New Theme: Fresh & Clean

Today we’ve got a new theme for you that is so fresh and clean that it’s called…Fresh & Clean. Designed by AJ Clarke, Fresh & Clean is a responsive, spick-and-span theme that lets you put your best content forward with minimal frills.

Fresh & Clean utilizes¬†Featured Images to help you to easily transform your blog into a stylish online portfolio. There’s a featured slider on the front page that highlights Sticky Posts that have large Featured Images. All other Featured Images appear as prominent thumbnails next to their respective posts.

Not looking to build an online portfolio at this time? No problem, Fresh & Clean is great as an all-purpose blogging theme! Take a moment to read more about Fresh & Clean and its features on the Theme Showcase.

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Michelle Langston

  • Jan 12, 2012 @ 11:40 pm
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  1. timethief

    Hooray! Two new themes to play with this weekend. :) I really like the featured posts appearance of this one and I also like the font. Hmmm … I’m off to play again. Have a great weekend Theme Team.

  2. Mikalee Byerman

    I am so impressed by your team’s ability to constantly create new, cool themes. Thank you! :)

  3. Elisa Michelle

    This is a very nice theme. There are so many new ones y’all are coming out with that are great. It’s hard to choose!

  4. Karen Datangel

    Wow, another great theme! Keep it coming, WordPress!

  5. Eneza

    Whoa! Nice theme…. I could put up a new, NEWS blog with this. Is it included in the theme line up in blogs?

  6. Sandra Pawula

    Love the simplicity and elegance of this one! One trend I’ve found is that most of the clean and simple themes don’t have bottom widgets (like Clean Home, Oulipio, and others). I would love to see more clean and simple themes with bottom widgets! I know there are a few that do have them like Chateau but then there’s some little problem like the column width! Thanks for considering this. I appreciate all the themes you are rolling out to us in such a consistent fashion.

  7. mandyr76

    Love it! I’ve already activated it and am so happy with the look. It’s what I’ve been trying to find for some time.

  8. lettersinlonghand

    Lovely theme! I like its simplicity :)

  9. Lori Franks

    I’m taking it for a spin! Thanks!

  10. beatsoftech

    Reblogged this on beatsoftech.

  11. wordcoaster

    I love that you guys keep rolling out these new themes and they’re all really really cool, but there have been quite a few minimalist themes in a row now. Would love to see a fun quirky theme for those of us weirdos to whom “minimalist” is a scary word. :)

  12. kifltd

    This is a great theme! Thanks for pointing this out.

  13. Raise Expectations

    Very fresh and clean. :)

  14. recruitagency

    Great post, it means we can enjoy new and fresh themes.

  15. jessielansdel

    This is a gorgeous theme and I’ve just activated it for my writing blog. It displays the text and images beautifully and so clearly. Well done.

  16. kenyanvoice

    I love the way you are dedicated. If we all had such dedication in all our endeavors. Keep it up, WordPress crew.

  17. Cheri Lucas

    Really like this one, although it looks like the premium theme I’d bought (Delicious Magazine), which bums me out a bit as it sucks to have paid for a design that is similar to a free one. Will keep this one in mind as a theme backup/alternative.

  18. valzone

    I ilke it, I’ve been swapping and changing for a few days, trying to find a clean cut theme, might try this later. Thanks very much.

  19. Ammon

    I’ve been quite happy with 2011 for sometime now, but Fresh & Clean looks good enough to make me want to switch.

  20. Bosstiger

    I do like this theme, I’m counting the days for the super duper wuper WP Theme Twenty Twelve! Keep up the good work, I’m proud for being a WordPress Enthusiast and Blogger too. :D

  21. Mark

    Just when I thought the Forever theme you released yesterday was just what I was looking for, this comes and trumps it.

  22. Leslie

    Loving all of the fantastic themes, WP! Keep up the great work!

  23. Christian Fluttershy Cheerilee Alvarez

    Whoa this is impressive, and it’s not even a premium theme! Nice!

  24. ahmadkhalifa

    i like it :)

  25. walterdoege

    Simple and strong. A beautiful sight! Best wishes.

  26. twistedt

    I went straight to the Theme Showcase and to much surprise NO “Premium!” I still cannot believe it. The fonts and readability are great. Thank You all.

  27. Anna

    Wow, thanks! I will try it ASAP!


    Wow, it’s very beautiful !!!!!

  29. Christine R.

    I’m using the theme now!! I love love love it! It’s so clean and minimal but with just enough detail to showcase my posts. I love the idea of the featured photos too that appear next to the posts. Thanks!

  30. Jan Simson

    I love it. Got it on my blog now. Thanks!

  31. ikbalkabir


  32. su2rah

    Love the clean look of it… this a really cool theme!

  33. rangeradith

    Like this, i want to change my blog with your theme :)

  34. eepeirson

    absolutely love this – it’s intuitive, clean, orderly and so very visitor-friendly. I’ve just changed my blog over to it, after plodding along with a heavy $70 theme. This theme slips on and over content in the most beautiful way. Thank you!!

  35. freespiritsunited

    love it! I love wordpress

  36. deijsprinses

    I absolutely love this fresh theme! It is what I have been looking for, though it’s too bad it does not show full blogposts on the homepage.

  37. ya noya shantie

    Very nice lovely, just, no Post Formats function?

  38. Lu

    This is a lovely theme – thank you. I’ve just implemented it as I was looking for something “Fresh & Clean” ahead of Spring! Great timing :)

  39. Zenwalker

    Looks very nice and elegant. More suitable for a multimedia oriented blogs :)

  40. Agam TrueBlue

    cool :D love it !

  41. kevintriedge

    Nice, I like this very much. WordPress themes are awesome :D

  42. TheAbsoluteMost

    I love it…thanks for the update.

  43. Anna

    Fresh & Clean looks like a fantastic theme. I so adore the WordPress team’s ability to constantly develop high-quality themes in such short succession. Keep up the great work!

  44. beoagency

    Wow! Good, really good.

  45. isaackey215

    Reblogged this on isaackey.

  46. severin

    Oh, that looks rather fresh and … erm … well clean I guess. Nice one.

  47. choiraeki

    Reblogged this on storycollection2.

  48. GADEL

    I’m using this theme now. It’s simply cute.

  49. Habib

    Loving this theme. Thanks Guys & Dolls ;)

  50. danieltris

    It’s very nice, we must try it.

  51. Kelsey M. Schutter

    Nice theme.

  52. herbertb

    Fantastic, Simple and impressive themes :)

  53. gn24info

    Interesting contribution. Pleases me well.

  54. tolivetochange

    Wow, loving this theme. Really good. Thanks!

  55. _almost_ romanian. photography

    If we are looking around, we can see that many people love simplicity & elegance. You already show us that you can do it.
    Wish you the best, be fresh…stay clean. ;)

  56. farinahidayati

    Like it. :D

  57. dollydelightly

    Almost tempted to switch.

  58. Jae

    This one’s for free, right?


    Yes, I always love easy and clean themes.

  60. fluffymocchi

    This is indeed my FAV so far. I’m currently using it!

  61. jasybella12

    I like it. This is superb.

  62. misspinkles

    What a nice theme! And it’s free, too! :)

  63. Jackie

    Love it, just what I am looking for. Need to try it out. Well done!!!

  64. arnel f.

    Simple. Elegant. Indeed, fresh and clean.

  65. smkmediafirm

    Reblogged this on smkmediafirm.

  66. Joyce Spitters

    I really love it and activated it immediately. Looks so very nice, thanks guys :-)

  67. narengoyal

    Very good theme really! Clean and simple.

  68. manoman12

    Very nice, crisp theme. Keep up the great work!

  69. nicolesmyth

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  70. Claire Fischer

    I love your themes!! When I am updating my blog I have a hard time deciding which theme to use! :) I am wondering if you have any “sports” themes. LIke maybe a theme with running shoes on it or something! That would be cool for those of us who like to blog about running!! :)

  71. BFWilson

    Reblogged this on Mr. Wilson's Webspace and commented:
    For those looking for a great and simple WP theme here’s a good place to start.

  72. Ahya

    I fell in love with it the moment I saw the font and pictures. Great theme yet again. Congratulations!

  73. Ahya

    Reblogged this on The Citizen of Heaven and commented:
    I’ll be playing with this theme and might use it afterward. Hooray for Theme Team!

  74. sunknown

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  75. Ellar

    Beautiful theme, but it would be even nicer to see a full post option, not just the mandatory Excerpts format.


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