Now Publicize to Facebook Pages

Since we launched Publicize for Facebook, which automatically shares a link to new posts to your Facebook account, one of the top requested features has been the ability to Publicize to Facebook Pages.  We’ve been listening and working hard, and are happy to announce support for this today.

If you already have Publicize active (which you should if you like traffic), you’ll now see a link to set options for Facebook, inside the Facebook block on the Sharing Settings page.

If you click on it, you’ll see a simple dialog box that lists all your available pages to pick from.

If you are new to Publicize, you’ll see a sequence of screens confirming permission to post to your Facebook account, before you see the screens above.

Also note, currently you can only Publicize to one target: either a page or your wall. This should be more than sufficient to get your great posts out to a wide audience of your choosing.

We hope you enjoy this added flexibility in how your blog posts get shared to Facebook.

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Scott Berkun


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  1. Diana

    This is great! Except you have to chose one or the other. What if I want to publicize to both? Please . . . ?

  2. Sky Black

    Any chance we can have the ability to Publicize to both Facebook Profiles and Pages at the same time? As well as support for multiple social networking site accounts?

  3. ukgpublishing

    Great feature, and in use already :) What would be a nice addition is the ability to Publicize to a Facebook group rather than an individuals wall, but that’s only a wish list item.

  4. paddylastinc

    yay! thank you. I can now publicized directly on my page!!! great great great! :)

    great work you guys!!!

  5. ismailimail

    Does the auto-post show up under Facebook Page’s identity or does it show up under the identity of the Facebook account holder?


    • Scott Berkun

      It shows as whatever Facebook account you use to activate Publicize.

  6. tageswahn

    Perfect! Thank you!

  7. Vivian J. Paige

    I’ve been using Networked Blogs to do this to my Facebook page, but it’s good to have options ;)

  8. Sajib

    However, I think it’s not sufficient. I might just want to publicize a post to both the page and in my profile. I think you should enable us to do multiple sharing. Let’s see what other bloggers think in this regard.

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    nice… Can I publish to all??

  11. nolamusickitchen

    Hey, every time I click the “set options” link…I don’t get a new box, it just disconnects Facebook. I think there may be a glitch :(

  12. Eric

    Fantastic! Great add for my Facebook page.

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  17. huarning

    good! but i dont use.

  18. (@Store4Mee)

    Nice, …… very nice, will definitely be signing up for this one,

    Thanks guys for your continuous hard work


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  20. Fabjoueauxlego

    Great update !!!! I was waiting for it :)) Thank’s

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  22. seekthesacred

    The publicize function for Facebook no longer includes a photo embedded in a post. If there is a setting I need to enable to niclude photos in FB posts, please let me know.

  23. Yasir Imran

    I recently created a Facebook fan page for my blog and I was wondering how I can auto post my blog entries to that fan page. This update helped me solve the issue.

  24. Cory Coughlin

    I cannot get this to work on my site. I have gone to the Sharing section, and the Social Media tabs are not there (at least not for this application). I also went to plugins and it doesn’t appear there either. So I did a test post, and it wasn’t an option.

    Am I missing a step here?

    • Scott Berkun

      This is only available on, not on self-hosted WordPress blogs.

  25. The Awkward List

    Great, I’ve been waiting for this. Though I do wish we could be able to publish to both, since they’re both very different audiences.. we have to decide between our friends, or fans. Either way, its awesome that its available, thanks!

    • Scott Berkun

      Awkward: The ability to publish to both is something we have on our list. Thanks.

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  28. myfairladyb

    THANK YOU!!!! This makes it much easier than constantly having to copy and paste the link to each new post since I write on a fairly consistent basis. So when is the publicize feature for google+ going to be available?

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  30. Cory Coughlin

    Thanks you for the clarification Scott, I have both .org and .com sites. Publicize is awesome!

  31. Oueb Mateur

    And for Google + ?

  33. Tonia

    Doing a happy dance! Great job!

  34. lolaskitchenfun

    I have a few pages on facebook. For work and otherwise. How do I select which one I wish my blog to access? Or is this not possible yet? I don’t want my wordpress blog posting to a work FB page.

    • Scott Berkun

      Lolas: as shown in the picture, you can pick any page you like.

  35. Liam Wise

    YES finally, thanks a lot

  36. indianagolfer

    Actually, I WOULD appreciate the ability to “Publicize” to both my Wall AND my Page. Any chance that will be an option in the future?

  37. David Tuckwell

    Any idea when these cool and easy to use features will be available to blog operators???


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  39. caro

    Great, great, great!!! Thanks for that!!!!!

  40. ecolojuan

    If I´m logged in to facebook as a page, I have to switch to my personal account, which, I believe, beats the purpose of this.
    Any suggestions?
    Juan Pablo

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  43. chocolat101

    Getting our posts onto Facebook automatically? That’s excellent. I better get into Publicize then. Thanks, WordPress.

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  46. liestyamu

    thanks for the informations :)

  47. Bernard Badilla

    This is great. This is the totally people want particularly who rely on facebook traffic. This should be give a test. Thanks to your new features.

  48. Chorwin

    Look like facebook is the central for all social network, everyone want to connect to it… Would we get the same in future for Google Plus. :)

  49. songdongjin

    yeah…I’ve activated it..nice.. :)

  50. susannemoore

    Fantastic! I have already set it up. I have 6 current blogs and 4 Facebook pages to manage so this is exactly what I needed. Thanks WordPress

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  52. Lesley

    Add me to the list of bloggers who would appreciate the ability to link to both our personal Facebook Wall and Facebook Page. As others have stated, their are readers on both spectrums that we want to publicize our blogs to. I’m currently using Networked Blogs, which allows me to publicize to both. Until you’re WordPress allows me to publicize to both ( sounds like that’s in the works, though? ), I’ll be sticking with Networked Blogs for convenience sake. As soon as you provide both options, I’ll make the switch to WP.

  53. thisblindman


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  55. Ali Reza

    I love the Facebook page widget!

  56. Gurjit Kaur - MUA

    thank you so much…..made my day
    i have been waiting this for so long

  57. elian67


  58. Mikalee Byerman

    This is great incentive to create my Facebook fan page — especially since you can designate to which page (personal or fan) it “publicizes.” I fear my personal friends may be growing tired of my self-promotion…

    Thank you!

  59. D. Artz


    But I can’t figure out how to make it work … it is Theme dependent? I’m using the “freshy” theme. Can you pls tell me if it will currently work for me or it I need to switch themes suggest a few that might do the trick?


    • Scott Berkun

      D.Artz: Its not theme dependent. If you go to your dashboard, Settings, and Sharing you’ll see Publicize.

  60. The Perfect Wedding Maui

    Awesome! Thanks, I’ve been wishing we could publish to our page instead of our wall. Mahalo!

  61. D. Artz

    Never mind … I just figured it out … Thanks so much!

  62. camusart

    Felicitaciones, es un buen apoyo al arte y a los artistas.
    Gracias por vuestra iniciativa.

  63. elian67

    cest supert

  64. 株式会社翠川

    Good news !!

  65. Gwen Hernandez

    Thanks, I’ve been waiting for this! You guys never disappoint. =)

  66. vuxpyra

    love the fight club reference!

  67. Cle

    OH yesssssssssssssssssss!
    I just was wondering about something like that since Facebook did not longer allow to share the RSS from blogs in new pages!
    Thank you very much!

  68. Betty Write


  69. Salil Lawande

    Thanks a lot WP team. The constant innovation really is a good value add when it comes to using and sharing your blog posts and content effectively. However I seem to have hit a block when it comes to managing media . Kindly also add that to your “list-of-features-to-be-added”.

    > Ability to tag media in the Media Library
    > Albums functionality (or something close to what Picasa Web Albums)
    > Sorting by month, year, title
    > A graphical/visual approach to managing & deploying media (drag & drop)

    Thank you once again.

    Best regards,


  70. PD Williams

    Yaaaaaay!!! Thanks!!

  71. Wez

    EXCELLENT WORK! I’m among the hoard who have been waiting for this. Thanks!!

  72. pratnala

    Can you add a feature by which we can post to Facebook wall, page and group?? Also, what about multiple Twitter accounts?? Please respond!!

    • Scott Berkun

      As mentioned in other comments, currently we only support a single target per service. Many have requested we allow multiple targets so we will look into it.

  73. Morten

    That’s great work guys… Is G+ coming up?

  74. El Mundo De Sexo y Seducción 16

    …Este es el complemento que estaba esperando, great work!

  75. Brian Currin, Music Fan

    Thank you, thank you, thank you … this is something I’ve really been waiting for!


  76. fbsvis
  77. Sandra Pawula

    Thanks so much for listening and acting!

  78. Atze Boombatze

    This works only for blogs on Or does this work on self hosted websites? I can´t find the sharing button in my WP-Installation …

  79. k1ngeljay

    THIS. Was. What. I. Needed.

    Thanks you! lol.

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  81. Lake Worth Florida by the moment the source of inspiration

    This was another helpful hint, I tend to forget about the other end.

  82. Fabian

    Great, I realy like this feature

  83. dealfon

    so many people mentioned facebook

  84. thesojourner2

    As a new blogger here, I would love to be able to somehow connect to my network of fans, followers and friends on HuffPost, but they won’t allow links to personal blogs of commenters. They allow their article writers to do so, however. They also encourage sharing on Facebook, Twitter, even here and some other sites, but not with personal site links. Some of the other sites I comment on allow direct linkage to my blog here. Any hope of encouraging HuffPost to do likewise? I’m not sure what mechanism you need to do that, but I know a lot of my HuffPost readers would probably visit my blog if they could link here. Just a thought. Thanks

  85. Bosstiger

    this option, is really really great, i want to have a facebook page and post there too my posts, i am very pleased with this option! keep up the great work!

  86. sebastianwhitewrites

    I am confused on this point, do you have to publicize your post “each” time with Facebook and Twitter or once it is set up with these accounts, is that it and you do not have to do it again?

  87. Mary Poppins


  88. Sarah R-H

    Hurrah!!! Whoop whoop!!! One VERY happy bunny here, THANK YOU!!!
    Sarah :oD

  89. Rimini Reporter

    Hallo. I have this problem.
    Untill yesterday i use this fantastic support sharing my articles on my fb page (Mark Towers).
    Now i’ve created a new page on fb (Rimini Reporter).
    I choosed the option facebook but is not possible redirect to the new fb page.

    I have wrong something?


  90. kaosmontorklassik

    wonderfully……as the winner of championship, all for the creation of blogs

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  92. tangibilisblog

    It’s great! I wrote to the team just a few weeks ago telling that I couldn’t connect the posts to my facebook pages and now it’s solved!
    Thanks a lot! Now I’lll save a lot of time!

  93. dewanada

    I hope I can publish my post both on my page and my wall….

  94. karlao

    This is so great. I’m think of starting a Drama Teacher’s Page on Facebook now because of this. It will keep it separate from my personal Facebook feed. Really, really great!

  95. Rachael

    Publicize to Facebook is a great option provided by WordPress. This feature would definitely enhance the effectiveness of online marketing. It seems to be a user-friendly feature. I am sure everyone will derive benefits out of it.

  96. Bonnie Pfiester

    It worked for my BCx Blog page but not my page. :)

  97. alicorndreams

    Now… If I could just get my ‘publicize to my facebook wall” to actually work…


    wow.realy it amazing things.I could be used for easily shared our posts..superb

  99. afroblush

    This is fantastic news!!! whoop whooop, been wanting this for so long :-) GO WORDPRESS TEAM YEAH!

  100. paolacanepa

    Nice tool !!! I’m using all right now !!!
    Thank you for helping us with the posts !


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