New Themes: Sunspot and Triton Lite

Today we’ve got two great new free themes for you: Sunspot and Triton Lite.

Inspiration for Sunspot came from one of our older and beloved classics, Sunburn (and perhaps a bit from the recent solar storms). A sharp theme with subtle grid lines and sun-splashed accents, Sunspot is a great all-purpose canvas for your blog, especially if you prefer a dark color scheme.


Sunspot offers two arrangements for posts on the front page: single-column (default) or double-column (pictured above). Additional features include a small, logo-sized custom header for the top left corner, a custom background, two optional widget areas, and a responsive layout that adapts gracefully to smaller screen sizes. Read more about it on the Theme Showcase, or head over to Appearance → Themes in your Dashboard and take it for a spin.

Next up is Triton Lite, a clean and simple—yet versatile—theme designed with photographers in mind. Its home page and archive pages offer truly dynamic layouts that snap to both the heights and widths of all available content on a page, thus creating tight and tidy post arrangements that beautifully showcase your images.

Triton Lite

Designed by Towfiq I., Triton Lite comes bundled with three different widget areas, a featured post slider, custom accent and link color options, and a full-width page template. As usual, read more about Triton Lite and its features on the Theme Showcase, or, if you want to start using it right away, visit Appearance → Themes to activate it on your blog.

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Michelle Langston

  • Mar 8, 2012 @ 9:02 pm
  • Themes


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  1. Mikalee Byerman

    Haha…I was wondering if the solar flares had anything to do with the first one. Nice catch…

    And pervasive sun storms or not, I’m LOVING Sunspot.

  2. charinabrooks

    Sunspot is it!

  3. darkjade68

    Really like the looks of Sunspot. Well done.

  4. Venusa

    Great idea! I love those themes!

  5. timethief

    Two more themes to test – one dark and one light – both with great features. The Theme team continues to expand the Showcase of beautiful themes we have to select from. I remain on the hunt for that perfect theme knowing it doesn’t exist and enjoying “test driving” them all. :)

  6. 7theaven

    Both fit travel or photoblogs.

    Triton lite!!! Mmmmm, I’m gonna be trying it out!

  7. Josh

    I’m LOVING Sunspot.

  8. Sandra Pawula

    These look delicious! I’m not into dark background, but Sunspot looks special/ Triton Lite is compelling in it’s simplicity. I will probably give it a test drive. It’s looks like it has 2 and 3 column options, not just full width. Thank you.

  9. Chorwin

    The sunspot 2 column layout looks professional and awesome. It gives the feel of a magazine.

  10. imamlocal

    Reblogged this on iMAMLOCAL.

  11. xenajd

    Sunspot looks awesome!

  12. Emergingtruth

    Sunspot looks pretty good.

  13. Ailia Kate Kira

    Sunspot has a color scheme I like and an interesting layout. Too bad that the blog title needs to be short in order to look nice.

  14. Chorwin

    Tested Triton, it really a great theme for photography showcase!!
    Too bad, my photo resolution resize to 1024 and it appear a little blur when the theme size it to 960..

  15. Park Nukyeon

    Reblogged this on GRAPHICS AND FICTION.

  16. hrsprmr

    Nice Themes…!! <3

  17. davidnoronha

    Reblogged this on SilvaNoronha.

  18. Konstantin Kovshenin

    Reblogged this on kovshenin's blog.

  19. admeyer

    Reblogged this on adMeyerShirtBlog.

  20. linkhamare

    Great themes concept.

  21. yousef59

    Like it!

  22. Michael Meiser

    Sunspot is great! But isn’t it time to give the sharing buttons a transparent background?

  23. Noke in the Cloud

    Reblogged this on Noke In The Cloud.

  24. trutomythoughts

    I love the design of both of them. You should keep making more like this! Maybe one with a pic of the solar storms as we see it from earth??? idk just a suggestion.

  25. lillycapecod

    Very very nice, I have a need for lots of room for my photos, so I sure will give these 2 a try. Thank you!


    Reblogged this on amjconsulting and commented:
    beautiful graphics!

  27. griyasollo

    Great themes concept.

  28. ataylorsews

    Those are really nice. I’ll have to try both of them. Thanks.

  29. nilguncolak

    Reblogged this on nilguncolak.

  30. Imogen Shepard

    Hi :-) I like both of them. I love the darkness of sunspot with the ability to put pictures in to make it come up a bit brighter as I always tend to go for light coloured themes, but I might give this one a preview to see how it looks.

    Triton Light Demo does look great to showcase photo’s. *If* when I am more into my new photography hobby and decide to use a blog just for pics, I’ll give it a try!

    Thanks for always coming up with new themes for us :-D Immie :-)

  31. ebiansyah1402 (@ebiansyah1402)

    Would be nice if we can have these themes in the theme directory. :)

  32. pursuingmydream

    I will try it! ;-).

  33. Brandon


  34. violenthue

    Sunspot really looks uh-mazing. Gonna use it !

  35. violenthue

    Reblogged this on Cross Worlds and commented:
    My New Theme ; got bored of the previous one. This really looks good!

  36. kusyogi

    Reblogged this on kusyogi.

  37. trangquynh

    These two themes are awesome, thank you for creating them. xoxo

  38. progressiven

    :) Very Nice


    I like it.

  40. mahelia

    These are some really cool themes!

  41. bwbears

    Reblogged this on B&W Bears and commented:
    Triton lite – simple and elegant theme

  42. Deli Lanoux, Ed.D.

    I really, really, really love both! Thank you!

  43. jyjhouse

    Love Triton! Thanks for the update. :)

  44. misspinkles

    Great themes!!!
    The layout is awesome!

  45. Taking On A Cause

    Going to add another blog, think these themes are great!

  46. toraloralora65

    Sunspot is truly beautiful. What is really great about is that the eye normally travels to the right side of a page. Sunspot has beauty throughout the entire page which continues to lead the eye back to the left; nearly forceing you to read the writing under each of the pictures. Therefore, you cannot help but read in it’s entirety. Not only beautiful but a great marketing tool. Wunderbar!

  47. HaileyAsyikin

    Yeah! Just what we need!


    I love them.

  49. ardneh7

    Reblogged this on gudels.

  50. Charles Grubbs

    Probably will use Sunspot for my anticipated blogsite

  51. nalub7

    Very good! Very nice! Thanks!

  52. Inge

    That’s cool! :)

  53. Tim Wayne

    Sunspot is *really* nice! It would be perfect for my photo blog. How can I download this theme?

    • Michelle Langston

      Glad you like the Sunspot theme! You can activate the theme on your blog by going to Appearance > Themes in your Dashboard. Currently it is only available on, but it will eventually be available for download from the free themes directory as well.

  54. yang

    Wonderful themes. Like it!

  55. elovepoetry

    Reblogged this on elovepoetry.

  56. megasasha

    very nice…:)

  57. tocksin

    Wow, your new theme has completely transformed my blog; I actually like it now; I was feeling discouraged. Thank you!!!

  58. ye-mek

    We love that theme, Sunspot :) But we preferred using it not as dark as this, so we changed its background to red.

  59. Ina

    it looks very good! :)

  60. ismailimail

    Triton Lite comes very close to your homepage style. I’d hope you release similar themes for everyday blogging and not just for the specialized photography blogs.

  61. Kale

    So there’s already a lot of fit-for-photography-blogs themes going out. How about themes that look good for text/literary type blogs?

  62. Jujobaca

    Reblogged this on Contomelar.

  63. canthd25zz
  64. Nina Shadi

    This is great!! I don’t think I have enough content to make use of them because of the graphics. But perhaps one day: )

  65. RedCat430

    I loved Triton Lite! It’s just perfect to me!

  66. rifdanella

    cool themes…. ;)

  67. willy192

    I changed my theme to Sunspot. One of the better looking themes. Thank you!

  68. bnichefix

    In Sunspot, I love how the pictures pop against the smooth dark backdrop. As for Triton Lite, a school project looks like a good fit for this theme. Great work WordPress!

  69. octopusempire

    hey guys, just wanted to thank you for the heads up on Sunspot, it inspired a total redesign of my blog this morning. Really loving the look and feel of it now. Thanks heaps and huge thanks to the designer!

  70. catch62

    Thanks for the information to the people that have blogs. I myself have been bloging for a year now and find it to be interesting and for those who are starting out don’t give up. I have tried and tested ever plugin some work and some don’t I browse web for information that would help those in the topics there
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    “Thanks For All”


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