New Theme: Comet

Comet—the latest theme addition to our growing collection—sports a lightweight, faded design with simple and classy typographic touches. Perfect for any type of blog, it works really well for showcasing your writing and photos.

Comet home page example.

Make it yours by choosing from seven color schemes and four different layout options.

Customize it even further with a header image, background, and custom menu. Comet also includes a full-width template for dropping the sidebar on pages. See more information on the Theme Showcase.

Designed by Frostpress, Comet is available now in your dashboard under Appearance → Themes and, for self-hosted blogs at the theme directory.

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Lance Willett

  • Sep 6, 2011 @ 5:14 pm
  • Themes


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  1. 米雪兒

    Looks nice and neat! But I still prefer mine.

  2. Waqas Ali

    WOW! This is such a genuine yet powerful theme. I like the clarity of content arrangement and the full width option. Gonna try it for my non-profit’s blog. Thank you theme team.

  3. Mikalee Byerman

    I absolutely DIG the simplicity of this design — clean and organized. My Type A self thanks you from the bottom of its blogging heart!

  4. Gaurav Tiwari

    Beautiful theme. Just like Pink touch 2.

  5. nissamutia

    This theme looks nice, chic, and simple.

  6. Teje

    This new theme looks great! Simple and seems to have lots of possibilities to personalise it!

  7. K

    Activated it… Really, really good theme. I was using Coraline for a while now and this scores better because of the demarcations between the sections. The typography is nice, though Arial might have looked better. :) I like the widget header style … and the box around the “Read More” tag. Good choice WP team….

    Thanks for theme!

  8. obsidianfactory

    This looks like a great theme. I think WP should do free themes for writing — like people who use their blogs to write short stories, novels or poetry. I know it has a “book” theme but a free one would be nice to have. Keep on the cool themes WP.

  9. Bhushan Shirgaonkar

    This theme is simply great.

  10. timethief

    I like the seven color scheme options as well as the four different layout options. Another useful feature is being able to hide the sidebar on pages using the “Full Width” template. Thanks for this theme. :)

  11. thisblindman

    A clean theme this time around. Nice.

  12. Recis

    I really love the customization options that come along with this theme! And I also love the fact that you guys work hard to introduce new themes every week! Definitely keep them coming, Theme Team!


  13. Lauren Alexander

    I like the direction the new themes seem to be going.

  14. Matthew Paladino

    Looks great, I admire the simplicity!

  15. AnnJoo

    Wow, I love it! In fact, I’m going to use this for my main blog! Thanks for this beautiful, simple and clean theme. :)

  16. AnnJoo

    Now that I’ve looked closer, this theme is perfect for me. Except the max width of photos shown is 600. I wish it didn’t resize my 640 images. But other than that, great theme!

  17. Chorwin

    900 pixels width in full-width layout, no theme can beat Modularity Lite full-width size of 950 pixels yet…

    • Lance Willett

      Take a look at: Château: 960 and Coraline and Pilcrow: 990 (for the full-width template). Also, Andrea with the fluid width option is 1000.

  18. tarotworldtour

    When I first read this, I thought this was in reference to a comet coming to Earth as is constantly the speculation for 2011-2012. Very nice interface you have here and it is making me consider a switchover for the tarot market as people in Europe in particular probably want something different.

  19. Tausiyah In Tilawatun Islamiyah

    All themes in always looks so amazing and wonderful like this one … love it.

  20. angelbein

    Looks minimalist. Great for those who are into elegant simplicity. :)

  21. Petra

    This is a very good-looking template. Good job!

  22. shekharonline

    Matala seems to be my favorite. Still. :)

  23. omel07

    “What an awesome theme.” Gotta love that. Haha! Like it! :D

  24. Blogger

    It looks nice! A white theme! :-D

  25. Louisa

    I saw this and changed my blog straight away. Elegant and clean, wonderful, thanks.

  26. seocetek

    I am using Beach but maybe I will try this for the others’ blogs.

  27. noaha18

    I really like the theme, it’s so serene.

  28. spalonblogger

    Very nice! Reminds me of my trips to Brazil.

  29. Marcos Roberto

    Looks nice and neat! But I still prefer mine.

  30. Eric

    Awesome theme!

  31. Mahfooz

    Love this theme, using it now.

  32. Laura

    I’ve just switched over, and I love this theme. Thanks.

    I also really like the demo site, especially the page with all the HTML elements. It would be even nicer if some of the posts/pages had comments, so we could see how comments are displayed (especially with several levels of replies to comments).

  33. crozzzlinx

    Clean & slim, this is nice one.

  34. kensbackhome

    Hmmm… Could be a contender. I really like the classic fonts.

  35. hvvworks

    hvvworks reblogged this from bloghvv and commented:

    Looks nice and neat!

    Read More

  36. Sandra Pawula

    I love it. Wish it had bottom widgets too!

  37. jessiethought

    I love what another blogger up there in the comments called “genuine.”
    It really has a comfortable feel to it, like clothes you’ve worn for a long time.

    A lot of site designs don’t make you feel relaxed. This one does!
    I’ve been using Coraline for so long, however, that I am hesitant to switch…

  38. Nerdygirl98

    Nice and clean as always, but I’m still at a loss for more themes with a variety of colors. Not too many, like Matala, but enough to make the theme more exciting. Thanks for the post!

  39. corzgalore

    I would have thought something called “Comet” would be just a little more exciting.

  40. PC PHOTO

    Like the clean look and flexibility for photos.

  41. Heather

    I activated it and it is simply gorgeous! Thanks!


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