Watch your traffic grow with Sparklines

We have two quick announcements about new Stats features. The first one affects everyone with a blog. The second is just for those who have marked their blogs Private.

The Admin Bar (visible at the top of your screen if you are logged into now shows a tiny stats chart called a sparkline. You will only see the sparkline on your own blogs. Here’s a screenshot of my admin bar:

Admin Bar with Stats Sparkline

The chart consists of 48 upright bars representing the last 48 hours of page views for the current blog. Darker lines indicate nighttime according to the blog’s time zone setting. This is just to give you a rough overview of recent activity. The chart is also a link to the Site Stats page so you’re that much closer to the full picture. The sparkline has been available to self-hosted users through Jetpack for several months.

Private blogs, which can be viewed only by users chosen by the administrator, now track the page views of all of their users. Traditionally we have omitted the views attributed to a blog’s own users because stats were meant to reflect the activity of the general public. However, this meant that private blogs had no useful stats reports. This change will be especially useful for private blogs that have many users.

How are your stats looking today? To get those numbers moving, check out Scott’s recent post on How to Get More Traffic.

Update: We increased the contrast and added a scale that appears when you place your mouse cursor over the chart.

Sparkline with Scale

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  1. Liam Wise

    Awesome, always wanted this feature!

  2. rawmultimedia

    i really don’t see what it does except be an easy clickable link to see your views. I am not complaining. I am just not grasping its major effect. But any additions to wordpress is cool with me. :)

  3. Mo (@mjangda)

    I had no idea that the darker lines indicated nighttime! Sparklines are so cool!

  4. xenonlit

    I like these! They will help to find out when the traffic is at a peak time.

  5. thisblindman


  6. timethief

    Thanks for the sparklines. As I’m visually challenged and the sparklines are gray and placed on the gray navigation bar, and as day and night are depicted as other shades of gray, I’m wondering if you would please consider choosing to use color as I’m having so much difficulty discerning the multple shades of gray.

  7. helar

    Cool. Love the possibility to have stats for private blogs, too!

  8. GADEL

    This is a great feature. I love checking my blog stats frequently to know my visitors and see how and what to write. Thanks again.

  9. Debra Elizabeth Archibald

    Brilliant! Thanks x

  10. Jose Carlos Angulo Fotografía

    Nice detail, helps. well done. usefull

  11. konaexpress

    Way cool, I just had to go and click on it.


  12. RM - Lucifer´s Angel


  13. beyondanomie

    Very fun!

    I just started a second, new, blog recently at so it should be fun to see it grow.

  14. The Awkward List

    I was wondering what that was.. sounds really awesome!


  15. V.Kirillin

    Thank you so much! ;) when are going to make stats about location of our users? and where do they come from? :)

  16. MsAidyl

    amazing!! i love the day/nightime aspect of it

  17. Jennifer

    Cool! Hoping this is the appetizer to an expanded stats reporting feast. :)

  18. raincoaster


  19. TheOfficialMsSpicy

    I love everything about this website!!!! & the new feature is great because, I keep track of my site stats daily.

    God Bless,

    Ms Spicy

  20. nazareen

    Thank you it’s a hard to do so kinde of jobe

  21. SaniAgung

    i love this !!
    nice work :D

  22. Brittany

    I was wondering what that was. Great addition ^.^

  23. freethepen

    Wonderful idea — thank you

  24. modytt

    I hope the stats say which countries visit my BLOG, this would be perfect

  25. gianghayenchi


  26. jakesprinter

    Cool very nice one

  27. Bayoor

    The sparkline is a wellcome idea as it will enable one to know how one is fearing.Also,the placement is okay because it will be easily located.Well done.

  28. thiskidreviewsbooks

    Very Cool!

  29. ♡ tHe TaLe Of My HeArT ♡ Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡

    Great that’s cool……

  30. Spectra

    I just noticed this new feature this morning. I like that we can follow the hours of peak views. It will help me to decide what time of day to post. I already know pre-morning ‘seems’ best, but it will be nice to have proof. I suspect people are all reading blogs from their office desks anyway, during office hours. WAY TO STICK IT TO DA MAN, people!

  31. tenbrokenbullets

    Truth is, it’s kind of awesome.

  32. Stephanie

    Nice. Sounds like it will be a very useful feature.

    And on a side note, I’m digging your epic ‘stache!

  33. Chorwin

    Kind of cool. Actually the Stats do help me alot for per day visit rate…
    By the way, from the bar height, we can’t really know how many visit on that particular hour, just a guess that is the peak… lol.

  34. omawarisan

    I love the idea, hope it can be moved to the stats page so it is readable! It is realllllly hard to see.

  35. Raise Expectations

    Very cool. One of the best new features WordPress has added.

  36. Mikalee Byerman

    I noticed that today! Thank you for clarifying…that’s quite a fun little snapshot of activity. :)

  37. sisterwithstyle

    sounds great! thanks!!

  38. Darren Poke

    I love it. A nifty new addition.

    Thanks guys, you do an awesome job!

  39. SorrentoMoon

    I suppose I need traffic to understand the feature better. I am sure I will appreciate it one day! Cheers

  40. shekharonline

    Is that available with Zones / Countries too? This feature looks good. Keep up with the good work. you guys \m/ .Loving it.

  41. peregrine

    It is remarkable how hard working and ingenious the WordPress people are. I feel awfully lucky. -Peregrine

  42. Pearlie

    Nice feature, gives me a quick update.
    But as Timethief said, it would really help if the colour of the stats/background was changed from grey to something more discernable..


  43. veehcirra

    Interesting it will make it faster to link to the site stats now especially for those obsessing with views like yours truly :)

  44. yousef59

    very good…

  45. paddylastinc

    I was actually waiting for any updates from WP team. This one would do. haha :)

  46. Mike Hardisty

    I saw the sparklines last night and thought that’s new, but as I had a date to photograph the ISS as it passed over the UK last night, I didn’t really have time to investigate what they were about

  47. Einna/Annie Fileiros

    J’aime cet article. Bises à toute la communauté.

  48. Liz

    I wondered what it was for till I read it here. Although ok at a quick glance of the eye. I will always use my Dashboard and look from there.

  49. tatankawins

    great tool!

  50. goosetea

    Oh, how i love statistics!! thank you guys) too bad there is not much to look at :))

  51. wbcoach

    Thank you for this new feature. Very nice! I like WordPress more every day!

  52. MsGenealogist

    Interesting. Will have to wait and see how I use it, but it’s very pretty :) (although I am rather surprised the accessibility issue highlighted by TimeThief wasn’t spotted during the design process).

  53. Butterfly Jewel

    I like it!

  54. The Modern Language School

    Very useful. Thanks!

  55. cj wright

    I noticed the sparklines right away. Love ‘em!! What a great tool to take a look at international (nighttime) readership, too. Great addition.

  56. Jayant Raj

    A fun thing, cool. :) But I don’t think it’s of much use to me.

  57. nelson RN

    Now I know what that was for! Thanks! Very cool!!!!

  58. Tomis the Cat

    Thank you very much, dear friends from WordPress ! You are the best !!! :)

  59. Lisa

    Hey, that’s kinda funky. :D

  60. Jörn Backes


  61. Mina

    Muito bom, gostei ainda bem que recebemos atualizações para melhorar os posts!
    Parabéns a todos que se preocupam conosco!
    Abraços Mina!

  62. John Fanai

    WP is getting better and better!

  63. whatsaysyou

    Great feature.

  64. Brandon

    Cool feature!

  65. amandaenglishteacher

    Thanks for the information.

  66. Island Heat Products

    Great reference tool. can see many quick uses.

  67. socialingilizce

    so so

  68. Margie

    Nice idea, but a bit difficult to read with shades of grey on grey.


    awesome.. i love wordpress

  70. omel07

    So that’s what it was. Nice feature! :D

  71. naveedashaikh

    Sounds interesting! and more than interesting after trying it!

  72. mthoffman

    Thanks for adding that feature! It’s really interesting :D

  73. rebeccasretreat

    Brilliant feature, useful and looks interesting at the top!

  74. AnnJoo

    Nice ones! Especially the one for private blogs.

  75. carstickerss

    I like these! They will help to find out when the traffic is at a peak time

  76. lazorg

    cool, i like it))

  77. summerfield84

    Thank you, very much.

  78. fengshuiMAE

    This is a great way to see when we get views! I love the idea! Bravo!

  79. eof737

    Neat feature… :-)

  80. jm.maksiu

    Nice feature. Quick and easy.

  81. Joanna Aislinn

    Depending on the day, Sparklines are awesome…or depressing.

  82. Potamotrygorgeous Mäh

    Nice feature.Thanks.

  83. The Scottie Chronicles

    Very cool! We just noticed this today. Thank you!
    Arrrooooo, Stuart

  84. lollipopsvscigarettes

    So cool of an idea. :D

  85. sn2snblog

    I like this feature too.
    The fact my blogs pretty new so traffics low atm, This will make it easier to see it progress as time goes on :D

  86. Adrian Pantonial

    I just love WordPress so much for continually improving and always coming up with cool features like this one.

    Keep up the good work Team WordPress!

  87. elenaramirez

    Thanks all of this is very helpful. Blessings, Elena

  88. tinaannlear

    This is just great!

  89. evilnymphstuff

    Cool feature! :)

  90. pepper cookie

    I am shocked seeing that there are hits on my private blog today. It takes me a while to finally come to a thread ( that directed me to this announcement that explains what has happened. I would appreciate giving bloggers a choice to decide if they want the stats, particularly for private blogs. Hope to see that soon!

  91. keeptrade

    Thanks,very nice feature.

  92. bshortland

    This is crazy convenient!

  93. Cristiana

    Awesome, I was wondering what it was until I clicked it and now that I’ve read the post I know more about it. It’s very nice, thanks!

  94. MkMiku

    So THAT’S what the dark lines mean! Cool feature. I’m glad it’s in an easy spot to see.

  95. rypostsit

    love it!

  96. Giorgio

    Think that is a terrific feature :-p Really a good job to keep track of everythink “on the fly”

  97. K & T

    I like this – I’m always glad I switched over to wordpress when I see the new features you guys come up with.

  98. محمد العتيبي

    Very nice; appreciate your efforts.

  99. rmiglobal

    Many Thanks for all your efforts WordPress Team ;-)

  100. symone1176

    Thx. for the info.; anything positive is always helping me learn a little more everyday.


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