New Theme: Minimum

Minimum, a stunning execution of “less is more,” is a new premium theme developed by StudioPress and available for your blog today.

The Minimum Theme

Part of Minimum’s charm is the option for customizing the look of your site. With many layouts to choose from, optional porfolio and featured sections, custom header, and custom background, you have plenty to create with.

Minimum is available for a lifetime subscription of $75. Read more about what this theme offers or preview it live on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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  • Aug 31, 2011 @ 4:59 pm
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  1. James Hicks (@jameshicks)

    Love this theme so much I deployed it one one of our key production sites, INFOtainment News ( Great work, as always from Brian and the whole StudioPress team

  2. Blogger

    This is a good new theme! I like it!

  3. C. Sims (@TheOrangeMask)

    This looks fantastic! I might have to check this out for my own site!

  4. gillianoz

    I am new to WordPress, with only about 14 posts so far on my blog.

    I am confused by all the offers of new themes. If I select a new theme, what happens to all my old posts? Are they, too, instantly changed to the new theme? Or do they remain the same while future posts go into the new theme?

    • Matías

      Don’t worry, when you change themes you are changing the appearance for your whole blog. Your theme applies to every single post you have. The best way to figure how it works is to try it! You can always switch back if you don’t like the results. :)

  5. Lee

    $75 really? This would be perfect for what I want to do with my blog if it wasn’t so expensive. Are there any similar themes like this that are free?

  6. Waqas Ali

    Beautiful and precise indeed. I like the content arrangement in homepage. Also the several options for blog and full-width pages. Looks like this is a great theme for cooking, yoga and photography lovers or anyone in between.

    Thank you guys for making it.

  7. thisblindman

    Nice one there.

  8. Paolo Sala

    This is my kind of theme!!!
    Minimal, simple, but with everything you need for a full content blog.
    It’s a shame is not for free …
    Great job anyway.

  9. Bosstiger

    This is a really powerful theme, i wish it could be in a non premium category, i like it so much, because you can play free with its design, keep up the good work fellows :D

  10. Matthew Paladino

    Love it – great work!

  11. c9pilot

    Wow. That is a beautiful theme.

  12. Al K Hall

    Cool theme…even if i prefer stuff that’s a little more “Maximum”.

  13. vintagekaren

    I just started blogging and have been experimenting with themes trying to find the best fit…not sure I’m there yet, but I love this!

  14. Gerrit Eicker


  15. Werner Trotter

    Very beautiful – I love it.

  16. ismailimail

    Previewing the theme and demo is so limited. I wish you’d demo all possible layouts and settings, especially given that we cannot try out the themes without purchasing.

  17. gianghayenchi

    I love it! Thanks.

  18. Milos Babic

    Absolutely great.

  19. Raise Expectations

    The theme’s cool. I probably would try it if it was free……

  20. kensbackhome

    I like the old-school magazine vibe. It’s minimal but not quite as sparse as some of the other minimalist offerings.

  21. Faith Raider

    What a good-looking theme!

  22. Rich Copley

    Wow. Tempting.

  23. Butterfly Jewel

    Nice. Simple and organized.

  24. paolacanepa

    Nice theme!

  25. severin

    Oh now this theme is worth investigating further, I like it.

  26. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    Wow! This is a beauty!

  27. papercuthearts

    I love it! It’s really nice!

  28. amybrantphoto

    Looks great :)

  29. Hal

    I think this theme is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Anybody know if you can remove the featured section?

  30. Lambang MH

    Wow… nice theme!

  31. bashtabib

    What a nice theme. God job!

  32. Dev

    It’s so apt for me. Only if WP could make it free ;-)

  33. aguraditama

    What a profesional themes maker, simple ang classic… LIKE IT!

  34. John Hayden

    I like it. Very readable headlines and body type. I especially like the featured section option. Really good work.

  35. iolak

    Really nice. :D

  36. verda.khan

    It’s great! I think I’m going to try it once I get some bucks in hand.

  37. moonflower67

    Love the theme.

  38. elmer

    Less is $75 more. Nice theme though.

  39. corzgalore

    Not that exciting but I love the layout.

  40. ganok

    It’s great!!!! Only if WP could make it free

  41. max4love

    Nice! Really professional and inviting at the same time! I would totally go for this, but I’m already completely in love with the theme I found when I first began blogging! =D

  42. lghtbrr

    I think our instructor would like me to follow the format of this: less is more!

  43. bharathvaz

    Minimum is marvellous, magnificiant and would suit anybody.
    Please launch a Maximum.


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