New Theme: Nuntius

If you’ve been itching to turn your blog into an online newspaper or magazine, Nuntius could be your perfect companion. Based on the highly-popular News theme designed by Justin Tadlock, Nuntius contains many smart features that help your readers to stay on top of all your latest scoop.

Nuntius Theme

Upon activation, Nuntius displays your posts in a traditional blog format on the front page. If you’re happy with this, you can use it as is. If you’d like to showcase your content newspaper-style, then you can use the special News Page template. The News Page template includes a slider for your sticky posts, a featured widget area, and featured categories that display posts in nifty blocks.

That’s not all — Nuntius lets you customize the link color and the background color of the header and main menu from the Theme Options page, in addition to the Custom Background and Custom Header features.

I’ll stop raving long enough so that you can head on over to the Theme Showcase to get all of the details on Nuntius and its features. We look forward to seeing what you do with this one.

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Michelle Langston

  • Dec 21, 2011 @ 2:37 am
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  1. Ilham

    Woohoo! new theme! wow, looks professional. :cool:

  2. Mitsu

    Awesome theme!

  3. Lara

    Please bring this to I would use it immediately. This is the type of theme I’ve been looking for for a while now.

  4. timethief

    Oh this is exciting. I love testing testing new themes and I like looks of this one. :)

  5. Raymond Eyo

    Wow! Beautiful! Thank you, WordPress! I’ll certainly try out this one…for a start in the new year!

  6. ahipshooter

    I may just change the template of my site to this format. I like how you have the option of either horizontal or vertical format. Horizontal I feel is visually nicer as opposed to scrolling down a myriad of posts/pages.

  7. soodnk

    Nice theme.

  8. majapahitfurniture

    Wow! Amazing, it’s a very beautiful theme.

  9. A

    The theme is very nice. However, where do I find the News Page Template…I would love to try it on the theme as well!

  10. J Besonia

    Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. JUSTIN TADLOCK! Finally! I’ve been suggesting you add any of his themes. This made my day!

  11. langittea

    Reblogged this on reganglangit.

  12. veehcirra

    Nice, it has so many cool things, especially love that you can customize the link colour! Awesome ;)

  13. Eric

    Beautiful theme!

  14. Jeaux Moer

    Of all the WordPress styles seen recently, this one is the most attractive (to me anyway). Well done, Michelle!

  15. gsohn

    Reblogged this on Ich sag mal.


    I love this butterfly. Awesome theme.

  17. Arif Setiawan

    Love this theme! :D

  18. ζÔ§Η

    This is beautiful! Thanks guys, and wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  19. Du lich hanh phuc, Du Lịch Hạnh Phúc

    Beautiful theme!

  20. mobilemoney

    Nice and professional theme with header feature.

  21. raincoaster

    I’m really, really surprised this is a free theme. It has all the features of the premium themes that I’ve been wanting except the time machine to make sure I have enough hours in the day to blog!

  22. isun

    Love it!!!

  23. maixi

    Very nice Blog Theme!

  24. Karen Datangel

    AWESOME!!!!!!! I’ve been looking for a free theme like this! Thank you so so so SO much WordPress!! :D

  25. Elle

    So many great choices. Keep up the great work WordPress! I am so happy with how many ways I can change my blog theme.

  26. Alex Gonçalves

    It looks great. I’ll test this theme later.

  27. Natasha McNeely

    That looks like a great theme! It’s so crisp and clean.

  28. bhavinjadav

    A seriously good and mature looking theme after a while. Thanks.

  29. Kilmore Fisz

    Wow, new theme. Something that doesn’t happen every day.

  30. santri jaya

    it’s simple but very attractive.

  31. Randy Osae

    Is this theme available for FREE on

  32. I'm Phantograph (@FaisalLele)

    I love it !!!

  33. Blogger

    This is a nice theme! :-D

  34. ghost301

    The most awesome theme that I ever see in and I changed to it straight away! Thanks!

  35. Christian Debbie Cheerilee Alvarez

    What a wonderful theme! Nicely done!

  36. jrfmission

    Cool! First look, I didn’t have a second thought. I like it.

  37. ugandatours

    Great theme.

  38. Alli

    Looks great! Thanks!

  39. kensbackhome

    Very nice theme. Clean & Classy. It might win me over. :)

  40. siko

    New theme? Great!

  41. Margie

    I’m currently using iTheme2, but I think this new theme has many of the features I think are important, like a sans-serif font and block quotes that are clearly distinctive from the main text!

  42. kemalkartal

    Very good.

  43. jishifruit

    Nuntius is Latin for ‘message’, isn’t it? Nice one! :)

  44. fandypw

    It’s very good theme.

  45. Balsillie & Associates

    Personally, I think the first one is best for my site – but they all have the ability to liven up a site depending on the genera.

  46. LaPichardo

    Wow, I like it. Although I have recently changed themes for all my blogs, so I guess I’ll wait a little bit before trying out something new. Thanks anyway!

  47. Raise Expectations

    Awesome! I might switch to this one sometime! :D

  48. grumpyoldeditor

    The newspaper headline format fits me like a glove. After all, I am a retired journalist. Thanks!

  49. Kojiki

    Wow what an Xmas gift..Thanks for this! Amazing!

  50. Reggie

    Ohhhh! This looks fantastic – I’ve been longing for more free magazine-style themes, with featured posts, featured images, custom menus and customisable colours and layouts. This is great! Looking forward to more themes like this!

  51. Bosstiger

    I really like this theme, keep up the good work :D In a few days the twenty twelve would be available I think, I wonder how it will be?

  52. divinasoyyo1

    Very nice! Thank you for sharing it :)

  53. mohiy62

    Nice look.

  54. Ebrael Shaddai

    This is the best theme ever…up to now. Others even better shall come up, I’m sure!

  55. jessebigham

    Reblogged this on jessebigham and commented:

  56. Mr. Cornells

    This is really nice! But I wanna ask, as a fashion blogger, will this theme suit my blog?

  57. Quizoxy

    The color combination reminds me of TLC discovery channel!


    Nice Theme! I like it.

  59. Submit Cube

    Very nice.

  60. jdlonas

    Looks great!

  61. prog4ar

    It’s a very nice theme.

  62. hal786

    I’ve been waiting for a theme like this to appear!
    Not only does it look great, it has amazing features!
    At first, I thought the only downside to this is it’s probably a premium theme, but when I realised it’s free, I thought wow!

    The part that I love is the slider for our sticky posts.

    Are there any more themes which have a slider style feature anywhere?
    I really think there should be more, it’s very sophisticated!

  63. Joseph Ricafort

    Looks amazing! I’m gonna try it. Thanks!

  64. Will K.

    I like the way it looks and is laid out.

  65. engineerali22

    Reblogged this on engineerali22.

  66. stpengata

    Reblogged this on DPP PERMAHI – LKBH.

  67. coyotehelado

    Love your Nuntius theme. Very appealing. Clean and organized. Great!

  68. between I and the sky

    It’s fresh but functional:)

  69. Llorens1

    Looks Great! I’m Going to try it.

  70. tomte

    perfect for my new co hosted blog!!!

  71. Vivian J. Paige

    Wow. Nice theme. And free! Unbelievable.

  72. John Hayden

    This is an unusually versatile theme. The slider is one of the best designed and smoothest I’ve seen. Frankly, I like this theme used as a traditional blog, though I’d dress it up by using my own custom fonts. I wonder if sticky posts will activate the slider if you’re just using it as a traditional blog, and not using the special template.

    For professional display of a variety of content, The News Page template is awesome!

  73. Elliott Odeh

    This has finally gotten me off Mystique. It’s fantastic. Can’t wait for the wave of 2012 additions.

  74. Martin Tjandra

    I love horizontal-vertical combination design elements!

  75. Madeleine

    I’ve had a number of different WordPress blogs over the years, and I have to say that I love how you guys have so many more themes than a few years ago. This was my number one pet peeve before, but now there are so many choices! It’s great. WordPress is truly the best blogging platform out there. Thank you so much.

  76. Jennifer

    A beautifully structured theme. Thank you, Theme Team!

  77. eClinik

    I hate you very much. Now I’m compelled to change my current theme, and it requires me to remove customized CSS mods on a lot of pages. Nut thanks a lot. This one is really perfect!

  78. sastrainspira

    Hey, that’s real theme. :)

  79. sperez1

    I just love this new theme.

  80. jessiethought

    Nice. Looks smooth, streamlined, and attractive.

  81. sperez1

    Woohoo I love the new theme. I’m going to enjoy this.

  82. AJ Luna

    This is the most versatile and flexible theme I have seen and tried. And I believe me I tried a lot. This isn’t cluttered as I would expect from a newspaper-style theme, so I switched immediately to this. Though I would have to adjust my widgets and some posts, it’s okay. I think I’ll be using this for a long period. :)

  83. Anna

    I loved how varied and frequently released the themes always are… keep it up! Can’t wait to see what the New Year brings :)

  84. axmujica

    Wonderful theme Michelle, I really like the layout and simplicity of use and administration, it carries character and I truly can get involved in it and offer a rich viewing experience with it’s color palette and views.

  85. Alfie

    I loved it from first sight… the best about it is that it is free and loaded with features!!! Thanx a bunch

  86. Nabila Firdausi

    I love a chic theme and it’s free. Freedom! Haha :D

  87. agarrimore

    Very nice.

  88. MegaTechToday

    This theme unleashes the power of free pleasure! You don’t have to pay just to get a nice theme for your blog!
    Thanks for making the theme!

  89. thedarkestskin

    Wow! So marvellous!

  90. pleurer2rire

    it is beautiful.

  91. Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator

    Beautiful! So nice I figured it’d be premium but it’s not! I’ve been itching for a theme with a “slider” feature–maybe this is the one to change to! (I’ve been with Vigilance since Fall 2008 or 09!!)

  92. agroekonomija

    This is a wonderful theme. Being tested on this blog. Thank you.

  93. duct tape queen

    I <3 it i should use that sometime.

  94. amirahrais

    Reblogged this on Lttle Sweety.

  95. sabahsongs

    Always great to see new themes in magazine styles. Thank you, WordPress.

  96. puchicatos

    I love it^^
    Plan to change my blog theme with this one in the New Year.
    Thank You^^

  97. Wir@dmin

    Very nice theme.

  98. rommel

    AHHHHHH! WordPress Themes are awesome, awesome, awesome.

    I had iTheme2 for awhile. It works great for sticky posts.

    I saw the demo for Nuntius. I followed the instructions, and had fun with it, and I love it!

    Thank You WordPress. Your site modifications are very impressive.

    Keep it up!

  99. bdfortune

    Eye-catching theme.

  100. amandalovesgod

    That’s awesome.


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