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Would you like some more Twitter in your WordPress? We got ya. As an update to our ever-popular Tweet embedding functionality we’re supporting Twitter’s new embed API to enable richer, better looking, and more functional Tweets inside your blog posts. To embed a Tweet just put a permalink to it on its own line or use our new shortcode that allows for extra formatting.

But wait, there’s more! Have you ever wished that when you’re on Twitter and come across a link to someone’s blog post, like this one, you could see a preview of the post without having to click on the link? Now you can, our friends at Twitter have made it so that all links can be previewed, including snippets of posts and photos, directly on In addition to this being something I’ve personally wanted for a while, we think it’ll get a lot more people visiting your blog.


Finally, if you link your Twitter account on your Gravatar profile we’ve made it so it’s easy to follow you right from that page.

Now go forth and tweetify.

P.S. You can follow me on Twitter here, and here.

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  • Dec 8, 2011 @ 6:00 pm


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  1. orvietoorbust

    On behalf of all the other techno-klutzes out there: in English please. :) Toni

    • Justin Shreve

      When you put a link to a Tweet in a post we will automatically display the text from it. If you have any questions or need help please contact support. :)

  2. Natasha McNeely

    This is a great new feature! You’ve been busy creating these improved features for WordPress; thanks!

  3. Cathy

    Great! P.S. You guys could follow me as well. Lol

  4. severin

    Oh awesome. I like it when different web service providers work together to enhance both of their products’ potential.
    Fun stuff. Thanks.

  5. Mikalee Byerman

    So if I tweet this, it’ll be very “meta,” right?

    Great enhancement. I’m a fan (and I hope my Twitter followers will be, too…)

  6. Spinster

    This is GREAT. Thanks.

  7. Waqas Ali

    Hi Matt, thank you so very much for bringing more twitter to us. But there is one thing I and many other users wanted. When someone retweet a post from the official tweet button, it automatically adds via @wordpressdotcom Is there anything you can do to give us via @authorhandle in the tweet. I hope my request will get your attention. Thank you so much for being wonderful.

  8. jplusgo

    This solution is beautiful! Thanks guys! :)

  9. sushubh

    These new features coming to Jetpack soon enough?

    • Justin Shreve

      With Twitter’s new interface you can actually click embed and select the HTML code. This code will work on blogs. We are planning on including the shortcode and auto embed in Jetpack but they are not there at this time.

  10. drdwightelijah

    Thank you this is so helpful

  11. Shahryar

    Anything already in existence or coming for those of us who want our Twitter Content to actually become blog posts on our WordPress blog? Not sure of how this would work (via a special hashtag?, etc) but there are instances where I tweet something or RT something and wish that it would have been a blog post on my blog. Then it would be permanently recorded with the comments/replies that followed. Also to be forever searchable in Google, etc.

    • Justin Shreve

      Hi Shahryar. There is not currently a feature like this but thank you for the suggestion. You can display Tweets automatically in your sidebar using our Twitter widget and you could embed the Tweets in post using the new shortcode.

  12. Alexandre Gérard

    fantastic!! Thank you WordPress and Twitter

  13. Christian Debbie Cheerilee Alvarez


  14. Keith Brown (@optimizethis)

    Sweet Matt thanks for the update!

  15. rosimattos

    Very nice…hugs from Brasil

  16. Kathrine Roid

    Hurah! This science fiction and fantasy author and giver-of-writerly-advice recently hopped onto Twitter, and it is so exciting to see these new features coming out just when I’ve still got “beginners buzz” over twitter. *laughs*

  17. lilbit

    Hi Matt,
    I tihink that it’s fantastic what you’ve done. This makes twitting and viewing so much easier and faster. You get a thumb’s up from me for a job well done! God bless!

  18. Sajib

    Matt, amazing inclusion. By the way, your current avatar looks way better. The previous one (the one in the screenshot) reminds me of The Hangover. :P

  19. Kate Mag

    Awesome new enhancement from team

  20. gpvprasad

    It worked for me too.
    But will twitter retain the time stamp to redirect to the post URL?

  21. r4isdhcdsi


  22. garlicfriesandbaseball

    This is great. I wish everyone would leave a Facebook, Twitter, etc icon on their content to make it easier to follow them. It’s coming …..

  23. raincoaster

    Ha! All Matt’s posts are food pictures anyhow.

  24. Zimo (@zimoonline)

    Justin, this only works on blogs? We have WordPress but our own hosting, and it doesn’t work?

    • Justin Shreve

      The shortcode has not been released for Jetpack yet, but you can actually take the HTML embed straight from Twitter (on Twitter’s new version there should be an embed link) and use it for self-hosted blogs. The shortcode is required here because of our filtering.

  25. Germano "Iceman" Neres

    Nice work!

    Each day is more rewarding in WordPress blogging! The team’s attention to their bloggers is always something to be highlighted and are very grateful for this!

    Thanks for another major update, Matt! :)

  26. onpage666

    So good

  27. Brandon

    Great addition! By the way, when is going to come out with a widget that displays the top commenters (and shows how many comments)? I would really like to see this because many people have been asking about it!

  28. Bosstiger

    i haven’t understand this upgrade so well, you can embed your tweets and you can retweet them in your blog with embed options? or i have it understand it wrong?

    • Justin Shreve

      You can embed your Tweets within posts or pages and viewers of your blog will be able to reply or retweet your Tweets without leaving the page.

      • Bosstiger

        this is so good, i have it understand it now, keep up the good work, is this opt ion available on

        • Justin Shreve

          You can use the full HTML and JavaScript provided by Twitter to embed on We plan on bringing over the shortcode later.

  29. Crispin

    Thank you very much for this upgrade

  30. AlphaBible

    Long and Short, and very Sweet!
    Ventured out into the twitterverse, managed to survive alive!, and already came back with a new reader!

  31. secrets revealed the best of both worlds

    Thanks for the info, I am just getting started, and I need all the help I can get.

  32. ayurantika

    very great


    Thanks for updating this feature!

  34. eof737

    Thanks Matt, This is totally cool. WordPress Rocks! :-)

  35. Steven D'

    A tweet a day keeps the blues away.

  36. claudiawjohnson

    You guys are just awesome!

  37. loveinwaiting

    My two favs, Twitter & WordPress, working together…. Love it!

  38. kitty0nline

    Hey Matt very nice information was that . kindly would you tell me how could i change color of the tweet? is there some kinda ‘color’ code?

    • Justin Shreve

      There is currently no way to change the text color of the Tweet. Most of the elements are pulled from the Twitter profile of the user who originally created the Tweet.

  39. ghost301

    You guys keep surprising us! Keep up the good job and more surprises!

  40. mariakaren

    This is awesome!

  41. kdnater

    This is great

  42. Kale


  43. Adrienne M

    Really like the preview in twitter that has been implemented! It just keeps getting better and better guys! Thank you!

  44. Joe Linkin

    This is a great new feature.

  45. mochagirlsread

    I love love love this!!

  46. pamelaroseanne

    Nice to know that the web and my tweets will be linked.

  47. alanwakefan

    This is great news! Is it possible to adjust the width of the tweets? I’d like to make the tweets to be 100% on my new site. Much obliged!

  48. frivbest

    Yeah, It’s great!

  49. aun36

    Very nice.

  50. freshturf

    thats so great, love it!!

  51. offroad2084

    Long Overdue..thanks


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