New Theme: Funki

It’s funky time in theme land and we are welcoming our newest addition, available for you today. Funki is a very versatile premium theme, with an artsy flair, offering customization and flexibility. It begins with four different layouts, from one column to three columns, all based on where you drag your widgets so you don’t have to set any special options, it just works.

Funki, designed by Themify, comes with different background patterns and motifs to choose from, and allows you to set a primary color which is used for links and other visual elements. Lastly, it comes with a featured post area which is easy to use: just add big featured images to your sticky posts and you are good to go.

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There is still more to find about Funki, so go ahead and explore its showcase entry. You can then preview it for your blog in Appearance → Themes or purchase a lifetime subscription right away from the Theme Showcase itself.

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  • Oct 6, 2011 @ 7:56 pm
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  1. Charlousie

    It’s not my style at all, but it looks good and represantives the “Funky”-part actually quiet good ;)

  2. Al K Hall

    Wow, stylish as a cocktail that comes with props and fresh as a drink that has all its ice.

  3. Marii

    Wauw I love it :D

  4. Cika!

    Smells like something to try on to my new blog. I hope it’s a non-premium theme… *click click*.

  5. Heather

    This is way cool, LOVE it!

  6. Steve

    VERY cool!

  7. mrasherkade

    Nice! Too bad it’s not free….

  8. marvaseaton

    I really do love this theme. In time I might get it.

  9. ζÔ§Η

    It’s really cute, but it’s a real shame it’s so expensive :/

  10. dmnetworkdon

    Yup -very cool but sorry to hear it a cost to it

  11. Expensive for greek bloggers :)

  12. mypagemike

    They should post the price or if it’s free with the title like (Free) or ($5.00), where do you find out if it’s free or not?

  13. Kathrine Roid

    Yay! More customizable themes! This is a little bright for the writing genres I cover on my blog – mostly science fiction and fantasy – but the spunky feel is easily suitable for other blogs. Actually, I may use this theme for the collectors’ blog I’ve been wanting to start.

  14. that girl again

    I wondered why this post didn’t mention the price… then I went to the showcase page and understood immediately.

  15. ragamcita

    That’s cool man…….!
    i would like to put on my blog

  16. thadncs

    Color choices are good and the background is a little itchy and scratchy but cool! Nice work with “stickiness” due to art that is ‘odd’ enough to think about a couple extra seconds. Yet – appropriate for business use in the new markets around the world therefore this site is mainstream for the online commerce market.

  17. myblogallday

    FUNKI man out there wow

  18. Nickie Wang

    Nice addition. Thanks WP team.

  19. Heri Setiyoko

    It’s beautiful.

  20. MrADMIN

    WOW! I like it! Looks fantastic..

  21. dwiunisbank

    Wow, nice theme, but the pic is too big for me… :)

  22. frivbest

    Look it very cool. Love this theme

  23. norfreedom

    Wow! I really like it! SO fun, love it, your color is what I’m finding!!

  24. Khoa học máy tính

    I think it’s good.
    That’s a new degisn consistent with modern style

  25. chiibeji

    Very sweet.

  26. trailsnet

    I’m glad to see you guys continually coming up w/ new themes; but the wide headers don’t do much for me. When someone visits that page, all they see is header @ first, & they have to scroll down to see the content. If they’re just browsing, they won’t take the time & effort to scroll. They’ll just move on to someone else’s blog/site.
    Just a little FYI.

    • Matías

      The big images below the header in this theme are featured posts, so they are basically content. They won’t appear on single articles.

  27. Saeed Mubarak

    It is not my style, I don’t prefer it.

  28. Nish

    Wow! Just wow! This is THE theme for me. Now, if I only had an extra 100 dollars floating around someplace :(

  29. Nish

    Sigh! It looks even better when I preview it on my blog than on the actual theme showcase.

  30. itservicesny

    Looks Good…

  31. Bosstiger

    Awesome! This is a really great theme, woohoo. :D This is really rocking! That’s the reason that I love WordPress: simple, clean, and cheerful design colors on each theme. I’m really proud of you fellows, just keep up the good work. :D

  32. cookster76

    This is one of the best yet, but I somehow knew as soon as I saw this post it would be a premium. I would definitely trade my current theme for this one if I had a spare $100…….shame. Great work though WP!

  33. helar

    Like this one very much! If I were not so extremely happy with Duster I’d start thinking about switching themes once again :-) .

  34. Intelligent Challenge

    That’s super cool. Not right for my blog, but super cool.

  35. makedigitalmoney

    Calm, cool and collected. Good things are always refreshed in the mind.

  36. Elana

    Now, if I had the money, I might have considered switching…

  37. Raise Expectations

    This theme definitely fits the name. Very artsy and funky.

  38. Anners Hortensia VIII

    Wow. Only 100 bucks!

  39. 1girlspointofview

    Wish I could get it!!

  40. tenbrokenbullets

    Getting tired that all of the good themes cost money.
    Love the theme though ;)

  41. corneliamladenova

    Super cool design, love the colors :)

  42. Katzoo23

    Wow! Good for personal blogs!

  43. indigoice88

    OK… I don’t like pink, though. :P

  44. Debashrita Panda

    My blog is titled as THE FUNKY WRITER. But I’m unable to get this theme as my mom won’t give me money to purchase this.
    I’m such a poor guy:[

  45. biamanhie

    That is so awesome, like DOMO.

  46. Alain Alexandre

    I love when it’s free, I like it when you have to pay

  47. nawazmohmand

    Very nice, I like it…

  48. Imogen Shepard

    I like it. Very ‘Bueno-ish’, high impact.

  49. mizzezmellymel


  50. Romy C

    Nice, but $100? That’s very price-y.

  51. taurolar

    Super cool design, love the colors. :)


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