New Theme: Strange Little Town

Introduce a hint of wonderment into your blog with our latest free theme!

This is your invitation to take an enchanting voyage to a Strange Little Town. Our latest release is designed to transport your readers to a magical place where imagination fills the air.

Nestled below a star-studded sky you will find a cluster of crooked little houses covered in a blanket of fog. Some dwellings appear to have minds of their own while others defy the laws of gravity!

Strange Little Town provides multiple options for customization including the ability to add custom header image, change the background color and customize the links in the menu. You can also choose to enable a sidebar by adding widgets under Appearance → Widgets. You can read about all these features and more in the Theme Showcase page.

Strange Little Town is available now in your dashboard under Appearance → Themes.

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Michael Fields

  • Nov 1, 2011 @ 11:13 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Geovane

    Cool ;)

  2. jam2vibes

    Why did this comes out after halloween? lolz! Oh wellz its pretty!

  3. justafadingmemory

    Awesome! I might have to try this out…..

  4. Daddy

    Very pretty theme but…wait… spooky theme comes out the day AFTER Halloween?

  5. sweetman

    Very surreal. I’d love to see how people use it for their posts!

  6. qalbunsalima

    wow strawberry tasted with cool style, it would be mate like female blog cheerful, I like it. great job Michael Fields

  7. babyjill7...Marilyn Griffin

    That could be my new theme for 2012…LIKE!

  8. chipo muponisi

    I love the style and colours, great job

  9. 11kbir


  10. یاور یزدان پرست

    is it for baby!?!

  11. WhitneyCarter

    Wow, I like!

  12. Kathryn Mapes ithacalansing tales past and present

    I like this very much.

  13. Choc Chip Uru

    This is do awsum! Cute like crazy :)

  14. Fachmy Casofa

    wow. supercool!

  15. obatalami27

    very nice steady

  16. anKaLado

    Is very nice, :P i like like … good job.

  17. Sandra Pawula

    I’m sure this will be perfect for someone. There’s something I really like about the way this theme fits together and its simplicity, but not the pink nor the spooky little town! I would miss the bottom widgets too.

  18. necel

    cool dude

  19. margitww

    Love the style and color – is there a little romantic town on the horizon? Great Job!!!

  20. reyhanjusar

    good design mr… i like it :)

  21. John zhao

    I like the color very much.

  22. divinasoyyo1

    I Love this Theme very creative. Weird it made me happy in a kid type of way ..LOL

  23. bedsidereader

    I love it! What an inspiring, imaginative, playful design;it’s like you entered my dream mind. I’m excited enough to start writing my blog again!

  24. 米雪兒 ♥

    so pretty and princessy! great job! “D

  25. foreversrc

    cute and nice.. >.<

  26. veehcirra

    Very enchanting indeed.

  27. J Besonia

    I love this,especially the lowest part. It looks so magical.

  28. Tech-2

    I like it…..the truth is I don’t like it…..I LOVE IT…shhhh am going to use the one above….thanks…geeeeeeeeeeeee

  29. yousef59

    Nice,but is not my colours…

  30. dukhi4ranjit

    It is amazing, beautiful and colourful, let me try like you.

  31. mylibrarycardworeout

    love it

  32. shekharonline

    Was it there before.. I thought of having already tried it before.


  33. Elana

    Oh wow! This is amazing! I may have to put in on my “themes-to-try” list! :D

  34. Tex Arty

    This is a great Theme. It makes you want to create a special blog
    just for “Strange Little Town”. This Theme will inspire many to
    become WordPress bloggers.

  35. Brandy Unruh

    I love it!!!

  36. indira2412

    Just marvelous,would love to use it.

  37. monacodesign

    very nice

  38. Bosstiger

    voila! and i was waiting for a new theme! and here it is, i do like it :D
    keep up the good work :D

    p.s can you publish new themes more often? i mean per 3 days or this is something difficult?

  39. Maulyadi Smanda

    great job… but, i have not find intresting theme yet

  40. browniiee

    Love it! =D

  41. jwiprasworo

    Interesting …

  42. cherryshop1613

    so cutie^^

  43. abouttuxrent1

    Wow that look very cool!

  44. River

    Wow, another amazing theme! I think I’m going to have to plan ahead for next year–this theme is absolutely perfect for all Halloween spirit.

  45. ibrahimkar

    I like the color very much.

  46. afroblush

    very cute!

  47. corneliamladenova

    Really inspirational. Love the design and colors palette :)

  48. livechex

    This is awesome theme. I love it although it does not suite for my website purpose.

  49. curlysmoke

    Sweet – like the Halloweenish look of it :)

  50. timethief

    Thanks for this fun theme with a whimsical background that can be changed and lots of customizable features including Tables. How cool is that?

  51. নিশাচর

    :( I dont like it … Just a childish theme… Make some Mature theme :D

  52. NegroCraft

    nice attempt, not my thing

  53. Kara Advisors

    More for the ladies i guess, nonetheless, it looks attractive!

  54. agroekonomija


  55. Opara Albert

    This is interesting, I love it. It’s colourful.

  56. TheOriginalBURP

    I love this theme!! It’s so mystical and magic looking. :)

  57. CatRutgers4art

    Beautiful, in fact, delicious. And the easy-to-find comments section is brilliant.

  58. JSD

    Nice but too pink in the text area. How about something like this with more subtle color options and a less ‘spooky’ city skyline. It would have more potential.

  59. tenbrokenbullets

    Looks nice and clean. But why did the special spooky town come out after halloween? Haha, either way I love that I have multiple themes to choose from now. Thank you!

  60. Fiona.q

    it’s an interesting, good, funny one. like it!

  61. canwetalk4aminute

    This is great. Love to see more of what you have to offer … thanks.

  62. mildan

    Its so fresh like spring!

  63. thehamsterwhiskers

    Cool. Possibly getting it!

  64. Karen Datangel


  65. nelson RN

    i like it!

  66. D'Alfath

    That’s cool. I’d love to try it.

  67. Sugar Gifts

    I Love it! Great job!

  68. chchunka

    For some people “Halloween” themed things are everyday. As for this theme, I adore it! Thanks for creating it.

  69. edmontonstop

    it looks awesome!

  70. max4love

    This is so beautiful! The colours, the style – simply gorgeous! ;D

  71. Ryan

    It’s a little girlie, but it’s still nice to look at. :)

  72. oliviaashewriter

    So cool! I want to make a new blog just to use this theme. Thank you for making such good blogs and offering them free of charge :)

  73. Tear on the body of freedom

    I like the colours. It is comfortable to the eye.

  74. whatsaysyou


  75. koungou

    me too, i like it so much!!!

  76. cheesecake

    only if i can change the pink post color :)

  77. Antheia

    Like this. Probably i will try this. Love the color. Cute

  78. John Todaro

    Gets the prize for “Best Theme Name”.

  79. Therese M Smith

    Very creative. Sends and sets a magical mood. :)

  80. Darren K.

    This is a nice one.

  81. Eric

    Shoot I just found about this now! Perhaps I’ll use it next Halloween.

  82. Purpletin

    Very cute theme :-) good job!

  83. akashchakrawarti

    Nice Theme. It is great!

  84. nobodyvexen

    Wow I love it, thanks for the free theme.

  85. Sajib

    I love the artwork. Reminds me of those late night cartoon network shows that feature ghost towns.

    Who else spots two faces in the second picture? :D

  86. Blogger

    What a good theme!

  87. shane peltzer

    It is very beautiful but there are no theme options so unless you buy a custom design upgrade you can’t change the footer. Seems odd to limit it to just Halloween theme. Am I the only one who feels this way?

    • Michael Fields

      Hi Shane! Thanks for your feedback about the footer image. It is possible to use your own custom background image or color by navigating to Appearance → Background and adjusting the settings.

  88. Ryan

    Lots of new themes lately … they’re, unfortunately, kind of mediocre. I don’t mean for that to sound mean, by the way. Some of them I’d use … now I should go and hide.

    Great job, WordPress.

    • Michael Fields

      Sorry this theme didn’t make the cut for you but we’re continuing to launch more and more themes. I hope we can find the perfect theme for you. And if you have any ideas for themes you’d like to see on we’d love to hear them in our themes forum.

  89. Day I Started Reading

    Great theme! It’s so magical looking … Reminds me that Christmas is almost here!!! YAY!!! :D

  90. tekojin

    its not bad

  91. Christian Debbie Cheerilee Alvarez

    I love the transparent page buttons.

  92. catekamatu

    I really love the theme.

  93. robisamsudin



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