Coming to a WordCamp Near You

Every now and then I like to remind people about upcoming WordCamps. WordCamps are locally-organized, casual conferences held all over the world that focus on WordPress. Bloggers, developers, and every other kind of WordPress fan get together to show off cool things they’ve done with WordPress, teach and learn from each other, meet new co-conspirators, and generally have a crazy fun day or weekend with other people who share their love of WordPress. Often, members of the team from Automattic are in attendance, and would love to meet more of you!

There are WordCamps this weekend in Albuquerque and Portland, so if you’re anywhere near these cities, you should try to attend (we’ll be there!). In Portland, the WordPress Foundation also will be sponsoring some special activities around Software Freedom Day (I’ll be at this one, testing and giving a sneak peek to attendees of some new features in the works).

Is there a WordCamp coming up near you? Let’s find out!

Sep 15: WordCamp Cape Town Cape Town, South Africa

Sep 16-18: WordCamp Albuquerque Albuquerque, NM

Sep 17-18: WordCamp Portland Portland, OR

Sep 24: WordCamp Lisboa Lisboa, Portugal

Sep 24: WordCamp Germany Koln, Germany

Sep 25: WordCamp Sofia Sofia, Bulgaria

Oct 1: WordCamp Louisville Louisville, Kentucky

Oct 8-9: WordCamp Sevilla Seville, Spain

Oct 15-16: WordCamp Jabalpur Jabalpur, India

Nov 5-6: WordCamp Toronto Toronto, ON

Nov 5-6: WordCamp Gold Coast Gold Coast, Australia

Nov 5-6: WordCamp Philly Philadelphia, PA

Nov 12: WordCamp Caguas Caguas, Puerto Rico

Nov 12-13: WordCamp Kenya Nairobi, Kenya

Nov 12-13: WordCamp Detroit Detroit, MI

Nov 12: WordCamp Richmond Richmond, VA

Nov 12-13: WordCamp Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark

Dec 17: WordCamp Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV

Feb 3-4 WordCamp Atlanta Atlanta, GA

There are also a number of WordCamps still in the early organizing stage that do not yet have dates set. These include: Ft. Wayne, IN; London, UK; Edmonton, Canada; Baku, Azerbaijan; Oslo, Norway; Sacramento, CA;  Birmingham, Alabama; Pittsburgh, PA; Omaha, NE; Orlando, FL; Tokyo, Japan; Paris, France; Zagreb, Croatia; Nashville, TN, Washington DC, Baltimore, MD; Bangkok, Thailand; Istanbul, Turkey.

Hope to see you soon at a WordCamp near you!

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Jane Wells


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  1. ThatGuyKC

    Hopefully there is one in Seattle next year. Can’t drive down to Portland.

  2. dgjury

    There’s no WordCamp in London? Pity…

    • Jane Wells

      If you look at the bottom of the post, there’s one in the works, but they are still looking for a venue to choose a date. If you’d like to get involved and possibly join the organizing team, email support at wordcamp dot org and Andrea (WordCamp Central coordinator) can make some introductions.

  3. Gaurav Tiwari

    O Wow! In India too! I’ll attend it must.

  4. Michael Bishop (@miklb)

    Orlando has a site up with December 3, 2011 as an announced date.

  5. Aditya Mehta

    Why Jabalpur of all the places in India? Who blogs from Jabalpur? Kidding. One in Mumbai, please!

  6. shauna lee lange studios

    since Florida’s been the site of some (interesting) political action, why leave us out? love you and need to make sure you get your vitamin C.

  7. shauna lee lange studios

    oh i see it now, orlando. pish posh. come to where the real fun awaits, Southwest Florida’s Suncoast. :)

  8. georgettesullins

    Oooo…I’m looking for one in Texas. Thank you. Please, keep this kind of information updated.

  9. Mikalee Byerman

    As a relatively new blogger, I can’t even imagine the tips and tricks I’d pick up at one of these events. Please please PLEASE make Sacramento happen — just a 2-hour drive over the Sierras, and I’m THERE! ;)

    Will the WordPress blog be the only way to find updates on these events — or is there another source?

  10. garlicfriesandbaseball

    I’m interested in a Sacramento CA Wordcamp. How can I follow-up?

  11. nuvofelt

    Hooray, I see London mentioned.

    Hope it’s when I’m free…..

  12. Bosstiger

    please make a wrdcamp again with Athens as a destinatination, it would be really great :D

  13. irawan

    Jakarta, Indonesia??

  14. zoideas

    Where will come to Singapore or Malaysia??!!! : (

  15. Spinster

    Ditto nuvofelt for the London WordCamp.

  16. Notes From Nonna's

    has there ever been or is there planned a WordCamp in Alaska??

  17. Earth Ocean Sky Redux

    Why no Boston or New York?

  18. Pets To Go

    Aloha from Maui! Wouldn’t it be fun to have a Word Camp in Maui? Believe it or not, you can get work done here…..just wake up a bit earlier, enjoy a surf session, shower and then Camp Out! Let me know if I can help organize WordCamp Mau. You’ll get lots of interests I’m sure. Gotta go, I have a date with Sea Turtles at Napili Bay…..a hui hou, malama pono (until then, take care).

  19. Donna Catterick

    It’s tonight in Albuquerque! Oh, no. Needed a little more notice. So sorry to miss it!

  20. tenbrokenbullets

    Minnesota at all? We’ve got the Mall of America! Haha

  21. simonbatesphotography

    Any plans to come to Ireland??

  22. netticaret

    Where and when is the camp in Istanbul – Turkiye ???

  23. Tim Bonno

    Any chance there will be a WordCamp in St. Louis, MO?

  24. jfb57

    I’d love one to be organised for Bristol UK. I’d be delighted to help!!

  25. frogstreet13

    Grr…I can’t go! I still have school when the one in Las Vegas is going on! :P

  26. frogstreet13

    Oh yeah, and you should start on in Chicago, Illinois or Madison, Wisconsin!

  27. Natasha McNeely

    It would be great if you could come to the Frankfurt, Germany area. I’d go to the one in Cologne, but the timing is bad – I leave for France that day.

  28. Catur W

    Indonesia too

  29. enochered

    France is not just Paris. Why not try a provincial City such as Montpellier or Nîmes, that way some of us country boys could come along.

    • Jane Wells

      The locations of WordCamps are dependent on where people volunteer to organize them. If you want to see one in a provincial city near you, consider getting a WordPress meetup group together, and then get in touch with WordCamp Central to inquire about organizing a WordCamp.

  30. Osama Fadl

    can it come to Egypt !

  31. Rayya The Vet

    WordCamp in Australia!! Great news:)

  32. thirdeyemom

    Can you have one in Minneapolis? We have a very strong literary and writing community here and have one of the highest literacy rates in the country. I would love to attend!!!!

  33. David

    @Jane Wells

    I read the email and then clicked to read this because I also am interested in the London, England WordCamp – and I have emailed support@ as suggested.

    And if WordCamp gets to Edinburgh, that would be sweet.

  34. Gabriel Reguly

    São Paulo is about to have it’s WordCamp date defined, most likely november 19th.

    Everyone is welcome to attend.

  35. dorothybloom

    I live in Oneonta, New York and post my blog from here. Of course I understand that it’s in an urban network where the excitement lies; still, I think that I could use some communication with others who might be in the same sort of situation. Luckily, I do have an MIT connection, otherwise I’m sure no one but my best friend would read this. Dorothy Bloom

  36. mannaismayaadventure

    I live in Jakarta – Indonesia and I hope someday the worldcamp will be held in Jakarta too.

  37. Timothy

    Gold Coast, Australia? Excellent. I’ll see if I can get a group together.

  38. Jessica

    Hopefully Vancouver, BC will be added someday!

  39. Judith Post

    I belong to a writers’ group in Fort Wayne, IN. A lot of us are trying to learn more about blogging. This is great!

  40. Scott Edwards

    Orlando? get me on board. better yet, put Tampa on the list and I will do the footwork to organize up some people here!!

  41. insanityofmotherhood

    San Diego PLEASE! Great idea and would love the opportunity. Hopefully, I’ll see you soon.

    • Jane Wells

      WordCamp San Diego happened earlier this summer, sorry! Try joining the WordPress meetup group there in the meantime, and maybe you can be part of planning next year’s event.

  42. Edward Curley

    When will you be in California, the San Francisco bay area?

  43. phylliskirigin

    Would love to attend one of these. How about NYC?

  44. jaylantampus08

    How about here in Philippines?/

    how i wish i can join the upcoming world camp in WordCamp Gold Coast Gold Coast, Australia
    (Australia is my dream destination)

    GO..go…go WordPress!♥

    • Sheri

      WordCamp Gold Coast did look pretty nice! I searched Google and I found a recent comment from someone who said they are interested in setting up a WordPress Meetup in the Phillippines. Try searching for WordPress Meetup information and you’ll find it.

  45. arajadewe

    Bawean Indonesia

  46. tarantulalove

    Would love to see this in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  47. Judy Labensohn

    What about Israel? We need your wisdom. Please do not forsake us.

  48. Lizzi_writer

    Thanks for that, So when are you coming to New Zealand???
    regards, Lizzi

    • Sheri

      There was a WordCamp New Zealand in February 2011. Try getting in touch with the local WordPress meetup group there to find out if they’ve got plans for a WordCamp in 2012.

  49. richangel101

    That’s good to know that there is one in your country.
    How about in the Philippines then?

  50. Wubby'sMama

    Do you have any plans of having a WordCamp in Salt Lake City, UT?

  51. vonievega1

    How about ~Cork Ireland~we need a camp please.

    • Sheri

      Cork is lovely. :) Try contacting the local WordPress community there to see if there’s interest in planning a WordCamp.

  52. murtadarabah

    Any plan to visit DUBAI ???

    • Sheri

      I know there have been WordPress meetups in Dubai in the past. Try checking in with your local WordPress community to find out more!

  53. candacejames

    If you could consider adding Manchester, UK as a location that would be great as there is a massive IT community and the biggest university camp in Europe. thanks Candace James UK.

  54. SomeHighlights

    Where do you find out about the date and time for the event? I am in North Cal, so the closest to me would be Sac.

  55. SomeHighlights

    I am sorry I did not read the entire thing. I just now read that the date has not be set.

  56. Widdershins

    Please don’t tell me I’ve just missed one in Vancouver, Canada … and is there anything planned for here?

    • Sheri

      There was a WordCamp Vancouver in May 2011. Try checking in with the local WordPress meetup group to see what they’re planning for 2012.

  57. WeTrek

    Hi Don’t you to want to have a WordCamp in Nepal?……..

  58. Flossie

    No UK Wordcamp? Disappointing…..

  59. Flossie

    Sorry, I have just seen there may be one in the pipeline. I hope so!

  60. mummyinmanolos

    Hurry up London – I need to go on a course there asap!!

  61. blindon1

    Make sure you don’t forget Brighton UK [London-on-sea] in your world camp planning

  62. aRVee

    Wow this is great. I tried to browse through the list but I can’t see my place, so maybe next time… :)

  63. Tilly Bud

    Nothing planned for Manchester, England?

  64. infinitewanderings

    ORLANDO! Yesssss! Mickey and Minnie say definitely come to Orlando! I’m in Tampa and I want WordCamp to come to Florida, thank you very much!

  65. alian0maly

    Yeah, E-Mail me when you end up in NYC.

  66. Ken Hayward

    Any wordcamps in St Louis or Chicago?

  67. quillfyre

    I am a brand-new WordPress blogger and this sounds like something wonderful! What about Ottawa Canada, or have I missed it? Carol

  68. portaleazzurro

    No WordCamp in Italy?

    • Sheri

      WordCamp Milan usually happens in May. Check with the local WordPress meetup group to find out more.

  69. 2Bo02B

    I wish you will be in Vietnam!

  70. misterlts

    Will there be WordCamp in Singapore?

  71. Emily May

    Wonderful news! Hopefully the London one won’t be too central since I live on the outskirts… It is all ages allowed there, right?

  72. jaydavisphotography

    Please let me know when there is a word camp coming to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I would love to attend.

  73. bidavid

    Shame on WordPress…..I mean it in a loving way…………..Oregon people need time to plan a trip to Portland. It’s 5 hr. from me……..I got the email on Sept 16 about the Portland seminar on the 17th and 18th. Sigh!!!!
    PLEASE, give better notification.


  74. Carol Knizek

    This WordCamp sounds Awesome! I just wish that you had one in South Carolina, I just moved from Louisville, KY 2 years ago and you have one there. Hopefully there will be one her in sunny SC soon! I love blogging what’s important to me that helps and supports others!

  75. artphotosdiana

    Looking forward to WordCamp Sacramento! Thanks for this update.

  76. hopesunday

    There will be the event in Italy? :-( we are still lagging behind here .. I would be very interested in an exchange, have recently entered into wordpress but I am really happy to be there, these are very beautiful blog!

  77. notquiteold

    Would love a WordCamp in Connecticut (or Mass or NY)

  78. edwardpena


    Thank you for letting us know about the upcoming Wordcamps. That is such a great idea. I like to attend a local bloggers meetup group each month, but something like this would also be awesome.

    Edward Pena

  79. Anne Austen-Lewis

    Anything in the works for Southern California?

  80. Goodnews mission

    Oh, is this WC held by IYF? is there anyone that knows about IYF?

    • Sheri

      I searched for IYF and I found they hold something called World Camp, which is a little different. WordCamps are about the open source WordPress software.

  81. Gabi Coatsworth

    This is a great idea – looking forward to attending one in CT or NYC. Thanks!

  82. Rony Parvej

    Why Bangladesh is not included here? :(
    We want it in Bangladesh………..

  83. wesleywordpress

    Wow, great meeting. But it to sad, if there is no WordCamp in Jakarta, Indonesia.. Success for team :-)

  84. WhitneyCarter

    Makes me wish I still lived in Kentucky. Regardless, this is an awesome concept!

  85. simon7banks

    I’ve noticed this on LinkedIn too: the Brits, Indians, Chinese, South Africans, Germans, Mexicans or whatever do not assume everyone else on a worldwide group knows what their local terminology means or where their local town is, unless, say, it’s London (England) or Cairo (Egypt). Many of the Americans, though, assume everyone knows where, say, Athens GA is. To me, for example, Portland is a peninsula on the Dorset coast!

  86. lifewithbethany

    Exciting. Wish you had one in Ohio. I know, not much to say about us, but since I am Here, it would’ve been nice =)

  87. abdoulayebah

    In all Africa there only one workshop being organized in Kenya. I am really surprised. This part of the world is among those mostly in need of this kind of activities because better informed citizens will more effectively advocate for a better governance.

  88. German Ulloa (@gaulloa)

    I was discussing the chance of having some WP Camp events in some cities in Colombia where I currently work. Are there any guidelines and help for this?. I think WP has not going hard enough on its gas pedal, requiring more community work around the world. WP, a fine instrument, need to be shown and experienced… that´s what I see for the places I´d worked in latam.

    It remembers me a recent phrase by Ed Everett (ex -Redwood City city mgr) “If you build community, you can build almost anything”… lets build a stronger WP… dont you agree?

  89. andmoreso

    See you in Bangkok!

  90. Subhash

    Wish there was one in Hyderabad India :|

  91. 1004project

    Please add Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand as well. Thank you.

  92. nanithi

    There should be one in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

  93. chinesetea2

    This is a great idea – looking forward to attending one in CT or NYC. Thanks!

  94. Ashvinii Thinakaran

    There’s no WordCamp in Malaysia?? Or at least Singapore would be good.

  95. Stef

    How can we get you to hold one in Minneapolis, MN?

    • Sheri

      The events are locally organized. Maybe you’d be interested in organizing an event in Minneapolis.

  96. danabeesvoice

    Any chance you could bring a WordCamp to Orlando in late October 2011? Please please please????!!!! Thank you for being such a supportive company. So many people love WordPress and I want to switch over completely to my WordPress account.

  97. apageofmylife

    :| Romania?

  98. danvin67

    I’m new to WordPress and didn’t know about WordCamps. Like others, I would like to see one in my area, Montreal, Quebec.

    • Sheri

      A WordCamp is usually held in Montreal every year. Keep an eye on the schedule for updates or get in touch with the local WordPress community there.

  99. Taku

    Hey, there’s one right in my city. I’ll make it a priority :)

  100. crystalwoman57

    We’d like to have one in Springfield, Missouri or Fayetteville, Arkansas


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