3 Ways to Make Your Site More Visually Appealing

You guys use WordPress.com in all sorts of creative ways, documenting the adventures you take…


…the people you meet…


…the characters you create…


…the meals you prepare…


…and the places you live.


And you share a ton of amazing photographs. So be sure to show them off! Here are three tips on using photos to make your site more visually appealing:

  • Upload your very own custom header image to give your site a unique look and feel. Some themes even allow you to use featured images to display different header images on specific posts and pages. For a design that’s 100% unique to you, try out the Custom Design upgrade.
  • Don’t make readers squint to view your photos. Generally speaking, bigger photos are better, as long as they’re properly aligned. Check out the Get Flashy tutorial on Learn.WordPress.com for tips on aligning and resizing your images.
  • If the majority of your content is image-based, consider using a photography theme that will put your photos in center stage on your site. Visit the Theme Showcase to find one that’s perfect for you.

Want to browse other awesome photo blogs? Check out Freshly Pressed and the photography tag pages.

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  1. barrycyrus

    Or a general tip: Put a huge, appealing and relevant photo for every blog entry you post. :)

  2. noirciplume

    Thank you for posting! Some great blogs there!

  3. নিশাচর

    Thanks for the tips :)

  4. thos003

    Those are some amazing photos. My heart jumped just looking at that first one!

  5. Brandon

    Great tips!

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    The pictures were inspiring! Thanks for sharing, and for the tips, too.

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  10. timethief

    Thanks for your article. It’s timely as I have just updated my themes and header images too. :) Without doubt images, are a draw. This is true not only for first time visitors and returning visitors, but also for drawing traffic from search engines. That’s why it’s so important to give our images the full SEO treatment.


    As rich as ever and of great help.
    Provided in an oversimplified way that encourages us to embark on new apps.
    Thanks kindly

  12. jeansobrinho

    These incredible images, congratulations.

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  14. agirlandhercarrot

    I didn’t even know about the Get flashy tutorial! I hope I can finally squeeze more then one photo on a line now! ;-) Thanks for the tips, I especially adore the food photo.

  15. allgoodhealth

    this is so kool

  16. vegaskamasala

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  17. Michael

    Very beautiful pictures here and thanks for the tip. !!!

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    excelentes tips, gracias!!!

  19. Paula

    great photos, very illustrative

  20. garlicfriesandbaseball

    WordPress is the most user-friendly as far as images and formatting goes. Thanks for the tips on the photo’s. I’ll be utilizing them soon!

  21. iqbalmasrildjanaik

    i love your tips. thank very much.

  22. óscar calderón

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  23. Chorwin

    Photography blog is most famous topic on wordpress.com. More and more people make photography their hobby.

  24. candles

    Thanks for the info regarding the ‘photography theme’! I’m going to check it out!

  25. JayShep Photography

    Nice tips thanks!

  26. Marcos Roberto

    …There is no magic formula, sometimes you have ‘everything’, but do not have traffic!!
    …is a –> mystery ;)

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  28. perrylup

    Thanks – this was helpful. Simple tips to make a big difference. I have uploaded a photo from my blackberry to my blog, and the photo should show as a portrait, instead of landscape – can you tell me how to change the orientation in the blog? Thanks!

  29. kevin7tsai

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    Heading to check out the links tutorials. Thank you for this post.

  32. naturetreks

    Thanks for your suggestion! Thats great!

  33. pankajbharadia

    thanks for tips

  34. Vandita

    Hi Erica
    Thanks for such a lucid mail. I’m going to enact your suggestions in my blog very soon.
    Great work!
    PS.: Brilliant photographs : )

  35. mengeleblog

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    Thanks! Really nice.

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    The photographs in these blogs are awesome. Nice tips also….

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    I know this has been said before, but I feel like saying it: I LOVE WORDPRESS!!!

  46. foottrackerluvya

    Thank you for the tips! I will keep that in mind =D

  47. Kemi

    Going away to Wales this week. I’ll take lots of photos and be right back at you with some wordless magic. Thanks for the tips! K

  48. reeknittingwordswithgod

    Thank you, being brand new I need all the help I can get!!!

  49. thewaffler100

    Alright! More awesome sites to check out!

  50. cheesecake

    I will definitely do!

  51. nelson RN

    Great tips! Thanks!

  52. J.C. Cavanaugh

    Grateful to you for posting this topic. The information and insights you shared are timely! Thanks again~

  53. marksmorris

    Hi to everyone, hope you all are having a great day. i am new to all this but i really like tips that are given on the photography blogs. i think there are Great.

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  55. nydeuces

    Amazing photos!

  56. daisykicker

    Great tips.thank you

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    Very cool

  58. happykidshappymom

    Great tips! And fabulous photos. One reason I love blogging so much is that it’s so visual. And varied. When I see an image in a post, it cements its accompanying story in my head that much more. And there are so many amazing blogs here on WordPress. You picked great ones to showcase!

  59. Caregiver Helpline

    Thanks; found this very interesting and gives me some ideas.

  60. lunga Mahlangu

    Super great advice. I’ve just started a blog too and I’ve mostly written about my experiences in life. I call it my online scrap book :)

  61. criticalcareintl

    Thank you for the tips. Greatly appreciated!

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    Hai , Erica
    It is very very useful tips
    Thanking You.

  68. panovision101

    Yes, jam it full of pics, make it hard to load and write very little of interest ~ It makes it much easier.

  69. scrib64

    Keep these tips coming. I find them very helpful. Thanks.

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    I need these kind of tips because I am new here………
    I want to become a top blogger……..

  72. loveinwaiting

    Great tips. I hope to learn more about using photos on my blog.

  73. Rajeev Upadhyay

    Thanks for the amazing post.

  74. liz1985

    Great tips, thanks!

  75. thesouthwillblogagain

    I had to learn this the hard way. I draw cartoons using Paint for my blog. First couple of posts I use balloons for text and people couldn’t read them. They didn’t click on the pictures to enlarge them even after I mentioned so on the page. After I awhile I started to draw thicker outlines on my cartoons and draw them larger. When the colors “bled” the thicker lines actually made them look better and people commented more.

    Great post. Love the pic of the lego men attacking the orange too!

  76. screenprintr

    Thanks Erica, those are awesome pics too.

    The Harry met Salad made me hungry for fish tacos, lol.

  77. lcooltip

    The photos are wonderful. After looking at these photos, they have inspired me to explore photography and see the world through the eyes of a lens.

  78. Darren Poke

    This is something that I need to do better on my blog.

    Thanks for the helpful reminder.

  79. ayurarogyasaukhyam

    Excellent blogging. Thank you for the valued information.

  80. veehcirra

    Very lovely, pictures are very relevant to our minds, since we basically think in pictures and not words!Get it?

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  84. gothichydran126

    I’ll try. I already use a lot of photos but I think what counts most is what type of camera you use. My pictures aren’t as great at yours but you must use a good DSLR versus my regular point and shoot.

  85. jaredecus

    That stuff is so cool. I know what im going to do tommorow.
    1. Attack an orange.
    2.jump off a bridge.
    3. Create a better blog

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    Great photos!

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    Thanks for the tips. Especially love those high-quality photos!

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    the usefull tips thanks for sharing

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    All This is still new to me as for as doing a blog. I am learning as I go. Great Photos.

  91. rawmultimedia

    OMG wonderful blogs…I love the FANTASTIC PHOTOS. so so awesome

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    This is great tips. Thanks for sharing this inspirational suggestion to all blogger like me who are beginner. Thanks and keep it up.

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    Hi to everyone, hope you all are having a great day. i am new to all this but i really like tips that are given on the photography blogs. i think there are Great.

  97. posterdog

    I change my background color to showcase the daily photo, really makes it pop. Mary

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  100. Ariko (&) Sofia

    Hai All, Nice tobe here with all of You :D
    Thanks WordPress for sharing the usefull Tips, May GB Us Always
    Happy Bloging all,

    Best Regard Ariko & Sofia


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