Even more Space in 2012

To celebrate the New Year we decided to offer you more space for your precious media.

Our previous space upgrade levels have been increased without any additional cost for you as follows:

  • 5GB → 10GB
  • 15GB → 25GB
  • 25GB → 50GB
  • 50GB → 100GB
  • 100GB → 200GB

If you already subscribed to one or more of these upgrades ( yes, they are cumulative ), your total available space has been automatically updated as you can see in your Media Library.

If you don’t have a Space Upgrade yet, or need to add more, the new levels have been implemented in the Store section of your dashboard.

The Space Upgrade of course gives you more space to store your photos, and docs, but it also enables you to upload audio files, which makes it perfect for podcasts, MP3s, or any audio format.

We don’t even limit your bandwidth, and we’ll keep your files as long as your blog exists.

If you want to learn more about these upgrades, feel free to visit our space upgrades support page.

But wait, there’s more…

For those of you with a private blog, we lifted the previous limit of 35 users allowed to access it. From now on, you can add as many authorized users as you wish, from the Settings → Privacy section of the dashboard.

We hope you’ll enjoy these new features, and we wish you and your WordPress.com site all the best for 2012!

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  1. வித்யாசாகர்

    We thank by heart WORDPRESS!!

    Vidhyasagar, Kuwait

  2. Summer

    Loving the new space upgrade! I have been thinking of making one!

  3. Mark Wilson

    What I’d really like is to be able to upload video. Now THAT would be a Christmas present!!

    Thanks for a great service WP!

  4. jfwakefield

    That’s very generous and fabulous,thanks WP.

  5. Fiona.q

    all i wanna say is wordpress is really smart!

  6. J. Gary Ellison

    These are just some of the reasons why WordPress is the best place to blog. Thank you, WordPress!

  7. Pebble

    Thanks WordPress!! :)

  8. the island traveler

    Great news for 2012! Indeed one way to say, “Happy New Year.”

  9. ~๑ஜ۞ஜ๑♥ΓΙΖΣΙΠ♥๑ஜ۞ஜ๑~

    It Is Very Encouraging News, That’s Very Nice Mr. Paolo Belcastro

  10. andydbrown

    You guys ROCK! Keep up the great work, WORDPRESS! It’s appreciated! That is quite a New Year’s gift!

  11. Team Oyeniyi

    I don’t need it …………… YET! Nice to know about it though!

  12. YeTinG

    thanks for lifted the previous limit of 35 users allowed to access the private blog…

  13. Chuck Ring

    How do you do it, WP?
    Thanks a big lot!

  14. severin

    Awesome news, thank you.

  15. mspinkysartimpressions

    Thank you so much! Have a healthy, happy, prosperous new year!

  16. dkbasu1729

    Sincere thanks to WordPress.com for increasing the blog space.

  17. Salil Lawande

    Managing photos and media in general in a WordPress.com blog is a chore. When are we getting an update on those lines?

  18. Right Beat Radio

    You are beautiful! Happy New Year!! <3

  19. ultraistgut

    Thank you so much for everything – I am so proud to be a member of WordPress since 2007 – Thank you ! :cool:

  20. lathundernovels

    Thank you, and I wish you a happy New Year!

  21. BIENNALE AUSTRIA - Verein zur Förderung zeitgenössischer KünstlerInnen

    Its great! I like to work with you! Happy, prosperous New Year!

  22. belle98

    Great news. Thanks WP.

  23. Angelia Sims

    Yay! Thank-you!! :-)

  24. Brush Arbors

    WordPress; this is simply the best place on the net to blog… May God Just bless you so much that it will be all you can handle… Bro Pat

  25. Om Kicau

    …. And in my Media Library… “2,8 GB used, 10,2 GB (78.3%) upload space remaining”.

  26. vfr5

    Thank you! It is greatly appreciated!

  27. RTP Studio

    There are wonderful world. There are wonderfull words(press).

  28. kmbjohnson

    What a blessing for 2012! Thank you!

  29. sdbysassygal

    Blogging has always been something I wanted to do, and only recently got up the courage to start… SO happy I chose Word Press! You guys are amazing. Thank you, and Happy New Year!

  30. crafthanded

    Thank you!

  31. Angeline M

    Great way to start the New Year! Thank you!!

  32. michael sean symonds

    What more can one say… Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! :)

  33. sushilkin (@sushilkin)

    Nice Gift of New Year !!

  34. myritingboard

    Frig i wish i had a better opportunity to stay in school . . .Sometimes. To bad this happens to be one of the times i wish i did. Because this offer sounds great but to complicated for me. Sure am happy you are keeping our stuff though. Happy New Year WordPress.com, thank-you.

  35. Niko

    Thank you soooo much Mr. Belcastro and all WordPress staff!

  36. wowo12

    Will try if someone simplifies the directions.
    I am totally nnoootttt a techy person………………. XD :)

  37. fandypw

    It’s nice and great, thank you…

  38. barrykunz

    I’m relatively new to WordPress, but find it attractive, effective, and almost effortless, though I use the many tutorial videos available. For all that and the additional space I am grateful.

    More than that I’m heartened by the many positive comments in response to your announcement of ‘even more space in 2012.’ Pretty classy people compared to those who more than often leave heedless and thankless comments of response.

  39. happyboutique

    Thank you…

  40. Sandra Bell Kirchman

    Wow, thanks, that’s very generous of you!


    Thanks wordpress thats cool…… Happy New Year! You guys and gals rock :)

  42. Stef

    Thank you all for your eye on continuous innovation and improvement; you continue to raise the bar. I appreciate it! :) [And many businesses could learn from it.]

  43. cadizblog.com


  44. Dave Bonta

    This is terrific. I had already been talking up WordPress.com to anyone who would listen for highly affordable, super-dependable audio blogging and podcasting. Now I’ll be even more uninhibited in my touting of your freemium services. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  45. shiborigirl

    those are indeed beautiful words, WordPress! thank you. You are indeed helping me make a living here.

  46. MyDaddyMyDaddy

    This is great news! You don’t hear too much about “Free” upgrades these days, so thanks!

  47. imadous

    Awesome news ! Thank you guys

  48. buck2ten

    Thank you! Loving it!

  49. Grace's Mom

    Wow! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! What a wonderful new year surprise, WordPress!!

  50. Thomas Milner

    Thanks WP!

  51. Balsillie & Associates

    I remember when we thought 1 GB was a lot of space lol, oh, did I just date myself?

  52. Imogen Shepard

    Ahh….thank you so very much WP! A great New Years presant :-)

  53. Jay F. Nelson

    Thanks to you, Paolo Belcastro! Much like a quality street drug, WordPress continues to lure me into greater addiction with new freebies, righteous widgets, and highly functional themes. As I explore every possible bell and whistle of my WordPress blogosphere, I grow helpless to resist the inevitable gravitational pull to your massive professional upgrade. Oh yes, I am your demographic, baby, and am damn proud to say so.


    Thank you WordPress

  55. myritingboard

    Do I use too much space? How would I know about this? Who can tell me if i really need to upgrade? Tks. thedoghouse

    • Paolo Belcastro

      That information is visible at the top of the Media section, in your dashboard. You will see there how much space your files use and how much remains available.

  56. Jennifer Wilcox

    What a wonderful gift to the WordPress world! Awesome!

  57. Krystle Lane

    This is why I love wordpress!

  58. kswonders

    Thank you WordPress
    a wonderfull gift !

  59. earthmaniebo

    Wow! Now I’m really tempted to buy a space upgrade. :)

  60. El Santo

    Yesss! You’re not seeing it, but I”m totally doing a fist pump here.

  61. Amy

    Well this was unexpected! Thank you very much!

  62. LLewis

    “5GB → 10GB
    15GB → 25GB
    25GB → 50GB
    50GB → 100GB
    100GB → 200GB”

    So, what would be the cost for 12 GB, which falls between the 10GB and 15GB price levels?

  63. Leslie

    I love this upgrade! Thank you so much, WP.

  64. Nonoy Avellanosa

    Great news For WordPress Users. Thanks a lot. WordPress Rocks!:-)

  65. Deb

    I noticed this as I was uploading photos and I thought I was seeing things! This is so awesome, thank you so much!

  66. Harbans

    It is nice of you to have increased the space. Really, this wonderful act of yours will spur the writers to write more and more to make wordpress.com
    number one.

  67. concrete canoe team

    Great news, thanks word press

  68. Venkata Ramani

    Good content addition! But if wordpress add value addition also for readers who opt for it, it will be nice and best! Choice can be asked by wordpress for every member.
    Wordpress should strive hard to arrange for some reveneue income by adding universal advts in the website of members and thus becoming one of the top website in the world!

    We will hail for the victory of WordPress in 2012 !

  69. rajeevphp2011

    i am very like wordpress

  70. faithspeaksinc

    very kind! thank you

  71. newprairiestore

    That’s wonderful!…I’m kinda new to WordPress, but lovin’ it already! Just means more room for pics, right? : )

  72. newinseoul

    as i am a new blogger, i doubt i will need that much space, but thank you :D

  73. thuytram

    Thank you so much!!!!!! And happy new year! :)


    Hooray…………….. :))

    This is a New Year’s Gift for us

    Thank you

  75. ugochukwuumeh

    wp thanks

  76. summerfield84

    Thank you !
    I am very glad.

  77. Cathy

    Greaaat. Thank you! :)

  78. Mr Ansu. Kromah

    I live in a country where there are no credit cards, my question is how can one buy more space where there are no credit cards. I live in Liberia where we only have western union. I highly appreciate the wordpress family for their wonderful services they continue to render the world. It is indeed a blessing to me, my friends and my country at large. Thank you wordpress.

  79. mostlymonochrome


  80. saagha


  81. edlain13

    thanks and happy new year for all

  82. jandblogger

    Thanks for the great new features.

  83. Mariano B. Marques

    Very good offer! And how about blog space free of charge? I will appreciate your reply.

  84. Mariano B. Marques

    I am sorry about the question on blog space free of charge. I only read the comment guidelines after I had posted it.

  85. Aya Romporas

    That’s amazing! I will blog even more!!! :*

  86. Joshua Cleveland

    Thank you WordPress :).

  87. Tex

    Fantastic news!

  88. Karboojeh Jewelry

    That’s great news, thanks for sharing. What I would really love as a WP 2012 present is to be able to delete email followers from my blog, that would be a blast… fingers crossed

  89. sanjapa

    Arigato!! ^^

  90. seemy2012here

    Cool!! More space for my “stuff”!!! Thanks, WordPress people!!!


  91. Blogsdb.com (@blogsdbcom)

    Glad to hear this news! Thank you WordPress, simply amazing.

  92. eof737

    Brilliant! Thank you! :-)

  93. maldaoud

    loving all the space…thanks

  94. sitik

    Thanks WordPress…

  95. nnkhanh72

    Very thank to wordpress

  96. wildlifewatcher

    I think highly of WordPress! Thanks for the outstanding service and excellent communication with the users!

  97. John Detlefs

    Woohoo! Love the extra space!

    Thanks very much!

  98. Beterlaminaat (@Beterlaminaat)

    Thank you WordPress

  99. MegaTechToday

    I’m fine with the free plan. But thanks for the offer!

  100. Boyd

    I have come to learn that WordPress is the way to blog. Thank you.


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