New Themes: Anthem and Luscious

I’m happy to announce that we have added two great new premium themes to our ever-expanding Theme Showcase!

First up is Anthem – a responsive, minimal design from The Theme Foundry.

Anthem is perfect for artists, designers, and photographers who want their images to take center stage. Choose from seven different post formats to give each post a unique look and feel. Anthem provides 4 customizable widget areas in the footer as well as 3 custom menu locations. You can also upload a custom logo image which can be cropped into a circle. Want to find out more? Head on over to the Theme Showcase!

Next up we have Luscious by StudioPress.

This eye-catching design has been custom-tailored with bloggers and publishers in mind. The deep red tones of Luscious are embellished with bright red and yellow accents drawing attention to each post’s heading. Choose from 6 different layout options, 2 custom menu locations and 7 widgets areas. Read more about Luscious in the Theme Showcase.

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Michael Fields

  • Nov 17, 2011 @ 5:11 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Sameer

    My wait for the next theme that’ll be fit for my blog is over. Anthem is it. Thank you very much.

  2. Christy

    Very cool themes!

  3. Ultra director

    Like the first one! Specialy now that im starting a photo blog

  4. Mikalee Byerman

    I am LOVING Luscious…I recently had a blogging class at San Francisco State critique my blog (without my knowledge…until I got all these hits from a San Francisco State blog page), and one bit of feedback seems to be that my color scheme can be hard on the eyes. But I also intentionally chose dark colors (red and black) to communicate a message. But the deep colors in Luscious might just fit the bill…

    Thank you!

  5. Christian Debbie Cheerilee Alvarez

    I like the Luscious theme. Very nice!

  6. stylembe

    Anthem – Minimal at it’s best! Thank you.

  7. Geovane

    Luscious is amazing =D

  8. Aneesa

    Very nice… Wanna c more ;)

  9. Blessed Silence

    What stops me from buying (!) Luscious is it has no responsive width to show off on mobile devices. Otherwise, It looks about what I am looking for to meld all my blogs together into one. I am surprised a blog centered theme would lack mobile device widths.

  10. The Awkward List

    Very nice themes! Thank you!

  11. quadrant77

    Love the look…

  12. jbscanada

    This is a great theme – EXCEPT for the colours!!!

    Change the colours to; Black, Charcoal, White (keep the same grey background) – you know the old I-book colours.

    If you do that, I’ll use it right away. Very nice and organized, ergo friendly.

    But those colours – ouch!

    • Michael Fields

      Hello, Thanks for your feedback on the colors. If the layout is perfect for you and the only thing holding you back is the color scheme, you might want to try out the Custom Design upgrade. It works with all of our themes!

  13. blakyod


  14. Lindsey Elle Fox


  15. Lee

    Still looking for that one theme that will suit my needs for my graphic design blog where I display my graphics.

  16. Natasha McNeely

    Very cool themes! Nice job on these.

  17. River

    Anthem is cool, if a bit empty-looking (which makes sense, considering that it’s for photos), but Luscious is really fantastic. My only regret is that I don’t have a blog that it would be perfect for. . . . Oh wait, I do! So thanks!

  18. Magalie

    Anthem is just perfect – too bad it isn’t free!

  19. #NoteQu#

    Very nice… :)

  20. sahnazfebrianaputri

    bagus :)

  21. franzsarausad

    nice one!

  22. John zhao

    Very beautiful themes, well done.

  23. victorworang

    Why is Anthem was dedicated to photographs? The word ‘anthem’ should be used for a music theme. Oh sorry, I’ve waited a long time for a good-looking and good-featured music theme, and Anthem looks perfect. I like its ‘responsive’ design with any screen. :) and I support these efforts must be appreciated by becoming paid themes.

  24. jyjhouse

    OMG thanks for the update on the new themes!
    I think I’m in love with Anthem!! I love these kinds of simplistic themes.
    Luscious is pretty cute too, although it’s not my style.
    Thank you! Thank you!

  25. Nish

    Oh, I love the Luscious theme. If I ever decide to commit to a paid theme, it will be a close call between Funki and Luscious

  26. Kim Hyun Rin (nimashinki)

    I like this because it is very beautiful. Maybe I’ll use it for my blog’s theme :)

  27. Kim Hyun Rin (nimashinki)

    I can’t use it, but this is premium :( Why are the themes I like always premium? (sorry if my English isn’t good).

  28. veehcirra

    I am loving the luscious theme to bits, very cool!

  29. Mahiraj Singh

    Color combination is nice.

  30. AishaDExpress

    I wish i can have the one as a free !!

  31. Shadow at Dawn

    I believe Lucious Theme is too pink, but the background looks good.

  32. Jan Bury

    Sweetness, perhaps even too sweetness… :(

  33. Sal

    Nice!! But I can’t use it :(

  34. Blogger

    They are good themes! :-D

  35. shisdew

    With a good customizable color scheme it could be a very professional one.

  36. Bosstiger

    I really like both themes. Keep up the good work :D

  37. Bosstiger

    The Luscious theme just rocks!

  38. Herbs

    I love both! congrats!

  39. Brandon


  40. Raise Expectations

    Cool themes.

  41. Manoj

    Really appreciate the efforts you guys put in bringing all these templates out. Was on Blogger earlier which was very easy to use but to be honest moved over to WP due to the great templates :) Thanks and keep up the good work !!!!

  42. Karen Datangel

    The Luscious theme is stunning. Will definitely keep tabs on it. Thanks WordPress, keep the awesome themes coming! :)

  43. Lisa Gautier

    Glad to see this new theme (Anthem) that helps highlight photos with a clean feel! Nice to know about this option as I’ve been considering the value of such for my own blog!

  44. laxmanganapati

    Luscious says ‘Welcome to my bloghome friend’.

  45. Ariko (&) Sofia

    With 4 customizable widget areas in the footer and 3 custom menu locations … It’s Cool!
    Thanks WordPress

  46. xylentchuy


  47. vennice09


  48. Corz Galore

    Aww, that is very sweet looking.

  49. Ryan

    I might grab the Anthem one. I’m guessing you can change the images…?

  50. Kirtana K

    Okay, Anthem is very very nice. If only it wasn’t premium! But very nice.

  51. paramourinwaiting

    I think I’m in love!

  52. severin

    Oh brash and loud. I kinda like it.

  53. Jae

    Not exactly my style but all nice.

  54. zalzzz



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