New Themes: Eight, Bold Life, and Elemin

If you score three goals in one hockey game you’ve made what’s called a hat trick. I think that should totally count for themes too. If you’re reading this post you’ve just scored a chance to check out three brand new themes for your blog. Hat trick!

The first up is Eight by renowned designer, Elliot Jay Stocks. Its unique layout means your blog will be almost completely transformed just by activating it. Thanks to the custom background feature and its custom highlight color feature, transforming the look of your blog even further takes only a few clicks.


We have another brand new free theme for you too. It’s called Bold Life by Jay Hafling and just like Eight it has its own unique grunge-elegant look.

Finally, we have another premium theme for you and there’s nothing grungy about this one. The beautiful and elegant Elemin, designed by Themify, is just packed with features so make sure you check it out on the theme showcase. You can upgrade your blog to Elemin with a lifetime subscription for $75.


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Ian Stewart

  • Sep 29, 2011 @ 3:23 pm
  • Themes


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  1. doctorwhofan98

    Eight looks great! I might get it for my blog… :D

  2. Aditya Mehta

    Super x 3!!!

  3. yen

    The Elemin theme is beautiful and elegant!

  4. 米雪兒 ♥

    Wow. 3 themes at once! Thanks! :D

  5. Elana

    What an awesome hat trick! Great job, WordPress! :D

  6. Haranchan

    I love the Eight theme, thanks so much. :D

  7. Mikalee Byerman

    Nice hat trick — you guys really make it difficult for those of us with commitment issues. I’ve never been a cheater, but with all this great temptation, you’re making me consider cheating on my theme! ;)

  8. Chandra B.

    Elemin looks so great. :D A little bit or more like Huffington Post. Too bad it’s not free. :(

  9. Ma Sang Ji

    I agree with Chandra’s opinion: “Elemin looks so great. :D … Too bad it’s not free. :(

  10. Iñigo

    Cooooool!!! I’ll have a check on these for my blog…

  11. Sandra Pawula

    Elemin is aptly described as beautiful and elegant. Just my style! But I’m in love with Manifest.

  12. Brian James Freeman

    Lots of good looking themes lately — keep up the great work! :)

  13. Kojiki

    The Eight theme is really nice!!!

  14. NVS

    Elemin is the theme to be. Elegant, simplistic and professional. :) Thanks a lot Themify.

  15. Margie

    I’m going to try Bold Life for a while. I use a lot of photos and quotes, and I think this theme will work well with both.

  16. oceanofstupidity

    I like the Elemin. It’s ideal apart from that it’s premium but maybe I’ll buy it.

  17. CelebSEE

    Thumbs up!

  18. Waqas Ali

    Elemin is undoubtedly an artistic theme. Thank you for making the hat trick guys.

  19. stormz328

    I liked it so much I ended up downloading it..thanks

  20. E. Wing

    Always great to see new designs.

  21. tenbrokenbullets

    Themes x 3!!!
    Wow. Unfortunately, the two themes I like cost money.
    So in reality, I won’t be changing, but they look awesome!

  22. RedEyes

    I like the Elemin theme.

  23. simaeru

    Wow, GREAT!

  24. ls zhao

    Maybe I should try the free one… Thanks.

  25. tuvanluatvietnam

    Oh, bravo!

  26. jldesignusa

    Still new to WordPress… and hoping to get the hang of it sometime soon, wish I had more free time!

  27. Armando

    Why do all the good ones always cost money? (A question which can be applied to many things in life.) Elemin looks great in every way except in price.

  28. mrasherkade

    Bold Life and Eight are cool… could we have more free magazine themes? Something like Chapters only free?

  29. Dean Bowman

    I love all the new themes. Keep ‘em coming!

  30. baahduodu

    WordPress rocks!

  31. akstill

    Eight looks great.

  32. @theonlynelly

    Wow, Elemin looks great! :)

  33. Kojiki

    Skeptical theme can be very look a like Elemin with little extra CSS touch. The CSS upgrade is worth every dollar it cost. Smiles and have great day!

  34. corneliamladenova

    All three are very stylish and elegant, thank you very much. :)

  35. setlans

    I don’t like them, too simple for me, nothing modern…

  36. Blogger

    My favourite is the Elemin! :-D

  37. wordcoaster

    Bold Life is an awesome theme–I think in time I’ll be switching to it.

  38. Eric

    Ah nice theme, too bad it’s for pay.

  39. MJ Advincula (@iamMJae)

    Nice hat trick! Too bad two are premium…

    But Bold Life kinda looks too familiar already.

  40. nyomansb1

    All of them are great…!!! :D

  41. san2210

    I like the last one.

  42. Raise Expectations

    All three are pretty cool. Too bad two of them aren’t free, otherwise I would try them.

  43. Taylor Reints

    Eight looks cool, I’m able to put a background on my blog and still see my content, sidebars and text!

  44. thetravelingreader

    You thought you’ve found THE ONE but then WP introduces another beauty. Tsk. Tsk. Hehe
    Great new themes. Luv it. Too bad 2 of the cute ones are premium. ^_^

  45. thisblindman

    This is great. Thanks WordPress!

  46. nissamutia

    This is awesome, I definitely will use this theme!

  47. pragmanocache

    Whoa… thanks. I like Eight. Nice.

  48. kweide

    That looks simply, WOW.

  49. zigaams

    Waiting for something dark and stylish with Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube features. :)

  50. Tuğrul Aşık

    Thanks, WordPress. The last one looks great.

  51. The Unattainable Black Rose

    They’re great themes. My only issue with them is that they seem a little bland and the font is too… Formal. I won’t be using them but it’s always interesting to see some good themes. Thanks.

  52. itservicesny

    This theme looks simple…

  53. satusatuen

    I like the Elemin theme, elegant.

  54. jessiethought

    Wow. Eight looks really cool.

  55. William Quarmine

    Elemin looks good.

  56. Ariko (&) Sofia

    Yes, yes, yes… we’re going blogging. :D Thanks WordPress.


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