New Theme: Pink Touch 2

Today we’re excited to introduce the latest addition to our themes — Pink Touch 2, a nicely designed theme that has a stellar mix of color, texture, and typography.

The Pink Touch 2 theme

The Pink Touch 2 theme

Originally designed by Kcmr, Pink Touch 2 pays close attention to detail. The individual design effects are simple and subtle but together they make your blog look very attractive.

Pink Touch 2 was designed with Post Formats in mind. The theme supports nine post formats — standard, quote, aside, image, gallery, chat, audio, link, and video.

Read all about Pink Touch 2’s features on the Theme Showcase.

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Takashi Irie

  • Aug 9, 2011 @ 6:03 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Sasha

    Okay. I’m changing. Like, right now. I’ve always been vaguely aware of the post formats WordPress has to offer, but I’ve been ignoring them and sticking to the Standard format. But this new theme’s got me excited to explore the possibilities. Finally.

    Great job, WordPress!

  2. kazumasoju

    Simple but nice. I love it :)

  3. Margie

    While this is a theme with predominate neutral colors, it has enough color to make it interesting. I’m not sure I like how big and bold the block quotes are, however.

  4. greeentee

    GREAT minimalistic theme, but it really needs a custom color option to change the accent color. It’d be much more versatile in terms of author appeal if it wasn’t just pink! I know this can be changed via CSS upgrade.. but that’s $30 for a feature that’s included in other free, and much more powerful themes.

  5. princeszstix

    I’ll be using this one! I like it! Thank you… =D

  6. Mikalee Byerman

    I absolutely love the date banner — does anyone know if you can customize the info contained there? I’m a big fan of the “number of comments” being easily visible in a banner like this…

    Looking forward to experimenting with this one!

  7. kensbackhome

    There’s a lot to like about this theme. When I did the preview, it picked up my custom background, header image and text color, which made it look a lot less plain than the sample image above.

    Not wild about the header fonts and the HUGE block quote font, but I could live with them (I think). Overall, a very attractive option. I’ll probably play with this one a bit and see how it goes.

  8. ana pauper

    Great staging for future ballerinas :)

  9. PiedType

    Wow, the designers are on a roll lately. I love it!

  10. Sylwia

    Great theme!

  11. perrylup

    Simple and elegant – I like it!!

  12. Chorwin

    Like the post format where it construct image / link / quote differently… kind of clean and lean theme.

  13. V.Kirillin

    Oh, nice theme!!! but it’s very simple for my blog. :)

  14. dotnetcoder21

    Oww! Awesome! Being a pink lover, I really love this theme! THANKS :)
    Great Job! I’ll be using it :D

  15. Matthew Paladino

    I like the simplicity!

  16. Recis


    Thanks very much for the new theme addition! I’ve been waiting for the new batch of themes this week.

    Keep them coming, Theme Team!

  17. kimjungwon

    It’s tempting me to use it. I think i should change now.. :-)

  18. papercuthearts

    I really really like it!

  19. thisblindman

    It looks similar to some of the older themes but I’ll take what I can get. Thanks!

  20. tenbrokenbullets

    Nice one!
    My sister will love this, particularly because she’s always looking for simple, yet colorful themes.
    Thank you!

  21. yousef59

    Simple and nice…

  22. huxiaotuan

    Nice theme!! I like it!

  23. GSL430

    Woo, looks great and really stylish.

  24. rasamir

    Nice. Simple. Ease on reading and blog indulging. Thanks for note me.

    Ras Amir

  25. the island traveler

    A very cool theme with great features. But I’m more of the ” blue ” fan. Irregardless of what color I like, blue , yellow or green, I think pink is hot, reminds me of Katy Perry’s upbeat songs!

  26. Bosstiger

    Very very nice theme! I really like it :D

  27. Gia

    Nice and sweet! I love it.

  28. fionaqiqi

    I like this one. Thanks!

  29. თორნიკე

    Looks great.

  30. Justin Bieber

    Good Job! Keep creating themes like that!

  31. elheithemprod

    I really really like it :)

  32. Padraice

    Simple but soo nice, but for me the main column is too small.

  33. Kemi

    This one doesn’t really pop for me. But I do like the pink date labels – it’s all that grey I’m not sure about. Can one change the background color?

  34. contagiousgaze

    I really like this theme but I wonder why my page links doesn’t appear above my header :(

    • Takashi Irie

      In Pink Touch 2, you can create the menu in Appearance &rarr Menus .

      Here is the documentation for the custom menu, in case you need it.

  35. Eric

    Fantastic new theme!

  36. tatsuyafujiwara_lover

    Oh what a nice theme!!! ^^~ Hopefully, I could find some other interesting themes like this. ^^

  37. @noncheat

    nice theme……. :)

  38. nikkiqiao

    Very Simple and clean. I like it. Cute.

  39. hanhpt

    Looks it simple but great!

  40. munteng

    It looks tumblr-ish to be honest.

  41. Blogger

    This is a good designed theme!

  42. Sopheak.P

    I like theses new themes so so much : Quintus & Pink Touch 2 they are really cool!
    Thanks WP team! :D

  43. lazorg

    Well done :) I like it!

  44. nevergone4long

    I love when attention is drawn to details! I should be simple!

  45. Lizzums

    Another theme brought over from Tumblr. Can we have a nice original theme please?

  46. 便当小兔儿

    Love the theme! Any chance this made available for self-hosting WP sites? ;)

    • Takashi Irie

      It’s not yet but hopefully it becomes available soon so please keep an eye on it.

  47. queenbee24

    This is so cool I like it a lot!

  48. Linear Fix

    I agree with all the comments above, it looks very good. Nice to see some Tumblr themes coming aboard


    Attractive one

  50. Hafsa K

    Fantastic theme! So simple and uncluttered!

  51. Words of Little Relevance

    Oh pretty. Plain and simple. It’s probably not for me, but it is very pleasing on the eye.


  52. Sara Helal

    Nice simple theme, but I’m waiting for simpler! :D


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