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Over on the blog, there’s an interesting story about the growth of WordPress, the software that powers here, and the ecosystem around it. is different from every other social platform out there because in addition to giving you ownership of your data you get ownership of the code running your data as well, you could run the same Open source software yourself, and in fact we’ll even help you do it.

Open Source is like a Bill of Rights for software that protects your essential freedoms. When you bring a friend to WordPress you can do it without worry because we’re building something to be around ten, twenty, thirty years from now.

If you’d like to learn more about what’s happening and coming in the wider world of WordPress, check out this presentation I made:

Happy blogging. :)

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  • Aug 19, 2011 @ 5:47 pm


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  1. Nicky

    WordPress is getting more and more popular. I switched from Blogger to WordPress because I liked it’s features and that WordPress was more professional than Blogger.

  2. Rich Meyers

    Good stuff Sir. Im new at all this and could use some advice on how to get more trfc. to my blog site. Thanks again

  3. Luc Vrielinck

    thx continue the good work !

  4. chicquero

    Very nice, congrats!

  5. timethief

    Thanks for creating this video so those of us who do not attend WordCamps are included. I really appreciate it it as I’m mobility and visually challenged and travel poses many difficulties for me.

  6. abichica

    great post.. i didn’t know so many people were using wordpress.. very informative.. :-D

  7. scrunchyy

    Thank you! This is fantastic!

  8. ournote2self

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Laura4NYC

    Wow, everywhere but Russia…!

  10. momslifeponderings

    Hey Matt,
    I just want to say that I am a new blogger and I have LOVED! It has been a breeze setting up my blog and I love the support – especially the stats that are provided. Happy Blogging!

  11. Eva McCane

    very bad*ss.

  12. Bayoor

    Everything you give us is adding value to your services.Welldone,more grease to your elbow.

  13. valentindedu

    Thank you Matt. God bless your vision!

  14. Lisa

    Wow. WordPress is great! Let’s keep it just keeps on growing!

  15. Liz

    It was nice to see the presentation, so I can see the face behind WordPress, but what I could say is, it would be nice if you add captions to it, so I was able to follow it better, as I am deaf. And I know I’m not the only deaf user that uses WordPress. That is the only one negativity I can say. I really hope you will take on board adding captions, so us deaf people can follow better.

    Other than that, I’m so happy with my and would recommend it to anyone. I also have never forgot how a blog I accidently deleted once, was rescued very quicky by your staff.

    Thank you WordPress! :)

  16. Alice Verheij

    I’ve been using WordPress for a very long time. It changed my life in many ways. It became a platform for my writing and art and for my endeavors like the feature documentary I am making about the forgotten refugees from Bhutan. Without WordPress I would never have been able to gain the visibility I am having now. My work has brought me dear friends and actually the quality of the WordPress based websites I make is partly responsible for bringing to the other side of the world to do what I am doing now.
    In Nepal I’ve been training young refugees in refugee-camps to start writing blogs using WordPress. An they now do so! WordPress is an important communication tool for the Bhutanese refugee community that is more and more living in diaspora globally.
    I thought you might be interested to get to know this.

    Peace and love,
    Alice Verheij

  17. Frank Allison

    This is a great news for bloggers. It opens access to a broad spectrum of people who are finding a place to voice their concerns. Thank you WordPress for encourging lines of communication.

  18. JT

    Thanks WordPress, You made it possible!

  19. SaniAgung

    nice work.. :)

  20. thisblindman


  21. drewcreal

    hey thanks for this informative post, I learned a lot! I hope more people get into WordPress, I’ll do my best to spread the word. Thanks!

  22. ls zhao

    like blogging with WP. thanks!

  23. whatsaysyou

    WordPress rocks.

  24. The Awkward List

    Wow that is really awesome.. Great presentation!


  25. fionaqiqi

    growth of wordpress from the map really looks impressive. especially when msn space phases out, wordpress starts to get on the show in china… cooooool ;)

  26. Dixit Kumar Jain

    Wish you the same dear:)

  27. Carol R. Fielding

    Very cool. :)

  28. ugaton

    2 Thumbs up!

  29. skulz fontaine

    Ownership of the “code?” Please oh please oh please WordPress, I have enough trouble getting the posts up. Owning the code? No thanks I think. You own it and I post. How’s that?

  30. Neeraj Bhushan

    WOW! Thanking you WordPress for helping me grow together, with you, with all such wonderful and amazing people. Love you.

  31. simmerfan101

    I love wordpress. I can express my feelings on here.

  32. eideard

    Keep on rockin’ in the Free World!

  33. Jayant Raj

    First WordPress ruled the blogospere and now its heading towards the whole web – great! And Matt, you’ve gown stylish hair. :)

  34. warrenlevine

    I’m glad Matt mentioned the fellow who’s doing WP sites for the blind, because this should ring true for anyone who even needs glasses.

    This presentation, while superb as-is, would have been much better had it been recorded in HD. At its highest resolution (480) it just looks fuzzy in full-screen mode even on a 22″ screen.

    Other than that, being a relative newcomer to WordPress, I love what you’ve done with it and I like the way you’re thinking.

  35. Heather Hale

    Great stuff! I want to come to a Word Camp! :)

  36. tenbrokenbullets

    I’m very happy to be apart of WordPress.

  37. livinglearningeating

    I think WordPress is awesome, because it provides a free platform through which people can give voice to their opinions, share their experiences, and learn about ways of life in different parts of the world (or, like my blog, food and culture in different parts of the world).

  38. tommeivind

    Thank you WordPress. Open source is good. Tell that to apple.

  39. brainrants

    I like the long-term strategy if you are sincere about it.

  40. Gerrit Eicker

    This is exactly the reason why I love WordPress(.com): “ is different from every other social platform out there because in addition to giving you ownership of your data you get ownership of the code running your data as well, you could run the same Open source software yourself, and in fact we’ll even help you do it.” – But… there’s Diaspora following exactly the same approach; – I’d love to see more collaboration between WP and Diaspora in the future (e.g. cross-posting etc.).



  42. elmer

    hurray! im part of wp! :-)

  43. benbalzer

    Hey hasn’t apple’s App store success proven that Freeware is not necessary. People only wanted fairware- a fair price for software, and particularly an affordable price.
    While I totally support your viewpoint, I think that the international community will benefit a lot more if developers charge a small price for everything, say $10 for a WordPress site. :-)

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  45. eof737

    TY Matt… You and the team do a terrific job! :-)

  46. goosetea

    just wanted to say i love wordpress:)

  47. dolgaya123rualla

    Thank you a lot! Your attention is inspiring! I will try to do my best to develop my blog on WordPress.

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  49. doodlejuice

    And no surprise there as WordPress is so brilliant.

  50. Gary Boivin

    I’d love to be on WordPress,however, the site asked me to change my password no less than three times in 24 hours, the last time I tried blogging here.

  51. Bert

    Interesting presentation and awsome graphics!

  52. Mina

    Gostei bastante da nova modalidade, obrigada a todos por nos proporcionarem mais essa novidade!
    abraços Mina!

  53. upwritewriters

    The dashboard makes sure I know what is happening in the creative world of communication via the internet.

  54. J. Michael McDade

    Thanks for what you guys do. My ministry has seen tremendous growth since moving my blog to WordPress.

  55. palmtreelifestyle

    Amazing product. Thanks for your contribution to the internet and keep up this incredible tool. Kind regards.

  56. Summer

    I think WordPress will continue on growing!!

  57. Harlem World

    you gals and guys are the best!

  58. This Teacher Speaks

    I enjoyed watching this video. The presentation really enhanced the points Matt made. I’ve learned some things about WordPress that I didn’t know before, especially about the human element and thought that continues to be invested. All in all, this video made me proud to be using WordPress, and I’m looking forward to the next desire path.

  59. Daniel Saner

    “Open Source is like a Bill of Rights for software that protects your essential freedoms. When you bring a friend to WordPress you can do it without worry because we’re building something to be around ten, twenty, thirty years from now.”

    Very nicely put, and the thing that I see many proprietary software developers underestimate, or fail to understand. The difference was not so big just a couple of years ago—when you pretty much could go to a store and buy a proprietary application, take it home, install it and use it. But today, many developers and publishers seem to be focused on taking away as many rights from their customers as possible, even skirting the law to do it, such as the first-sale doctrine. At the moment I think the end-users conscious of this are in a minority. But I suppose, and hope, that the more these schemes will inevitably show their ugly side of providing no long-term guarantees, people will start to care. Once they lose all their work and data because some server for “authenticating” their software is no longer around, they’re hopefully going to make a more informed choice next time.

    Let’s continue to help exterminate the beasts of DRM and oppressive service attachments :)

  60. John Feinberg

    Either there are some really small islands in some of the oceans listed, or the Somalia pirates really do like blogging.

  61. dwashba

    cool stuff, no russians on wordpress huh?

  62. RM - Lucifer´s Angel


  63. Adnanomatic

    Great! This is why i love WordPress!

  64. John J. Rigo, Texas' Poet

    WordPress has been the center of my charity work in the form of two-non profit poetry books I published in 2005. A third is pending, with postings from that book on my wordpress blog. I have been with WordPress for five years now. I cannot relate in adquate words the great blessings I have received since becoming a WordPress blog member. The individuals I have had contact with via the WordPress program who are also WordPress Bloggers themselves, would be the kind of people I would invite into my home, anytime.

    In addition to my posted poetry, I have also had the opportunity to continue as a community activist in my city of McKinney, Texas over the last five years. McKinney, Texas has been my home for over forty years. I know for a fact my postings on WordPress has brought positive changes to my city over the years. Matt, thank you for this wonderful program.

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  66. vishalhd

    WOOO, that’s cause WordPress Is Freaking EPIC :D

  67. aprilslife


  68. Martin (IQ)

    No Q&A Session after “State of the Word”? At least I couldn’t find any on

    Impressive growth. Over 14% of all webpages sounds like you’re slowly gonna take over the web. ;)

    I think dwashba is referring to the small amount of blips/markers in russia on the GoogleMap above. Russia seems like a white spot. ;)

    As for I would like to see more buddypress-like Features in the future. Post Formats for all themes and page templates for these formats so that we could e.g. have a page that only shows our “asides”. Sort of like a twitter replacement with the advantage that it’s my data and I could export/move them at any time.


  69. Naiwen

    WordPress is a wonderful software. I too switched from blogger to this one. I love the themes you made.

  70. beyondanomie

    WordPress is great, partly because we all retain ownership of our content, and partly because it’s just so simple to use while still creating professional results. It just makes life easy.

    I’ve been personal blogging for about a year or so, but recently needed to start another site. I did think about getting web designers in, but then realised I could do everything I needed within WordPress so started a second blog and used the buy domain option to get a professional-looking address for it.

  71. Opium Club

    Very good, WordPress :)

  72. Little Mikhael

    Awesome! Like it very much :)

  73. frawgsdill

    I am new to the blogging world and WordPress. So far I have enjoyed it here!

  74. Lith Ium

    If i didnt have WordPress, i wouldnt have a career or a life. WordPress has made me over $350k in the past 2 years. Thanks!

  75. allofasuddenpartJew

    Love this!

  76. Alan Zhong

    The WP community beats Blogger’s community easily.

  77. Maaz Ali


  78. nelson RN


  79. dwashba

    @Matt Well there were little to no pings on the map in Russia.

  80. Jamuwai Tours & Travels

    Congratulation WordPress for this Great Success.

  81. frendshiprifqi

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, that’s great !

  82. Katja Bak

    Well done.

  83. aRVee

    Congrats guys! :)

  84. Shailesh

    From Dec 2010, I’ve started writing on Environment and sustainable business development through I really love it. Thanks WordPress!

  85. Ena Teo Jia En

    Hi Matt & team, thanks for the great presentation (nice visuals!) and making WordPress the great writing platform it is! I was with Blogger for 8 years and I switched to WordPress about a year ago. It’s inspirational to see the changes and progress that WordPress is making. Really appreciate the work you guys are doing! :)

  86. zachynyoga

    Good on you WordPress :)

  87. Anna

    I think WordPress is fantastic. I chose it specifically when I decided to set up a blog because of its features and wide community. Keep up the good work! :)

  88. sketchjay

    I am really enjoying the functionality of my WordPress blog. Congratulations!

  89. CJ Cook

    TY Matt….WordPress makes writing and posting easy ans fun :)

  90. GraceLynneFleming

    just discovered wordpress and I LOVE IT!!

  91. oliviaashewriter

    I love WordPress. Its so much better than Blogger. Thanks for not blasting us with ads and thanks for making it easy to use for us non techie nerds. Good luck for the future: )

    PS: I also love the hair ;)

  92. Danny Charles

    WordPress is the best way to go. Especially that you can use apps on your phone to blog as you move.

  93. Matthew Paladino

    WordPress is the best blogging software out there! Thank you!

  94. Margaret

    How GREAT is this!!! And to think it’s really just a small dip into all that you do….. It shows that you enjoy your work in making things enjoyable for everyone coming to WordPress. Thank you very much!

  95. sylviahubbard1

    I’m going to have my daughter watch this video and eventually turn her from “her blog” to a wordpress blog. She’s only 15, but I’m pushing her toward wordpress more and more and I think once she really sees the potential, where she can create a blog just as fun as “her blog” she’ll definitely be a die hard for life. I’m just really excited Detroit is gearing up for another WordPress camp and I’m spreading the love of WordPress all throughout Motown!

  96. Bruno

    Since one year, I have the same look as Matt. Please don’t shave your head like Bruce Willis cuz I will not follow you ! ;)

  97. thecorngoblin

    Hooray for wordpress! Hooray for blogging!

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  99. MarvelousTM

    I’m a graphic designer who thinks WordPress is just beginning, it’s been around for a while but it really has a glorious future with an even bigger part to be play on the web. I also still blog on Blogger and I think we bloggers should not forget the contribution that site has made to the web. WordPress, thankfully has never shown a “them or us” mentality, that’s whats makes WP a truly global and expansive business.

  100. crystalstara

    Loved the presentation Matt, it was fantastic! You have a wonderful enthusiasm for what you do! I am using WordPress to blog and it is wonderfully easy to use. I enjoy the simplicity of the interface and how you can customise so greatly. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts! Kind Blessings! Sista Avatar


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