New Themes: iTheme 2 and Bold News

If you are doing a great job on your blog and posting regularly, sometimes important posts fade away from the home page. Sound familiar? Today, we’re excited about introducing two new themes that come with a featured section for prominently displaying some of these posts.

The first theme is iTheme 2 designed by Themify, is a free theme inspired by the instantly recognizable Apple style design that is perfect for your Mac related tech blog. By activating it, iTheme 2 immediately revamps your blog to a stylish, Apple themed cool blog.

What’s great about iTheme 2 is not only the look but also its features. It offers three color schemes and a cool featured posts carousel on the home page. Go find more about the theme on its showcase page.

The second entry is Bold News, a premium theme from WooThemes. Same as other fantastic themes from them, Bold News is also packed with customizing features as well as a featured posts carousel on the home page. Get the full details on the theme showcase page. You can upgrade your blog to Bold News directly from the showcase, or from your dashboard under Appearance → Themes.

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Takashi Irie

  • Oct 18, 2011 @ 4:18 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Kinna

    Thank you, WP Team. Both look really good.

  2. pltprincess

    Being a huge Apple fangirl, I’m really liking the iTheme 2!! Thanks!

  3. shane peltzer

    iTheme 2 looks amazing and seeing how I just switched to Skeptical I probably shouldn’t change to another theme again so soon right? :D

  4. Mikalee Byerman

    Love love LOVE the idea of the carousel!

    Now perhaps I’m being silly here (and just didn’t see the answer above), but are these free themes or fee themes?

  5. নিশাচর

    WOW !! Great Themes!!

  6. helar

    Love both of them! Clean and pleasant to look at.

  7. River

    Wow, I really love the look of iTheme 2. Now the only question is whether I should use iTheme 2 or Dusk To Dawn when I redesign the look of my blog.

    Thanks for giving us so many awesome themes!

  8. rommel

    I love iTheme2!!! Think my blog will stay there for awhile.

  9. akahecky1

    Great Looking themes!

  10. Raise Expectations

    Cool themes. I definitely like Bold News and the carousel part of both themes.

  11. ana pauper

    iTheme 2 for fruit businesses :D apples and plums ;) just kidding. it is a theme for ballet exercises.

  12. timethief

    Two more themes with carousels — you listen to the community — I can tell. ;) Just kidding around. Thanks for more adding more selections.

  13. Chorwin

    iTheme2 featured post carousel is pretty cool gadget!!!

  14. hanin

    Guys on WP always make me hard to choose which theme is best for me.
    Should try iTheme soon. You rocks!

  15. Alvin Enguillo

    Great themes especially the iTheme2. :)

  16. Andrea

    Thank you, WordPress!!! I just switched to iTheme2 and LOVE it!

  17. Chandra B.

    wowowowow. can’t believe the iTheme 2 is FREE! :D

  18. bayezidalam

    Lovely themes. Keep it up, really marvelous

  19. van Nistelrooy

    iThemeeeeeeee! It’s totally great! Yahooooo!

  20. garudasatrialazuardi

    Thanks so much for share the themes, I really like it.

  21. Reggie

    Yes, please, more themes with FEATURED POSTS! I also love the idea of the featured posts carousel!

    PLEASE can you implement those functionalities on more themes? Or even better, could you roll it back to the already existing themes? Like my current theme, Comet, perhaps? Pretty please?

  22. Eric

    RIP Steve Jobs. Great theme to honour him? I think so!

  23. cookster76

    OK, now I’m convinced to swap. Love the iTheme2 and have made the switch. Thanks WP!

  24. pinaybyaheras

    Wow …. love it … thanks for sharing! :)

  25. Shiblee

    That is great! iTheme 2 is FREE!!!

  26. Bosstiger

    Really really nice themes! Excellent work!
    although I’m not a mac enthusiast I’ll give a try to this theme, it looks really good, and I lke its style, also bold news is an excellent piece of work, keep up the good work, :D

  27. Dr. Afaq Ahmad Qureshi

    Very impressionable. iTheme2 will surely be very popular among ‘i’ users. Well done developers.

  28. TGO

    iTheme2 is really awesome! I will switch soon…

  29. Blogger

    What a good themes! :-D


    Both are awesome!!!

  31. click4corp2011

    Nice one iTheme2! Great job! salute to SJ he really change the world

  32. Alli

    Love the iTheme. Very nice!


    Good job!
    I am considering to use this theme
    Thank you :)

  34. Akanksha Gogi

    I really like this theme and they really incorporated Apple into this theme.


    wow, is it really free?

  36. lesbienshop1

    very beauty ful theme,thank you

  37. ocdemocrats

    The themes keep getting better and better!

  38. Margie

    I’m trying out itheme2 because I think the Post Carousel is a very good idea! It will take some time, though, to set a featured image on the posts I want to make sticky. I plan on sizing my featured images for iTheme2 (593X261 pixels), and hope they will look right if I switch to another theme that uses featured images!

  39. tenbrokenbullets

    LOVE the iTheme2. Definitely could be a new look for my music blog. Looks like I’ll have to wait and see ;) Thank You!

  40. Kale

    iTheme 2 is free? With all that extras? Sweet!

  41. nelson RN

    Cool!!!! I’ll have a try now…

  42. agoesusanto

    Thanks, usefully for me….

  43. John Todaro

    Nice job… both on Apple theme and means of highlighting posts going below radar.

  44. Kemi

    Wow! I LOVE iTheme 2!!!

  45. severin

    Oh i’m liking these two. I always look at new themes and might even give one of these a try.

  46. gamethwomp

    I would like the I theme one if it didn’t have the os background. I much prefer something plain.

  47. Adrian Pantonial

    Awesome! I’m using iTheme2 now. Thank you so much! More power to your creative team! :)

  48. Greg Lewicki

    iTheme is wonderful! At last a clear, aesthetic alternative to my hitherto iNove. I have long waited for something like this :)

  49. Greg Lewicki

    By the way – is there a possibility to turn off the sidebar on selected pages ?

  50. Ro

    I really love the clean layout of iTheme2 – does it have a full-width layout though? I definitely don’t need the sidebar on every single page.

    • Takashi Irie

      I’m afraid there is no option to disable sidebar nor a full-width page template in iTheme2. The only way to disable / hide the sidebar is customising the theme CSS with Custom Design upgrade.

  51. Martin Tjandra

    Oh. My. God.

    The iTheme2, really ROCKS for mine!
    This is the perfect theme for me so far!!!!
    I can’t believe this theme actually comes true!!!
    Activated right away!!

  52. Martin Tjandra

    After I tried it, things I really like from iTheme2 are:
    1. It gives a lot more headline spaces for page. It put pages in a proper position.
    2. It has custom header.
    3. It’s sleek and elegant.
    4. It’s very.. Mac. XD

    Keep themes like this rolling out! Thumbs up!!

  53. Martin Tjandra

    Oh, and the cons is:
    1. The content width is smaller than choco theme.
    2. The right sidebar is in a small chuck, unlike in choco theme.

    But, oh whatever. Despite the cons, I still love this theme far enough. :D

  54. C. M. Schutter

    I really like these themes! Wow!

  55. Mookie

    Switched to iTheme 2. needs more magazine type of themes (non-premium). This is one of the best ones by far. I like the featured post thing.

  56. Joanna Aislinn

    LOVE I-Theme 2–did y’all know I love those kinds of colors? It’s already mine!

  57. iba0125

    iTheme 2 looks amazing and seeing how I just switched to Skeptical I probably shouldn’t change to another theme again so soon right? :D

  58. Bernard Badilla

    Wonderful themes. I will save it use in future…

  59. metaglossia

    Wow! To say THIS other theme looks good is simply an understatement. Will try it out!

  60. gadgetrush

    The Bold News Demo looks very great, hope to try it asap.

  61. Ljubomir Gatdula

    Both are cool, especially iTheme 2. But I think I’ll stick to my current theme :)

  62. cheryl

    I like iTheme2 a lot. the carousel is truely useful, readers can now straight to my favourite posts.

  63. Riyan

    I prefer itheme2. Yep! Let’s try..

  64. navindavintage

    I love the Bold News Demo theme. Very beautiful

  65. Michael Zanger

    Looks great! I added it to my blog and modified the background to my liking! Let me know what you think!

  66. jm.maksiu

    Bold News looks so good. Thinking about buying.

  67. Benoit Pierloot

    Nice, especially iTheme 2!!

  68. Lilli Day aka bookbabie

    I like Bold News, not sure if it will work with my new background though and doesn’t look like there’s anywhere for my new header!

  69. Unik - Aneh - Lucu

    This theme is awesome, but I still love using the classic wp theme.

  70. kisiicounty

    Yap. I am excited. I just uploaded stuff. Ready to go.

  71. Emily Gooch

    Thank you WordPress for the great looking themes. I just switched to the iTheme2. And it makes my blog look great. I l love the way it shows off my photographs. And the carousel is so cool to use. Now I can showcase my older posts. Thank you again for your wonderful service. :)

  72. fundanit

    I love the iTheme2. I think its really cool

  73. amiruljepara

    Good themes. Thank you WP team… You’re the best.

  74. aryakelana79

    It’s very beautiful themes, :-) You’re the best.

  75. moneymakingjus

    I’m about to switch this theme

  76. ❦PịD[BVS xuyên thấu]❦

    I relly like using iTheme2. It’s amazing~

  77. Elliptix

    Awesome looking themes – loving the iTheme2

  78. Milaap

    Nice Looking Themes..
    Thanks For sharing !!! :D

  79. sandyshepher511

    wow… very very nice, love it.

  80. kimiaasyik

    Thank you … I don’t believe that it is free …..!!!!!

  81. mlovergaard

    Love the iTheme, just can’t decide if it is a little too much for by Apple related blog.

  82. exotikcars

    Wowwwwwwwww amazing theme, the itheme looks great,


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