New Theme: Chunk

We are launching another theme for you which goes by the name of Chunk. It has a straightforward look, with bold typography and a well balanced layout. The theme also offers content variety with post formats.

A view of Chunk

Chunk was designed by Tran N. It comes with support for an optional custom header, background color, and a footer widget area that appears when you populate it with widgets. Check it out at the Theme Showcase or activate it right away in Appearance → Themes.

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  • Aug 24, 2011 @ 6:16 pm
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  1. timethief

    Wow! Yet another tumbleblog themes that’s equipped with all these posts formats: Standard, Aside, Gallery, Image, Quote, Link, Audio, Chat, Video.

  2. The Awkward List

    I really like the simplicity of the theme itself. The footer widget area is an awesome addition!


  3. nkeda14

    Nice. I’ll have to use this one!

  4. Dev

    This is one of the rare neat and solid themes!

  5. Margie

    Big and Bold Title and headings! Blockquotes look great. Photos are handled nicely. Clean and simple!

  6. gurusatap

    Wow… very nice. I like it.

  7. beyondanomie

    The flexibility of having different post formats for different content is certainly growing on me; seems like more themes are now supporting this feature, and this is a good, simple theme to use them in.

  8. daniellekoffler

    This theme looks awesome! I just wish it had an option for a sidebar.

  9. The Fausto Rocks Yeah

    Awesome!! Might be the time of some change again.

  10. Chorwin

    Yo! Another new free theme for us.

  11. hanhpt

    It looks quite simple!

  12. Taku

    Interesting, I love the boldness!

  13. Stephanie

    OMG, if my husband ever starts a blog, he will have to use this theme. It is him personified (or perhaps blogified).

  14. f5andy

    Stop making good themes! I’m having nightmares trying to settle on one. :)

  15. Bhushan Shirgaonkar

    I have activated this theme and I like it.

  16. Northern Book Centre

    The simplicity of this theme has impressed us.

  17. John Smalley

    Distinctively fresh and bold theme… kudos.

  18. Farfallina_Blue - anais

    Awesome, I really love it! But would it be possible to have a side widget area please?

  19. ahmadun

    Cool. But it’s too simple.

  20. Kale

    Real chunk!

  21. ana pauper

    A really bloggy one. 8)

  22. chocolatelie

    Simple, but pretty. :) I like it a lot.

  23. thisblindman

    I like this one.

  24. stopthstupidity

    I love it!

  25. cookster76

    I may be sold on finally changing themes. Been thinking about switching things up for a while and I really like the simple clean look of this one.

  26. Sopheak.P

    Great Chunk! I like its name and the great font style! Thanks! :D

  27. Brandon

    Cool theme!

  28. Jay

    I am now using this theme!

    GREAT! Thanks WordPress!

  29. tenbrokenbullets

    I LOVE this one. Very modern and solid. Seriously, I would love to see more themes like this one. ;)

  30. Mrs C

    I love love love this theme.

  31. AnimeBoy_007

    Wow, nice theme! :D

  32. superdefective

    A very nice and elegant theme.

  33. Sheri

    Totally random, :) but for some reason I thought of the character from The Goonies when I saw this theme name!

  34. thecovertchristian

    Solid layout. Very bold, perfect for getting the point across.

  35. Eric

    Looks a bit like Tumblr. Clean and easy on the eyes. Nice theme!

  36. flamedidea

    Does it have a sidebar?

  37. Another Oklahoma Rose

    Awesome theme! Perfect for those with eye issues or just a flair for the dramatic. Thanks!

  38. Johan Borg

    Wow. That is one of the most good looking WP themes I’ve seen in a while. Good job, guys!

  39. Lee

    & …it’s FREE -sigh-!

  40. Mo Jangda

    I love the site description on the demo site. Made me laugh :)

  41. phoxis

    This theme really impressed me, truly clean.

  42. Paul Eccles

    You say Chunk I say Choclate!

  43. parsnipfeet

    If it weren’t for my arduous eenie-meenie-miny-moing before I decided on my current theme, I’d have snapped this theme in well, a snap! Love!

  44. Stranger

    Ι’m switched to this finally!
    If it had a twitter and a rss icon on the header would be almost perfect!

    And if you could add a colour change option.

  45. Heather

    I love the blog but I would like my widgets on the side.

  46. mrasherkade

    The very first thing I thought about when I heard about this theme is the name of that weird guy kept in a basement named Chunk in the 80’s movie Goonies! hahahahaha.

  47. kOoLiNuS

    Will you release a version of this on Theme directory?

  48. Ady Mat

    This theme is simply simple and non distractive. Bravo!

  49. MCNX

    Great theme! Is there a version for self hosted wordpress blogs?

  50. mankatahsite

    I love the theme so much, I fell in love with it the moment it opened.

  51. severin

    Sometimes a theme just needs to be plain and bold. “Chunk” does this admirably.

  52. thewanderingsiren

    Very simple and clean. Nice job!

  53. Words of Little Relevance

    Oh I quite like this. Might take it for a spin myself.

  54. mpcevallos

    I love it! Take you so much I´ll use it for my portfolio :)

  55. Jhon Smith

    Good theme !!

  56. Sandra Pawula

    I love it except for the “chunk” part. Thank goodness for the custom design upgrade!

  57. T. (@thisistran)

    Thank you for sharing my Tumblr theme on :) And thank you everyone for your positive comments! Enjoy!

  58. khairulorama

    Yep, very minimalist… I like it…

  59. Avinash

    Man, I really wish this was on

  60. GreyReverend

    Thanks Tran for a great theme. Question: Can I remove the huge area where the word “CHUNK” lives on the demo page? I want to use a custom header and delete the default one above it. Thanks!

  61. burqueboy

    Aaaarrrgh! Why do you have to put out a theme that’s perfect for my blog except not having a sidebar? Now I’ve got a real painful decision ahead.

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  63. eliandshana

    Really like the simplicity and crispness. Shame I host my own wordpress sites and can’t seem to get this one for one of those journals.

  64. worldinform

    This is a wonderful theme one I have always dreamt of.

  65. eliandshana

    I shall have to keep my eye out for it then. I really like this theme. Thanks, Matias.


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