14. fashionguccihandbags

    Oh..very nice.

  15. Kinna

    Nice name. Thanks WP Team.

  16. Ian Mintz

    It’s so great to see this. :-)

  17. dwf1958

    I like it. The more I learn, the better I like the blog. Thanks.

  18. GSL430

    Looks good. But no more bright colors.

  19. jonathan6773

    Somehow, the colors reminds me of mint chocolate. Very nice!

  20. yousef59


  21. Bosstiger

    it is a clean theme, nice colours, nice style i like it :D

  22. whatsaysyou

    Pretty and colourful.

  23. PC PHOTO

    I’ve been looking for a format like this – colorful and plenty of space to highlight photos!

  24. Island Heat Products

    Very nice to see the creativity and design available. Confident styles that will encourage the style based content.

  25. Shafali

    Love the colors and the raised look of the red bar. Can we change the brown base? I think that it’d look better on a darker shade of green. I believe that the artist was thinking of a garden (with freshly turned dirt) and flowers…

    • Michelle Langston

      You can change the background color with the Custom Background feature. Just go to Appearance → Background in the Dashboard, and you can either set a different background color or upload a background image.

  26. online212

    Good job. i like it.

  27. chevsky

    It is a really meaningful Saturday.

  28. Nerdygirl98

    Ooooh I love it!

  29. Matthew Paladino

    Like the choice of colours!

  30. Sandra Pawula

    I love the way you are now including a variety of post formats in the new themes you are rolling out. Many bloggers have been crying out for color. I think they will love this theme.

  31. tenbrokenbullets

    I love the color selection! Not quite right for my blog, but I loved the themes you guys are creating.
    You guys are on a roll and didn’t lie when you say you have more themes coming. Thanks! =)

  32. mom

    So many new inventive ways to present a blog. I am really happy with what I have at the moment though and what I would really like to see is a simple easy way to use a different font on my site. I would like to use chalkboard but alas it does not translate over from Word. I am not the techno whiz kid on our site and just a simple way to use other fonts would be outstanding. Thanks.

  33. Shazoor Mirza

    Much like a Tumblr theme. Thanks for this for WordPress.

  34. corzgalore

    I’m surprised it’s not called “Next Friday” seeing as Friday seems to be a huge topic lately.
    I actually really like that a lot.
    I think I would actually switch to that.

  35. suzannefleming1980

    Very beautiful!

  36. Kemi

    Wow, this is really nice!

  37. giemoni

    Hmm. I don’t know. The colors are a bit bright for my taste, but I like the look and feel of it.

  38. Crystal

    Quirky! I like it.

  39. louloulou85

    A genuine Saturday feeling . . . disorder and chaos!

  40. Rachael

    ‘Next Saturday’ looks phenomenal!! With the post formats supported, it will surely enhance the creativity factor. This is a great addition to an already impressive WordPress platform.

  41. Dilbag Koundal

    Cool theme…thanks for sharing.

  42. snaffy

    I LOVE IT!

  43. Bernard Badilla

    Good looking theme. Really nice combination of color. EYE CATCHING!

  44. pinky200011

    I love how I’m using this on Sunday. It would be such a coincedence if I did it on Saturday xD I’m definitely using this.

  45. Robert Wakhu

    I love this!

  46. Fried Chocolate

    OMG i love this so much!! it’s so childish and fun!!

  47. lovelytbanks

    Love it, reminds me of a retro theme.

  48. Blogger

    This is a good theme for my page!

  49. respectfullywritten

    Very nice.

  50. mzemblow

    Very nice theme, colorful. :D

  51. severin

    Oh I quite like that – makes a colourful change.

  52. Achmad Fauzi

    Wow, nice colors, like a lollipop … :D

  53. demonseed2

    Very nice indeed. Love the colours involved.

  54. Eric

    Catchy name and origin. Also nice theme :)

  55. Mia Caveiro

    i don’t like the theme………..

    i love it….good work!


  56. khasyii


  57. Margie

    Bright and colorful, easy to read font, very green!

  58. cindyilona

    its very nice theme;)

  59. sweetagnorance

    I like it :)

  60. Three Wolf

    So Cute. I Like it.

  61. mrasherkade

    VEEEEERY unique theme! I like it. It may not work with my blog, but ya know, we need more of these. It’s so much different than the ones we already have! Keep doing a wonderful job with artistic themes that are whimsical please!

  62. Kale

    Too much colors for me.


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