Making your posts more beautiful

Here at we care about making things look good. Automattic, Inc., our parent company, invests heavily in design: every engineering team has a full-time designer. We know making things look and feel great is important  and we love making things people love to use.

Over the last few weeks we’ve studied the most popular features people add to their blogs. Things like Sharing, Likes and Ratings. Previously when you turned them on it made your blog look cluttered, defeating the purpose of the features themselves. This made us sad.

After much research, prototyping and testing by Beau and Hugo, we’ve released a simplified, more attractive design. These features now appear as friends, lining up in orderly columns, sharing attractive styles and working together to get you the activity from your visitors you want to have.

You may notice the designs for individual buttons have changed. One specific difference is now the ‘smart button’ setting is now global (renamed “Official Buttons”) and not per button.  If you had mixed buttons before, you’ll now have them unified. This was a necessary tradeoff to make the larger design changes possible.

We think you and your visitors will appreciate this new design. If you haven’t used features like Sharing before, now is a great time to turn them on.

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Scott Berkun


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  1. Milo

    Good work! Like it.

  2. Sameer

    Excellent addition. The simple change is so very effective.

  3. AnnJoo

    Is it just me or you can’t “like” with Facebook anymore?

  4. biavela

    :) really appreciated!

  5. FLYNN

    Aww! Please don’t be sad! The improvement is truly beautiful.

  6. Mattie J.

    It looks beautiful, thank you! :)

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  8. Mystic D

    “like” button is not working on my blog anymore. It has turned into an ordinary Facebook button which only shares posts. Why???

    • Beau Lebens

      If you switch to “Official Buttons”, then the button is now a Like button. In the text/icon only modes, it’s a standard share button.

  9. ÒscarAzAl

    Much nicer now than before!

  10. Vivian J. Paige

    Looks good – except the Google+ button. That one looks out of place with the rest.

    • Scott Berkun

      Indeed. Sometimes its hard to get all the buttons to get along. We’ll get this fixed soon.

  11. NQ

    Its very good! It really is beautiful. ;-)

  12. Joanna

    I love the way that changes happen before your eyes, this is a definite improvement – thanks!

  13. Slik

    It looks great thank you! :)

  14. Linear Fix

    Only problem is the Google+1 does not align properly with the Facebook and Twitter buttons which have a different button height.

    • Scott Berkun

      Hi Linear: You have a good eye. We’re aware of this small problem and will fix it soon. Thanks.

  15. Habib

    About time, glad to see you guys looking out for these small details wrongly presented and correcting them. Thanks

  16. MMADfan

    Much more aesthetically pleasing! A bit confusing when I first saw them w/o the benefit of having read this post, but much nicer than it was before. One suggestion: I think that in your mention of the “unified” buttons, you should mention the button styles available & where to find them. I’m not sure I would have understood how to change the different button types if someone else hadn’t mentioned it in a forum post. To display smart buttons, go here: Settings > Sharing > Button style > Official buttons.

  17. Mark Petruska

    Great work! I always thought the sharing scheme was too cluttered before…this is a big improvement. Thanks!

  18. ardysz

    Yep, that’s a keeper!

  19. jm.maksiu

    Yeah it looks nicer.

  20. scrapitbeautiful

    Nicely done. Thank you!

  21. katharinetrauger

    Thanks to MMadfan for a few instructions! I was just wondering when I read your input. Yea!

  22. Nick

    Beautiful sure, but there’s not the ‘Facebook like’ button anymore nor the ‘tweets counter’ button.

    • Scott Berkun

      Hi Nick: If you have the official buttons on, you’ll still see the Facebook Like and the tweet counter on. I looked at your blog ( and it looks to be working just fine.

  23. tedgammon

    I’m probably out of line here with this reply. I don’t know what I’m doing yet. I’m new to blogging and so… If the above is designed to show people something and if I missed the boat here, well sorry for this but I just wanted to respond to the words within ‘This is for you’ So I’m so warned but I don’t think my world is so precious that I must monitor and maximize each and every second of it. The other things I can do are nearly infinite. So! My life is rich and full. I’m am the only judge who can adjudicate that fact so just leave it alone. What are you talking about when you say there are things I’m supposed to be reading? Where is this rule book of yours which would tell me what to read, and why? As to your comment regarding thinking thoughts I’m supposed to think? What the hell is that all about? I don’t need to read any thing at all. Ask the newspapers how many are reading their products. Don’t you know people just don’t read much anymore…

  24. Nick

    Ok, it seems I can’t read. Sorry :-)

  25. jessieb

    I love this! So clever.

  26. acorganics

    Looks good!

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  28. mrzuber30

    Thank you for the email. Look forward to the ever improving workpress :) I would say an overall success!

  29. hairofthehare

    This is great; it looks so much better!

  30. Poetry & Icecream

    Very neat. I really like it. Thanks :)

  31. tenbrokenbullets

    I LOVE IT!
    It looks so much better.
    Thank You and keep up the good work!

  32. buylocalmarket

    Every day I’m more impressed by WordPress. My only request would be to have the new, cleaner buttons while retaining the counter. The counter is a subtle way of showing readers that there is some activity on the site. I’d like the best of both worlds, the new buttons and the counter..

  33. ismailimail

    Is it possible to get an option in the Top Rated widget where the blogger can select which tab to show as a default?

    It used to show Today as the default tab until you introduced All as a default first tab. I had to stop using it because my blog is a fast moving blog and I have no use to keep All as a default tab for this widget. This also made me remove Rating stars because it was useless.

  34. hoobymoon


  35. datinghotpics

    looks better,smaller less cluttered.

  36. chaya rivka

    That looks really nice. Thank you!

  37. Maximiliano Saavedra

    Great work, thank you very much. Now it looks much cleaner.
    Suggestion on the print button, could you think the way you print to print only the text of the article?

  38. thisblindman

    This is pretty cool.

  39. Voices

    Nice! Practical and simply labeled makes it easy to choose.

  40. cickumqt

    This is useful 4 me,thanks

  41. uragreat12

    you could have written something of value that would uplift people, an then their time would have been well-spent. A thought?

    • Scott Berkun

      Next time I promise to pick something sure to make everyone smile.

  42. thekleek

    Not to be a Debbie downer, but I don’t get it.

  43. Barbara

    I dosent works. In my Blog is writen only: Rate, but not Share. So the whole does not appear uniformly left-justified! It looks more mess than before!

  44. Barbara

    I have solved the problem. But i still like it more how it was before. Now there more lines, more unrest, more words…

  45. John Spear

    Love it. Beautiful. Thank you!!!!

  46. Consuelo

    that’s more of an eye candy now.. :D thanks! :D

  47. AL Lee

    Sweet. Thanks for all your hard work!

  48. Raakaysh Shukla

    Hi Scott, thanks for at this. I too have social buttons at my blog posts, but they do not seem to be aligned properly and look cluttered. Please tell me some solution. Here is the address to my blog:

    • Scott Berkun

      Raakaysh: This update is for – It doesn’t appear your blog is hosted by us.

  49. Sasha Carter

    I don’t have Sharing listed under my settings. What am I missing? Still learning how to use WordPress.

  50. Honduras Positiva

    I like it, but I don’t see the change in my page :( Do I have to do anything or is it automatic?

  51. Sasha Carter

    Never mind. Retract last statement. Figured it out. Installed Sharedaddy.

  52. Viperio

    Looks really bad on the K2-Lite theme :/

  53. Rhonda Chapman

    Hi. Great looks! But…

    1) My “LinkedIn” button isn’t loading, all the rest do, or maybe my connection is slow. 2) With these new changes, does the difference between normal buttons and smart buttons still exist? i.e. when people click, are these new buttons registering the clicks in the stats? Thanks

    • Scott Berkun

      Hi Rhonda: You can turn on the official buttons, which have the counts, by going to Settings, Sharing, and setting Button style to official.

  54. Caiti

    Nice and organized! Beautiful :)

  55. 株式会社翠川

    Thaks !! It’s great

  56. harruhsun

    I like I like….keep up the awesome work

  57. Adnanomatic is Great! Thanks!

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  59. Gaurav Tiwari

    This improvement automatically fixed a bug in WPTouch mobile theme. When viewing with my mobile browsers, I did never see any sharing buttons on the posts or pages , however in general(nontouch) mobiles, in which WordPress Mobile Theme by Alex King works, there buttons were shown. Now, everything is okay and I can tweet, share via my touch phone because these beautiful buttons are there. I have a doubt, when I tweeted one post from my blog, ‘via @wordpressdotcom’ was suffixed with the tweet. Can I change or eliminate it?

  60. earlstevens58

    Excellent work – Keep it coming!

  61. iamthedreambeliever

    I like it :)

  62. Puneet

    It’s so better than earlier.

  63. SaniAgung

    good job. keep working hard ^_^

  64. wdednh


  65. humptydumptyhandmadeblog

    Great job!

  66. Alexander Huse

    Great, looks so much better! :D

  67. hapitplampang

    we are….. god team……oke

  68. El Mundo De Sexo y Seducción

    …Se nota que el equipo de WordPress se preocupa por mejorar cada día. Great work!!!

  69. Laura

    I really like this. It looks so much cleaner.

  70. kefalonian

    How can I insert these features in my blog?

  71. susannemoore

    Thanks again wordpress I really love this new feature. You are right – it does streamline the page and looks much better.

  72. Budi Sartaman

    it’s look very nice.. thanks

  73. Charles Warren

    Hi Beau, Many thanks – looks great. BTW – the friends are aligned in rows, not columns :)

  74. Robert!

    All very nice and good thinking. But its a very weird piece of text that comes along with the change….. couldnt you have picked a better text instead of “You just wasted 2 seconds bla bla. Is your life that empty bla bla…”

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  76. Sorren Galiza

    Pretty organized! Loved it :)

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  78. yousef59

    …yes,thank you for the email…

  79. Mungai NFI

    Certainly adds beauty to a blog. Go tmine turned on and loving the effect. Thats great

  80. helar

    Like this. Posts look more neat now. First I got a shock when I found this on my homepage, too, in a place where I did not care to have it at all, but then remembered that I can still switch it off for a specific page so everything is just perfect right now. :-)

  81. Moon Over Martinborough

    Thank goodness. I really didn’t like the way the ‘share this’ stuff looked when I put all the ones I wanted on there, so I felt I had to limit my selections for the sake of beauty. Now I can enable sharing with reckless abandon and no concern that beauty will suffer. Well done!

  82. Sarah R-H

    Neat, Tidy, clear, AND aesthetically pleasing – win!
    Sarah :)

  83. thyzor

    Thanx for sharing this info =)

  84. Mike

    YES! Thanks!

  85. Rowjie

    Looks better than the previous one. :)

  86. Sandra Pawula

    Very nice! I just noticed this today before I received this message and was really please. I appreciate these small but aesthetically pleasing changes! Thank you.

  87. shadispire

    Beautiful, but how i can add “Rate This” to my blog?

  88. rc5zero

    thanks for sharing! :)

  89. Rajkishore

    Gr8 work… Looks pretty cool than earlier… thanks! but font for “Rate this”, “Share this” & “Like” is increased automatically, which I couldn’t resolve in anyway… Plz help me out.. :)

  90. Calvin C. Yu

    Thanks for your efforts in polishing the already well-polished WordPress even further! I would like to ask if the option for Facebook “Like” button (with counts) and Twitter counts will be available again. These two features are quite important for us. Many thanks!

    • Scott Berkun

      They are available – Just go to Settings.Sharing and Set Button style to Official Buttons.

  91. Wouter Rensink

    Unfortunately it screw up the font size for the ‘share this’ text.

  92. Wouter Rensink

    And google+1′s button it’s horizontally aligned.

  93. Peter Dickinson

    Good change. Many thanks

  94. Leonor Heleno Designs

    I like the looks. But miss the numbers of twits on the page and find a little cheecky to have add /via @worldpress on all twits!!

  95. goosetea

    Much better! I like it.
    But there is minor issue in my theme. there is no label “Share This”
    for example

    • Scott Berkun

      If you go to Settings, Sharing you can change the ‘Sharing label’ to say whatever you want. For some reason yours is currently blank.

  96. Abercjusz

    Please change the color of lines in dark color scheme.

  97. Kemi

    I noticed the changes but thought it had to do with something else, like my version of windows or internet explorer. I love it! K

  98. RCA

    >>> If you switch to “Official Buttons”, then the button is now a Like button. In the text/icon only modes, it’s a standard share button.

    Thanks for the tip, Beau! I was crazy trying to enable the FB Like.

  99. kecarat

    I should try this, thanks!

  100. jgreigshaw

    You’ve convinced me. Just hope I can find out how to do it.


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