Giving the support site a refresh

Keeping’s documentation up to date and accessible is one part of what the Happiness Team works on. We’ve long had lots of documentation, but we realized that the design and flow of the support site spoke more to us Happiness Engineers. How backward is that?

That all changes today. :) Before, you saw a long page filled with lists. Now you see eight content groupings on the homepage.



We looked at a lot of data about where people run into problems with Using this we redesigned the site by weeding back overgrown lists, eliminating overly complicated jargon, and putting the answers to the questions you’ve asked most front and center.

If those new sections don’t have the answers you seek, we prominently placed a very effective search option at the top right that is perfect for pinpointing an answer to an obscure issue.

There’s more coming too so keep an eye out. We’ll keep working hard to make it even easier to find the information you need.

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Andrew Spittle


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  1. Erin

    This certainly cuts down on all the scrolling you’d initially do. :P

  2. Elana

    Wow! Thanks – what a great improvement!

  3. Jonas Christensen

    You guys really know your web design, eh? ;)

  4. rgoudreau1947

    Much better this way. Thanks.

  5. timethief

    I’ve been using the new support page this morning while answering support forum questions. I like the new easy to navigate design layout very much and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next changes will be. Good work!

  6. mthoffman

    Love the new layout! :)

  7. Margie

    I like the layout you’ve chosen, and I think it is a great idea to eliminate complicated jargon. These changes should be welcomed by WordPress bloggers both old and new!

  8. graceonline

    Looking forward to giving this a spin. Thank you so much!

  9. Joanna

    It’s looking good! What a lot of work that must have been, wow!

  10. Widdershins

    Going to check this out. Thanks for thinking outside your box. The tech world needs more of it.

  11. Indupitable Dave

    Ohh it’s about time. The old way was like trying to navigate through uncharted territory with no compass and a blindfold. TY for new design.

  12. lexpet

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Mattie J.

    A wonderful improvement! Very nice new design! I love the new navigation of it. ^_^ Thank you!

  14. healthyweightlossssss

    Yay! This sounds great. I’m new and can use all the help I can get ;)

  15. karleenbradford

    Thanks. I appreciate you making things easier for us. I, for one, need it!

  16. Oma Liz


  17. writeeachday

    Keep up the good work – this is great!

  18. kensbackhome

    Okay, this is easier. Thank you.

  19. Na Na

    It looks really nice and much easier to navigate for someone new like me. I feel I must ask one question. Where’s the “Information for seniors” button? (section?) A dictionary of terms used that older minds can understand. I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.

  20. stuffthatmatters2me

    Your efforts are appreciated and the changes are a definite improvment. Thanks!

  21. Overwhelmed By Joy

    Thanks so much! That is extremely helpful. :-)

  22. Kathrine Roid

    From the science fiction write: much more streamlined! I love it. This will indeed be easier – or at least funner. I usually could find what I was looking for on the support site, but this is much nicer.

  23. LSA

    Thank you Happiness Engineers

  24. Christian fantasy fiction for women

    Much simpler, smarter! Thank you!

  25. tenbrokenbullets

    SO much simpler! Thanks again!

  26. Mikhail

    Thank you for this!

  27. paulpsoucek

    WP Dearest,

    Tis more than a redesign. It’s a rebirth.

    I’ve been wanting to migrate to WordPress for some time, and the streamlined help page will make the transition even easier.


  28. Ro

    Awesome improvement! This will make troubleshooting so much easier. :)

  29. Anita Mac

    Awesome – very intuitive.

  30. mlmitts

    BRAVO!!! Much much easier to find things now, and yes a looooooooooooong list was hard to navigate!! Certainly you guys and gals at WordPress deserve KUDOS for a job well done!!

  31. vision791

    Thanks for continually trying to improve WordPress.

  32. Mikalee Byerman

    Wow: The Happiness Team rocks! :)

    Thank you for making this FAR simpler…

  33. countessjewels

    It would be nice to be able to directly ask a question to a problem for which we can’t find an answer to from the search.
    Thanks for the opportunity to give my opinion.

  34. Jack

    That is really helpful. Thank you.

  35. Wez

    Thanks guys, looking forward to shorter visits to the support site.

  36. yousef59


  37. La Tribu d'Anaximandre

    thank you for this initiative ! more and more :razz:

  38. intrepidwoman

    Looking good! I just spent a whole day wading thru the old stuff. Going back now to enjoy the changes!
    IntrepidWoman thanks you!

  39. Julia Fry

    there’s nothing quite like taking a load of stuff and organising it – lovely jubbly!

  40. Raymond

    Thanks guys. Its hard to improve the almost perfect.

  41. chrisnelson61

    Just starting out so thanks. Already loving what I can do on the site.

  42. Ian Gardner

    A good move. Should be very helpful.

  43. icsbc2010

    Great job of streamlining. Thanks!!

  44. GvanB Logistics

    Make sure that Search Engine Optimization is a 1 category with BOLD LETTERS on top of ALL LISTS!! ;-) that would save me tons of time searching for it…. i hope i didn’t ask for too much ;-) ;-)

  45. Bosstiger

    day by day wordpress is getting better and better, and i m really happy for this, keep up the good work fellows :D

  46. davidtenn

    As an absolute aging novice I need all the help I can get so thanks sssooo much!

  47. Dixie Nichols

    I love the fact that Happiness Engineers are working away to help in their dark cavens, then suddenly a burst of sunlight of the new support layout, just like the miracle css helpers that just popped up and are completely wonderful

  48. Sandra

    good stuff!

  49. Susan

    Thank you Happiness Team!

  50. clarbojahn

    Thanks wordpress :). You are named happiness engineers for a reason!

  51. Word Salad

    @countessjewels, you can actually do that by clicking Contact Support which can be found at the bottom of the page. (Just below the Hugs part).

  52. Joanna Aislinn

    ‘Preciate the efforts! Happiness Engineers rock and have historically kept this Fancy Writer Lady quite content!

  53. beyondanomie

    Much needed; well done and thank you!

    The older version was a bit naff really; I usually ended up having to google the answers I needed…. often that let me find a page in the WordPress documentation I’d never have found using its own internal navigation. :)

  54. jakesprinter

    Thanks for support

  55. prayingalways11

    this seems helpful

  56. sylverlight

    This is great… but you know what would be even better? If there was a way to show (on our blog page) all the subscribers to the blog… you know, a number of how many subscribers there are & little pictures all lined up – sort of like how you’ve got the “xxx bloggers like this post” pictures up above. It’d be great to have that feature. Other blog hosting companies do… Thanks.

  57. Dr. Pam Young

    Thank you!

  58. psgproducts

    I’m very thankful my friend told me about WordPress. I’ve been building my site for the last 6 weeks and I think your Support Page has been excellent. Knowing you guys are motivated to continue to improve it is very cool. One suggestion I would have is adding an ability to sort the sidebar on the Dashboard. I’m constantly looking for “All Pages” and would love it if I could move any areas I use a lot to the top of the list. Thanks to all at WordPress who have made it possible for me to be my own “webmaster”! I tell everyone I talk to that if I can do it, they can too.

  59. Heidi

    Thank you for trying to see things from our point of view! So rare. I continue to recommend WordPress for newbies!

  60. jandblogger

    Bravo! So much easier to read and access. Looks beautiful too.


    wow, what a difference. that is awesome and much appreciated!

  62. authentic ireland travel

    Thank you. Yes, the list was almost becoming a freeway hazard! Appreciate the updates and search functions. Also your ready attention to questions asked.

  63. Dakino

    Thank you very much, the new support site format will be a breeze to browse through now! Thank you!

  64. The Pick

    Thanks for your hard work!

  65. weasel911

    Definitely a much better usability. Well done.

  66. CyndiBenavidesKoehler

    Thank you! For me, much easier to navigate and pleasing to my eyes.

  67. Shubhan Chemburkar

    Great improvement. Thanks.

  68. Jennifer

    The redesign also puts more focus on the Search box, which I use endlessly. Search results have really improved too, showing both Support docs and forum posts. Kudos on all counts!

  69. the island traveler

    That’s good to know. These improvements would prove really useful. Thanks.

  70. onewomantwohands

    Thank you!! Awesome service.

  71. جار سهيل

    I like this < all what you are doing is of best support to us,
    one thing I like to highlight is that, In Arabic the editting is
    of some inconvenience,,, any way,
    Thaks a lot

  72. Sopheak.P

    Thanks for supporting! :D

  73. mehmetarkin

    excellent :) hard way or easy way :)

  74. warrenlevine

    Appreciate your extremely user-friendly changes. It’s definitely going to decrease the time I spend looking for answers, solutions, etc.

  75. severin

    Hmmm, I’ve been using the new site this morning already and find it really easy to navigate.
    Excellent work guys and girls.
    Thank you.


    Reaally verry useful!
    Thank you :)

  77. Lorraine Ruff

    One of the frustrations with WordPress is the disconnect with vendors who design lovely themes, but the download instructions are so obtuse and require some knowledge of programming. I recently purchased a subscription to Elegant Themes and had chosen The Professional. After hours of trying to choose it as my theme and incorporate it it into the WordPress dashboard, I learned I needed to work through and that the instructions did not facilitate me with how to do it, just more psuedo assistance that wasn’t helpful. I ended up asking for a subscription refund, which Elegant Themes processed immediately. I’ve moved onto Moonfruit. I really liked The Professional. It met all my needs.

    • Sheri

      Since WordPress is open source and anyone can contribute, there’s always a chance what you’re describing will happen. But hopefully it won’t happen often, and keep in mind that the support team is around to help you if you have questions!

  78. Margaret

    We know you love us and care for us. Thank you for every thought and effort to make things better. You are all so greatly appreciated.

  79. Helping Families Flourish

    The problem I see with your support site is that it is impossible to get support. I click on support contact form or 24/7 support and am redirected to a seach. I enter things in the search and it goes nowhere. I am constantly redirected and never get support.

    • Sheri

      The form shouldn’t constantly redirect. Did you make sure to fill out all of the required fields? I’ve just tested the form to make sure it’s working, and it worked in my test. We’re continuously working to find ways to make support for *completely* awesome, so the form and other support-related things are always getting updated. We love getting good feedback, and we’re always happy to test if you think there’s any trouble.

  80. max4love

    Awesome! I love it how staff are continuously working to improve the site. =D

  81. lghtbrr

    I look forward to seeing how this Happiness develops. The world can always use more Happiness!

  82. ellenskey

    Still new in WordPress, and liking it here already…

  83. jessiethought

    Awesome! The new looks so much better than the old! You guys are great.


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