Google Knols Move to WordPress: The Annotum Platform

Today, we’d like to give a warm welcome to Google Knol users who are migrating to Begun in 2007, the Google Knol project has provided people in many fields with a place to share their knowledge and expertise with the world using a platform designed for scholarly authoring and publishing.

Starting today, those same authors can move their articles and collaborative journals to WordPress—and they have the power to choose whether to move to a self-hosted WordPress installation powered by the freely-available, open-source Annotum themes, or to have their Annotum-powered site hosted for free here on Knol will slowly shut down over the next year, and we’ve worked closely with GoogleSolvitor LLC, and Crowd Favorite to make this transition as simple as possible.

We here at are thrilled to provide an easy, fast way for Knol authors to move to their new homes without the need for configuring their own installation. And users who would like to start new sites powered by the Annotum platform can activate one of the two new Annotum-enabled themes on new blogs and get started right away. It’s yet another way the WordPress platform and are enabling the democratization of publishing and sharing of information with the world.

For more detailed information on the Annotum Project, please visit the official site. If you’re moving to and have questions about the process, please see our step-by-step guide and our list of frequently asked questions.

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  1. Lee


  2. Matt George

    Way to go WordPress. There are other blogging options out there, but none have it all together like WordPress does. Welcome Knol users to the WP community!

  3. Natasha McNeely

    That’s great! Welcome to all.

  4. Alvin T. Enguillo

    Great, great news! Just shows the level of WordPress’ standards in the blogging community. Google Knol users surely made the right choice. Welcome guys!

  5. 360hcopa

    Remember me at my migration from windows live space – on year ago! wordpress is a nice place, be welcome “strangers”

  6. shane peltzer

    Awesome and I agree WordPress has the blogging thing to a T. :D

  7. Balsillie & Associates

    Great news!

  8. Chorwin

    Cool, more and more users on!!

  9. ardysz

    Good on you WordPress. Next on the list should be Apple iWeb users. iWeb is no longer being supported and one presumes will be phased out in coming months. I’ve already built a new site with you as I wanted to be ahead of the game. All good comments from the move, too!

  10. Ganesh Dhamodkar

    Finally, some fresh air to Google knol!! How come Google chose WordPress over their own Blogger?

  11. John zhao

    WordPress really does a good job. Welcome the users of Knol to WordPress. :)

  12. salvatoredovi

    The WordPress interface will help improve the blogging experience.

  13. Eric

    Welcome to WordPress! Great to see WordPress’s community grow bigger and better.

  14. John Richard Hafer

    Good luck

  15. John Richard Hafer

    Looking forward to your blog

  16. Manoj

    Congrats WP .Feels good being a part of the WP family.

  17. rcanblog (@rcanblog)

    Nice.. Knol was ignored from Long.. Welcome to WordPress.. Let me know If I can help any one with migration to WordPress

  18. Jeanne Curran (@jeannecurran)

    Great. I’m new to WordPress. I’m beginning to think I may be here a long time. I am very impressed by your support of open access to many varieties of information. But then, I’m a college professor. Big surprise.

  19. Milanist

    Good on you WordPress. All good comments from the move, too!

  20. underwhelmer

    One of us, one of us, one of us…

    Just kidding. ;)

    Welcome aboard!

  21. eof737

    Time to go find that knol I wrote last year or so. Congrats WP!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend y’all! :-)
    Yes, I know it’s only Wednesday but the weekend will soon be upon us. ;-) :lol:

  22. rlingama

    Due to stiff competition in mobile computing and social networking with competitors, finally Google realized and took a good decision to shutdown their most unused 8 products and allocate resource bandwidth to high priority products. My warm welcome to all Knol users to WordPress. Hope their account/blog transition will go smoothly. Once again it’s proven WP is the BEST…!!

  23. mohamedadel22

    That’s great! Welcome to all.

  24. Ariko (&) Sofia

    Hi all!

    This is awesome and I’m very happy to hear it. Congrats for both WordPress and Knol :)

    Welcome to WordPress for all Knol users.

  25. Ken Ranos

    Welcome, Knol users!

  26. raggz2baggz

    How wonderful. I really like the WordPress blog/web service, educational posts and the bloggers themselves. I trust those Knol folks who move will feel the same way. Welcome to all of the new users. I look forward to reading your posts and articles!

  27. claudiawjohnson

    Welcome all!

  28. jujanesacred

    hi to all.. welcome :)

  29. gerritallahgelezen

    Welcome indeed, Google Knol users.

  30. Shirou


  31. Alistair Warwick

    Welcome to WordPress. And well done WordPress too!

  32. vidjinvideos

    Hi and Welcome you all :)

  33. severin

    Oh I’m looking to finding a whole bunch of great new blogs.

  34. Johnnie Kirkland

    Good for WordPress! Nothing like merging a two great groups of bloggers to get one stellar group! Welcome to family Google users, you will love it here.

  35. hamsteve

    This is good news – I’m glad to hear it!

  36. andersonmacky

    I’m quite wondered if the articles that has been installed in our knol account will be imported in the new platform of knol which is wordpress?

  37. air2h2o

    WordPress is the place to be for intelligent authoring.. and it’s getting better all the time..

  38. jerrygropp

    Since I’ve had some 95 Knols published by Google. I was naturally a bit apprehensive about the
    recent mandatory “Migration” of these. I’m happy to report all went well. Here’s an example of a
    WordPress JGKnol that came out very well with little effort on my part. Thanks for the good work. J-

  39. JacksonSpeeks


  40. Ady Mat

    Nice to see WordPress growing by leaps and bounds!

  41. jerrygropp

    After only a couple of days on WordPress, I’m immensely impressed.
    My posts are intended to show just what can be done in the way of
    custom home design by architects working with skilled homebuilders
    to meet the needs of US homeowners wanting something better than
    what’s usually on the market. JG-


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