New Theme: Selecta

Today we’ve got a treat for you — a new theme called Selecta. This might be the theme you’ve been waiting for if videos or images will be the primary focus of your blog. The design, originally created by Obox Design, fuses the modern with the retro — a bold, striking color palette (in six color schemes), rounded edges, and wider-than-usual frames around content.

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Selecta is loaded with elements that highlight your images and videos.  First, there’s the featured slider that showcases your sticky posts at the top of the front page. Next, there’s the “Latest Posts” row that places your four most recent posts in fun, rounded boxes, also on the front page. That’s not all — if you create a post with the video or image Post Format, Selecta will display your content in a wide, one-column template on the single post view. This ensures that your images and videos receive your readers’ undivided attention. Talk about showing off!

I certainly haven’t revealed everything this theme has to offer.  Click on over to the Theme Showcase to read more about Selecta and all of its great features.

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Michelle Langston

  • Sep 1, 2011 @ 12:44 am
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  1. Kojiki

    A very nice theme full of new fun things. Like it.

  2. Kathrine Roid

    I love the smooth look! My blog is mostly about writing, so I don’t showcase my images so much. I’ve been thinking about giving each post at least one major image, though, and this would definitely be a theme I’d look into should I do that.

  3. Raise Expectations

    Good theme, great for videos.

  4. A Sia Na

    A beautiful feminine theme. That’s what we are looking for. Love it.

  5. loulou

    love it! i’m using it now!! ^_^

  6. kensbackhome

    I like the rounded edges and how each post has its own box.

    A good theme for when you don’t want your blog to look so much like a blog.

  7. jakirseu

    Another beautiful theme. That’s what we are looking for. Love it.

  8. Bhushan Shirgaonkar

    I like this theme selecta.

  9. Margie

    I’ve been using the Choco theme since it came out, but I am tempted to switch to this new theme. I like the way it treats photographs and blockquotes.

  10. timethief

    As you know some bloggers have been looking for a theme with a slider and here they have one. This interesting and colorful theme with cool features doesn’t appeal to me but I know it will appeal to others. Thanks for ensuring we have a such a wide variety of themes to choose from.

  11. tenbrokenbullets

    YES! A perfect theme (or from what it seems) for my music blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  12. Jessica

    Wow that’s so beautiful! I’m planning to start a photo blog of some sort soon, can’t wait to give this theme a try!

  13. mungtran

    A special theme. It is nice, but I do not like it.

  14. Waqas Ali

    Currently I’m enjoying Manifest more than any other theme. I believe this theme is going to fill the needs of many bloggers out there, and yes please get us some more variety in slider themes.

  15. Ali Reza

    One of the best!

  16. theclothingprinter

    Cool theme. Thanks!

  17. Bosstiger

    It’s really really awesome! I think that I’ll make a photolog with this template. :D

  18. yakirillov

    Wow, it’s very nice! An ideal theme for my drawings :D

  19. raakaysh

    Nice theme. Will give it a try.

  20. Chorwin

    Kind of like this theme. Thinking of switching to it. Thanks.

  21. Blogger

    Wow! I like the blue, and the red too! :-D

  22. blindblue

    Wow, too good!

  23. Nana Yaw Opoku Mensah

    Wonderful theme.

  24. wordcoaster

    Super-interesting theme. Can the rounded edges be toggled on and off for certain posts?

  25. Christa

    Love it! Just activated it for my photo blog. Thanks so much!

  26. Words of Little Relevance

    Oh I shall keep this theme in mind as I’ll have a new photo blog up and running soon.

  27. Guy M

    This is the theme I was waiting for since one year! Thank you!

  28. yousef59

    Very nice!

  29. adventurewriter

    Brilliant! So much so that I could not resist an immediate activation to my blog. Now to look into the nitty-gritty details…

  30. La Petite Folie

    Good theme.

  31. Lambang MH

    Nice theme!

  32. dhirsanghi

    Good one with nice effects!

  33. Christy

    Very Cool! Something a bit different, I like it!

  34. Wee Mad Aggie

    Nice to see some dark themes again.

  35. Wez

    Premium theme that isn’t premium (priced). Love your work!

  36. ♡ tHe TaLe Of My HeArT ♡

    Good one.

  37. vatomp

    Wow! It looks marvelous :D Great theme!

  38. jakesprinter

    Great Themes :)

  39. Nikki @ Euphoria Luv

    Love it. Gonna use it for my son’s photos blog, which hasn’t been updated in over 1 year. Yikes. Now I have a reason. Thanks.

  40. severin

    Oh I like it. I might have a use for this. Thanks.

  41. Neeraj Bhushan

    This is called a real treat ! Wow!

  42. Butterfly Jewel

    I like the colors. it’s very retro.

  43. Marii

    It looks smooth :D

  44. nyomansb1

    Nice and colorful. I’m using it now. Thank you :-)

  45. omel07

    I am loving this new theme. It’s so cute! :D

  46. violetbuon253

    Nice. I like it.

  47. Alam

    Very nice job. i like it.

  48. Adrian Pantonial

    Awesome! And I can’t believe it’s really FREE! Woot! Woot! :) THANK YOU!

  49. Palak Mathur

    After a very long time found the theme for my photolog. Thank you!! I wanted this Featured Posts and Latest Post slider thing. To an extent I am satisfied now.

  50. Little Mikhael

    Like it :)

  51. Kojiki

    I have used this theme on my other site at WordPress. I have used little touch of custom CSS. This is a great theme. Thanks!

  52. gauranshi

    Simple but nice theme.

  53. recyclebebo

    Nice theme. i like it.

  54. Indupitable Dave

    Ohh it’s really nice. I don’t do photography but it’s nice and colourful.

  55. mrasherkade

    Even though it wouldn’t work with my blog, I like it! I love the color themes as well. This is so much more fun than boring white/black themes!

  56. taxaholic

    Definitely gonna try this out on my photography site.

  57. nissamutia

    Nice. I like it.

  58. Matthew Paladino

    Very funky!

  59. John Hayden

    Wow, this is original, cutting-edge, different. I’ve been thinking about trying video blogging, and if I ever get around to it, this looks like the theme.

  60. j3pd

    Great Theme!

  61. verda.khan

    A nice theme! I’m using it now.

  62. tarotworldtour

    Highly colourful and engaging in a way that makes people pay closer attention to a brighter message. I do hope the spirituality set will be quick to use it.

  63. dongan

    It’s beautiful and free. Thank you very much WordPress. :-) I’m using it now.

  64. darkmimi

    So cute. I love it.

  65. ecokima

    Great theme this, simplistic and functional with cool colourings, just what I need for an audio/visual blog, thank you!

    Oh and love the font that has been selected, I can’t stand Ariel and the likes, ha ha :))

  66. Day I Started Reading

    Looks good! Thumbs up for the rounded edges.

  67. realmadridgirl

    I’m surprised that this theme isn’t premium. Love this! :)

  68. iamjoe

    Thinking about adopting this theme. I’ve been using the current one for years.

  69. greenerpasturesind

    I love the theme. Already have my photo-blog up and running. Thanks a ton.

  70. huyhd

    Very nice theme, thank you for sharing it!

  71. corzgalore

    I love the colours.

  72. Kemi

    I love the many different options for colour. Bravo!

  73. max4love

    This would totally work for the new blog/site I’m planning to put up, dedicated to island civics of SXM. Especially for incorporating Youtube videos about government history.

    I absolutely adore the look!

  74. Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

    tempting me to change!! I look forward to seeing this around the bloggosphere!

  75. boy2lun

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