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Ever wanted to know who’s commenting the most on your blog and what posts they are commenting on? Now your Site Stats can tell you.

The new Comments panel in your Site Stats provides three tabs: Top Commenters, Most Commented, and a Summary of comments on your blog.

If your blog has fewer than 1000 total comments, your comment stats are based on all comments made since you started your blog. Comment stats for more active blogs reflect the most recent three months of comment activity.

For example, a blog with 500 total comments will have the most commented post be the one that has had the most comments across the entire life of the blog. For this blog (with 87K comments) the most commented post is chosen from the posts that were posted in the past three months.

The Stats Comments Panel is available now for all blogs. Jetpack users, please bear with us as we improve Jetpack to serve you the new comment stats in the future.

Check out the comment stats on your blog by going to your blog’s Dashboard > Site Stats or from your admin bar under Blogs > [YOUR SITE NAME] > Site Stats.

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Greg Ichneumon Brown

  • Sep 7, 2011 @ 4:22 pm
  • Stats


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  1. Tom Schulte

    Perfect! Thank you so much for continual improvements!

    Tom Schulte

  2. tenbrokenbullets

    Thank you so much for the ever- growing improvements!
    It makes me love WordPress even more. =)

  3. timethief

    What a great feature! I have long desired this. Thanks for continually upgrading the WordPress stats program. I appreciate it. :)

  4. tenbrokenbullets

    Oh! And I just saw that I’m one of of the top recent commenters! Haha- Talk about awesome ;)

  5. Ganesh Dhamodkar

    Nice! But I get no comments on my blog :-(

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  7. Piglet in Portugal

    Sounds a good idea!

  8. tageswahn

    Another powerful feature on! Thanks a lot. Well done!

  9. Joaquim

    is the necessary tool for the stats.
    thank you

  10. Mikalee Byerman

    I noticed this just a few minutes ago — what a great tool! It helps me identify at a glance the posts that have the most comments — and helps me brainstorm how to use that info to create other dialogue-inspiring posts.

    Thank you!

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  12. hopeeternal

    Great idea but my most commented post is definitely wrong. The posts listed as having high comments are all very recent – there are earlier posts with higher numbers. (One of my posts has 14 comments – the one you list as top has only 5.) The personal review of the year I was sent back in Jan was wrong as well … afraid it all doesn’t inspire much confidence…sorry. If I have found a mistake then I wonder if any of the other new stats are wrong too -I have no way of checking easily?!
    Checking back after writing the above, I can see from above that you are trying to do some statistical stuff so a recent post that has been around less time has a higher pro rata hit rate (think that’s right), but it is common to get more comments on new posts as the blog gets more established and you gain followers, with ones for older posts arriving more rarely. In the end to most people ‘most comments’ means most comments over all – perhaps we could have both stats?
    As I said, great idea though!
    ‘Meanderings through my Cookbook’

    • Greg

      Hi hopeeternal,

      Can you point me at the post you have with 14 comments that is not correctly showing up? Always possible that there is a bug. :)

      Your blog has less than 1000 total comments so the most commented post should be selected from all of the posts you’ve written.

      I agree, both stats (all time and past three months) are interesting for some blogs. We’ll continue looking at how to balance providing more data with adding too much complexity. Thanks for the feedback.

  13. Mike N.

    Great!!it was necessary!!!thank you.

  14. jensen99

    This is good. Thank you!

  15. Steven Sawyer

    What a great idea! Thanks for all the improvements you continue to make to WordPress. It is an awesome site for blogging.

  16. Mariana Kolarska

    Brilliant! Thanks for all those improvements you make for us users. I love wordpress and I use it with educational purpose for my students who work on different projects and the best way to show our work is through WordPress.

  17. Mattie J.

    This is awesome! I love the idea, I’ll definitely check it out :) THank you.

  18. irisofthewayfarer

    This is fantastic, except it does not show the screen you are showing up there. I am still seeing the old screen :(
    Yes, I closed the window and signed in again.
    Hopefully I get that too in the next few days.

  19. irisofthewayfarer

    Nevah mind, of course it helps to look at the right thing,
    Sorry folks. Dinosaur here…

  20. Liam Wise

    I <3 WordPress even more!!

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  22. hbs1991

    Wow, now I love this new addition, this is really nice to see at a glance what is going on, you have done a fantastic job with this. now only one question it says under my comments for the time of day when most comments are made 12:00 is this am or pm? or both?

    • Greg

      Great point, we used a 24 hour clock to simplify the display. The time displayed is for the local timezone that your blog is set to.

  23. wordcoaster

    Excellent! All additions to the stats page are welcome–my inner nerd rejoices. My outer nerd is quite happy as well. :)

  24. Margie

    I really like this feature. Is there a way to show these stats without including me as one of the commenters?

  25. jlee5879

    Awesome! Thanks WordPress! I always refer potential bloggers to this site! :) Very happy blogging here.

  26. helar

    A wonderful little extra. :-) Love it.

  27. yousef59

    The idea is great!

  28. Earth Ocean Sky Redux

    I don’t like this idea at all. It’s gathering too much information about my readers; what’s next, their personal information?

    I love the anonymity my readers enjoy. I blog anonymously myself and I know for a fact that several of my readers change their comment name for the situation, creating some funny monikers even.

    I hope WP doesn’t take this experiment any further.

    • Greg

      Hi Earth Ocean Sky Redux,

      We take privacy for our users very seriously, please take a look at our privacy policy for details.

      The comments panel is intended for aggregating information that is already available within the WordPress administration Dashboard but would require you to manually count the number of comments from different users. The comments panel automates gathering that information.

  29. Hanna

    Love this :D

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  31. Second Chance to Live

    Very cool. Thank you!


    Brilliant ideas and priceless tools constantly anticipating our requirements.
    Thank you for making our ‘high-fly’ with you so comfortable.

  33. Sekhemty

    Really useful, much appreciated!

  34. hopeeternal

    Hi Greg

    Further to my comment above (listed as 7 Sept @ 5.40pm UK time) here is my post with 14 comments (actually 28 comments as I always reply by editing into the original comment rather than adding another myself).

    also the following have 7 views each (14 including my replies)

    this has 6 views (12 incl reply)

    and there are 8 posts each with 5 comments (10 incl replies), the same as the top listed one, yet only two make it onto your list.

    Hope you can sort me out!!


    • Greg

      Thanks for the details. There was a bug that I’ve now deployed a fix for. Please check your Comments Stats again.

      Sorry for the hassle, and thanks for recognizing the issue and reporting it.

  35. the rufus

    Cool – now I know who is commenting on my site. Currently not that many but everyone here is invited… :D

  36. kathlb

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for the head’s up. This will definitely be a good thing and I use all of Jetpack now.

  37. elaleph1974

    I can´t find the option in my site. Can you help me?

    • Greg

      The panel will only appear on blogs that have at least one comment. It looks like your primary blog doesn’t currently have any comments.

  38. qbit

    It’s a really useful feature, long awaited. Thanks you very much!.

  39. thisblindman

    This is NICE!

  40. elaleph1974

    It isn´t true. My Blog is There are comments.

    • Greg

      Ah, sorry for the confusion. You should see the Comments Panel if you go to your Dashboard then to Site Stats. Or just click on the traffic graph in your admin bar to go directly to your stats. The comments panel should be on the right side second from the bottom unless you have reordered your panels.

  41. iven1969

    Thank you so much.

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  44. Dev

    “Innovations per day” at WP has increased substantially these days??
    Are you guys planning for an IPO or PE funding? ;-)

  45. homeschoolgraduate

    I like this! Even with a small traffic blog like mine, it’s nice to see this kind of breakdown for my comments, and I’m sure it’s even more helpful for blogs with large followings. Thanks for all the work you guys put into making WordPress that much better every time we turn around!

  46. Brittany

    I love this addition to the site stats!

  47. hopeeternal

    Loving this new addition, especially now you have fixed the bug in my stats and we agree on comment numbers! Thanks Greg

  48. cherair abdelhafid (@abdelhafidcom)

    I’d love to see that in the next version of wordpress ….

  49. C.B. Wentworth

    I saw this little gadget this morning and it made me all giddy. My favorite part is how it shows the busiest time of day. :-)

  50. Eng.Bassant

    فكرة جيدة …اتمنى لكم مزيد من التقدم :)

  51. Pete Austin & The Austin House

    Thank you. I notice the add today, really lets me know who is talking. Keep up the good work.

  52. Val

    This is great but it would be better if ones own comments weren’t included. Can that be fixed?

    • Greg

      Its an interesting point. Our thinking in including the author or authors is that seeing how authors on a multi-author blog interact is helpful, and on a blog with a single author it only takes up a single slot out of the eleven in the panel. It is also a gentle reminder that responding to comments is a good way to encourage people to comment on your blog. :)

      Do you feel like you would rather have that one more slot filled by a user, or is the underlying issue that we should be displaying number of comments for all commenters? That’s not functionality we can provide right now, but something we can keep in mind as we continue to make improvements.

  53. dangap
  54. CRFRDH

    You guys keep amazing me with the stuff you guys create for WP platform…awesome!!!

  55. Gaurav Tiwari

    It would be better, if ‘Most Comments’ is available as widgets. We can inspire people to comment.

  56. Erik Whittington

    i saw this today, very cool!

  57. v photography

    Love it! Thank you! =)

  58. mrasherkade

    Wickedly kewl. I don’t have to look to know who mine is. I wish we had this same app for countries. I write for an international audience so I have an app on my sidebar to keep up with those stats. However, it would be even better if WordPress had their own app or site stats to tally that info….I’m sure I’m not the only one who writes for like 40 different countries on a regular basis!

  59. katharinetrauger

    I am so totally wp for life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  60. Jennifer Avventura

    Nicely done WordPress, and a big thank you! :)

  61. NVS

    thanks a lot :)

  62. omel07

    Cool. A handy little feature. :)

  63. veehcirra

    I saw it today and loved it…thanks for this!

  64. ybahamala

    Great and growth continuously of wordpress… good luck

  65. Eric


  66. Tausiyah In Tilawatun Islamiyah

    yes I see..and’s really cool, when and where we have commenting display in here.. ;-)

  67. Grig

    This is good! But one widget like that on my side bar can i have? That will help me to reward the best commenter ! Sorry for the bad english!

  68. pauldj54

    That’s great!

    When are you going to do the IP-Country mapping for the stats?

  69. the island traveler

    That one cool feature. Can’t wait to use it. Thanks.

  70. solaralert

    This is really a great way for me to see and communicate with my commentors. Thank you. Tom B.

  71. mydestiny

    Very nice! Thank you WP :)

  72. aRVee

    another great innovation… thanks…

  73. williamwac

    This is without doubt an excellent tool and will provide the kind of help that i needed. as a newbie you are all over the place to collect information ta assist you. this will help me to be more organized. thank you very much.

  74. Jim Kemeny

    I may enable comments to see how effectively Akismet blocks spam, so I don’t need to spend ages checking comments myself. If it filters as well as gmail does I would be happy.

  75. ramanan50

    I did not see your notification in my in box.
    I was pleasantly surprised to see this feature .
    Keep up the good work, wp, as you always do.

  76. katharinetrauger

    You know, I’d ALSO like to know who gives me four or five stars.
    Or maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t know how to obtaing this info . . .

  77. halwanaag


  78. vuongnguyen2003

    Thank you !

  79. kensbackhome

    Thanks, this is very helpful info.

    I’ve been wanting to see separate totals for reader comments and my replies. Gotta do a little math to see total reader comments, but at least it’s there.

  80. brandingthinking

    thanls lot for ur informs

  81. Moe

    Thank you! This is great – also the ‘most commented’ is so welcome!

  82. agroekonomija

    Great! Thank you for regular improvements.

  83. gbogboweb

    Thank you, I now dont need to a third part website for stat.

  84. Emily @ Wardrobe Block

    It would also be lovely to have unique visior stats, not just page views (which is SO inaccurate if you want to get a rough estimate of viewers of your blog). I figured this out when I installed sitemeter… and then found out that this is standard on blogger! Will this be happening any time soon? I’m sure it would be useful to a LOT of users.

  85. Ethan Chellan

    That’s Great. WordPress is really making everything happen for us. Thanks My blog:

  86. Hinano

    this seems cool but I’ve looked everywhere and I don’t see it.
    i checked under comments, under stats and I don’t see this panel :/ I have over 5000 comments on my blog so disappointing that I can’t see this.

  87. Hinano

    wait ignore my comment, I found it! it was out of my sigh haha please disregard!

  88. geohibio

    geohibio reblogged this from geohibio.

  89. cardsmall

    Very nice! Thank you .

  90. yesmeoh

    Thank you so much for this:-)! is getting better and better all the time! I love it<3

    I am always surprise when I see something new in the stats field:-D

    have a great weekend

  91. yesmeoh


    I agree with what “Emily @ Wardrobe Block” says about unique visitors or at least visits not only page wives

    best regards


  92. hvvworks

    hvvworks reblogged this from bloghvv and commented:

    Thank you so much for the improvements!

    Read More

  93. mymatejoechip

    fraternal greetings from the Democratic People’s Republic of Glossolalia. We commend you on your improvements. In areas where you have not improved, we admonish you, for your own good.

  94. Pedro

    Greg, marvellous addition to the stats… any chance you’ll expand it to list the amount of comments for all time? My blog has had quite a few comments… it would be cool to give my readers a league table of the most active users.

    • Greg

      Possibly, we have to balance time to aggregate the data vs number of comments we are counting. Certainly something we will look at.

  95. salembargains

    Very helpful! Thank you

  96. Marcos Roberto

    is good for me, I have 999 comments !!

  97. notinjapan

    I would love it if you rolled this feature into the .org backend (JetPack).

  98. max4love

    Ha ha! Cool! Now we can discover and thus stalk our top commenters! I love this. =P

  99. Le fille Ash

    Oh, I love it! It’s very good thing for anybody like me, ho must keep track of all about blog’s stats! Thank you for it…

  100. squarecutatul

    I have over 12000 comments in my blog so it is quite useful. Is there any way to display the commenter wise comments on the home page ? It may be useful.


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