Your Memories Take Center Stage with the New Photo Carousel

Photo galleries on are a great way to share the pictures you’ve taken with your friends, family, and your followers. But the design of your theme can limit how large your high-resolution photos are displayed. Today, we’re announcing a great new way to make the most of your photos: a full-size carousel view that presents your images as large as your display can contain them.

To experience the carousel, just click an image in a photo gallery on any blog. You can navigate between photos using the left and right arrow keys, or by clicking or tapping the arrows on the left and right. Click the Permalink below any image to see its attachment page or the image file directly, depending on how you setup your gallery. You can easily like a photo from the carousel, too. When you’re done, click anywhere in the background or press the Esc key on your keyboard to return to the thumbnails.

Check it out here, with this gallery of images taken by some of our colleagues during our recent meetup in Budapest.

Now, whether you’re using a tablet or a large desktop display, you’ll see photos in the best light possible. And the best part of all: if you’ve already been posting photo galleries on your blog, you’ll get the new full-screen carousel view without lifting a finger. If you haven’t posted your first gallery, there’s never been a better time to try!

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Matt (Thomas) Miklic


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  1. noirciplume

    This is great! I might just use a gallery in the future then!

  2. Christian Debbie Cheerilee Alvarez

    Oooh! Very nice! Good job!

  3. andrea

    Pretty cool….:-)

  4. timethief

    Some folks are going to love this new feature. Thanks. :)

  5. Not-So-Handy Andy

    Is this ready to go? I’m not seeing any difference on my previous galleries or any options for it in the “gallery” tab.

  6. Dario Vignali


  7. Kojiki

    Absolut great..Like!!!!!

  8. dsherer

    Yes! Yes! Yes!!!! Thanks you hard working friends at the!! This makes me giddy. Oh thanks!

  9. Ovande Furtado

    One more reason to love WP…

  10. Aaron

    Perfect! Awesome work!

  11. poberson naibaho


  12. rommel

    Oh! It’s so cool to see it in effect. I had about 4 blog entries where I used gallery, and it’s so cool to see this photo carousel in effect. WordPress is the best when it comes to site improvement and modification!!!

  13. alejna

    Okay, that is very cool. I can’t wait to give it a whirl!

  14. crawlingladybug

    wow another great feature!!! thank you :D

  15. griffithinternational

    This looks great. Helps that you photos are pretty awesome too! I look forward to using it and promoting it with some of the student bloggers and keen photographers I know. Nice one WP!

  16. mor10

    Very cool. Is there a plugin in the works for self-hosted sites? This would be a far better solution than many of the plugins currently available.

  17. John zhao

    Very useful and cool! I ever had the frustrating experience that large pics didn’t work well with the narrow style themes…

  18. tenbrokenbullets

    Thank you! Very cool! I might have to try it out, since some of my blog heavily relies on photos.

  19. fajar firdaus

    great…nice pict.i like it :-D

  20. Debbie Adams

    Actually, I don’t like it. I found that some of the images don’t open.

  21. Rosedale Gardens

    I give it a thumbs up. Can’t wait to see what my flower pictures look like.

  22. sweetman

    This is definitely going in my photo posts, thank you!

  23. Brian James Freeman

    VERY nice!

  24. Tracy Hackler

    This is fan-freakin-tastic. Kudos to the WordPress team.

  25. Shubhan Chemburkar

    I just check it out on my blog ( It looks awesome!!!

  26. Cathy

    It’s really nice :)

  27. Sven Seebeck

    Wow! You guys have no idea how long I have been waiting for something like this! This is absolutely fantastic. Will have to re-do my galleries now completely, but once that’s done…

    Thanks a lot!

  28. Luís Pizarro (@luispizarro_eu)

    A good idea for lover of photograhic.

    Luis Pizarro

  29. kevincozma

    Looks great, but how do I use it? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I’m a newbie.


  30. Boston Mountain Chef

    A touch of class!

  31. Waqas Ali

    This is probably one of the best things for photo blogs. I genuinely love this feature. Thank you Matt & folks. :)

  32. Serenely Rapt

    Beautiful. WordPress is going from strength to strength. Lucky me..! :)


    Aha… it’s really good idea!

  34. mungtran

    It is wonderful. I hope to have a chance to visit?

  35. Sunshine

    Looks great. Hope I can figure it out :)

  36. veehcirra

    Yipee…I love this feature….love photos

  37. Alexander Bengtsson

    Author Phil Simon is right: it’s really the “Age of the Platform”.
    You’re one of the most promising ones!

  38. deadangelx

    yeah its great..!!!! anticipating for more cools application in word press…cheers!!

  39. Will Cookson

    Thanks – at last! This was one of the big holes for the blogs. Pleased it has been sorted as it allows my galleries to be seen in a much better way!

  40. zfjs

    It’s so cool to see it in effect

  41. Jennifer

    While a “lightbox” style image viewer has definitely been one of the most hotly requested features here on, for those of us who have used the Gallery’s image attachment page to give extra information about the photo, drawing, sketch, etc. (think travelogue, portfolio, etc.) all of that information is now completely invisible to the viewer.

    Please consider offering the Carousel as the default behavior for those Galleries that have been linked to an image rather than making it the default action for all Galleries.

    As always, thanks for making the best place to blog.

  42. Reggie

    Love it! Love it! LOVE IT!! Thank you soooo much, WordPress. This is a fantastic feature! Now I’m just curious to see whether captions will show up as well beneath the pictures, so that it is a little like the slideshow option…?

  43. msbuzzz

    Just great!!, when I saw this functionality in other sites, I really thought how nice it would be for wordpress. Now wordpress got it big :)

  44. mamaladiedesapho

    Greatfull ! Thank you sooooo much, Guys

    with love <3

  45. takoateli

    This is great! I’ve been shopping third party themes and plugins looking for this feature! It’s so great to have it implemented natively in WordPress so it’s in all themes!

    Any idea when the next version of JetPack which includes the Carousel will be out?

    I can’t wait.

  46. mickbuston

    Just found the Carousel feature by accident as I was posting a new gallery.

    This is absolutely fantastic for featuring photo stories that I have created in the past and Boomerang Girl looks amazing.

    Another fantastic add on WordPress – and that’s why we love you.

  47. rendsz

    Great. Wonderful way to navigate a picture gallery, so smooth, so cool.
    Any easy way of zooming in on on a picture to see details?

  48. Mihir Nayak


    Do you also offer a Flickr like slideshow ?

    And I suggest that you replace the small esc with a huge cross or a large close sign. I found that a bit confusing…


    • Sheri

      The new carousel feature is the closest thing we have right now to a Flickr like slideshow. We also have an in-page slideshow which you can add to posts and pages. And if you want to display an actual Flickr slideshow into a post, you can place the slideshow URL on a line by itself and it will auto embed.

  49. Lilian

    I like it! :)

  50. eof737

    Brilliant! ;-)

  51. greeentee

    This is great! Something that I’ve always been wanting on wordpress. My only ‘gripe’ with it is that it loops back to the beginning of the gallery without a clear indication that the user had reached the end, so that may be a bit confusing. I think there’s a ‘space’ in between when it loops back to the beginning, but something more obvious (but still subtle) would be helpful.

  52. fishballqiaohao

    Really LOVE it ! THank you!

  53. Mike

    This is a really nice feature for photographers. Could this be extended to a ‘lightbox’-type feature on single images?

  54. MikeHassell54


  55. afroblush


  56. 米雪兒 ♥

    great for photographers to display their photos! nice one wordpress! ;)

  57. Sylwia

    Awesome! Waiting for the new Jetpack!

  58. Tex Arty

    A great way to show off your collection

  59. Natasha McNeely

    This is wonderful! So many improvements as of late.

  60. Francina

    Thank you! :-)

  61. camary1996

    It amazes me how you guys are always trying to improve wordpress. I’m so glad my son told me to use wordpress for my blog.

    While I’m sleeping you guys are working on stuff and waking up and seeing the news apps is like christmas!!

    I love God…My husband…..and wordpress! :-)

    Oh I forgot…My kids….

  62. Bosstiger

    veru good upgrade
    now the photo gallery is more stylished and gives a greater a view for your photos, keep up the good work :D

  63. Chorwin

    Just another great news for photo lovers!! Thank for the great feature you created.


    Brilliant feature!
    Sufficient guidance and encouragement even for the newbies.Overall,it seems quite manageable.
    I will try my hand at it with great enthusiasm.
    Many thanks WP for the endless,positive stimulus.

  65. smallestforest

    You took the cake with this one, awesome! Thanks!

  66. thriftydecorating101

    I’m so excited about this! Awsome job.

  67. artisticjunction

    Thanks! As a photographer most my posts have a gallery!

  68. R.

    WP you are the best!!!! xD

  69. septyshawol

    nice pic…beautifull picture… ^_^.. I loved it

  70. andrea

    Hello everyone
    Thanks for the New Photo Carousel I’ll try it out later

  71. barbganias

    This is wonderful! Thank you!

  72. Nicole

    Oh noes…

    When somone has commented on one of my photos in my gallery… :roll: That disappears now when you have changed this… :(

    Other from that, I like it…

    Regards Nicole :)

  73. agroekonomija

    Beautiful photos.

  74. dlmom918

    Question!! I do a travel blog for the groups we escort. The participants family/friends like to leave them a comment on a particular picture. Have we lost this capability? I see that they can “like” it, and leave a comment for the whole posts, but can they leave a comment and attach it to a certain photo? Thanks for your help.

    • Matt Thomas

      If your galleries previously linked to the photo attachment pages (where users can comment on photos), clicking the “Permalink” on a photo in the carousel will take you to that page now. We plan to do more to improve the experience of commenting on photos; stay tuned for that. :)

  75. Balsillie & Associates

    Very nice work!

  76. Gita Ancane


  77. yousef59

    I like it!

  78. Robyn Michele Levy

    Fantastic! I love WP!

  79. mickbuston


  80. EternalForms

    This is a fantastic feature! I don’t currently use galleries, but I think I will with this new feature! Thanks, WP!

  81. dlmom918

    Thank you Matt. (See my question above) That does work. Is this something I need to do when I load a gallery, or will anyone looking at the picture have to click on permalink on each picture? If it is something I can do, how? I guess I don’t understand exactly what permalink does.

  82. RALFEL

    Looks cool…nice clean look……BUT…….. what happened to the photo descriptions? The new carousel only includes captions/titles but not descriptions? Is this going to be changed?

    • Matt Thomas

      This is just the first version of the carousel — we’ve got more in store for the future. But if you click the “Permalink” on any photo, you’ll be taken to the photo attachment page you’re used to, with title, description, and comments.

  83. cmykinc1984

    Great! What an improvement!

  84. Mark McLaren

    Thank you, Matt. This new photo carousel is AWESOME. You mention above that you might include a plugin version with Jetpack. I have a client that would love to use the carousel on their self-hosted site. Can they get the plugin now or do they need to wait until it’s added to Jetpack? Thanks again. -Mark

  85. Genevieve Howard

    Very polished. I like how all the galleries now have it without us needing to go back and change anything. Thanks!

  86. stathistzouvaras

    Thanks mate !!


    Thanks A lot!

  88. 44frames

    So happy you did this! Looks great!

  89. therealkiki

    love it love it love it!

  90. Frits Ahlefeldt,

    Great work

  91. Frank J. Casella | Pictures People Listen To

    Great Feature, Thank you! Wish it could sync with Flickr sets/gallery images…. then it would be a dream come true!

  92. thepicchic

    Thanks! Great job. Enjoyed seeing the photos. Liked the ability to capture the image page permalink. As a professional photographer, anything to make it easier for clients to note their favorite image, the better. Also thanks for the step-by-step instructions.

  93. Celebes

    Fantastic! The WP team is the best! ;)

  94. peregrine

    The work you guys do is top drawer excellent finesse. Thank you many times over.


  95. ruthlane

    I do not like the carousel feature at all. You should give people the option of turning it off. I will now have to change the way all my photos are loaded. The carousel doesn’t show the text with the photos and people will not know how to get to the single photos. It is certainly intuitive. I am new here and I’m very disappointed with this change.

  96. ruthlane

    Not intuitive in the above comment.

  97. ashraf111

    Great work ………..Thank you.

  98. xTRANG

    Castle Hill Tunnel is my favorite! so beautiful- -

  99. Madman

    Excellent progess, thank you! I will however wait until you add the features pertaining to comments and description. Looking forward to seeing them as soon as possible.

  100. RedCat430

    Excellent idea! I loved it very much! Thank you!


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