New Themes: AutoFocus, Imbalance 2, and Reddle

Today we are absolutely thrilled to warm your creative hearts with the announcement of three new themes: AutoFocus, Imbalance 2, and Reddle.

AutoFocus is an elegant, minimal theme designed for artists, photographers, and other creatives seeking a simple but beautiful way to showcase their talents online. Designed by Allan Cole, this oft-requested theme simultaneously boasts impressive featured images throughout and a clean, unobtrusive design that gets out of the way of what truly matters—your creativity.

AutoFocus Home Page

AutoFocus Home Page

If you publish single-serving images on a daily photoblog, AutoFocus will accommodate you with ease. If you insert large galleries into your blog posts with the intention of writing assignment recaps, AutoFocus will also elegantly serve up your photo sets and stories. Wordsmiths will also enjoy the sleek and readable aesthetic that AutoFocus delivers.

Point is, AutoFocus works on so many levels for so many different types of creators that it’s simply a perfect fit here. Read more about its features on the Theme Showcase or dive right into previewing it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

Imbalance 2, designed by WPShower, is yet another gorgeous theme that strikes a perfect balance between functionality and minimalism. Combine that with its modern style and your choices of use with this theme are quite varied.

Photo-heavy blogs, online portfolios, and online magazines are all intelligently handled by Imbalance 2. One of the first cool things you’ll notice about this theme is how everything on its home page automagically snaps into place regardless of whether you have a habit of publishing lengthy blog posts or tighter, short-form entries.

Imbalance 2 Home Page

Imbalance 2 Home Page

Along with a full-width layout template Imbalance 2 comes with several theme options: a site-wide theme color selector, which affects links, background hovers, and borders; sticky post handling; and the option to make your image and post grid fluid or fixed.

Read more about Imbalance 2’s features on the Theme Showcase or dive right into previewing it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

Our final theme for you today is Reddle, a deceptively minimal, multi-purpose theme that impresses upon its user both versatility and simplicity.

The elements of Reddle’s layout were inspired by an older theme called Rubric but there’s really nothing basic about its minimal layout. Everything about the design adapts to how you want to use your blog and what you want to use it for.

Want to you use your blog for a simple one-column link blog? A two-column business site with a custom header and no posts? Reddle can do that. It even adapts its layout to visitors reading your blog from a device like an iPhone.

Reddle Home Page

Reddle Home Page

Reddle also provides support for two additional Post Formats: Image Posts and Aside Posts. Aside Posts are ultra-minimal. They don’t have a title or tags. Image Posts will highlight the first image in your post along with a short excerpt.

You can see both post formats, as well as many other of the theme’s features, by visiting Reddle’s Theme Showcase page or dive right into previewing it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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Philip Arthur Moore

  • Dec 6, 2011 @ 4:32 pm
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  1. Christy

    Hmm, I will have to test one or 2 of these out soon! Thanks!

  2. Mikalee Byerman

    I’m kinda digging the idea of multiple posts on the front page, like in Imbalance 2. Interesting idea. I just wonder if that tends to make people read more of your blog (because they feel a greater sense of “tease”) or less (because they get a sense of where you’re going and don’t feel compelled to click further).

    • Philip Arthur Moore

      I’m of the mind that great content is great content, no matter how you choose to present it (lots of short-form teases or fewer, content-dense posts on your home page); people will always return to good blogs. But of course the only way to really find out how this will work for your blog is to switch over to Imbalance 2 and give it a spin for a while. :)

  3. John Hayden

    AutoFocus seems to me to be a great leap forward in WordPress blog design. It may be the most beautiful theme ever. I’m surprised to see that it’s not a Premium theme. It makes me want to be a photographer, but text posts look good too. It also has a good use of typefaces.

  4. Maria Ada

    I always find it a little amusing when new WordPress themes are so clearly influenced by Tumblr. I personally don’t find Tumblr very engaging –probably because I’m a wordy writerly-type. But Reddle seems to be a smart combo of flashy microblogging and traditional themes where you can actually write some real content. It’s quite attractive and I’d consider using it.

  5. timethief

    Wow! Three new minimalist themes that feature images prominently, have differnent layouts and post formats too. I can’t wait to play with them in my test blogs and try out the features.

  6. Natasha McNeely

    The first two themes aren’t something that would work for me, but Reddle looks amazing! I might use that sometime. Keep up the great work improving WordPress!

  7. Liam Wise

    More for photographers, but awesome themes. :)

  8. Stephane Daury

    AutoFocus is absolutely gorgeous. Love it!

  9. Bosstiger

    All three of these themes just rock! I like them all! The last one reminds me of the Twenty Eleven theme. Keep up the good work; every time better themes are published. :D

  10. The Awkward List

    AutoFocus looks too awesome. Thanks!

  11. Waqas Ali

    Absolutely wonderful bundle of themes. Each one is best in its own way, but I like Imbalance 2 more. Winter gifts are great!

    • Philip Arthur Moore

      I completely agree with you. Winter gifts—especially themes—warm my heart.

  12. Elisa Michelle

    These are great themes! I know AutoFocus will really appeal to photographers—the setup is brilliant. I personally like Reddle and might even change my blog over to it. Fiddling with new themes is fun; thanks for constantly coming out with some great ones.

  13. Kenneth Mark Hoover

    I like Reddle. It is similar to Rubric but seems to have a little more life and energy to it.

  14. RedCat430

    I loved AutoFocus too! So beautiful!

  15. Jkm5

    Sweet. I’m so using Imbalance 2.

  16. Onibe

    Now this is what I call a combo!

  17. JD Kenada

    Doesn’t fit my blogging style or needs but AutoFocus is incredible!

  18. Chorwin

    I’ve been looking for a theme like AutoFocus for my photoblog and now it’s here!

  19. pathtopositivechange

    I didn’t like the AutoFocus theme, but it’s important that I tell you why. It’s because I don’t have enough of my own photography on here, and some of my images are really good, so I should be getting them out there. What came up instead were images that I’ve used from the web to go with a particular something I was writing about, and taken out of context, frankly, they are lame. So I’m writing to thank you for encouraging me to try the new theme. It worked out smartly in the end. I went to a different theme, but when I have more to offer in terms of photography, I’ll be back.

    • Philip Arthur Moore

      I tend to be a bit gun-shy with my photos as well, but the best way to get over the hump is to just put something out there. I, for one, can’t wait to see how you end up using one of these themes.

  20. George Kazazis

    At last: Imbalance 2 is exactly what I want. Thank you.

  21. Sandra Pawula

    I’ve been wishing for a minimal theme that has both a sidebar and bottom widgets. A few do but most don’t. You may have answered my wishing with Reddle. I’m looking forward to trying it out in the next few days.

    There is certain integrity and elegance in the way the different elements of this theme fit together in such a balanced and proportional way. Thanks again to the supreme Theme Team. Curious what the dot will say (instead of “Edit”) when I log out!

    • Philip Arthur Moore

      Give the Reddle demo a glance and you’ll be pleased to see those “Edit” links replaced by visually appealing post dates.

  22. EdselT

    I will try Imbalance 2. Pretty cool.

  23. thisblindman

    AutoFocus looks like it was inspired by the recent Google redesign.

  24. The Background Story

    AutoFocus looks really great! I’m using Nishita now and I love it because it works well with my blog, which features a photo-a-day with a short, poetic caption. But if in the future I have to change my theme AutoFocus will surely be my choice!

  25. Matt George

    Wow, I have to say all three themes you introduced are quite tempting. I’ll have to try them on for size on the different blogs and see which style might work for them. Thanks.

  26. Exodus

    I like Reddle!

  27. tenbrokenbullets

    LOVE AutoFocus. I love the new looks you’re offering. Thank you. =)

  28. Kale

    And all these themes are free?! Awesome!

  29. godgiftof92

    AutoFocus shows great beauty and a message using different points of imagery. This allows artists to tell their stories in different ways.

  30. თორნიკე

    Loving Imbalance 2; thanks for it.

  31. Mike

    Thanks. I’ve been hoping you would make AutoFocus available for a while. Christmas has come early. :)

  32. chipo muponisi

    I love these themes, especially Reddle. Let’s just admit it: WordPress is just awesome, especially the snowflakes on the screen. They are giving us snow in places where we do not experience show. Thank you.

  33. drifterqueen

    Beautiful new themes! :D But I wish that AutoFocus had a responsive layout too.

    • Philip Arthur Moore

      That’s not a bad idea at all. Cheers for the suggestion.

  34. that girl again

    This place has been crying out for a Tumblr-style photo grid theme so it’s nice to see two. My only criticism is that your in-house themes are all looking like lightly customised versions of Twenty Eleven at the moment, and it’s getting monotonous.

    • Philip Arthur Moore

      I’m a huge fan of feedback, especially when it comes to themes, so thanks a lot for your words. We push ourselves pretty hard to find and make themes that are the perfect fit for everyone here, so if I had to put my money on it I’d say we’ll hit the mark for you sooner than later. Thanks again. :)

  35. Blogger

    They are good themes! I think the best is Imbalance 2! :-D

  36. bagzton

    AutoFocus is lovely!!!

  37. apropostectonic

    Imbalance 2 is an utter delight, and we are making the switch. But we eagerly await the arrival of Imbalance—probably the most beautiful blog theme we have ever seen.

  38. obsidianfactory

    I seriously want Reddle for!

  39. trinabaker

    AutoFocus looks amazing! It’s perfect for photographers. Thanks so much. :)

  40. beyondanomie

    Imbalance 2 is a very interesting theme. It’s a shame my own blogs don’t quite fit into a niche that would suit it, because it really is quite clever, and engaging, in its design. Good to see this kind of innovation.

  41. Benjamin Halliday

    I absolutely love Imbalance 2 and I’m such a fan of WPShower and their themes, having been a previous Blogum user. I am now using Imbalance 2 for my new blog. Thank you WordPress for giving us access. :-)

  42. Tech-2

    I like Reddle. So neat!


    Yes, I choose Reddle!

  44. Raise Expectations

    Again, really great themes! Could you guys do something like this for new businesses/entrepreneurs themes that have the authors’ names attached to the posts as well?

    • Philip Arthur Moore

      It wasn’t mentioned in this blog post, but every one of these themes comes with multi-author support, which means that if you have more than one post author on your blog then their names will show up on individual posts and other areas of your blog. :)

  45. Kelsey M. Schutter

    I just love AutoFocus. It’s great!

  46. shil

    All the new themes are just beautiful!

  47. jewelryofbrazil

    Thanks for the great themes. I just signed up for today and I had my blog up in no time.

  48. Adrienne M

    Loving the Imbalance 2 theme! It is fantastic.

  49. helliumworks

    Wow. Thanks for Imbalance 2. :)

  50. siabyul

    Thanks for the update! I’ve just changed my theme to Imbalance 2 and I love it!

  51. Bryan Lee

    Imbalance 2 rocks. Finally a micro-blogging style for WordPress arrives. :D

  52. Tim Meiers

    This is so great! I switched to your Imbalance 2 theme and its fluid grid layout is amazing! Thank you so much; this is what I’ve been looking for for so long! :)

  53. dreamiesaday

    I’m so into AutoFocus and using it right now. Thanks WordPress.

  54. Bernard Badilla

    Good themes. It’s like a compilation of photos.

  55. My Camera, My Friend

    Reddle looks pretty nice, but I think the random pictures and small tidbits of info. in autofocus and imbalance would bother me.

  56. mikerana

    WordPress blog styles are superb and there are many of them. Even when I change from one to another people are able to appreciate the change. Would like to see more styles like the Girl in Green theme.

  57. Albizia

    I tried to see “Imbalance 2″ in action because I really liked the way its look but then I got confused by all the pictures that don’t actually belong to the posts they lead to… Anyway, I may try it on my blog to see what happens.

  58. Ryan

    Love reddle.

  59. iniyaal

    AutoFocus and Reddle are the kind of themes that I have long been looking for… WordPress rocks with these new themes!

  60. Dave Bonta

    Hope you’ll be releasing Reddle to the users soon. Cheers on three great new free themes that are the equal of any premium theme here.

  61. soorenccs

    AutoFocus looks great; I have to test it soon!


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