New Themes: Modern News and Dusk to Dawn

Today, our ever-growing collection of themes grows by not one, but two with the addition of Modern News and Dusk To Dawn.

If your blog is news-oriented (or if you’re ripe to start a news blog), then Modern News, a new premium theme from StudioPress, is a great choice. Bright and stylish, Modern News offers six layout options, seven color schemes, a tabbed sidebar, and many more features. Get the full scoop on the Theme Showcase and purchase it as an upgrade for your blog.

Before I introduce our second new theme, it is important to mention that we are fond of all of our themes, even those that have been part of our collection since the beginning. However, there comes a time when themes retire after all their years in service. Today marks the arrival of that sunset period for two of our beloved classics: Dusk and Solipsus. Their successor, Dusk To Dawn, is a lovely free theme that captures the best qualities of both while introducing a unique new design that supports the latest WordPress features. We really think you’ll love Dusk To Dawn — so be sure to read about it on the Showcase.

Have fun!

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Michelle Langston

  • Oct 13, 2011 @ 4:45 pm
  • Themes


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  1. timethief

    I love the facelift that the Dusk theme has undergone. Custom accent colors and mulpitle layout choices and post formats. I’m tempted to spaned today playing with it on a test blog and then using it on one of my blogs. Thanks so much for the work you do to provide us with great themes with customizable options. It’s appreciated.

  2. garlicfriesandbaseball

    I particularly like “Modern News” as it looks particularly suited for blogs. Keep up the good work!

  3. Raise Expectations

    Great new themes. If Modern News was free, I would try it.

  4. esainsbury

    I really like lots of the Magazine and News style blogs such as Modern News, but I don’t have the capacity or justification to pay for a premium theme. I am finding it hard to find a similar style theme for my blog which is from the selection of free themes. If anyone has any suggestions they would be appreciated :)

  5. Elliott Odeh

    Modern News looks almost perfect. I might have to go for some of that. I love the regular additions, keep up the good work, people.

  6. Brian James Freeman

    Modern News looks wonderfully clean and sleek!

  7. |JoJo|

    ‘Dusk to Dawn’ looks nice. =)

  8. River

    Wow, Dusk To Dawn is simply gorgeous (I love the blue/orange color scheme!). It would be perfect for an art or photo blog–I might have to start one so that I can use this theme. :)

  9. Charles Fernando

    Woah, loved this modernization of old themes, look at the fonts! The colors! So sleek! Thanks WP! I changed for this one!

  10. sylverlight

    I like the new Dusk to Dawn theme, but the edges are too harsh… it’s such a beautiful theme, it really calls for rounded edges. If that were changed, I’d probably switch. :)

    • Takashi Irie

      The corners are slightly rounded in Dusk To Dawn :) In case your browser is not up to date, I suggest to update it to the latest version. What browser are you using?

  11. theoneandonlydonut
  12. shagginbaby

    It is amazing, the inventive power people come up with! I think it is very well put together and very awesome!

  13. Mahfooz

    Dusk to Dawn is definitely the best WordPress theme ever. I’m using it now, and love it :D

  14. Kathy

    Dusk to Dawn is beautiful. I switched to it as soon as I saw it.

  15. stormz328

    I really like the Dusk to Dawn theme, but I don’t think I’ll be changing my theme right now. But it is nice.

  16. dustyrelics

    Dusk To Dawn doesn’t show pages? Or am I missing something?

  17. Succi

    Wow, I like this. Thanks.

  18. Chorwin

    The Dusk To Dawn background color will change when scrolling from top to bottom, kind of cool!!!

  19. Llorens1

    I like both. Really useful themes for organized people. Really recomendable.

  20. Debbie Bates

    Dusk to delicious! Thank you WP. I adopted this one and can’t wait to play with it.

  21. Sharon

    Is there ever a “sale” on premium themes?

    Right now I do not have the intake for the full $75 for the great premium themes such as “modern news” shown here, but having something a little more sleek and polished is sure to bring in higher traffic and therefore higher potential revenue to justify such purchases.

  22. NeedDonations

    Great themes! Unfortunately it’s premium.

  23. dimagios

    DUSK looks great! But I still prefer the one I use for now.

  24. Bosstiger

    Yeah baby! WordPress is totally rocking! I like these themes too, one is for news and it is very well designed! And as for the other…at first i thought oops, don’t get fooled again…this must be a premium theme too! But nope! It is a non premium theme and it is rocking wild! I like its design, its header and I think it is twenty-eleven based, it could be an idea for the twenty-twelve, my congratulations on the designers and on too :D

    P.S. Surely I’ll start a new blog with this new incredible theme.

  25. Allatwan

    I just love the “from dusk to dawn” theme! I think I might give in and use it right now! ^^

  26. Ro

    Great way to end the week WordPress! I’m loving Dusk to Dawn. I think it definitely has a more polished and modern look than the original Dusk theme.

  27. infoanswer

    “Modern News” is looking professional. I like it!

  28. kensbackhome

    Modern News looks a lot like Minimum. Both nice themes, but I couldn’t tell much difference.

    Dusk to Dawn is very nice, but I also like having the page navigation across the top instead of in the sidebar. Having used both, I find that people are more likely to click across the top than down the side.

  29. Kemi

    I love the news theme! I wonder if it’d work for a non-news blog.

  30. Poetry & Icecream

    I love the Dawn to Dusk theme and have used it and my blog looks great! Thanks so much for this wonderful theme :)

  31. obsidianfactory

    Will have the Dusk To Dawn theme?

    • Takashi Irie

      It’s not yet but hopefully it becomes available soon so please keep an eye on it. :)

  32. gho13

    I like blog you…………thank you because your themes are good…………………… :-)

  33. ζÔ§Η

    Dusk to Dawn looks absolutely amazing! Modern News looks really nice as well! Well done and thanks guys! :D :D

  34. eyerishj

    Wow… Great works

  35. shankoka

    Dusk to Dawn is quite elegant. liked it a lot.

  36. doreensblog

    The dusk theme is SO amazing, i would love to change my theme, but i cannot because the ones who are reading my blog would be confused if my blog had an other theme. i was told my theme was an eyecatcher – well, so i actually don’t have any opportunities :D

  37. ianbartlett57

    Like the Modern News theme – very clean

  38. deDeurs

    Dusk 1.0 may be dated, but it’s still one of the most beautiful templates I ever saw, it’s elegant and above all: intimate. It’s biggest drawback: the ugly bar next to quoted passages.

    Dusk. 2.0, more square and the blue background is a bit harsh and the black widget segment seems for some reason dominating, otherwise a very clear, well-balanced template.
    But please put the Page numbering link at the BOTTOM, not at the TOP! Readers will forget or not understand that at the end of the post, there’s more. That’s the only real flaw I found, in all other regards, my compliments to its designer(s)

    • Takashi Irie

      Thanks for your feedback! We moved the page link at the bottom now.

  39. pallasathena2007

    I really like Dusk till Dawn! Beautiful! It’s a little dark for my taste, but that was easily remedied. And when you lighten it, the gorgeous textures and details show up better. I love this theme! Thank you!

  40. xsads

    It’s definitely unique

  41. Armando Netto

    oh my god, there are two perfect brand new themes, should i change mine?

    thanks wp ;D


    Perfect and professional theme!!!…

    I like this. Regards

  43. Michelle-on-a-Mission

    Dusk to Dawn looks great.

  44. cj2u

    Wow! I like it. thanks.

  45. Joe

    I love your Premium Theme options. I’m using Fresh News love the flexibility I’ve had to make changes. Some friends have not believed it’s an actual template. The Modern News looks pretty interesting also.

  46. mary_bc

    Dusk to Dawn captures my two all-time favorite themes… so of course I’m one happy camper… much appreciated WordPress and creators!

  47. itsxyenttirb

    This is awesome! I really like Dusk to Dawn… I may just change my theme again.

  48. abundancebliss

    I love dusk to dawn theme. Great job!!

  49. TGO

    Both themes are cool…

  50. taurolar

    Dusk To Dawn is simply gorgeous (I love the blue/orange color scheme!). It would be perfect for an art or photo blog–I might have to start one so that I can use this theme. :)

  51. Kale

    Dusk to Dawn is a worthy successor to Dusk and Solipsus. Really nice.

  52. Jenny

    Love the Dusk To Dawn theme! It’s a great one, if I think of the design.

  53. rkmagfeelingexpert

    “Modern News” really has a professional look.. great.

  54. themidlifesecondwife

    Dusk to Dawn is really beautiful! So rich and elegant…designers rock!

  55. severin

    Is it my imagination or are we in the midst of a great surge of new and imaginative themes just now? Great work.

  56. Kelsey M. Schutter

    I like Dusk to Dawn. It’s really creative.

  57. iba0125

    Modern News looks a lot like Minimum. Both nice themes, but I couldn’t tell much difference.

  58. administrator

    Superb!! :) great look, cool in the eyes! :) I’m thinking of switching themes with this soon.. ;)

  59. gamerschase

    Wow, nice themes…. Simple and great! :)

  60. Kaitlin

    I’m using Dusk till Dawn now and it’s gorgeous! Switched it for the new header and was very surprised by the ‘dawn’ at the bottom! Beautiful!


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