It’s getting cold in here

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
but this blog is sooo delightful
Until the internet gets slow,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

That’s right, it’s that special time of year where you can show off your holiday cheer with a little special blog flair — falling snow. To get it started:

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings » General.
  3. Check the box next to “Show falling snow on this blog.”
  4. Roast some chestnuts.

Even Texas boys like me who only saw snow a handful of times growing up can enjoy it all month long, until we turn it off on January 4th.

If you are a terrible Grinch or if the snow just slows down your computer or confuses your cat, you can go to your personal settings page and hide the snow everywhere you go.

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  1. Milo

    Love it! #winteriscoming

  2. Jessica

    I just activated mine! It’s so cute, it’s such a warm start for the month. Too bad I can’t feel the same about the actual snow when it falls outside, haha.

    Thanks for the cute script and happy holidays! :D

  3. tonyqsf2805

    Thanks for the heads-up on the falling snow feature – I have turned mine on. Personally, I prefer the Dean Martin version!

  4. ovbrantley

    Thank you! I love the snow!

  5. Ruthie

    Cool! I just looked for it today :)

  6. Bosstiger

    Oh yeah! I have just seen it and of course it is already enabled!
    I really like this add on :D
    Happy Christmas holidays to all :D

  7. River

    I always look forward to the falling snow. Thanks for bringing it back for another year!

  8. Alvin T. Enguillo

    Nice pun on the lyrics! That definitely made me smile this morning. I also used the Let it snow plugin for a site I set up.

  9. Sajib

    I changed my header recently and was waiting for the snowfall to be available. I love this every year. :D

  10. Pete Howorth

    Mans you be crayzee!

    I shall be turning this on at some point nearer to Christmas :D

  11. Mikalee Byerman

    Can you arrange home delivery of spiked egg nog and elves to put up my tree, too? Because then I would feel the season is complete… ;)

    Fun option — you guys always come up with creative touches. I’m a fan!

  12. undiaunahistoriaytu

    Let it snow! ♥ it!

  13. issachar5

    Thank you for the option of turning it off. Naked ladies should not be left out in the snow.

  14. Carolyn Thomas

    As a resident of the balmy West Coast of Canada, where we rarely if every see the real live white stuff outside, I love this cyber snow!!!

  15. bekastays

    i just googled this today to try and find out when the snow was arriving on wordpress :) i always look forward to it! thanks so much!

  16. Jessica Aspen

    Love it!! Thank you WP!! I have black and white branches on my site and the snow looks so cool!

  17. Mary Curtis

    Yeah, it’s snowing! I love this WordPress annual celebration of winter!

  18. The Scottie Chronicles

    I wait for this every year – LOVE IT – but I don’t see the “show falling snow on this blog” when I navigate to Settings – General. HELP!!!! I’m like Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye and what’s her name – I NEED SNOW!!!!!!.

    OH. Guess I have to go to a forum for help.

  19. Christian Debbie Cheerilee Alvarez

    WordPress, you did it again! Used this on my blog, and it looks really nice.

  20. mchelsmusings

    Love it! Thank you!

  21. Monica Sawyn

    Well, isn’t this cool! Even with my slightly-out-of-date Mac OS (10.4) it works just fine. Thanks for the nice Christmas present!

  22. barb19

    Looks good on my blog – thanks!

  23. noreasterof93

    Just put it on my page , thanks a lot and it goes with the fact that my page is all about weather!! …

  24. vision791

    Thanks, I’ll check it out.

  25. Mark Randell

    Hmmmm…..heard of Australia?!? It’s SUMMER n the Southern Hemisphere folks!!

  26. mcb1219

    This was just the cutest way to announce the snow feature. “Cool” post! Of course, now the kids won’t leave me alone because I told them Santa made it snow on mom’s blog.

  27. mafh12609

    If only it were that possible to hide the snow everywhere! lol Unfortunately, I fear I’ll see much snow this winter, regardless of my settings on my dashboard. :)

  28. Marilyn Holt

    I must be missing something. I can’t see where to turn on the snow.

  29. Pete

    Southern hemisphere has a decent slice of the world population. It is summer here.

  30. Nora

    I am loving the snow!! Even here in Norway we are still snowless so at least I can let it snow on my blog :D Thanks!

  31. Thailand Floods 2011 , unprecedented

    (from Taipei) Man, this kicks .. love that merry xmas Matt and all wordpress bloggers !!! ..

  32. Gogs

    This is sooo cool :D Loving the snow and hoping for a white Christmas in England!
    Thank you!

  33. dschondog

    Thanks, Matt. This is really neat!

  34. conspiracyofravens

    Ha… Very cool indeed!

    Thank you!

  35. scaryteapotmonster

    Thank you for snow:) We don’t get it in the Southern Hemisphere because it’s summer. How lovely for a virtual white christmas:)

  36. estebancomunica

    Great! Awesome!

  37. Khalid Munir (@KhalidMunir)

    Lively feelings. lively thoughts foster them well and loudly tell
    Positively do something, make sure they don’t die down the well

  38. Onedesertrose

    Thanks! It’s delightful to use. Goes great with the Christmas theme.

    Do you have a theme for Thanksgiving? Or maybe get one?

  39. whistlingtrainfarm

    Thank you for the snow! I love it!

  40. littlesundog

    I changed my header photo to a winter scene. The snow is fitting! Thanks for the cool option!

  41. David Scott

    Love it! Great feature for the season.


  42. Angelia Sims

    Yay! I love the snow. It doesn’t snow much where I live either. So happy it’s back!

  43. delajus

    Well, I don’t know yet whether I’ll welcome snow to my blog, especially because it’s on it’s way outside, for real, but I do know this. I’m definitely going to follow YOUR blog, snow or no snow. You, sir, are FUNNY!

  44. Vinh Hoang

    Poetry is great for all humankind

  45. MAC&WIN

    thx men Merry Christmas all

  46. leslie

    So beautiful, thanks Matt…its beginning to look alot like Christmas…

  47. Asa

    Thank you so much! This “function” really makes our blog more lively!! I loveeeeeeee it so much! Thanks thanks and thanks :D

  48. Rina Reflects - Rina Maini

    Magical! Snow looks great on my blog.

  49. learnearnandreturn

    I’m with Pete. It’s summer in Brisbane, 30 deg centigrade, and I imagine quite a few WordPress bloggers get a bit weary of the automatic assumption that we all live in the same part of the world.

  50. Eric

    snow is back!

  51. Aaron

    Love the snow!

  52. soiphotography

    It will be warm more and more with love and care when the Christmas come!!!

  53. thewanderingmoon

    Amazing…love how it looks!!!! thanks :)

  54. Huffygirl

    Thanks so much Matt. I love the snow. I changed my background to green, which I just discovered I could do, and it looks extremely festive.

  55. justm3lly

    Love it! Thank you!

  56. DanMikaelKuss

    We had some snow here.
    More is coming.
    A bit colder
    A merry christmas.

  57. The Reader

    Good function!!!!!

  58. Barbara Elizabeth Maleski

    It would be cool if it worked in Mobile.

  59. Balsillie & Associates

    Very cool

  60. lissyparkerltd

    Just added the snow…i love it!

  61. Darlene Steelman

    Thanks for the heads up! I love making things festive!! :D

  62. iantravis

    yeah it’s cold out there.

  63. lesposen

    And in Australia, where it’s just gone summer, we’re left out in the cold! ;-)

  64. TisaLira

    Haven’t tried out the snow thing, but I love the idea. (I’ll try it in the morning) Thank you!

  65. pillowsalamode

    I’ll admit that I’m easily amused, but I LOVE this! Thank you!!! :)

  66. TisaLira

    Ha. Scratch that, I just activated it; super cute!

  67. Aligning Arts Pilates and Integrated Bodywork

    I LOVE this!

  68. cookiemomma

    Thank you thank you thank you! This is the only snow a Louisiana girl can get!!! :)

  69. rosimattos

    Very nice!! I liked poems like that!!

  70. Southern Cricut Lady

    Love it! Thanks for the nice article and the snow feature!

  71. Rachael Bennett

    Um… it’s summer here. Our Christmas is beach, bbq and sun.

  72. Sandi

    I’m in Australia too, but I still think it’s Grinchy to complain. With the joys of the world wide interwebs, we get to enjoy blogging on a site that is hosted in a hemisphere where it’s winter. That’s okay with me if they want to add novelty to the process!

  73. crawlingladybug

    Holiday is coming! Can’t wait :D

  74. benigubeng21

    Welcome to the world , ;-)

  75. writermyra

    It’s way too cool in my office right now…..what are those white things falling across my screen??? Thanks, Matt! Myra Smith

  76. redlion208

    I’m Vietnamese, I haven’t seen snow before but I like it……

  77. wordcoaster

    Yes! WordPress you are my hero.

  78. Andrew Godfrey

    Thanks for posting the Frank Sinatra version. His version is by far the best of this song.

  79. glennweissel

    Really nice touch to our posts!

    Thank you.

  80. C J NOATIA

    Well I have never experienced a snow.. In my country snow is not a common.. but fog is.. I must be missing a very interesting moment.. I hope someday I will get chance to experience snow.

  81. leavingsoulprints

    Living in Houston, Texas, means this may be the only snow fall I see this winter.

  82. q.thrynx

    It’s cool :D

  83. Chorwin

    Yeah, the snow effect is coming again, cool!!!

  84. akcielo

    You made me smile! Thanks for the snow! :)

  85. salmanashef

    Nice idea..

  86. salmanashef

    It is freezing here in Jordan

  87. Destination Infinity

    Even Texas ‘Men’ like me? :)

  88. Kale

    Oh, yeah, that! I so love this feature.

  89. C. James Cote'

    So is this only for sites hosted by or is it also for self hosted sites that use The last couple messages I’ve got about updates that were supposed to happen automatically actually never happened and it’s getting a bit disappointing.

  90. xynahamante

    Reblogged this on xynahamante.

  91. successfulwealthcreator

    Hi, I live in South Africa where snow falls in certain regions more regularly than where we live. We are about 65km east of Johannesburg. We occasionally see snow or sleet. Being winter in the northern Hemisphere, I will add snow to my blog for the people up north.

    Personally, I like the summer and autumn seasons best for their beauty and colours.


  92. Patricia Anne McGoldrick

    Thanks Matt for that falling snow–fun for the holiday season!
    Happy holidays!

  93. Elle

    Fabulous! Again, I am so not regretting leaving FB for this site. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  94. Acta Tempus Viator

    I like it. Does look like snow. But, also, because of my header for TimeVoyager1, it also looks like traveling through space – stars passing by at warp drive speed – instead of snowflakes. So there you have it, Matt… design a star field in motion for a space header and/or background. Beam me up when ready – hopefully before the snow gets too deep! I’m in Oklahoma.

  95. The Background Story

    It’s so cute! I think it kind of works with our blog, given its black-and-gray scheme and austere look.

    Happy Christmas!

  96. Jennifer

    Thank you for making the default “no snow,” and allowing users to choose to display it or not. At least with this snow, we don’t have to shovel the sidewalk or driveway or spend an hour brushing it off the car, wherever it might be. :)

  97. Amethyst Tours & Travel Agency

    I love the snow application on our website! Its just in time for the seasons. ;)

  98. Important Things I've Learned While Watching Movies.

    It would be cool if you add option to change speed of snow falling and number of dots per screen.

  99. kristina

    ooh i love this! i may just have to check it out ~ thanks so much for the christmas cheer!!
    xx ~ kristina

  100. serafeena

    Uuuuuh, I’ve been waiting for this – love it! Many thanks!


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