Looking for tips on better blogging?

Whether you’re a WordPress.com veteran or blogging newbie, the updated version of Learn WordPress.com is sure to teach you something that you don’t already know.

The tutorial contains ten short sections on popular topics such as:

We’ve also added a section called 10 Super Awesome Insider Tips. It contains pointers on how to use some of our coolest (but easily overlooked) features like Distraction Free Writing, which expands the text editor and hides the modules on the publishing screen, to help you stay focused while you create content.

So have a look and tell us what you learned! And if there’s anything you want to know more about, be sure to let us know.

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  1. Jay

    This is very helpful. Thank you so much.

  2. Gaurav Tiwari

    So an expert should also have a look on those! ;)

  3. violetstory

    This is cool, I was thinking about going over this again <3 Wonderful information

  4. Sopheak.P

    Hi WordPress team! This guide is awesome! And I`ll help you to spread this news to my reader!
    ! :D Thanks you so much !

  5. Time Traveler

    This is a good start! I have saved it for future use, however for newbies like me an indepth tutorial on the dashboard and appearance would be helpful. My attempts at making it look better are miserable. I can’t seem to get a picture on with the coloring. How???? Help???? I feel intimidated about putting more posts on while I can’t even get it to look okay.

  6. Mikalee Byerman

    Looking forward to accessing these. I only wish there’d be more info on the customized fonts — I became WAY confused while trying to install mine (although, I’ll admit this from the outset: I’m SO not a techie!).

    Thanks for the resources.

  7. The World for a Country

    Thank you, very helpful.

  8. Mariana

    I don’t understand how anyone can write a post without using Distraction Free Writing mode.
    It’s just so much easier to focus.

  9. tenbrokenbullets

    LOVE IT!
    I’m happy that you’ve included a section for personalizing your site’s appearance. It’s something I’ve personally been trying to work on since my first blog! =)

  10. traittech

    Thanks very much, very helpful for us.

  11. VAJRA, South America

    Excellent news. Maybe someday, we can also have it in Spanish and / or Portuguese language.

    Thanks WP. team…

  12. Kevin Reyes

    That’s what I need. Thanks, team!

  13. Pigeon Heart

    thank you~ this is helpful and encouraging. Can you tell me though, how does one get onto the ”freshly pressed” section?

  14. mummyinmanolos

    I was hoping to find a course somewhere so someone could physically teach me at a venue that’s real…not cyber – I need to move a margin over more to the left, but cannot for the LIFE of me find out how – also not sure what half the widgets do and how they can improve my site – I also want to link to other sites by highlighting the word, like you have above by highlighting words in blue…probably really basic, but haven’t a clue!! Would you know of any courses I could attend in the Buckinghamshire area? You might not know….are you in the States? Do you have any lovely UK people I could speak to? Thanks – Liz

  15. naveedashaikh

    This guide was useful. Thanks.

  16. aRVee

    thanks for sharing. I have added this link into my Link page, hope you don’t mind. Have a great day ahead! :)

  17. Samuela

    Thank you very much, it was extremely useful :)

  18. Goss Blogs

    Hello everyone I would have to respond to the font issue. I think it’s not a good thing that we have such a hard time changing out fonts. This should be available for all members, Blogger has a ton of fonts and that’s why I use there service.

    • Sheri

      Thank you for your feedback. We’ve setup customizing fonts as just one part of the optional paid Custom Design upgrade. The upgrade includes font licensing through Typekit as well as access to add any CSS you’d like. We hope that if you enjoy using the basic services at WordPress.com for free, you will also be willing to purchase an upgrade for things like customization options.

  19. papaoso77

    Thank´s for your valuable support!!! It´s amazing to using Distraction Free Writing mode because
    It’s just so much easier to focus on the real important.

  20. edwardpena

    Wow, great little tool to help bloggers become even better bloggers . Thank you for letting us know.

    Edward Pena

  21. kerlkeoljee

    Thankies for the help! :)

  22. kennethdaily

    Thanks for the tips

  23. noarrey

    Thaks for the advice WordPress team, it was very helpfully

  24. somebodysavemeplease

    I am new to this and I really don’t know what to do, thanks for the info.

  25. jakesprinter

    Great Inspiration thank you

  26. Myra's papers

    Thank you. This is good to know and thumbs up on the font info.

  27. chinesetea2

    Looking forward to accessing these.3Q

  28. supeksa

    wow. cool.

  29. trudybock

    Thx very much for the Tutorial and Step by Step Guidance! As A Newbie on this Site it will definitely help me a lot.
    Plse always provide me with the latest Developments on Blogging and Newsletters.

  30. juliusjohnston

    Thankyou for this post. Every idea is helpful.

  31. scrib64

    Thank you very useful information!

  32. chinesetea2

    This is very helpful. Thank you so much.

  33. cookster76

    The insider tips bit is awesome. How did I miss distraction free writing?? Thankyou!

  34. libertyjack

    Thank you so much. I bookmark this article!

  35. Matthew Paladino

    Thank you for sharing, this is extremely helpful!

  36. ipunk05

    ipunk05 reblogged this from ipunk05 and commented:

    bingung mau comment apa ini teh……..hehehe

    Read More

  37. cbowiephoto

    Great ideas! Thanks for taking the time.

  38. freakoutjoe

    …thank you. needed this!

  39. whereustand1

    Thank you. I just started my blog page today and it is so nice to get information about how I can improve my page.

  40. Annoyed Conservative Christian

    I am really glad wordpress has given me a place to share my thoughts!

  41. Heather

    Wow!! It seems like every day I get a feeling that I only know the tip of the iceberg that’s available with WordPress.

    And to think, this isn’t even the pay version. I know the pay version grants lots more access and as each day goes by I consider signing up for the pay version and getting my own domain.

    I’m so happy I switched from Blogger. WordPress makes so many things so much easier for people who are just starting out. *sigh*

  42. cherbing

    You guys are amazing, you maximize your talents/gifts most especially you share them to those wishing to learn the art of blogging. It is very helpful for people like me who is a novice in this world of writing. Keep up the good work! Most of all, I feel so grateful for this avenue of self expression. Congratu;ations

  43. thinkinglateral

    Thanks really useful!

  44. Lights Camera Glamour Starring Kelly

    Thank you very much, very helpful.

  45. fornormalstepfathers

    All those tricks, awesome! :-)

  46. nvchad2

    For those using social media to promote your blogs, don’t forget about the new Google . It may not have many users at the moment, but its still one more place to promote yourself. As for the article, thanks for pointing out the mobile devices! Using the app for my android phone right now!

  47. eof737

    Thanks again for all you do… :-)

  48. debimc19

    Wow, thanks so much!

  49. autocreate740

    I truly appreciate these tips. Often it helps to re-evaluate the content of what you’re doing. Thanks!

  50. itservicesny

    Thanks. It’s very helpful.


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