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It’s been an extra big week in the news ’round these parts, so much so that the launch announcement of our latest premium theme seems like an extra extra good way to headline our Friday.

Newsy is a versatile business and news-friendly theme that offers up to ten different layouts, four footer columns, custom link and accent colors, and a custom site header. Brand and content-focused editorial teams will love publishing with this theme.

Newsy: Home Page

Newsy: Home Page

Designed by Themify, Newsy comes with an impressive set of Theme Options that afford you a great deal of flexibility with how you choose to display your website. Easily control your site’s sidebar positions, home page and archive page post layouts, and navigation bar search box visibility.

You also have the ability to change your site-wide link and accent colors. A few quick adjustments via the options panel will truly have the effect of individualizing your site and making it stand out from the crowd.

Newsy: Accent and Link Color Examples

Newsy: Accent and Link Color Examples

Up to ten different layouts in Newsy can be achieved by simply altering your widgets and Theme Options. A wide sidebar, narrow sidebar, and two mini sidebars come rolled into Newsy, as well as additional post display and sidebar alignment options.

Newsy: Wide Sidebar Left, Narrow Sidebar Right Option

Newsy: Wide Sidebar Left, Narrow Sidebar Right Option

All of this is controlled either from within Appearance → Widgets or Appearance → Theme Options. The goal with Newsy is maximum flexibility without the headache of manually configuring a thousand theme options. In this case we really can say that less—well, fewer (options)—is more. :)

Newsy is a premium upgrade for your blog; read more about its features on the Theme Showcase or dive right into previewing it on your blog from Appearance → Themes.

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Philip Arthur Moore

  • Jan 20, 2012 @ 6:18 pm
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  1. Afsal Ismail

    I like it. It has a Facebook-like feel when I looked at it at first, haha.

  2. Mikalee Byerman

    LOVE the different formats offered through the same theme; what a fun way to customize the look! And the former journalist in me is very attracted to the theme; it makes my writer parts all tingly… :)


    Very cool. Good layout and I agree wtih Afsal that it looks a bit like Facebook (the blue one). Thank you!

  4. Brian James Freeman

    Love it! I haven’t felt like I could commit to a premium theme yet, but this one could be the one. :)

  5. Brandon

    Wow, this is awesome! If it were free, I would get it for my blog right now!

  6. Raise Expectations

    Cool. I like the layout and flexibility; it’s very newsy. :)

  7. Susan Herman

    Very pretty. Looks like a newspaper or online newspaper site.

  8. PiedType

    Looks great, as do many of your premium themes. However, until you can find a way to let us run some kind of trial (not just a preview) with our own material before we buy, I’ll have to pass. I can’t afford $85, only to discover a few days later that the theme has some fatal (to me) design shortcoming that makes it unacceptable.

  9. pursuingmydream

    I love it! ;)

  10. loveandvol3

    Very good looking! Love the feel of it.

  11. 1matreiya

    What an absolutely marvellous service and site you have created, thank you so very very much, it enables people to get important news out to the world. My wish is that all people can afford access to a computer and the net, whatever their financial situation, and country they live in.

  12. Johnsen

    Like the idea, but not the design. Don’t know why. I`m ready for a new news theme. :)

  13. jalexartis

    This will be my next theme. Thanks!

  14. Chorwin

    A little bit pricey, but with the easy of customization it’s worth the money.

  15. MegaTechToday

    Very simple and stylish. I’ll try it now!

  16. Stranger

    It’s absolutely a marvelous theme for magazine-like blogs!

    The WordPress team is doing a great job!

    Just a question: With the Newsy theme can you make posts with featured images and thumbnails?

  17. watchtbjoshua

    Love this theme; it’s simple and stylish and great for an online newspaper.

  18. Jacob

    It is a really nice theme and I wish it were free. I am looking for a good magazine theme for my music blog, but none of the free themes really fit it.


    Cool! I am considering using this theme.

  20. expost24

    Why are all the articles in text on the home page? How can I “cut” the text in the homepage? Could u help us?

    • Philip Arthur Moore

      Hi there. To reduce the amount of text that is shown on the home page and archive pages in Newsy, you should take advantage of either 1) post excerpts or 2) the <!--more--> tag. Both of these methods, while different, will shorten the text on your archive pages and create a "More..." button that allows users to click through to your single pages. See the demo site for an example!

  21. Владилен

    Very very very good! Thank you and good luck!

  22. מערכת 'שבת'

    Will it work properly with Hebrew (and RTL)?

  23. kenicoe

    This theme seems to be IT! I have been searching for months for a theme for my website plans, and last week was very close to going custom. When I got the email with Newsy, I showed the theme to my wife and she immediately said, “I love it.” Because we are business engineers and not website builders (no desire, no time), we have to find some site construction support and content management help, and then we will push the purchase button.

  24. shannoncity

    Great theme! I wish it were free.

  25. talin401

    Nice layouts!

  26. marcusstephen

    I couldn’t agree more. This is definitely what I’m looking for!

  27. soundanny23

    Great job!

  28. Words of Little Relevance

    I rather like the look of this.

  29. fragmanarsivi

    I love blue and the wide left sidebar, too. So cool. Great job!

  30. PostCollegiate

    Great, great themes! I love the clean layout and customization options!

  31. rexraxon

    Love the new theme.

  32. insideamoronsbrain

    I love WordPress themes so much! The theme you choose somehow reflects your personality. :)

  33. maaz247

    Nice Theme. There is feel of originality in it. I love the clean layouts. :)

  34. pucukhati

    Wow, looks like a Facebook page. Nice! :)

  35. pumpernickelthecat

    Good way to display several posts or stories at the same time. I like it.

  36. www.Zemra.Org

    Great job; it looks really nice.

  37. Kaeptn Future

    I like it as well! *Thumbs up*

  38. Isabella


  39. Nise Syarbaini

    Good job; love it. :)

  40. abh3s

    So nice. Great job! :)

  41. jyotiprakash123

    Great theme, with space for good content.


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