Notifications, the Pulse of Your Blog

Your blog lives and breathes. Today we’re launching a new way for you to check its pulse. It’s called Notifications, and it lives in the right corner of your Toolbar (Admin Bar), which appears at the top of your screen while you’re logged in to

Whenever another user follows your blog, or likes one of your posts, Notifications will tell you who your newest fans are by adding a new note to the stack:

You can even follow them back, right from within the note.  After all, blogging is a journey of discovery and community.

If you’re a fan of Google+, as we are, a lot of this will be familiar as many parts were inspired by Google’s toolbar, and a bit by Facebook’s new real-time stream.

What will Notifications do in the future?

We’ll add more activities, such as comments.  We’ll give you a way to go back and see all of your notes in one place (right now, we show the 9 most recent activities).  We’ve got a bunch of exciting plans for new notifications and we can’t wait to share them with you.  And for those of you who are so popular that you get new followers and likes every few minutes, we’re already thinking about ways to help you manage and limit the flow activity.

We hope you enjoy checking the pulse of your blog with this new feature.  If you aren’t seeing the Notifications counter in your Toolbar, don’t worry: it will show up when your next follower or liker arrives.

For more information about followers and likes: My Followers, Likes.

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Martin Remy


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  1. Natasha McNeely

    This sounds like it will be a great addition for bloggers and an easy way to keep track of blogging activity.

  2. Johz

    This will be really quite useful actually! I’m looking forward to using notifications, and it’s good to see WordPress continually putting in new ideas.

  3. Bliss Fish

    Love it! Thanks for the update.

  4. Rory Alexander

    I just googled this new orange number thing to try and figure out what it was, now I know. Cool.

  5. KingIsaacLinksr

    Looks like you were very inspired by Google+’s notification system….

    Looks good otherwise.

    • Joen A.

      We’re launching Notifications in the toolbar because it just makes so much sense to have them available, right there and across Google came to the same conclusion before us, and we like their implementation a lot.

  6. Lee

    I would like to know how can I get my old dashboard back. Like when I go to my blogs and select dashboard instead of going clicking on comments just to go to my dashboard. I don’t mean to be a prude but the new way of things suck.

    • Sheri

      That’s not related to notifications, but you can always still reach your blog dashboard from the main toolbar when you are logged in. Hover your mouse over your name on the right side of the toolbar, you will see a list of your blogs and an option to go straight to the dashboard if you hover over the blog names.

  7. Carolyn Thomas

    Don’t you guys ever sleep? Great addition to the already long list of useful features here!
    Carolyn Thomas

  8. Tom Garrett

    Great idea! This is a quite handy use of the previously-unoccupied space on the toolbar. Kudos. I would be even more thrilled about this if my blog didn’t struggle to collect 50 hits per day. I fear this notification feature may make me feel like it’s mocking me with its inactivity. ;)

  9. eamonncahill

    Great idea, another good reason to use WordPress.

  10. Alexandra

    It’s nice to have something useful in this empty black stripe.

  11. Mikalee Byerman

    Hmmmm…sounds like an adaptation of Facebook’s recent changes. I look forward to seeing how this works on the blog! :)

  12. puzzle

    a good idea + less mails in the postbox = great!

  13. Moe

    Yet another delightful add-on! Thanks! NOW, any chance of getting the one-click “new(post)” back onto the toolbar? Miss that.

  14. Gus

    I’ve noticed that when I get “Likes” added, I’m given an approximation of where they originate. I have forever wanted the same information provided not just for Likes or Comments, but also for general visits. Do you suppose that might be possible at some point? Or am I missing something?

  15. Gerrit Eicker

    Great! Thank you!

  16. Spectra

    I am going to try this out, I was wondering when I logged on today and saw the orange square with a “4” in it. Now, if we could just be given the ability to fix or delete our comments on others blogs. Wether for spelling errors, content editing, or remorse, we’d like to see a more flexible comments system.

  17. Mauro

    Awesome !! — G+ style ! ;-)

  18. Stephanie M. Schroepfer

    I like it. Spin-off Facebook, but still good.

  19. tinkwelborn

    this is great. thanks!

  20. Brittany

    Absolutely love this addition!

  21. morristownmemos by Ronnie Hammer

    I am so impressed at the way wordpress is always working on improving the site. It’s a pleasure to be one of your bloggers.


  22. KingIsaacLinksr

    Reply to Joen because safari mobile doesn’t allow replies direct :(.

    I agree with it, I just noticed it due to my use of G+. At least if your inspired, it’s by something that works really well :)


  23. Brian James Freeman

    Very nice! I really like being able to “follow” them right back that easily. Thanks!

  24. .oO♥Oo.MeLiSsA.oO♥Oo.

    Mi sembra una buona idea Martin. Grazie!

  25. mswestfall

    I love WordPress…always making things easier for users and readers. As a blog writer who knew nothing about setting up a blog, WordPress made it easy and I am now helping others set up theirs. I always advice bloggers to use WordPress since it is user friendly and there are always changes being made that add value and assist users in making blogs better. Keep up the good work and thank you for your hard work! WordPress is the greatest!

  26. maureen

    this is goingto be so cool..
    can’t wait to be a bigger part of an awesome community..

  27. pagesvoice

    I think the changes on WordPress are awesome. Now if I can only get some people to follow me. LOL

  28. trustlifetoday

    This sounds so cool. I have two questions.
    1) Will this also appear for those of us who are on

    2) Is there I different newsletter I should be receiving since I am on .org opposed to .com? I’m finding that much of what is sent doesn’t apply to the .org side.

    Thank you,

    • Martin Remy

      For news, check out the .org blog. A lot of stuff we do here makes it onto, but I have no specifics about this feature yet.

  29. thiskidreviewsbooks

    Just saw it -cool!

  30. obsidianfactory

    Will have this too?

    • Matt

      No plans currently though this is definitely something we could make available through Jetpack.

  31. Christian Debbie Cheerilee Alvarez

    That actually sounds pretty cool!

  32. Germano "Iceman" Neres

    This is really fantastic!

    WordPress team, I’m proud of you! :D
    Undoubtedly an essential tool.
    It pays to have a blog on WordPress. The attention you devoted to us, always with improvements to the greatest of ease and pleasure of writing is great!

    Congratulations! Great job! :)

  33. melissamevans

    …I noticed this today and I Love it! Great addition.

  34. connectionpower

    Sounds great but I don’t get how to access it. Isn’t it supposed to be active right now? I am staring at the right corner of my tool bar and I don’t see anything called, “notifications.”

    • Martin Remy

      When another user follows your blog or likes one of your posts, you (the owner of the blog or the author of the post) will get a new notification. It will show up as a number in an orange square in your toolbar if you’re logged in. I just liked one of your posts, you should see it now.

  35. Jackie Blair McSween

    As a new Blogger at WordPress, I am impressed with everything and love this new feature!

  36. camary1996

    Well….what a handy dandy new treat…..but….who are all these people who are going to “like” my blog?? I need “likers”.

    I know …that’s not your problem. I gotta find my own “likers”.

    At least… when I get some… I can get the info on them ASAP through your new Notifications tab. Thank you!!

    Notifications…..Notifications….Notifications is a great new tool! Keep up the great work!!

  37. Mikhail

    Very useful. Thank you!

  38. chepeyja

    A superb feature……….Thanks………chepeyja

  39. Pat Tyler

    I love the idea! I’m sure I’ll appreciate it more if/when I actually get my blog up and running.

  40. Sarckz

    Why so Google+?

  41. John zhao is becoming better and better. Like to post via WordPress more. :)

  42. River

    This is an awesome update to the blog! The funny thing is, I was just thinking yesterday about how great it would be to have a tool that notified me when someone liked a post. Thanks for always being five steps ahead!

  43. somkritya

    Love this new feature, notification you guys rock

  44. susamachar
  45. Tim Meiers

    GREAT Google+ style :D

  46. eurolore

    I read here, other languages, I may also write in German?
    And I only speak German, but thanks OmiGo(ogle), I can read and write in many different languages​​-! And the explanation is good of course!
    I read here, other languages, I may also write in German?
    Thank you!
    Ich lese hier auch andere Sprachen, darf ich auch in Deutsch schreiben?
    Und ich spreche nur Deutsch, aber dank OmiGo(ogle), kann ich in vielen anderen Sprachen mitlesen und -schreiben! Und die Erklärung sind gut Verständlich!
    Ich lese hier auch andere Sprachen, darf ich auch in Deutsch schreiben?

  47. eskrookat

    Its okay with me my worfpress really needs attention especially that I’m a newbie and I’d like to learn more about it. keeping myself regularly updated here gets me to a higher level of blogging whwtever :-) thanks for guiding me:-)

  48. Chulie de Silva

    Thank you WordPress. I like the new notifications. Look forward to receiving them

  49. veehcirra

    This is just lovely, I am just loving how easy and user friendly WP is getting :)

  50. Shubhan Chemburkar

    Great!! Although unlike Google, it would be seen only on WordPress site. Can this be added to the browser like an extension or something? That would make the experience better.

  51. Cathy

    I like it. I hope though that it wouldn’t make WordPress a whole lot like Facebook. :)

  52. ezralynch513

    nice… i love it, Thank’s :)

  53. squarecutatul

    I was wondering what this number in orange meant for my blog. I now know what it means, so I can now rest in peace.

  54. Cle

    sounds great!!!!

  55. Poetry & Icecream

    Love it!!!

  56. MemoryOfScent

    This feature is there on my blog today, displays “2”, but it doesn’t work

  57. robsaleh report

    Great, useful. Thanks

  58. underwhelmer

    Glad I picked WordPress for my first (and only) blogging attempt. :)

  59. kenyanvoice

    thanks for the constant improvement

  60. casanatura3stele

    I like WordPress. I make my own blog sunday but I am very happy. And it s free!

  61. Waiki

    I love it!

  62. Haibar Zair

    Wow! This is cool! If only they add the inter admin messaging thing IT WOULD BE ULTIMATE

    This is a really nice introduction, Thumbs up!

  63. edytproduction

    Like is an excellent work

  64. yassernazmy

    Simply Wonderful!!

  65. shaktighosal

    Very thoughtful initiative.

  66. greeentee

    Is there a way to turn these off? I understand the concept, but like certain notifications in Facebook, it may be undesirable to some users. For example, a blog with high traffic (and thus comments, likes, etc.) will result in a large and constant influx of notifications, and may be a turn off for such users. And of course, perhaps others just may not be interested if someone ‘likes’ your post. The option to turn off notifications with the ability to choose which ones are desired would be much appreciated.

    • Joen A.

      At the moment you can’t turn these off. Once you get 9 notifications the number won’t increase and older notifications will be pushed off the dropdown menu. We are looking to add notification management features in the next version. Stay tuned.

  67. alblck

    thanks for the update..

  68. Alexander Bengtsson

    You’ve really got this “wow factor” going! Do you sometimes stop writing code to make insanely great stuff, even if it looks like a detail?

    Honestly, I blog only because of the powerful, positive vibe of the WP community. I have a way to write posts that is absolutely unorthodox, perhaps two followers only… Really, it’s about the journey of writing and being part of the WP community.

  69. zoelnihilnanda is Great

  70. Chandra B.

    wow finally! I wondered about that idea for some time. you’re the coolest, WordPress. :D

  71. Paul Gibbs

    So, why didn’t you guys use BuddyPress for this? Don’t tell me it doesn’t scale, because it does. And if you did look at BuddyPress’ notifications, and didn’t like the way they were implemented at a database-level (or similar), why not build on it and submit patches back to the project? All contributions welcome :)

  72. arynazzakka

    great, i hope we can develelop it and other tools in wordpress weblog. :-)

  73. sungame


    Now all I need is a pulse…

  74. scott

    How do I add it to my blog.

  75. Rohit

    Its a great feature. Its good to see that you even acknowledge the obvious inspirations like google. Keep getting better !

  76. crawlingladybug

    I love this update! Now i can turn off my email notifications. Thank you WordPress team :D

  77. eyethe3rd

    Love it! Thanks for the update

  78. jaskarantrickscentre

    very nice…..

  79. 2selfhelp

    Thanks so much for letting me know. I am very knew at blogging.

  80. afroblush

    Thanks, this is awesome :-D

  81. browniiee

    That`s cool =D


    It’s already there and it works perfectly all right.
    You never stop expanding and pumping new blood.
    Thank you

  83. The Scottie Chronicles

    I noticed this yesterday. It’s THE BEST feature EVER!! Woo Hoo! Thanks WordPress. Y’all just keep getting better every day.

    Arooodles, Stuart

  84. carloscomadreja

    Thanks! Interessant… follow working!

  85. 1792born

    This is a great idea

  86. Muslim Faith


    backup, limewire


    Good job!
    I love it

  88. lara hentz

    Thank you for this – I love it!

  89. Jennifer Avventura

    This is awesome. Now I just need more people to click on my link. Click it, like it. :)

  90. timethief

    With due respect in accord with the intent, my feedback is that I find this feature to be an annoyance and distraction — do not want — do not need. Is there a way to turn this notications feature off?

  91. peregrine

    Congratulations yet again to the ingenuity, hard work, dedication, and responsiveness of the WordPress team. Every time I click here, there is something new that the crew has produced for all of us. Thank you so much!


  92. Conor Bofin

    Excellent. I used it before reading about it. It is simple and a good addition.
    Thank you WordPress.

  93. T

    When someone followed my blog by email, i get a notification via email. In past there was the information “X People follow your Blog…” or something like that. It is possible to have this back in this email for the administration?

    • Martin Remy

      You can always find the number of followers (and a list of them) in your Site Stats. Go to your Dashboard, then click Site Stats, and look for “Site Followers” under “Totals, Followers & Shares”.

  94. adollyciousirony

    This is super great! I like it. Thanks :)

  95. Lore

    It’s a very interesting idea. But guys, I guess it’s time to make some order…

    Read Blogs, Followings, Posts I Like, Freshly Pressed, Comments I’ve Made, Readomattic, Tag Surfer, Friend Surfer, Follow, Like, and now Notifications… our dashboard is getting a mess!

    So many functions in different positions/menus and so many similarities that it’s hard to understand which one you should use for which purpose. And in the end you use them rarely.

    Seems to me it’s time for a rationalization.

  96. stylebyladyg

    So good and easy to identify when you log on to your blog.

  97. Shaggygirl

    I don’t have it. Now I feel left out.

  98. tenbrokenbullets

    You guys never seem to stop improving! Thank you!

  99. predhin

    thats an awesome feature

  100. simplygorgeoux

    Great idea !!! Perfect for new bloggers like myself !


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