New Domains for You and .me

Today we are adding .me (to .com, .org and .net) as a new option for upgrading to your own, custom domain name on All of our domain mapping options cost just a couple dollars per month for your domain name and hosting. You don’t have to deal with web servers or configuration, we take care of everything for you.

Get your own .me domain on

As Sara mentioned a couple months ago, one of the most common questions we get is whether you can use your own domain for blogs. Incidentally, Add a Domain is our most popular upgrade, so we know you love customizing your digital address and we are always looking for ways to make it better and easier.

Rather than adding numbers or dropping vowels for a .com you don’t really want, check out .me and find the perfect fit for your business, your name, or just a pun you can’t stop laughing at. We’ve seen lots of creative domain-names-as-sentences using .me, like and And we love our URL shortener, available to all users.

How to get a .me domain
If you want to upgrade to a .me domain for a new site, head over to If you want to add a .me domain to an existing site, you can follow our step-by-step instructions. It’s only $2/month, so what are you waiting for?!

Leave a comment and let us know what other domain mapping features you want us to add.

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Evan Solomon


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  1. Cyndy Otty

    Would love to be able to transfer a domain to!

  2. Petar Poznić

    .me is domain of Montenegro. Country in Europe.

  3. Cathy

    I would love WordPress forever if you could give me a domain for free. Lol

  4. Rounak Jain

    $3/month, guys? That makes it $36/year, which is nearly three times costlier. is awesome, but really, $3/month?

    • Evan

      It’s actually $24/year, we originally had a typo that said $3/month instead of $2. .me domains actually cost us more money to buy, so we need to cover our costs with the higher price. Still, $24/year for a domain and hosting with the great infrastructure on is a pretty good deal, we think.

  5. MothersHeart

    It has possibilities, but people with same names will continue to run into the same problem.
    But you are giving us a choice!

  6. victorworang

    just thinking that is already used. haha.. :)

  7. Jamie

    Can I transfer my .me registration from Godaddy to

  8. doctorwhofan98

    This is brilliant! I might get a .me domain for my blog.

  9. The Awkward List


  10. Waqas Ali

    .me is surely a great addition. I didn’t know it now cost $2/month, which is really cool. Also consider to add .co as well because that’s the next cool. :) Thank you very much guys.

  11. Brian E. Barreira

    I’ve been using .info names for 1.5 years.

  12. janetsketchley

    I’d love to see a .ca option for your Canadian bloggers.

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  14. thisblindman

    This is great. Thanks WordPress!

  15. Domaining365 (@domaining365)

    Very interesting move. Wonder what this is going to do for the sale of .me domains in the secondary market (if anything). Even though the .me extension is the country code for Montenegro no one uses it in that context and it is associated more with individuals and personal blogs. Great tie in to the WordPress platform that also provides millions with a platform from which to launch their own voice.

  16. hrbunt

    Great addition to WordPress thanks

  17. Marcos Roberto

    The domain -> .COM <- CHEAPER !!

  18. Design Jeanie

    I have a site that I purchased a domain for (which I want) and now have a blog to go along with it. So I can make the blog my domain .me??

    Also I need hosting assistance fir my site. Can you direct me to help for that?

    • Evan

      If you want to move a site to a new .me domain you can do that. Purchase the new domain and set it as your “Primary domain” on the Settings > Domains menu of your dashboard.

      If your site is on you don’t need to purchase any additional hosting.

  19. 簡sir

    Can I have more than one domain upgrade on one WordPress blog?
    I already purchase .com domain upgrade for my WordPress blog. Can I also buy .me domain upgrade for the same blog? Then people can use either domain to access my blog.

    • Evan

      You sure can. You’ll have to set one as your “Primary domain” on the Settings > Domains menu of your dashboard. Then we’ll redirect visits to any of your domains to your primary one. This happens automatically and is best for search engine optimization and for simplicity in general.

  20. Ebrael Shaddai

    Did I read “domain name and HOSTING”?? How much costs mapping and hosting??

    • Evan

      Our domain mapping feature is the equivalent of a hosting plan. We like to clarify that sometimes because some people think they’ll have to buy additional hosting, which can cost hundreds of dollars per year, which is not the case.

  21. nikashidesigns

    Nice to have more options for the domain extensions. Thanks WordPress.

  22. venzkarl

    venzkarl reblogged this on venzkarl.

  23. Jamie

    I understand that I can’t do a domain transfer, so when can I do the switch? Do I have to let my domain expire to register it with WP? I’d rather give WP the money than GoDaddy…

    • Evan

      You should not let your domain expire because it can take a long time to get it back and it’s possible someone else will get it before you. We may support domain transfers in the future, but for now I’d recommend sticking with GoDaddy (or transferring it to another registrar if you want) and using just the domain mapping feature on If you want to keep a domain name it’s best to never let it expire.

  24. O. Braga

    What about visitors used to the old address name? Would the be redirected to the new address?

  25. kendriver

    The claim on the Shortlinks Support page at that “ is the only two-letter .me domain in the world” is a bit misleading. Apple has had the domain ( for a couple of years for its MobileMe members, revamped from the older “mac-dot-com” domain. As it happens, MobileMe-branded services will cease operating from 1 July 2012, when Apple’s transition to iCloud is complete… so I guess after that, the .me domain will be unique, but it isn’t yet.

    • Evan

      Actually is not a .me domain, it’s a .com, like A “.me domain” means that the “me” is after the dot, not before it. Coincidentally, we also have :)

  26. ana pauper

    it is really funny for English language blogs. In Hungarian it sounds even funnier: “me” is a slang word for “take it, buddy!” :D

  27. Apollodorosh

    I personally don’t see the point of upgrading to a customized URL… I think the is a quality marker ;-)

    • Evan

      Thanks for the kind words! I personally use a URL for my site here too, but we like to give people options if they want to keep their own address.

  28. maxshoesjerseys

    Is it free?

  29. Tim Meiers

    “I Like” :) :)

  30. mpaequil

    mpaequil reblogged this on mpaequil.

  31. dexhu

    The .me Domain Name is nice Idea! However The $2.00 Charge is too much for ME! I am on limited income so another Pay Site or Application just adds up to I can NOT Afford all of them! I already have a few Free Domains plus a paid one for My Hosting! So thanks for the offer but I will Pass! Good luck! Be Well

  32. Renato Klisman

    Very good!

  33. idruspalembang

    we like it

  34. nelson RN

    cool… it’s like .me that’s used here in the middleeast :)

  35. Duane Casala

    Great.. :)

  36. Adnanomatic

    $2/month? hmmm… $12/years better i think. :)

    • Evan

      .me domains are more expensive for us to buy, so we needed to charge more to cover our costs. We think $24/year for a domain and a place to host your website is still a great deal.

  37. emilyfujiemair

    ok now that is really cool just how do i get a .me for free?

  38. Vivian J. Paige

    Wish you’d let us use our own custom URL shortener :(

    • Evan

      We stick with because it helps us maintain functionality like stats regardless of which URL a visitor clicks.

  39. DJ Chakras

    nice one !!!
    But i prefer .com also ;)

    • Evan

      .com is here to stay, we just wanted to add some new options for people that are looking for new domains.

  40. juliettebiz

    This is definitely a great addition to WP.
    It is a convenience that everyone can enjoy.

  41. ruselleish

    ruselleish reblogged this on Ruselleish's Blog.

  42. Alan King

    This will be great for the online anthology I’m going to do with my students at Duke Ellington. Great work!

  43. dianablairrevell

    I have a .com domain that is already active. Can I CHANGE it? Can I have that .com FORWARD to a new .me?

    • Evan

      You can have multiple domains for your site and set your “Primary” domain under the Settings > Domains menu on your dashboard. All visits to any domains besides your primary one (like your original will redirect automatically to your primary domain.

  44. RedEyes

    shorturl best for long permalink postname but not for seo

    • Evan

      Our URL shortener ( uses 301 Permanent redirects, so all the SEO link value is passed along to your original URL.

  45. Tallest Nat

    Great! I’m thinking of upgrading my Invader Zim blog, so this is neat! Thanks WordPress!

  46. dogleadermysteries

    Help “me” understand this, I can buy my name and add “,” yes?

    I need to simplify my life. Would pointing this “.me” back to my site bring more readers to my door? Of course, they would have to know my name, first!

    • Evan is a separate website. Our .me feature would let you buy a domain like and host your site there, using

  47. Eric

    Great add!

  48. contentdotme

    Great news. You can also set up free email for a custom .ME domain through Google Apps as explained here:

    Hosting, email, and a .ME domain for just $2 a month. Not bad.

  49. mycharmingsister

    how many readers/ viewers would i need to make my wordpress blog go from to just .com? Or is that not how it works?? By the way great job, the support on wordpress is so helpful! thank you!

  50. wesleywordpress

    It is so great! Only $2 per month and totally it take $24/year. It is cheap isn’t. Keep moving forward for WordPress Blog. ^__^

  51. AA

    You may want to update your Upgrades page for domain name pricing, it still shows $12-$17.

    BTW, hosting with with all additional upgrades now stands at yearly recurring cost of $150+ without one-time cost of premium theme (calculating the minimum required expense).

    • Evan

      Thanks for catching that error, we’ll get that page updated soon. I’ve never looked into the price for all upgrades, that’s interesting.

  52. georgemakrynakis

    Its a real shame you guys dont give a option. It would be GREAT if it was added.

    • Evan

      You can always register a domain elsewhere and map it to your site. We haven’t had a lot of requests that I know of. We’ll probably stick with more generically-applicable TLD’s like .com, .net, .me, etc for a while, but any domain you buy elsewhere will always work on

  53. Ethan Chellan

    Will .me blogs be seen in search directories?

  54. zldaisy99

    thanks for you sharing.

  55. amellyasilver

    amellyasilver reblogged this on amellyasilver.

  56. scgreen123

    I love new domains !

  57. Dean Bowman

    Love it! Thanks.

  58. vin.code

    is it possible to get it at no cost? I mean without spending any money?

    • Evan

      It’s not possible to get a custom domain for free, but you can always use a address for free.

  59. Kale

    Whoa, cheap! Nice.

  60. aaaaamir

    aaaaamir reblogged this on copyearning.

  61. hendrisst

    hendrisst reblogged this on hendrisst and commented: good

  62. sandyfletcher

    Wow i want to get a .me too how much is it for ?

  63. bagoy

    hi evan, how much would it cost me the “.com” domain?

  64. Mallikarjun

    Mallikarjun reblogged this on Bloglization.

  65. Aaron Paul Lazar

    Can you please help me find the “Store” tab that is supposed to have a “Domains” tab beneath it? I want to open a new domain and have my old sites mapped here to the new blog I just registered (and will be developing soon!), but I can’t seem to find the way to buy a domain! Ack!

  66. pioneear

    It’s worth getting just for fun. Thanks for the info

  67. Aaron Paul Lazar

    Thank you! Going to check it out now. ;o)

  68. Aaron Paul Lazar

    Evan, I must be really missing something. I’m new to WP, so forgive my questions. When I go to my dashboard (based on the new blog I registered yesterday but haven’t filled out at all) the Dashboard just has: HOME, Blog Surfer, Comments I’ve Made, Readomatic, Tag Surfer, Site Stats, My Blogs, My Subscriptions, and Connections. I’m at this location: Is that the right place?
    Thanks again, sorry for being so dense! LOL.

  69. Matt Mitchel Mitchel

    I would love to hear if this me Domain Name is reliable to use and no problem is being encountered on its application from anyone who already use it.

  70. Amy

    The new domain is more expensive than .com .

    • Evan

      .me domains cost more for everyone, including us, so we needed set a higher price to make up for the higher cost to get them.

  71. rosetasher

    Love the idea, thanks

  72. Christopher Evans MD @ EDCNewMedia

    .me domains are a welcome addition whowever i would like to see .co as a further domain addition for my SEO For Mobiles blog. Thank you though WordPress your free hosting is a god send.

  73. bobtep23

    bobtep23 reblogged this on bobtep23.

  74. cookster76

    I recently acquired myself a .me URL with a view to creating my own personal portfolio website. I work as a programmer/developer and so I create information systems (IS). is my new URL (i thought it was funny as graham is me and also the site will be grahams IS work ). I was debating handcoding from scratch but now that you support .me domains I might have a play with wordpress as the underlying tech since I love my blog but have never developed in wordpress before.

    Awesome :)

  75. Maneesh Pangasa

    Interesting article. Think the addition of .me domains as an option for those interested in potentially using it is nice but worry about this leading to personalized .me websites adding to the filter bubble critiqued by Eli Pariser.

  76. Maneesh Pangasa

    Update: Sorry for double post but after posting found out that .me is a country code domain. In that case post above is irrelevant. However, if a domain extension like .me were set up with the me in .me not being a country code but a personalized domain name extension which I thought .me was in above post then would stand by such comments.

  77. Aaron Paul Lazar

    Thanks, Evan. Got it and bought my domain. Now on to designing the new site!


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