Where in the World?

If you’ve ever wondered where on Earth all the visitors to your site are coming from, this feature is for you!

Mosey on over to your My Stats tab on the WordPress.com homepage:

…and check out the brand new “Views by Country” panel.
Now, you can see at a glance exactly which countries comprise your audience:

When you click on or hover over a country name, the map zooms in so you can really get a feel for all the parts of the planet your content has reached:

The Summaries page shows you country stats for the previous week, month, quarter and all time, but keep in mind this feature is new and views by country are not available prior to March 2012:

We are tremendously excited to be working on new features like this for your WordPress.com My Stats tab.  Stay tuned for the next evolution!

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Jeff Bowen

  • Mar 9, 2012 @ 2:58 pm
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  1. Casey B

    Excellent update! Really interesting to see that the majority of my readers come from the US & Canada.

  2. dagarser

    Great feature – thanks a lot!

  3. Sharon Settle

    This is extreemly awesome. And extreemly helpful. Thanks for promoting success.

  4. starlaschat

    That’s Cool I’ll have to go and check it out! Looks like fun I may have a few surprises Hmm???

  5. Julie Gomez

    Great feature. Thanks WordPress!

  6. darkjade68

    Noticed That Yesterday, That is Just Awesome Great Job


  7. Nil

    This really is a lovely feature! If I ever started doubting if I should keep up the hard work of writing everything twice in different languages, this indeed is motivating! Thanks guys!

  8. carolisle

    I was just saying how proud I was to be part of a global community, Now I have proof. Thanks a lot.

  9. Bota e Menaxhimit

    Very good feature! Add the “time spent by visitors” and the stats of WordPress will be super!

  10. Nate Maingard

    this is so amazing, it has really blown my mind to see how people from all over the world are reading my blog. It’s incredible, wow, thank you so much wordpress peoples:).

  11. wstreet

    The more I learn about WordPress…the more I realize I still have a lot to learn. ☺ Cool indeed!

  12. publicinsight

    When will you make this useful feature available on the Dashboard-based Site Stats page?

    • Jeff Bowen

      This feature was designed exclusively for your My Stats tab on the WordPress.com home page. Hence, it will not be available in the “wp-admin” dashboard.

      • publicinsight

        Understood, Jeff. Many thanks for your response. It’s evident from the comments here that you’ve made a lot of users very happy. Apologies for phrasing my comment as a question. All the best.

  13. Mrs. Euken's Art Mooseum

    This is a GREAT new feature!! I love it! I use my site in my elementary classroom and it is a great way to include geography! Thanks!!!

  14. fabshead

    Nice feature. I always wondered why WordPress didn’t have this functionality before. We can only check the map for the top posts? It would be nice to see the map for all posts.

  15. Mayris

    very well done.. kudos WP

  16. cesarsalad

    super like… how i wish our blog visitors can see it also ;)

    thumbs up

  17. redplanetalohastate

    Jeff, this feature is awesome! Thanks for telling us about it. I’m curious, does WP offer a “Flag” widget to represent visitors from other nations on the main page??? Let me know!


  18. IMaidensWing

    Reblogged this on Sakura93's World and commented:
    Wordpress always has something new and great to share. Now I know where visitors come from,love it~ I can’t believe someone from Canada viewed and from some part of Africa ^^. But mostly the USA :)

  19. victorkzam

    That’s what I always wanted! Thanks!

  20. Mudmap

    I love this feature! Thanks so much! I had a sneaking suspicion that my blog was read avidly by my friends and fmaily – this showed me that it was people from all over the world – amazing! And now I know who my audience is!

  21. Team Oyeniyi

    Well done. Two suggestions for futther improvements. Add the “Unknown” category so that users can reconcile to the total views. Secondly, make the Top 10 or 20 or something available in a widget. :)

  22. pastorross12

    Thanks for this feature. I appreciate the excellence of your work. The ease of use of the features and relevant feedback make this a great site from which to blog and learn.

  23. Egill Erlendsson

    Reblogged this on Egill and commented:

    Once again, my co-workers making me proud! Team Data FTW!

  24. Cally Jackson

    Awesome! This is going to become my new obsession, I can just tell! :-)

  25. Sandeep

    Thanks. If wordpress could provide a trace of all the pages accessed by every visitor, I could delete the statcounter widgets I currently use.

  26. zilko


  27. madjamison

    I like this feature and pay way too much attention to it. It’s good though.

  28. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    This is fantastic – I am genuinely interested where my readers come from, esp. by their comments I seem to have fired up a few Americans in my post ‘The Accountant in Liberia’ … & they weren’t even my words!! Yeek! But it’s good to speak, feel, move … as long as we do it intelligently. But anyway, I like this because I tried getting a flag thing they I see on some blogs but I was only able to post it to A SINGLE POST, couldn’t do the side bar thing. Was so annoying so what I’m saying is: LOVE THIS! :)

  29. alenarterevista

    Thanks you from Spain!!!
    I´m very happy for this. I need it for my magazine.

  30. Emily Gooch

    Thanks for the great feature! It’s nice to see that I got visitors from pretty much every country around the world except Greenland. Now I’m curious… Do you have WordPress available in Greenland?

  31. use2bbandman

    WOW!!!!!! THANKS soooo much for adding this to WordPress!!!!! I have been wanting something like this ever since I moved over from Blogger to WPress. Again……I really appreciate this!!!

  32. josiecoccinelle

    Wow!!! C’est super, j’adore!!! Vive WordPress :)

  33. linnea11

    I love this new feature. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  34. whoopeeyoo

    This is the best. Thank you so much WordPress for keeping on making great stuff! I don’t have to put a flag counter on my blog then. WEEHOO!

  35. Brittany

    I’ve been waiting for something like this! Thanks WordPress ^.^ Keep up the good work!

  36. Elena Minos

    I wish this feature available in WordPress.org platform.

    • Jeff Bowen

      Hi, Elena. If you’re using Jetpack, you can view your Views by Country on your My Stats tab of the WordPress.com home page. Cheers!

  37. 7theaven

    WordPress just keeps getting COOLER AND COOLER!

  38. M.C.

    LOVE the country zoom-in and flags! This will be even more awesome than that world map shower curtain that I used to stare at every time I was in the bathroom…

  39. VAJRA, South America

    Yes, perfect. This application late in coming… but is finally here! Great job and Congratulations!

  40. wildlifewatcher

    This is fantastic! I love this new feature. WordPress has just been exceptional as far as helping make my blog happy and easy! Thanks!

  41. fpalomino10

    Great work!! keep it up!!!

  42. amamiot

    Totally cool! I love this new feature! Way to go WordPress.

  43. Katie

    Wow! This is the best enhancement yet!

  44. Russ Roberts

    Nice feature. I was surprised that so many people outside the United States were following local news on Hawaii Island. Russ Roberts, editor, http://prgnewshawaii.wordpress.com.

  45. nica8888

    Evolution! Definitely a great and useful feature. Thank you so much WordPress. :D

  46. Emma's Bucket List

    It would be cool if we could zoom in on the UK and drill it down further into regions!

  47. gramatrudy

    I love this new feature. It is nice seeing where in the world my visitors come from. Thanks

  48. d_vaz

    Yay! This is cool, it’s nice to see where the views are coming from.

  49. Cyndy Otty

    Giving Webalizer a run for its money with every Stats upgrade. :-)

  50. Just Outside the Box Cartoon

    Excellent – almost made all continents

  51. Cédric

    Nice feature :)

  52. Bosstiger

    wordpress.com everytime gets better and better, this is truly awesome because keeps our enthusiasm fresh and let us dream more and express it here, live on WordPress.com, the next best thing is twenty twelve! keep up the good work :D

  53. Pomy

    Finally WordPress.com did it. I was waiting for this features since long time. Thanks Guys!

  54. dianajhale

    Endlessly fascinating and just shows the amazing internationality of blogging!

  55. Aude & Adrien

    Brillant. Great and much appreciated update !
    Too bad that the datas don’t cover the whole period of the blog.

    Two requests:
    - Be able to know how many unique visitors came to see our blog.
    - Be able to add Google analytics to a wp.com blog.

    Thanks !!

  56. Food Forays

    As always, I love the features you keep adding for us! I’m SO happy I chose WordPress to work with!! :D

  57. Sandro Maggi

    Thanks from Milan (Italy)

  58. Bama

    I really love this new feature! Great work!

  59. aleksledocteur

    Great job. I was really surprised when I noticed that yesterday.

    Constant improvements, congratulations.

  60. Baku Kadampa

    * Can we see how many views we got from each country on a particular day? (like in the summaries). Be interesting to see what different folk were into, and how much less slang I need to use.
    * Is it possible for the UK to be sub-divided into counties?
    Sorry if I’m being demanding, but it’s such a great resource!

  61. thethreesixtyfiveproject

    Awesome! I’d had a similar feature in Blogger a while back, and I’m thrilled it’s here now!

  62. Tilly Bud

    I love this new feature! But why are you moving the stats page?

    • Jeff Bowen

      The homepage is where the bulk of our development is focused at the moment, having stats there allows us to evolve it faster. As you can see, stats has been spruced up already and we’ll be adding more features soon. Having stats on the homepage also gives us more flexibility down the road for making them faster.

  63. aylavonbrandt

    This is just awesome :)

  64. E.

    guys and gals at WP, thanks a lot! it’s always good to know where the stalkers come from. : D

  65. Pete Denton

    This is brilliant, thanks. :)

  66. Jacob

    I noticed this yesterday; it is a great feature. Well done WordPress!

  67. mahelia

    This is a great program! Now businesses and casual bloggers know that the information that is being posted is viewed all over the world.

  68. victorworang

    most awaited feature till now for my blog’s stats… see it yesterday before this posting, great feature!

  69. theorderexpert

    This is a great feature, such a nice surprise to find on the Dashboard! Two suggestions, 1) Could you break out unique visitors for each country visit? and 2) Could you break out what tags and what posts visitors are looking at when they visit? Thanks again, looking forward to all the new Dashboard improvements.

  70. People To People Tennis Tours

    FFF – Fabulous, fabulous feature – what took you so long? Just joking – just joking – thanks for the great addition.

  71. Kate Walsh / designhouse9

    Any chance this part of the stats can be moved down on the stats page? I find the referrers, search engine terms, and top posts and pages far more useful for day-to-day tracking and blog planning. Thanks!

    • Jeff Bowen

      Hi, Kate. You can long-click the top of the box that says “Views by Country” and drag it to another spot on the page. Once you move it, it should stay put for the next time you view your stats.

  72. María Teresa

    me encanta, love it, thank you

  73. Cool Berman

    Great feature! :D

  74. Gabriella Peralta

    Great feature! It’s good to actually see where your audience is from/who you’re targeting.

  75. Handsome Lover of Words

    I got really excited when I first saw this. I thought it might be a Carmen Sandiego tracker.

  76. John S

    This is great! I found it quite humbling and very gratifying to think that people as far afield as Chile and India (I’m from the UK) have read my blog. Wonderful that we share the same interests across the globe.

  77. Niki

    Thank you very much!

  78. Lottie Nevin

    A stroke of genius, and a wonderful surprise too! I can see hours and hours of fun will be had by us all with this natty new addition. Thank you.

  79. Oh Adriel!

    This is a great feature! I’ve been wanting to put a counter which where countries visit my blog everyday with a widget. Cool!

  80. kat

    Found out that like Hasselhoff, I’m huge in Germany!

    Nah, just kidding. Only 2 views total from Germany. But still, very cool feature. I feel so international.

  81. nupepa

    I like this feature much, but it would be even better if there was a more detailed breakdown, like states within the U.S. and cities within the states themselves… Thank you!

  82. !!YaZ!!

    Reblogged this on Elemental Magic and commented:
    It was so amazing, signing into my BLOG and checking my stats; and finding a new feature.
    Now you can see which countries the other bloggers that checked your blog are from.
    A pretty new development I think. And I like it :D

  83. unoscoiattoloindispensa

    I love this new feature! Thanks for doing such a brilliant job!

  84. Julia Kovach

    Love this! It’s great to see an actual map of the world when looking at our stats! Well done! xo

  85. metan

    I love this! I have been hoping for something like it for a while now, you must have been reading my mind! I really wanted to know where people were reading from, locations are as important as comments at times, this will be so helpful. Thank you :)

  86. Ben Reynolds

    Awesome new stat, thanks very much for implementing it :)

    Would it be possible in the future to show the number of unique visitors each day in addition to the total number of views? That would be pretty useful.

    Thanks again!

  87. Teresa Silverthorn

    This made me smile…love it.

    Thank you so much

  88. bahafis

    Such an awesome feature – I love WordPress. Thank you for allowing average folks the opportunity to have extraordinary virtual lives!

  89. Juggling With Julia

    Thank you, WP! So cool, and provides yet another reason to obsess over daily blog stats. Wahoo!!!!!

  90. adonis49

    Great addition knowing from where we are connected and which country is the heaviest reader of posts to target…

  91. tallbloke

    I really like the new stats page – except it doesn’t have the hourly stats widget running in the top bar. I really like the hourly stats feature which shows up on every other page – except the new stats page!

    Please can somebody code it in.

    Thanks and keep up the good work


  92. Andrés Erre Dos

    Keep up the good work!!!

  93. C.B. Wentworth

    I was so excited when I saw this! Very cool! :-)

  94. christrocks

    This is an awesome new feature! Two thumbs up, WordPress!

  95. DW

    Thank you WordPress! It’s a tremendous advantage to know where in the world I’m most popular.

  96. sojourner

    I love it!
    Thanks for never stopping to improve our experience with WordPress! :-)

  97. photographyandstuf

    This feature is pretty cool.To know how far your posts reach, is pretty wicked.

  98. Tom

    Thanks for this. As a blogger in China, this helps me to see when we are being blocked by the Great Firewall, and when are posts are getting through.

  99. Eva Marie

    Jeff, we do not know each other. I am one of your bloggers in WordPress. I rarely respond to any WordPress notes, but this one I cannot simply shrug my shoulder off. Thank you so much for having thought of this feature. It is very helpful. It gives me a better picture of the people who read the articles I write. Thank you and more power to all of you who work for WordPress. I am also grateful for WordPress for giving me the chance to share my articles to the rest of the world. :)

  100. Lindsay Anne Williams

    Love this!


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